The People – 28th August 2005



DC – 01 September 2005 

Hello People,

Well! Wasn’t that a surprise? Ha! Ha! Ha!
You can imagine how gutted I was to read about Jenny & Angela on Sunday getting nicked! If that just don’t underline everything I’ve ever said about them, fuck knows what will!

Jen has let me know this week that the Police will stop my party on the 8th and I’ll never get to America because they (the police) intend to slip someone in. Because I’m a ‘Fat Crippled Wanker’ they will put me away for some kind of conspiracy or knowingly concerned!!

She thinks that she and Angela won’t get to court because the case will be dropped. Well what I want to know is this: How the fuck would she know all that if she wasn’t working with/for them?

Can somebody please explain that one?

I’ve obviously spoken to Steve about it all and I can’t see this doing them ‘the world of good’ in any way, shape or form… can you?

I had completely stopped all the letters about it all from me to you for a good while, but, as my old Nan used to say; “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves with it!” In my head, they have definitely ‘hung themselves’. As for all these ‘dogging’ accusations made by Angela – for which she got at least £100k!!!

Load of bollocks! It was Angela that enjoyed going out ‘dogging’ and not with Steve.

Her comments actually reflected her thoughts on Steve’s working companions and had nothing to do with Steve at all. I know because she lived here and bloody well told us – and anybody else that would listen – exactly what she thought of them all. Everybody could see how nasty she was and we all knew that she was aiming to cause long term trouble for Steve, and all this time she was being ‘proper looked after’ I can tell you!

It doesn’t matter how much dough she got. People hate her now that they can see what a nasty little girl she is.

Everybody has funny photos of their old man or old woman doing crazy stuff! We all do peculiar things for a laugh! But to use a photo of Steve with his back turned – obviously fucking around – and then spin a story to go with it saying that you have photographic proof… that’s just evil! I can tell you, Stevey does not get off on transvestites at all… not in anyway!

They are fucking funny people that know how to a have a proper laugh! I’ve had thousands of photos with Trannies and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures… that don’t mean ‘jack shit’. 

All this bollocks stemmed from the fact that Angela lost two custody battles with Steve… she tried for sole custody and lost! Basically she wanted to fuck off to Barbados with Jen and Courtney to be ‘one big happy’ family! A friend of mine told me that they had spoken to Jen last week – not on my behalf, because I already know why she did what she did! This friend got both barrels!! A real verbal attack that he honestly did not deserve. During this onslaught she said that she would not be prepared to stop seeing Angela just to be friends with me again… apparently Angela had informed Jen that she could do much better than me AND I knew this!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I no longer want her as a friend and I’m very happy for her and Angela. I’m terribly sorry for exposing them and supposedly ruining it for them forever unless they move abroad!

I hope they do go to Barbados, or at least Jenny does, because it can’t be nice to explain to everybody what she did to the kids and me. Although she has a completely different story for people and the kids. But I can tell you, too many people know the truth about the situation. People know about the time that she went to live with Angela – before my ‘accident’ – and how she put Drew away after she ran away and also how she tried to put Brendan and me in prison while I was looking after her son! Everybody also knows how Drew having a baby at fourteen and Jenson going to Borstal didn’t bother her at all!! The worst thing about all this is how she has kept Courtney away from me for over 3 years. She fills the kids’ heads with rubbish and tries to convince anybody else that listens as well!

I know that it is really doing her head in at the moment – all my success and the fact that everything is taking off for me. I’m told constantly that it is annoying her – Brendan is still on and off with Jenny’s sister Sam, so I get to hear it all! Bless her little cotton socks! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I know that Jenny’s biggest regret does not involve Angela, the kids or even me! It’s the fact that she was working with Austin Warns and could get him money if she wanted to see him as well! It all backfired in her face – that must be a right bastard to explain to people… don’t you think? Ha! Ha! Ha! I’d want to move to Barbados as well.. wouldn’t you? Ha! Ha! Ha!

They say that people do things in a set pattern… them two definitely do! Jenny got cash for putting me in the papers for an embarrassing charge… back fired again though! Jen and her friend tried to break into the house to steal videos and photos of her and Angela but Taz was in bed. I had to get a court injunction on them to stop them doing it. Now Angela has lots of money for putting Steve in the Headlines. They even got caught trying to steal photos from Steve’s house… don’t worry though. Jen is very confident that despite the fact that her and Angela were caught red handed in Steve’s house and the police retrieved the stolen property from Angela’s house with Jenny still present, that she will not even be summoned to court! It makes her comments to the journalist who took details of Angela’s story (AND got that much money!) all very believable indeed!

She blatantly asked if he knew of anything she could say about me that would get her that much cash… the journo told me that she really meant it as well! She won’t be happy with the amount that Angela gives her for helping… she’ll want a big payday herself.

I suppose that the book that she was writing is still an option for income… she keeps telling everyone how inconvenient it is for Angela to park behind the flats every time she stays. She should just park anywhere! Nobody actually gives a toss! Somebody please tell her!

Now Jen is refusing to divorce me, she wants to wait until I have a ‘few bob’ and also wants the courts to think that I don’t want little Courtney just because she hasn’t let me see the baby for 3 years. Forget about the fact that she snatched her from my arms in hospital when we bumped in to each other while visiting Jenson.

I have no intention of seeing my little girl again for at least 10 years! She will realise one day exactly what went on and she will come and find me… of this I have no doubt!

Poor old Drew finding out that the man she believed to be her dad wasn’t! She had never seen or met her biological dad… that must have been awful! She didn’t give a toss though, as long as she thought it was hurting me. What a little Star ..

Dave Courtney OBE



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