To Journalist


Hello Sir,

Or may I call you John? Fucking excellent. How are ya John, you don't know how pleased I was to read your piece on Austin Warnes, the corrupt police officer in the Kim James case, for obvious reasons. In fact I nearly fucking cum. I think I might have had something to do with it. As you may or may not know I am taking the CIB3 to court over their dirty tactics with me during my case. I have enclosed the Disclosure Bundle that I sent everybody but strangely enough I had no reply. MP, CBI3, CPS, Jack Straw, Old Bailey and the Prime Minister, they all got one. And because I know it can all be verified, I haven't lied about anything. I don't fucking have to do I. He done a deal to help fuck me, and now it hasn't worked because he never told them the full extent of his relationship with us, and it's backfired a bit on um.
I just wondered that now they've lied and tricked him too and he has no commitment to them at all, if he would consider confusing all and helping me expose the complete police corruption scams. He's got fuck all to lose now has he?
And if he'll admit to helping the CIB3 into manipulating a situation to falsely expose me as an informant in the hope I never get to revel the true extent of Mr Warnes corruption of which they are fully aware and completely terrified of, it will all be made public and the police will be made to look exactly what it is. Riddled with corruption. I can prove it and they know I can. I am fully aware that you must take the High Morale Stance and can't even be associated with me. But just look into it a bit deeper and you'll be very, very shocked. They tried to get me fucking shot and that's the truth. They knew everything and knew I weren't a real informant, but to stop the full extent of my relationship coming out, they chose to pretend to believe him. And now he might do a complete turnaround and admit the whole scam if asked in the right way.
How the fuck do I go about that without alerting the police they've left him vulnerable and what I intend to put to him as a piece of my evidence against them, I'm sure if he could put right what he tried to do to me, he would jump at it. Lets be honest a minute, he aint sleeping to well at the thought of me knowing what he got up to with um and will still be here when or if he gets out. Can he?
I fucking wouldn't be too happy with the situation as it stands at the moment. So If he can ease the burden of thinking I'm gonna wait and get him buy just putting the books straight about a few things, I think the gutless prick would rip your hand off for half the chance. Then you've got a story and a half, anit ya? And the thing is, it really is true and I know the wanker would spit it all out if he got payment or a genuine deal from someone trustworthy. Give us a ring and let me know what you think please. I'm not mad, I know it sounds so fucking far-fetched but it's all fucking true. I'm now wondering if I should send this or am I fucking up. All I ask is that you investigate what I'm saying and say what you think in your paper.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Dave Courtney OBE



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