Six Bend Trap


Six Bend Trap© is a hard hitting gritty comedy drama featuring our pal Dave. The story is of a subject matter rarely touched, surprising considering it is one of the most widely supported spectator sports, Greyhound racing.

We see how a victim of circumstance, embroiled in a decade long feud between a ruthless business man and a retired Greyhound trainer. The main character is trapped by both sides and thoughts of escape are futile. Danny Thompson can die tomorrow or chance a few more Months, the latter being the best option!

The film is set present day and because the main characters “business” is his band a strong retro seventies beat will pulsate throughout the feature.

However, it must be noted that although the music is an integral part of the feature, it is by no means the limit to the films scope.

The three main characters and their separate but connecting stories of alienation are the primary focus of the film.  The underlying themes are Universal and not applicable to a specific race, gender or ethnicity. SIX BEND TRAP is intended to be an intricate collaboration and compilation of the struggle to extract revenge, but like any poker game the man with the most money should always win, but does he?

With a filmmakers unique voice, all woven together with the intention of creating a comedy classic that will be on the shelf of every age group for years to come.

The dog’s are in the traps, the hare is running. So is Danny!

The Cast Includes:

 Martin Owen
Ian Edwards
Daniel Poyser
Paul Usher
 Lisa Riley
Dave Courtney
Alan Gordon
Thomas Craig
Peter Bonner
Cathy Barry
Gemma Taylor

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Dave and the lovely Jeff
Dave and Noreena
Dave and Friend
Dave and Friend
Dave at Dinner
Dave at Dinner
Jeff And Pete
Martin Owen and Friend
Dave, Martin Owen and friends
Dave and friend
Dave, Martin Owen and friends
Dave signing Autographs
Dave signing Autographs
Dave and Noreena
Dave an Noreena



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