14th AUGUST 2003


Here is a letter that Brendan sent to his solicitor, regarding a letter he did not receive which gave details of his pre-sentencing meeting. Because he did not receive the letter, he did not attend the interview, a fact that might be viewed very seriously at his sentencing and might very well effect the severity of any sentence dished out:

FAO Adrian Gillam
Bennet Welch & Co, Solicitors

14th August 2003

Dear Adrian, 

Following our telephone conversation today, of which I expressed my concern, that probation had not been in touch with me for my P S R immediately in response to you telling me that the probation had contacted you alleging that they had sent me an appointment to me on 4th August 2003 of which I have never received, this is strange as every other government letter has always been delivered previously to this. In response to what you told me, Adrian I immediately made my way to Greenwich magistrates court where I was sent to Greenwich probation at Greenwich High Street. I enclose a receipt from the person I spoke to confirming this. Where she advised me to contact you to apply for adjournment. She also gave your phone number of Orpington probation office, I then rang and spoke well one named Angie Kennedy at this office, explaining to her that I did not receive the letter confirming the appointment. If I had received this I would have been more than happy to attend. I also informed her that I left my phone number with the office in court on that day and also made the officer aware that I was available one day per week for community service. I have never received any phone call from probation nor have I ever had a message left on my answer machine. I therefore believe that due to this misunderstanding and breakdown in communication and considering that the numerous phone calls I have had with you about this matter I hope it is possible for you to gain an adjournment on my behalf. I would also like to add that now after speaking to Angie Kennedy, she has made a note on my file of this call and I stated to her that I would be happy to contact the probation people myself, however, the only reason I did not do this before was as I explained to Angie that I understood from the probation officer I would definitely be contacted. I would now like to make it known that if an adjournment was granted to me I'll make it my duty to contact the probation service immediately at their earliest convenience. 

Yours faithfully 

Brendan McGirr


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