"Clubbing To Death" which is being directed and produced by Lee Phillips of 4GMEDIA is a wicked tale that is set in the murky world of club culture, where Dench, a low life gangster runs the five biggest clubs in London, & supplies drugs to all of them. Everything seems to be going well until he gets greedy & decides to rip off his supplier by hijacking the next consignment before it reaches the UK. Trouble is the guy he's been dealing with forgot to mention that they belong to a psychotic American holed up in Morocco. Will Dench & his loyal right hand man Chris be able to stop the mad yanks plans to destroy his clubs & family before it's too late?

Clubbing To Death Features a whole host of fantastic stars such as Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals), Nick Moran (Lock, Stock), Dave Philbey, Thekla Roth, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Gary Shail, Oliver Skeete, Krista Tabone, Daniel Hyde (Hollyoaks), Depak Verma (Eastenders), Lord Charles Brocket (Im A Celebrity), Andy Simmonds, Ian Wolley, Lea (Big Bro 7), Lauren Pope, Donatella Panayiotou,  Craig Charles, Ewen MacIntosh (Kieth from The Office) Phillips Olivier (Brookside/Hollyoaks) Mc Creed, Scott Garcia, Brandon Block & the Legend Eddie Kidd, also Emma Blocksage (known as Emma B, Brian Harvey's ex) who's play Dave's wife Kelly in the film, Taylor Morgan and husband Pete La Meat and Vinnie Jones Lookalike Bill Hickey.

Some of the cast members later went on to be featured in the music video for Venus Casino's track "Can't get over you" and they where also followed by two film crew's during recording of the Night Club Scenes, one for an 8 part Documentary for Living TV called The Real Extras, & one making a feature length documentary on Eddie Kidd.

And Dave even wanted you, the fans to have see a bit of the action by appealing on this site for those of you who wanted to be extras in the film's clubbing scene that where shot in Tease Nightclub in Erith.

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