To Prime Minister Tony Blair


Hello Tony,

Happy New Year & all that. I bet you had a terific time the two of ya, 
what with the new baby an all. My very best to your lady and family. 
To be perfectly honest, I've just had it stuck right up me big time, with some very 
suspisious behaviour around my recent court case. Which I am sure by now, you 
are fully aware, I'm not very happy about at all. 
I'm now in a life threatening situation, which was created purposly for me, to get 
me fucking shot. I know it goes on, not that I'm say ing you knew Jack shit about it, 
but I aint havin that, and if you get any flack over it, it was not meant. If anyone 
feels it is personal or political, it isn't, it's just not fucking right that they can do 
that. I know I'm a pain in the fucking arse, but I've had a bit of a rough ride 
myself, with the hoys in blue aint I?

I must say though, that if I were in their position, with the avenues open to them to 
get rid of him. Because I am aware of the polices dirty tactics, a little bit better 
than most in the dirty tactics department, it is clear to me, that by stating publicly 
that I am a grass, the odds should be in their favour, that I'd be shot within a 
month, unless I'm living in a witness protection house somewhere, if it don't 
happen quick enough for them, they could actually do it themselves. The morning 
papers would say, 'Gangland killing.... Informant shot dead', and who would dare 
think or say, for that matter, that it was a government hit. I know I'm not fucking 
paranoid, and I also know that on a 'need to know' basis, you would not even be 
aware that it went on, but it does. Anyway, now you know why I'm screwing. 
If it's on any interest toy a at all, I'd still fucking vote y a next time. I cant imagine 
how flat out you are all day, but if ya get a moment please try and read this. 
If you didn't know all that goes on please please please believe me, it does. 
Investigate it, and you'll find it's all true.

Yes you are right, lam not confessing and exposing it all to everyone because I'm 
concerned the police force is corrupt, or that I want to call it on with the biggest 
most powerful firm there is on me own, but I'd say that trying to get me shot was 
calling it on, wouldn't you? so I'm gonna cause as much embarassment and 
humiliation for them as I possibly can.

I/exposing all their scams is how to hurt them most, then thats what I'll do all day, 
every fucking day, 'til they do whatever it is they've got to do. 
Sorry for the apparent disrespect to yourself, you couldn't be more wrong. What f 
else can I fucking do? Tell me?

Run and hide, sit and wait and hope he misses, someone to say 'he's okay really, 
don't shoot him, run round and say sorry to everybody, or wait for the CIB to jump 
up and say, 'he's okay really, we was only joking, he's not really a grass! 
You know that aint me don't ya? Sorry but I cant do any of that.

If I just get it made public so I help enlighten people on what really goes on, I know
I would have done some good and hurt them for what they tried to do to me. I want
them to lose all the perks of their job, and I want them to know I fucking done it.
If you could put yourself in my place, you'd understand my venom.

An extremely FUCKED OFF
Dave Courtney OBE



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