8 April 2003


From Police Solicitor to Mark's solicitor

Corporate Services Branch
Legal Services Unit
Priory Road 
Hull HU5 5SF

Our Ref:SOLS/5598/DC

8 April 2003

This matter is being dealt with by: Mr D Crampton

Tel No:(01462) 578118
Facsimile:(01482) 578166
DX No:708884, Hull I8

Mr G. Gallen
Pepperell Machin & Co

Dear Sirs 


I refer to your letter of 20 March 2003 addressed to Detective Inspector Clay at Scunthorpe.

I am aware of correspondence that has passed between yourself and the Police at Scunthorpe and can confirm that any future correspondence should be with the Legal Services Unit.

If your client is minded to issue proceedings then the Legal Services Manager at the address given above will accept service on behalf of the Chief Constable.

Yours faithfully,

David Crampton 
Legal Services


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