18 February 2003


From DI Clay to Mark's solicitor

'B' Division 
Corporation Road 
DN15 6QB

Tel. No:01724 282S88 

This matter is being dealt with by: Detective Inspector Clay

18 February 2003

Mr G. Gallen
Pepperell Machin and Co
40 Don caster Road
North Lincolnshire

Dear Mr Gallen,

Re: Mark Fish

I refer to your letter dated 6 February 2003 regarding your client Mr Fish. I have reviewed the information used to obtain both search warrants and I am content that the procedures were sound and the information valid.

Humberside Police will continue to act in good faith having researched all information supplied to us. The searches were carried out in a professional and courteous manner.

Your reference to no persons being present during part of the search are noted but as you are aware there is no legal requirement to abandon a search for these reasons.

Yours sincerely,

S.A. Clay 
Detective Inspector


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