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Hello Sir,

I have received your letter telling me that the CIB3 have not been served yet, so they are overdue with their reply. Thank you. That is really all I needed to shut me up, a little recognition that I am here.
Have I got to write my application again? Or have they been served the document yet? I'm sorry I need it explained to me in idiot form and please excuse my ignorance. I am not being funny at all. May I also have copies of all my letters sent to you as well as a copy of my legal aid application and refusal. If I am told in writing instead of over the phone that I can't prove my income can't stand a loss in court, and I can't win that one, then I'll go away. I never got a letter. The cIB3 have apparently dropped all my property over to my solicitors last week whilst I was away. I never got a letter or a call about it and they said they dropped it into Ralph because I let them down on two previous appointments? News to me! But anyway, I haven't been able to go and get it because they've dropped it to my solicitors in Riegate, and he wont send it to me, as I have to sign for it. Strange, how did he get it without me or Brendan signing it out. But it's out.
I must apologise that sometimes my anger and mistrust in you all spills out in my correspondence, but I now have the stuff back and I never thought they would return it considering what's in them. But I was wrong, surprised, but wrong. But I'm still gutted that I'll never have the money to do what I should have done through the courts. You know what I mean? You must see it all the time, but I know it's fuck all to do with you, your hands are tied. Anyway, If you can just explain what is happening in this case, I'd be very grateful.
Thanks for all your help. And sorry again for my attitude sometimes.

Dave Courtney OBE



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