The letter from Sarah and Gav who spent the day playing pool with Dave at Camelot Castle.

Hi Dave,

Sarah & I would like to say ĎThanksí for a wicked evening at your house.

 We guessed it was your house when we parked outside, but it wasnít your door number it was something else that we couldnít quite put our finger on?

 Anyway, you made us feel very welcome from the start and we had such a laugh we canít wait to do it again sometime soon.

 So if anyone reading this gets the chance to go to Daveís we would recommend it because as he showed us around his house the walls are full of photos of friends and people that he has met over the years, also small things that he has collected along the way that all have a memory to, we only had to ask and Dave was more than happy to tell us about where it came from and the story behind it, with most of them having us in fits of laughter as he told us, even the one from the Vatican but enough said about that ay Brendan!!!!

 Then it comes to the pool table, I must admit I hadnít played for awhile and although I was trying my best I was still beaten by Dave playing with only one hand!!  I canít remember how many times I lost, but I do remember thinking how the F**K does he do that?  Even while Daveís playing he is still telling us stories and making us laugh or was that just a ploy to put me off? If it was it worked!!!!

 Before we knew it, it was the early hours and time to leave but cheers Dave you are a star and we value your friendship.

 Gav & Sarah




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