To Police regarding property they "borrowed" from Dave


Good morning, It's only me again. It's about my property you've got. I spoke to CIB by phone 2 weeks ago after sending a letter and was told as was my solicitor that I would be contacted in 2 or 3 days telling me what date and time I was to come in and collect it and once more I fell for it like the fucking wanker I am. The lady even made me feel guilty when talking about the poxy letter. But once more you just to me. I also popped in the day before and spoke to a tall fat gay man in a cromby. More promises. I got taken by surprise when my legal aid was refused, what's changed? Then I was told by the high courts of justice (a fucking joke) that if I could not prove that I was able to pay all the court costs if I lost they will have to void the case against the CIB and CPS. And they refused my legal aid. Very fucking slippery indeed. Ha ha. Even I have to take my hat off to that little move. It's a very hard game to win when the bad guys got all the aces. As you must know. Anyway smug chops I'm once again at a loss at what the fuck to do to me. You already know I'm on the fucking floor financially so I'm up that poxy stream again without a fucking paddle as usual. Will I ever learn? You should always keep a Couple oars on the side just in case your caught short sometimes. I've got to get 10 out of 10 for effort at least. If nothing else I'm a tryer aint I. It's okay I didn't really expect you to agree with me. You'll be happy to know that my new film Hell 2 Pay has finished filming and is being edited in Putney would you believe, I'm your new neighbour for a couple of months. Anyway getting back to the point. I didn't really believe that you could actually get away with not just giving me my stuff back. I thought some cunt would have to listen to me, but they wont where you lot are concerned. Surprise surprise. You frighten the absolute living daylights out of people just by them thinking what you might do to em if they do or say something you don't like. And what's so fucking naughty is that you really can, and do manipulate certain situations to happen to people you don't like by using whatever government departments help you find necessary to use in your attack on someone. It's very handy when you cant be the one they point the finger at, and you get all the dirty work done for you by the paperwork people. Very handy indeed. But I'm sorry I still want all my tapes and videos back, and I've told you exactly what for in detail if I remember rightly. So you must by now have them all duplicated by now so just to stop me moaning, can I have um back so that I can get on with my court case please. I will find the money somewhere and I already know your gonna drag it out for years hoping I'll run out of money. I'll be financially secure very soon when my film kicks off. Please god. Or I'll have every fucker in the world turning up to collect the money I've borrowed off em to make it. You Don't Wanna know, but it's more than you guessed anyway. So an out of court settlement, I'll go away and not expose fuck all, that aint too bad a deal seeing as what we both know I could do. And the money would be so fucking handy at the moment as you might have guessed. Anyway have a chew on it and if it's yes you can keep all the stuff and I'll fuck off abroad and you'll never see me again, apart from on T.V and the odd poster and magazines or books and newspapers. Maybe even the odd record or two might remind you of me. You never know do ya?

Dave Courtney OBE



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