To Steve Cusworth, Social Services from Dave's solicitor
regarding the interviewing of Drew after she was found


14th May 2002 

Mr. Steve Cusworth 
Greenwich Social Services 
50 Wellington Street, 
London. SE18 6PY

By Fax: 020-8921-3180

Dear Sir, 
Re; Mr. and Mrs. Courtney - Drew Courtney

We write to advise you that we act on behalf of the above named, the parents of Drew.

We were instructed on Friday 3rd May 2002. The writer contacted DI Innis of Greenwich Police and also DC Roger North.

On Saturday 4th May 2002 the writer spoke with DI Innis who indicated that Drew was to be interviewed at some time in the future by way of a memorandum interview. The writer wished to be present. Furthermore, our clients had arranged for a child psychologist to be present when their daughter was to be interviewed. The writer was not provided with any details as to when the interview was to take place, nor were we given the opportunity to be present. We were also surprised to note that neither our clients, nor your department, were appraised of the position.

Despite several attempts to speak with DI Innis or DCI Alien no telephone calls were returned. We spoke with DI Innis on Tuesday 7th May 2002 to be advised that the interview had taken place with the appropriate adult appointed being the foster parent. We were further advised that the Police enquiries were at an end.

Could you please explain why Social Services have not taken an active role in this enquiry having regard to the concerns expressed by our clients, in particular Mrs. Courtney. Our clients are firmly of the opinion that their telephone lines are the subject of an investigation and believe that their calls are being monitored. 
Furthermore, they firmly believe, following information being provided by our clients, that the Police have been made aware as to their daughter's whereabouts and more importantly with whom she was associated. Our clients have not been advised as to whether that matter has been investigated and we would ask you to confirm whether such investigation has taken place.

Following the interview we understand Drew was returned to the foster parents. Our clients have been advised that the foster parents had been given instructions not to prevent Drew from leaving the property and/or from associating with any particular person or persons. Having regard to our clients concerns for their daughter and in particular the suspicion that she is having a relationship with an older man we find this somewhat surprising. Our clients daughter, as you are well aware, is 12 years old. We have recently been informed that Drew has left the foster parents home and has not returned. Our clients again believe that she is associating with this older man. As their daughter is under your care and control they hold Social Services responsible for her welfare during this period.

Our clients demand that a thorough investigation is undertaken as to Drew's whereabouts and more importantly whether any criminal offences are being committed against their daughter. Please confirm that such an investigation and/or enquiry will be undertaken and more importantly that Drew will be medically examined for these purposes.

We await your reply by return. 
Yours faithfully,




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