Firstly may I say I am a tad confused as to why my problem has ended up on your desk at all? As 1 thought it was bog standard procedure once your case was started and your summons was lodged at the High Courts, it may take some time for your case to be heard and dealt with, but it would eventually get heard and dealt with, as it says on the form filled in by myself on the day. It actually says in 28 days you'd be up and running.

But as we both know only too well the police can and do make and bend the rules to suit themselves. Bless um. If you are not already aware of my case then I've got an absolute scorcher to tell ya, as it goes all the way to the very, very top. From the CIB3 to Mr. Jack Staw to name but a few. I'll try and explain it in fucking brief if I can. I've dealt with lots of bent coppers all my life, in fact my court case is about an agency for old bill to sell their souls for a few quid, Luv um!! And when they found out about the extent of the corruption, and I gave them enough proof. Tapes & Photos etc, of a lot of coppers. One in particular being a Mr. Austin Wames, who this whole court case was about. To be frank they fucking shit themselves on the spot and nearly fell over. So instead of immediately dropping any charges against me and using my evidence to crucify him, they after realizing what I was gonna show the court, and knowing it would cause a public outcry by opening such a big can of worms, that they hatched a plan to prevent me ever appearing, much less talking in court. They said that I was working for him and not the other way round, knowing that by saying I was an informant, I would be shot. And the full extent of how corrupt the police force is would be kept secret. They tried to manipulate me losing my bail twice so that I couldn't tell anybody. Anyway needless to say, no-one fell for it, and lm not dead (as you can see). But they then charged me with another charge of perverting the course of justice over a case in Oxford. And by me getting in the dock they would question me on the Oxford case and use that testimony as evidence against me in the following case. So 1 was fucked again and couldn't get in the dock, which fucked me. Big Time. The>' have had proof that the police have been paid by myself and my friends for getting into the police computer.

I've had millions of pounds collected for the bent coppers who just say an informant gave them some info, when it was just an anonymous call. They just backdate or forge a docket and collect the money (in cash), and as long as they had someone to collect and sign for it. They could do it as much as they wanted to, and up and down the country it probably amounts to millions. I've obviously still got friends that tell me and warn me of their efforts to cause me as much fucking agro as possible. When I was informed of the 2 policemen that had infiltrated my circle of friends, I just pulled them aside and explained the situation politely and sent them packing, as I am sure a quick phonecall to CIB3 will confirm. You may want to ask them about the letters, not one but two letters, which the CIB3 conveniently lost before they got to court, I told them that I knew what they was doing to me, also why their sole intention was to just make use of the press and say I was an informant so they could get me shot or shoot me themselves. I also told them that I knew they were aware of the fact that I had Austin Wames in my pocket and that the fifth floor CIB who were investigating me and Austin got in with the 2nd floor CIB who were investigating Kim James and Co. and concocted the whole plan to entrap me into a life threatening situation. I also predicted the whole events of the case to follow and the outcome, that's why they could not let it be seen. They say a faxed document isn't always sufficient, just so they can say they lost the letter and your fucked. Please tell me how the famous CIB3 could lose 2 separate vital bits of evidence in the same case and not a peep is said about it? Again I urge you to check the court records. It was just brushed over. But I expected a trick and published it on TV, in papers and fliers. It is well documented now that they totally abused their position and constructed a case against me. Anyway, getting back to my can of worms, where was I?, Oh yeah I remember. Now the cunts wont give me my tapes and photos back because they know I need um to use in my case against them to prove it was me and not that prick in the driving seat in our relationship. He done a deal with CIB3 to help make me look bad, and subsequently got only 4yrs. But when I started to cause a stink about the whole affair it was reported that they were putting it up to a 10. So rather than explain to me what the deal was. that enabled him to get the smallest sentence, they said they reviewed it and up'd it. Well of course they cant say what the fucking deal was can they? I sent Mr. Austin Wames a letter asking him to be my witness against the CIB3 and once more their arseholes fell out.

For some reason they have just been allowed to completely ignore my letters, fax's and court summons'. I was then told that I could not carry on with the case unless I could prove I had enough money to pay for the legal costs incurred should I have lost the case. As they had already refused me Legal aid, they knew I didn't have that kind of money. So that's fucking that really. They've pulled rank, now I'm sitting on your desk and they've fucking got away it, again.

Now I've sent correspondence to CIB3, CPS, The Metropolitan Police, The High Court Of Justice and Jack Straw, and have had no response or acknowledgments. I've now sent one to my local MP, in an attempt to get what I have to say heard. The CIB3 have just fucked me by saying I'm still under investigations and all my letters to everybody gets sent to them even though it's them I'm taking to court? That cant be right. So they know my every move as well as my plan and what evidence I have in advance, and are able, armed with this information to stop all attempts to expose a major conspiracy to have me silenced and disposed of, permanently. Can you help me at all or at least explain to me how they can completely ignore me and get away with what they've done to me? I know my new way of life is getting right under their skin and I can understand it. I'd feel the same if my plan had backfired, as theirs did in a big, big way. Anyway, sorry to rabble on a bit, I get right on one talking about it all. Please, please, please have a look at my case for me and just tell me what the fuck I can do about it, or am I just fucked, and that's it. Coz I cant get my head round it at all. I also think it would be a little eye opener for you too. Please let me know you received this and if you can help at all. I'll be ya best mate for the rest of ya life.


Dave Courtney OBE


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