Les Hill's Statement to the Police

Statement of Leslie Crumplin-Hill

On the 25th April 2003, I was getting ready to go to the hospital with my wife Lisa following an arm operation. The doorbell sounded and I answered the door to see a man dressed in jeans and t-shirt. He asked to speak to L.M. Davis. As this is my wife's previous name, not recognising the man and also because he did not appear to be from a company, I asked who he was. The answer that I got was "I asked to speak to L.M. Davis. I repeated the question and received the same reply. This sequence was repeated a third time. At this point I was uncomfortable with the situation. The man who I now know to be Mr D McCay then stated he was there with regard to a parking fine issued by reading borough council. I asked for further clarification and also to see ID. Clarification was given verbally but ID was not produced. 3 further requests were given for id but all were ignored.

I explained that my wife did not own the car at the time of the incident and that this had been explained to reading borough council. I explained that a request had gone in asking for a copy of all information on this under the data protection act and although 40 days had come and gone no reply had been received. Mr McCay then became aggressive. Stating that he "was not there to talk about the f-king data protection act. he was there to collect money". As he said this he stepped forward in an aggressive manor towards the entrance of our home. For my families protection I shut the door. Mr McCay then posted an envelope through the letterbox and shouted that he was going to take a car. He then walked down the steps. Worried and not knowing what to do I opened the door and walked down the steps towards Mr McCay. I asked the man if we could resolve the matter sensibly, and could I have a 48-hour stay of execution. I now know I was actually entitled to 72 hours. Mr McCay again became very hostile getting very close to my face, saying "f--k off, you've pissed of the wrong bloke today. I can do what the f-le I want. Either pay the f--king money or I'm having the car towed away. I tried to stay calm but I was feeling very concerned. Mr McCay was being very threatening and was in my personal space. I had my right ann in a sling and was still feeling the effects of the operation. I at this stage called my wife Lisa.

Mr McCay got into his car and reversed across our drive blocking us from going out. My wife had come out by this time and asked me what was going on. I told her and she said that she would deal with the situation as she was worried about my ann. She suggested that I looked after our 2 year old who was now witnessing this.

I was very concerned as no ID had been shown at this point and he was being very aggressive and threatening. I told Lisa that I wanted to call the police but she said no we were late to pick up our other children and I needed the hospital. It was easier to pay Mr McCay and call the police later. The children took priority.

My wife gave him a cheque and came back into the house. She told me that he had been saying that he was on the phone to the police and that I had keyed his car. He had become aggressive again so Lisa had come in and requested that Mr McCay post the receipt through the door. She looked pale and was upset. After 5 minutes there was still no receipt and Mr McCay was still obstructing our drive. Lisa therefore went out again to his vehicle. I had hold of Joshua with my left hand. Who was trying to get out to his mum. I did not want to shut the door_ as I was very worried about Lisa. Lisa was trying to get a receipt but Mr McCay put his window up and continued on the phone. The window came down and she tried to speak to Mr McCay but he put his hand up to her face and ignored her. He still remained on the phone.

When he did come off he continued to scream abuse at myself and consequently my son who was with me. He refused to allow Lisa to come in making her sign paperwork before he would leave. When he finished Lisa started walking back into the house. Mr McCay was still swearing and shouting at me while sticking his middle finger up at me. He said that's right little boy, do as your missus tells you and go in, you f-king w-ker. By now Joshua had wriggled free as I could not pick him up because of my arm. He ran to my wife and started crying. Lisa was visibly upset and shook up by Mr McCay. She told me he had said some horrible things. We both said that at least he had gone now. We could get going and deal with the police etc later.

Lisa took our baby girl out to the car and came in to get Joshua. I heard my wife say "now what" I went out and Mr McCay was back across the drive. He was shouting and swearing at Lisa. At this point I called 999.

Lisa came in crying and so was Joshy. He would not move and told her that I had damaged his vehicle.

The police came out and based on his accusation by Mr McCay, arrested me for criminal damage.

At no time did I damage Mr McCay's Vehicle and I did not give Mr McCay permission to threaten or scare my family.




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