To Old Bailey Complaints Department

Claim Number HQ0100067
RE: R (Dave Courtney)-V-Metropolitan Police Force, CIB3 and the CPS


Sorry to bother you again, but I'm sure that after reading the small print on this document that I'm not being treated the same way anybody else would be in this position. Please explain to me the normal proceedings you take if the writ is not answered within 28 days or 5mths. Is it an admission of guilt, (Thank Fuck), or what is happening as regards to my case against the CIB3 and the CPS. Because I am completely baffled at what rules everybody is using in my case. Especially after being told my legal aid was refused. And if I couldn't prove that I could pay for all my legal costs if I lost, the case would be dropped. I am still under intense surveillance and have been for 4 to 5yrs as I was informed at the Old Bailey court under oath.

I feel I am being viciously singled out and victimised by the powers that be. I know it's absolutely fuck all to do with you Guv, but it's doing me fucking head in. If you're proper straight and honest take a little look into my case and just say what you see.

Anyway apart from that I'm having fuck off time at the moment. I've just finished making a movie and it turned out frighteningly good. So I'm buzzing at the moment. Sorry to whine guv, but help us out here if you can.

Dave Courtney O.B.E 



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