Gangster Courtney 'had Uzi'

Daily Mirror
22nd December 2007

Self-dubbed celebrity gangster Dave Courtney appeared in court yesterday charged with possessing offensive weapons and imitation firearms.

Courtney, 48, allegedly had a knuckle-duster, imitation pistol, imitation Uzi machine gun and live ammunition in his car when police searched it.

Representing himself, he told magistrates: "My solicitor said you were just going to let me off and I could just go home."

Bench chairman Jill Yeomans replied: "Maybe he was wrong."

Courtney, of South East London, was stopped in Bristol shortly after midnight in October.

He claims to be the inspiration for Vinnie Jones's debt-collecting hardman in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

He was bailed and due in court again in February




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