The Hate Campaign Continues- 20TH September 2004

The hate campaign against Dave and I continues. After all thatís gone on between Dave and Jen we thought that she was going at least slow down with all the hate, which she has already let destroy all her own children in her attempt to direct it at me, Dave, Eamon, and anybody else who knows the truth about why Jenny left Dave and wanted all her kids put into care. All so that she could be with Angela Bostock and as Dave says live happily ever after. Sam (Jennyís sister) and I, have kept in contact throughout the whole saga between Jenny and Dave and although Sam declined my offer of marriage we stayed close. However, due to the pressure of her familyís pure hatred of Dave and anyone close to him she has had her head twisted with Jennyís ridiculous account of what is really going on and I feel completely useless to do anything to help her, as I canít compete against her blood family.

I know only time will tell, she will one day realise I was right and she was just used as a porn in a very nasty game Jenny and the police were playing, but I am afraid that will be all to late. I went to court with Dave and Genson with the sole intention to help Genson in any way I can but by doing this I have infuriated Jenny and her brother David, and oddly enough Sam. That was until I explained to her what I was doing and that is was Jenny and David, her brother, who were doing the wrong thing by trying to put Genson in prison.

I am completely amazed at how Jenny and her so called bad boy brother David have convinced everybody around them that they are right in trying to put her own son in prison. David has informed me that I am lucky to be alive as he had put a hit out on me when Jenny had me arrested, this I found fucking hilarious as I know he is a complete dickhead since the last escapade where he was supposed to shoot someone. I had to hide them in Samís flat so he could pretend he couldnít find them as he had lost his bottle again, he also let it be known he was going to shoot a friend of Daveís called Lee Murray and once again he thought better of it and lost his bottle again. As I have already said, a dickhead. Whatever he did with the firearm, I helped get him I donít know, but one thing I am sure of, he has not got the bottle to use it the dickhead.

I can see a confrontation between me and him coming very soon, an on his fucking door step the prick, a lot quicker than he thinks. I saw all the text messages Jenny sent Dave after the court case, she wanted to be forgiven and allowed to come back home, but he couldnít now allow her family to know she was trying to get back with him after all she had said to them.

Genson and Dave rung Jenny to let her know first that he was back living with Dave and was in trouble and going to court and she at first was ok about it.She said it had been the worst year of her life, but told Genson not to tell any of her family she had spoken to Dave. As he is working for me he told me this and said he hadnít told Dave this as it would hurt him. I told him he should tell his Dad everything and he did, it did hurt him, as he was all over the place as what to do about Jenny. She said she was sorry for doing what she done with Courtney and wanted to let Dave and Genson see her now. Dave has already said on the web site last year that he was not going to allow her to continue hurting him with Courtney and decided not to see her until she was 16 and old enough to know what she wanted and not be used as a weapon by her mum to hurt her dad. When Dave reminded Jenny of this she went berserk again and started all this grass bollox. Sam has been trying to tell me that Dave is a grass and Jenny had been given paperwork to prove it, so she told Sam, but Sam hadnít actually seen it.

David, Jennyís brother also was slagging Dave off to me saying Jenny had paperwork given to her by the police that proved Dave was a grass but he also hadnít seen it. If itís the same paperwork that was brought up in the court case (which can be seen in Bernard Mahoneyís book) Jenny, Sam, Dave and I had all had it in our possession for the last 3 years. It was all proved to be bollox and the policeman went to prison and Dave got not guilty.

I think she needs more than just that to help the police get Dave shot, which I truly believe is what the police have manipulated her to try and get done. I only hope she tries to get that dickhead brother of hers to do it with his so called firm of bad boys, at least I will know Dave will be safe, because he is a proper prick. All this paperwork has come from Chopís brother in law and Austin himself, now they have teamed up to try and destroy Dave. As we are now talking about paperwork, I have actually seen the paperwork where Jenny grassed me up, the paperwork where she grassed Eamon up, the paperwork where she convinced a parent to grass her son Genson up, her statement where she tried to put Dave in prison, and her previous statement where she in her own words admits sleeping with Austin Warnes. I have seen the paperwork where she tried to imprison her daughter Drew and also recommend Genson be put into care and I have been witness to her blatant lying about her relationship with Angela Bostock. It was all down to having to try and deny this relationship that this whole messy affair got to this state and Jenny no shame at all, about her own children becoming victims of her deceit and lying ways and all to hide the love of another woman, who incidentally Dave knew about and was part of a 3 some with, until he had his accident.

Sam has always felt the need to eventually be honest with me and thatís why I cant stop loving her, she stood up against her sister and saved Eamon and I from going to prison and I love her for that. She also told me that while in court a policeman involved in the case called Mr Shipman, told her that Dave was an informant but proved to be very unreliable, that should have proved to her what I had been telling her all along about Dave and how Austin Warnes covered their relationship. But she couldnít see it, thatís just what Dave had said he had done all along. And as for Jenís brother David, I think if he would be active in trying to put his own nephew in prison just to let Jenny have a go at Dave, his bad boys should look out, as they would have no chance if it came to the police and Dave and them. There has been a lot of very suspect goings on around Dave and the people close to David should look very seriously at his credibility, in his own words to me, he said he believes in people giving statements and that I, Dave and Genson should have gone to prison.

He has always bullied Genson, to the point of actually knocking him out cold on the street just to please Jenny. This is all very wrong and must be made public and somehow stopped. I have asked Sam and David to sit down and talk to me and Jenny and try to get to the bottom of all this stupid self destroying behaviour, but Jenny is too embarrassed to reveal to me and her family the deal she has done with the police. That makes her continue in this hate campaign against Dave and I and even her own kids. Sam canít at the moment see this BUT she will one day, and as for Jenny trying to provoke that prick Gaffer into getting involved in it all with his silly threats and name calling and telling people I swore affidavits against him about fuck knows what I donít know.

She is scraping the bottom of the barrel with who she is trying to get on her side. I told Gaffer personally, Ďdonít let Jen used you in her little war against Daveí If anyone is in any doubt whether Jenny would do a deal with the Police, ask yourself would she do what she has done to all of her own children? Keep a 5 yr old away from her dad for nearly 2 years, put her daughter in care and try and get her son sent to prison, that should answer it for you I hope. Dave is not to happy about Jennyís brother getting involved in all this name calling and I am pretty confident he will be talking to David about this in his own little way. The way that Dave does. If I was David Pinto I would be a very frightened little prick indeed. I have said to David to go round to Daveís house and tell him all this or kick his head in, as he told me he could for allegedly beating his sister up but he doesnít seem to want to do this for some strange reason. He just took it all out on Genson, his sisterís 15 yr old son. If I am wrong about any of this I am sure he will be in touch with me straight away, but I know the little prick, wonít be, and if that isnít calling it on with the dick head I donít know what is.

So I will let you know in my next letter how he wormed his way out of this one, in front of his so called bad boys and family. I do sincerely hope that he doesnít hide from John and Vita, who would not have brought him up this way; they have no idea what a cunt they have got as a son. I will make sure Vita and John see this if he donít, I always felt I had a very good relationship with them and know they are kept completely in the dark at what there kids are about.



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