Here is a letter that Brendan sent me, confirming some of the events in this case:

Here is a brief explanation as to why I have decided to go public with my trivial court case. On the 19th July 2003 I was convicted of spitting at a traffic warden, who boasted to me that her husband was a serving police officer and that consequently had the power to put me in prison. 

My case was due to be heard at Greenwich Magistrates' Court, but was transferred to Belmarsh, top-security court (despite the fact that I had no previous convictions) where the judge ruled that, although I had witnesses it to prove what the traffic warden had said, they were not allowed to give evidence. The district judge brought in for this case, decided that I was to have what is called a Newton Trial. This means that only the traffic warden and me are allowed to give evidence. 

After leading the traffic warden through her evidence, the judge ruled that I had guessed this woman was married to a police officer. I was met after the case by a probation officer, who told me they would be in contact with me to arrange a pre-sentencing meeting. 

A I have never had any contact from the probation service which concerned me. And after numerous calls to my solicitor, who also wrote letters to the probation people on 31st July 2003 after a phone call on Thursday 13th August, I was told by him that I had an appointment which apparently was sent to me by post on the 4th August 2003. I never received this letter. So I decided on that day, the 13th August, to go to Greenwich magistrates court where I was referred to the probation office in Greenwich High Street. There they informed may that the Orpington office was dealing with this matter. I then rang the Orpington office and spoke a very helpful lady by the name of Angie Kennedy, who informed me that my solicitor should apply for an adjournment if it was possible. 

Hopefully this will be the case. One can only assume that this is a deliberate sabotage to influence my sentencing. Only time will tell. 


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