Les wrote to his MP, David Rendel

Mr David Rendel MP
House of Commons

Dear Mr Rendel

I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to write to you with regard to a situation that I am in.

On the 25th May 2003 I was very questionably arrested and charged with the crime of criminal damage. To save time and assist you in this matter I have enclosed my wife’s statement outlying the events of the incident. Since then I went to court and despite Mr McCay admitting that he did not know exactly who caused the alleged damage or how it was done, and that my right arm was in a sling and only 36 hours out of surgery. I was still found guilty by 3 magistrates. This is despite the fact that we did not give any evidence and made the bench decide purely on the prosecution evidence.

This leads me into the problem. I have an appeal that is due to start on the 1st July 2004. I feel that although innocent I will probably have to except a criminal conviction on advice from my council. This is due to the police’s actions.

Had the police retuned as promised by the officers, to visit my wife while I was in custody they would have obtained the statement that you have attached but with a zero chance or possibility of collaboration or “making up” a statement. Logic would have said that as we had put in our own 999 call and my wife was pregnant and very scared at the time a call back would have been the solution. As stated earlier the police did promise her one.

In reality what happened was her statement was taken nearly 3 weeks later after she made numerous phone calls begging the police to make a statement.

This “convenient” oversight by the police has had the following effects

  1. Had the evidence been taken at the time of the incident it would have been very difficult to charge me.

  2. My wife’s evidence would have been seen as strong and consistent as apposed to a potential collaboration. “She would say that, she is backing her husband”

This is not just my opinion this is the advice of London council Nick Dunham.

So because my conviction is spent in November (1 year conditional discharge) I have been advised to think “very carefully” about not just dropping things. If I loose and get an increased sentence of a fine, then that would not be spent for 5 years.

Obviously the police won’t investigate the complaint until after all court cases have ceased. This leaves me with the following choice.

  1. Withdraw the appeal and except a conviction for a crime I did not commit, paying for a dent I did not make.

  2. Fight, with a main witness whose credibility has been placed seriously into question by the police.

To top matters off, a police officer that I know has told me that he has heard that this treatment is because the local police know I am friends with London Author Dave Courtney who has been a gangster in the past, and because I brought him to Newbury for an “Audience with” show. They were “going to nail me”.

I think you will agree that with the police affecting my case this much should result in the case being withdrawn on the grounds that I cannot be guaranteed a fair trial with my evidence showing full strength and credibility. 

Look forward to your reply and thank-you for your support.

Leslie Crumplin-Hill






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