Hi and wow, just wondered if you could put this on the site. just a little something bout our day at Dave's....
                   what a wicked day at Dave's on Sunday. not only does this man talk the talk but he walks the walk as well. we got to Dave's house at midday and got a warm welcome, showing us his proud moment singing with the drifters.....wicked Dave I must say....and then on to his major project the bureau.

it was like we had known him for years. he showed us round his castle and then down to the dungeon, wicked or what. then back to the house for a few games of pool and a drink, and wow can he drink, and seeing him play one handed and beat us was something worth seeing on its own. he told us about his life and how the media portray him. i must admit when we arrived at Dave's we didn't know what to expect but i can honestly say it was a pleasure meeting him and he couldn't do enough to make us feel welcome....thanks Dave for giving us a day that we will never forget, and we will always be proud to tell people that Dave Courtney is our friend. so to all the people out there .don't believe everything you read in the papers and don't judge this man unless you have met him yourself......


cheers John,Mel,Steve and Lisa


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