To Steve Richards


Hello Steve,

I have started research on a book where Jenny and me interview the divorced wives of policemen. It was that woman who told of her husbands sicko tendencies in the case were they shot a geeze in bed for fuck all. It's the embarrassment factor that keeps the whole police corruption thing safe for them. Even when you leave the force you can't say what they would know that you did it too or at least allowed it to go on. So you say nothing. But a divorced wife would tell all. So when you have completely cut out the venom in her testimony you'd get a clear picture of what goes on and how regular it goes on. Their identity don't have to be revealed if they don't wish for it to be, but cash payments would be paid to all those that would be willing to be named. I have statements from prostitutes explaining what they have been asked to do in a bargain situation wheather they were charged or not, and you would be shocked at how devious they can get.And the prostitute out of embarrassment can't tell anyone what she done. The same as an informer can't tell anyone what he's done.

I've been turned down by a couple of publishers and told by one that they would be to afraid of what would be revealed that my life would be in danger.

They would shoot me rather then let it all come out. And so would I if I was them. I am still having untold agg trying to nick them, but I think they have fucked up by just ignoring me. Fingers crossed. I was refused legal aid and told that if I couldn't show them proof that I could pay court costs should in case I lost the case, they'd drop the case.Very fucking clever. But don't worry I have a plan Ha Ha 
I've found out that I am still under severe surveillance and it cost them a fucking fortune keeping tabs on us lot in Cannes. They were also interfering with the distribution and publicity of my film. But I'll pay to put it on video and give it away if it came to it. The poor fella in Doncaster who put my show on last week got the 3rd degree from the old bill over an anonymous concerned resident. Ha Ha 
I bet you don't get the same treatment. I'm looking forward to the show Steve.
See ya then

Dave Courtney OBE,



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