6 February 2003


From Mark's solicitor to Humberside Police

40 Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe
North Lincolnshire, DN15 7RQ

'B' Division 
Corporation Road 
DN15 6QB

6 February 2003

Please use on all correspondence : GJG/CC/FISH
Your Ref: 

Please ask for: Mr GJ GALLEN

Dear Sirs

Ref: Our Client: Mark Fish 
XXXXXXXXXXX Road, Scunthorpe

We are instructed that our client's private home address at XXXXXXXX Road, Scunthorpe and his business address of XXXXXXXXXXX, Scunthorpe were searched by Police in open "dawn raids" on Tuesday 4th February 2003.

These raids commenced at the private home address at approximately 7.30 am where our client's wife was still asleep and his daughter was awake and getting ready for school. Rooms were searched without our client being present and three officers attended in one motorcar with another van full of officers also present.

Our client was told that he had been implicated in criminal offences relating to counterfeit currency. During 
the search of his home address, an officer eluded to the fact he was being raided due to "the company he was keeping" and the type of "friends that he has".

Following a search of our client's home address causing great discomfort not only to our client but also to his wife and 6 year old child, Police then attended at our client's business address where he let them in the premises and then had to take his daughter to school so there was a search conducted without any appropriate or responsible adult for the premises being present.

This search took placewith officers guarding both the front and rear of the premesis while a number of our client's friends and other school children were passing going to the same school where our client had to take his daughter.

This was hugely embarrassing. No counterfeit currency was found. Our client was not arrested. No interview was conducted.

Our client takes exception to his premises both at home and his business being searched on the strength of such apparently weak evidence as "the company he keeps".

These suggestions being made to our client if incorrect should clearly not have been made and if it is correct we wonder whether this is sufficient for a warrant to have been obtained and were the Magistrates properly advised of the grounds for the issue of the search warrants?

Our client believes the references made by the officer to him during the searches refer to a gentleman who is now a celebrity writing books and starring in movies but who previously had been involved in crime. 
It has been disclosed to our client thati several other persons have had similar raids against their premises and they have had similar referrals made to them that they are being raided because of the company they keep.

We ask for an explanation from you in relation to the search of our client's premises as our client has instructed us to consider a claim for harassment in such circumstances.

One of our client's greenhouse windows was destroyed as a result of the vigorous search and disturbing local cats in the premises.

We look forward to hearing fom you as soon as possible. 

Yours faithfully.



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