Date Publication Description
22/07/1989 Daily Star Dave meets John Mangan in prison
16/10/1990 The Sun Dave has his nose bitten off.
17/10/1990 The Sun Dave in TV Paradise Club 
19/10/1990 The Sun Dogs life for Dave
15/12/1990 The Sun Dave beaten up by Leslie Grantham on Paradise club set
08/12/1994 Daily Express Kray/Richardson peace talks
30/03/1995 The Daily Mail Dave's golden duster
30/03/1995 Daily Star Ronnie Krays funeral
30/03/1995 Daily Express Ronnie Krays funeral
30/03/1995 Daily Mail Ronnie Krays funeral
30/03/1995 The Daily Mirror Ronnie Krays funeral
12/04/1995 Sunday Mirror Dave watches over Ronnie Krays Grave
24/01/1996 Telegraph Headhunter
06/06/1997 Mirror Deal Drugs, Krays couldn't even deal cards
03/04/1998 South London Press Cop a load of undercover police
03/07/1998 South London Press Aargh its all over
06/08/1998 Guardian Eastend farewell to bareknuckle fighter
03/12/1998 The Independent Interview
20/12/1998 Sport Eastender Phils mad machete pal
19/01/1999 South London Press Interview
19/02/1999 South London Press Dave's boxing gym
19/02/1999 Unknown Dave's Letters To Cops
08/03/1999 Sport Hardman Goes Straight For Stardom
22/04/1999 Evening Standard Dave becomes minder to Crystal Palace chairman
27/06/1999 News Of The World Dave's live fight on Channel 5 with comedian Sadowitz
03/07/1999 Sunday Sport Dave talks of seeing cops at fetish parties.
08/08/1999 The Observer Dave & Ronnie Biggs
15/08/1999 Unknown Dave's gives honest interview to Burhan Wazir
22/08/1999 Sunday Sport Dodgy Courtney background
28/09/1999 South London Press Courtney and 2 officers face charges
10/10/1999 The Daily Mirror Dave on drugs wrap.
16/10/1999 The Sun Dave and Brad Pitt
22/10/1999 The Daily Telegraph Dave the agony uncle
22/10/1999 Daily Star Nick Reynolds, son of Bruce Reynolds talks of Cons to Icons Exhibition
23/10/1999 The Guardian Dave argues with Frankie Frazer over Cons to Icons Exhibition
07/11/1999 The Observer Dave talks of criminals who wanted Jill Dando dead due to Crime Watch show
08/11/1999 The Star Dave The Court Jester
09/11/1999 South London Press Dave The Court Jester
29/11/1999 South London Press Dave offers lucky fan a chance to win tickets to his show.
08/12/1999 The Evening Standard Dave for London Mayor
28/01/2000 Unknown Final Curtain
22/03/2000 Evening Cronical A mission to bring dance to the city
03/04/2000 The Sun Dave and Vinnie
16/05/2000 South London Press Colin didn't give up the struggles
21/12/2000 Kentish Times Bent cop jailed for 4 years
08/06/2001 The Sun Dave joined Band Mute (Now Ocean Diesel)
14/12/2001 South London Press Dave booted out of hospital for queen
21/01/2003 Medway Standard Dave Meets Paul Stone
24/01/2003 The News Dave talks about his life after crime
11/02/2003 Medway Standard Dave Judges Karaoke contest
21/02/2003 The Sun Band, Ocean Diesel (formally Mute) talk of there year with Dave
08/03/2003 The Weekly News Dave talks of helping kids with ADHD through the Charity Misunderstood
09/03/2003 Sunday Mail Article about artist Phil "the till"Mordue who Dave spent time with in prison.
18/03/2003 Medway Standard Dave Launches ADHD kids charity Misunderstood.
20/03/2003 Medway Today Dave Launches ADHD kids charity Misunderstood.
09/10/2003 Unknown Dave in TV car sharks
10/04/2003 Gravesend Reporter The Hell-to-Pay Premier
11/04/2003 The Kent Messenger The Hell-To-Pay Premier
11/05/2003 Sunday Times Dave teaches education secretary Charles Clark a lesson in copying.
26/06/2005 The Fun Dave lists ridiculous English Laws
17/03/2005 New York Post Dave talks about his movie Hell-2-Pay
21/03/2005 Las Vegas Review Dave visits producer to discuss film role.
28/08/2005 The People Dave mentioned in article about Angela Bostocks arrest.
09/10/2005 The People Dave's film Hell-to-Pay is reviewed by Gary Bushell
25/11/2005 The Sun Dave's film Hell-to-Pay is mentioned thanks to X-Factor pal Chico
29/09/2006 Medway Messenger Dave signs books in Rochester, Kent
23/11/2006 Gravesend Reporter Dave has interview with Curry Clubs Rob Abbul
Unknown The Sport Dodgy Daves knuckle suffler
Unknown Sunday People Add for Dave's book Stop The Ride
20/02 Unknown Gangsters Paradise
Unknown Unknown Hard men show their soft sides
Unknown Unknown Double trouble
Unknown Unknown Dave and Barbara Windsor at Dexter's Club
Unknown Unknown Dave enjoys his birthday bash
Unknown Unknown Dave hosts his audience with night in Plymouth
Unknown Unknown Dave Turns To TV Crime
Unknown Unknown Goldberg Gets Bodyguard
Unknown Unknown Dave performs his Audience With show to raise money for the Johnny Owen Memorial fund.
Unknown Unknown Dave talks of his audience with show
01/07 Kent Messenger About New Movie Clubbing To death
01/07 Medway Standard About New Movie Clubbing To death
01/07 The Mirror About New Movie Clubbing To death
15/06/2007 South London Press My Chosen Category-Article On Dave's Good Friend Former Prison Officer Turned Author Jim Dawkins
22/12/07 Evening Post Ex-Gangster In Court On Weapons Charge
22/12/07 Daily Mirror Gangster Courtney 'had Uzi'

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