To Drew's Social Worker

Dave Courtney,
Camelot Castle,
Chestnut Rise,
London. SE18 1RL


Hello Steve,

I'm sorry to have to say I can now involve you in this nasty little vindictive method that
have enabled the CIB and murder squad to hide under your umbrella of secrecy around
children with your full consent to enable them to bug my house and illegally obtain a
filmed interview with a 12yr old girl, by separating her from all parental company and
guidance and let the way the questions were asked and manipulate a child to give them
the excuse they need to completely violate my privacy, by what they got a child to say.

I don't know yet if you are aware that my house phone has had an illegal tap on it for
some time, and they chose to allow my daughter to have regular contact with the
paedophile by phone, and had prior knowledge of arranged meetings they had, but said
fuck all so they could continue to listen to me. That's sick. And after refusing to sign the
form to say I want publicity for Mr. Ennis and Mr. North, they managed to get a worded
appeal and photo put in the Sun with the use of an anonymous phone call surprise,
surprise and I know you must of seen it and some how condone the evil spiteful way
they were allowed to use Drews' disappearance as an excuse to completely crucify me
with words. I've never seen an article printed with as many insults in such a small space
and obviously done to cause me as many life-threatening problems as possible. The
article didn't even say she was black and there was no mention of her height or weight,
they didn't even include a photo of heri But there was a photo of me, fuck knows why
but it also called me an alleged grass in the same piece. That's a fucking naughty way to
get your problems sorted out, weather in the hope someone will do it for them or it was
them putting the excuse in place for them to do it themselves and with the help of a
moody phone call, just blame it on the underworld as another assassination of an
informant. Whatever one it was, it was fucking obvious to everyone who saw it, what it
was obviously meant to do to me. You have completely betrayed the position you are in
by assisting to cause us as much embarrassment, pain, upset and vulnerability as
possible. You have done very well indeed in every department. I know that you are not
real and are the wrong man for that job.

To knowingly allow such misconduct to take place with a 12yr old and every other
department involved with this case. Just to have you ego touched up, being led to
believe you were helping in a top-level investigation. You Fool.

Jen told them that she was 90% sure of the place where Drew was staying at night, they
chose not to even bother to visit that place for 2 days. Just so they could walk in and out
of every room in my house at will, pretending to be looking for clues that may lead to
Drews' whereabouts. What bollox. And why the murder unit? How could they tell Drew
exactly where she had been and for how long she had been at each particular place, the
whole time she'd been away? Why can't we be told, who was asking questions, and who
else was asking questions. And for what reason did the outside team get involved, and
their reasons for it to be kept secret?

When Mr. Innis and Mr. North were told not to allow the meeting to go ahead without the
Parental guide in the room, the solicitor himself ora child psychologist and was assured
it would not happen. But very suspiciously it did happen didn't it, and you must have
turned a blind eye or condoned it all happening. Ill be honest with you, my wife half fell
for your falsely pretending to understand what we were trying to explain to you. I told
you personally it was a man or a boy, I also told the police this, and both chose not to
address the problem in the proper way. For some strange reason. But it did help the
murder squad no end. You agreed and on Drew being placed under the Child Protection
Unit placing Drew under protection whilst at the foster mothers house. Not one
department had or requested for a medical to be done on Drew. Why?

And we had both explained to you that now she had had the smack, and didn't give a
fuck, she still had to get out to her fella at 2 in the morning. I was in trouble and thought
that maybe the police finding her and causing her some kind of embarrassment, and
even said that we'd prefer to even stick her somewhere not very nice as a last desperate
bid to put some kind of law and order, or even if it was fear. Something in her head that
made her listen to her parents when we told her how dangerous it could be if she ran
away and how lucky she was to have a home and a family like she has. And if being put
somewhere not nice and far away would drum it home to her that that's what we would
do. But we're in trouble right now, coz love is strong and she can't hear us talking to her
at all. And everyone and everything can go fuck it's self coz I'm doing and going where I
want and with who I want. Your answer to our plea is to take such liberties with her
rights, or lack of em as a 12yr old, was have her put with a foster parents. Who's house
is only 3 miles from ours and who has no control in disciplining Drew, or is not allowed
to stop her going out whenever or with whoever she wants. That is not what you said
was an option. And it didn't work because she went back to the boy with in a week
because she's been seen half a dozen times. The same as she did from Claire's house
straight to the boy again.

