5 March 2003


From Mark's solicitor to Humberside Police

40 Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe
North Lincolnshire, DN15 7RQ

'B' Division 
Corporation Road 
DN15 6QB

Wednesday, 5 March 2003

Please use on all correspondence : GJG/JAM
Your Ref: SC/DLC

Please ask for: Mr GJ GALLEN

Dear Sirs

Re: Mr Mark FISH

Thank you for your letter of the 18 February 2003 received on the 24 February 2003.

The initial letter of the 10 February 2003 referred to the fact that Inspector TAYLOR had this matter passed to him for his attention. Why have we now received a letter from DI CLAY?

Your letter of the 18 February 2003 does not address a number of the points made in our original letter of the 6 February 2003. For example, you have not address the remarks made to our Client about the fact fact he was being raided because of "the company he keeps" and was the basis for the search warrant?

We will take further instructions from our Client, bearing in mind your scant response by way of Police Complaint and/or a claim for civil damages as a remedy for the harassment of himself and his family breaching their fundamental Human Rights for their privacy not to be invaded unlawfully and a right to quiet enjoyment of their life and properly,

Yours faithfully



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