To Old Bailey Complaints Department


Hello sir,
I must say first of all that I do know that my complaint or accusation whatever you want to call it is completely useless and will most probably fall on deaf ears, because I can't prove a thing. My name is Dave Courtney; I've just finished a trail at the Old Bailey, in which I was found Not Guilty. Surprise, Surprise. I don't want these people to think that they had me over, which I'm sure, when asked about it, he'll have no alternative but to profusely deny.
I have it on good authority that Mr Holder and Mr Punji, had audiotape of me, talking in my home, to my wife, preparing my defence.
Mr Holden let it slip at a boat party, and as you would expect, I'm finding it extremely difficult, in trying to convince this person that it's for the best they relay it to you, as my word alone would be regarded as only "Hear Say", and it's of no value or holds no credentials in this accusation at all.
Is it common practice to have this happen? Or is it an available asset to prosecution, when they've been bugging the home of the defendant, whilst they are on bail? Or am I expected to believe that they wouldn't let them know, Simply because they are not allowed to?
It happened to me and I know it did.

Dave Courtney OBE



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