My wife also told you about what had been going on and I had not been told about him
coming in our house while we slept. How he went aggressive on Jen late one night after
she threatened to bring the police round if she came there again because he was too
old. And how Jen had caught Drew at 3.30 in the morning talking to with him on the
phone and she took the phone off Drew and told him to stop or she I'd be told and that
would be that for him. I asked for you to help us take the honey pot away for a bit and
the bees will stop coming. I explained why I haven't gone looking for him, coz what do I
do when I've found him?

And the other lot told me not to go looking for her in case I find her. But they had
another motive for not wanting me to help look for her. They didn't want to find her yet
until they finished doing whatever they wanted to put into place. They knew where she
was all the fucking time and who with by the taps. The journalists know me very well;
they've been writing about me for 20 odd years and are often up my house. And they
have warned me that something is very strange about the way the story came out, and
only in the first print and took off the website after only a day and a half. They told me
exactly where from and by whom the story was sent. And that lying prick told me it was
an anonymous call.

So if he's lied once, why should I believe anything the prick say's? I have now got to put
up with that pair of tossers showing off all round Greenwich station what they got up to
and how. And that's not right.

I get to hear all about the wannabe CID officers, CIS or the murder squad lot, from an
unbelievably reliable source. So I am not suggesting it's true, I'm just telling you I get to
hear it weather I want to or not. And at a push I'd find someone in there to if I set out to.
This I'll prove to ya somehow, just to let you know I'm not spinning you a line. But as for
you sir I always thought you were a completely cowardly shell of a man. And the
uncontrollable trembling you suffered sitting in the same room as me was so pathetic,
how can a man as weak as you even try to understand any of the child's problem? Even
the minors take the piss out of you and that tells me a lot. Your staff laugh at you as
joke, and I ended up getting it as my councillor in my problem. That should tell me
something. But I was hoping you would prove them all wrong for purely selfish reasons.
But you lived up to exactly what they said you would be. I'm absolutely gutted.

As you will be featuring in our complaint as best supporting act, I don't think it is right
that you should be dealing with the case. With a case that has an accusation of gross
misconduct in it against you personally. How can you justify being the one who deals
with it? That surely cannot be the right and legal way fir this to be dealt with. We don't
mind someone below whatever rank you claim to be. Just someone who wants to do the
job properly and not get in other peoples vendettas because he's frightened to rock the
fucking boat.

So as soon as possible can you get the name and telephone number of the member of
staff I'll be dealing with. And if you are still trying to get brownie points by giving all
correspondence from us to them under the old intelligence gathering bollox your
obviously not going to want to help me expose how blatantly the authorities can just do
and say what they want to anybody and disguise it all in Red Tape so that no-one gets
the blame. That is exactly what I am taking the CIB3 to court for on a 10 million pound
claim againt them of attempted murder, which l cant lose and they know I can't lose it
as well. They have completely ignored my correspondence since day one, and now I'm
gonna sort out some bits of press for this little lot. I can and I will make it public so that
it can't happen so often to the people without it being recognised for what it is. A code
of secrecy about the use of all the different HMP and government departments when
they all conspire together to completely destroy a business or an organisation or just in
our case. A person or family and you sir will continue to use the immense powers you
have to punish people painfully and legally because you're told to. You don't even know
the time why you done it. You fake.

Now I don't know yet how many times you abused your position to assist the other
parties in this case of manipulation and embarrassingly easy life threatening situation
for me. And a completely uncaring unlawful use of my child's situation to infiltrate and
infect my home for a vindictive personal reason with no thought of the welfare of the
child whatsoever.



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