Letter from Dave to Genson's Solicitor - 21 09 04




Itís Dave Courtney, Gensonís dad, I am in a dilemma as to what to do or who to explain all this to, to hopefully try to put a bit of sense to all thatís been happening with Genson recently, and why I feel partly responsible. Iím afraid that his mum has left me for another woman, and it has been highly publicised and this has affected Genson greatly. The separation got very messy, and Genson witnessed his mum trying to get his sister put into care, and saw letters from her solicitor saying she wanted him put into care rather than live with me, which he wanted to do. She had full control over him ash he was still only 15 at the time, she did not want him to live with her, what she did was to put Genson living at his Nanís and allowed her elder brother to publicly bully and hurt and intimidate Genson, until he finally had to move out for his own safety and live rough on the streets.

If you check the dates on all the charges against him they were all committed in this time, he was left to wander the streets, but now he is 16 he has chosen to move back with me and is bailed to this address while on bail for all this, since being give more of the evidence we have found that a boy and his parents went to see Jenny and Genson at his Nanís house and had no intention of going to the police until Jenny and her brother David told the parents that she had thrown Genson out ad had also found an excuse to dishonour him along with her daughter Drew, and she recommended that they go to the police and press charges, and thatís just what they did along with other people Jen had advised to get her son arrested.

Genson is well aware of all this and knows that his mum continued to claim child benefit and refused to have him in the house let alone fed or cloth him, as she is still doing with her daughter Drew, she refused Genson the right to see his sister and that completely fucked his head up, big time. I had the same treatment where my daughter is concerned and have not seen her for over a year and a half, and I have now said I refuse to see her until she is 16 and cant be used as a weapon in that way. Damage has already been done to her already so I will wait, bur he should not of had to go through all that with his sister because his mum wants to punish him for not agreeing his decision to stay with me, and the shame he has had to go through by his mum trying to put me in prison and get money from the police for trying to do so, has also had an affect on him I am afraid to say.

I am afraid that the police will be given permission by his mum to be used to hurt me by hurting him, and by the way they got him arrested, (which im nicking them for). I think thatís what there going to do, and I feel fucking guilty about it, in all the time Genson lived with me, he has had no trouble like this, and since being back here, heís back to normal, he has complied to all his bail conditions and will continue to do so he is now in regular work and I feel that if there was a lesson to learn by Genson from all this, it has already been learned, and by a custodial sentence being given to Genson, (if found guilty thatís what he gets), it will have completely the opposite affect and ruin him, and send him home completely fucked for ever, so who do I tell all this too, I am afraid at his last court case I got him to try and talk to his mum, and it left him in tears, after she told me and him, she wants him put inside and I am wrong trying to help him, and so is Brendan for helping with the job, mad I know, but thatís what the kid is living with, and you might know what to do about it . Hopefully


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