When Dave first saw the article on the left, a full-page piece about Education Secretary Charles Clark in the Sunday Times (11th  May 2003) he was immediately struck by the resemblance to his own pose struck outside the Old Bailey in the "bent copper" case.

Then, on closer inspection, he began to notice some very remarkable similarities. The pictures were more or less identical, except for the face peering out from beneath the jester's hat. Everything appeared to be the same, right down to the folds around the edgesof the hat and the cord extending from the collar.

We've placed the pictures scanned from the Sunday Times Article on the left and from a photo of Dave outside the Old Bailey on the left for comparison.

The clincher came when his eyes scanned down to his hand. "That's my fuckin' bracelet!" he exclaimed, "Cheeky bastards, or what?"

Although the hand is slightly differently positioned, indicating that there was a moment or two between the snaps, there is no doubt that the Sunday Times article has a picture of Dave with Clark's face superimposed.


Dave said: "I suppose I ought to be flattered that they've used my photo, but it's a bit of a cheek, considering that they wouldn't run the proper story about me the first time round." 



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