To the Police

Hello chaps,

I don't really know where to start with this one coz I've got so much to tell ya. I couldn't
believe the cheek off your lot, phoning my house last week, the day after the T.V program went out on
ITV. Seeing as you aint bothered to answer any of my letters or requests since I tried to start court
proceedings against you. I know you can't take the risk of me exposing to the public what I know and
can also prove how high up and wide spread the corruption goes in the police force and legal system.
The bits you chose to keep quiet about and refused to give back to Mr. McGir, is just a tiny bit of the
jigsaw. We've got lots and lots more to tell the world about. And it was only a matter of time before
you decided to shut me up for good. And just like the predictable people you are, you've now re-
started preparing your defences, and have begun creating suspects and motives for the actions you
intend to commit yourself.

If I was gonna get shot by the underworld (for want of a better word), for being a grass as you
thought I would do, it would have happened already while I was awaiting trial. But I'm afraid to say
nobody fell for it, apart from that silly little cunt Frankie Fraser. I bet you couldn't believe your luck
with that one, to be honest nor could I. But you missed your chance by waiting too long to see if
someone else would do the job for ya. Learn by this, always strike as soon as your , comes
in to play??

The not guilty at court, followed by the channel 5 documentary, meant all your plans to turn the
publics opinion against me had backfired. Big Time!! And when I got all the unused evidence of the
internal investigations, that you had in your possession prior to the trial, proving what I had said to
you all along was in fact the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you were in shit street.
Which is why you decided to clam up and work out what to do next. You disguised this by saying you
had reason to keep me under investigation, enabling you to use any number of excuses provided to
you, so as not to explain your actions. I'm even getting the run-a-round by the High Court of Justice
and the CAB now, who just happen to be in the same building as each other, and are in regular contact
with you, informing you of my every move, even though you refuse to acknowledge me yourselves. But
you didn't know there were 2 TV crews following me at the time, did ya? And this one, I am told, came
as a bit of a shock. The attempt to pull the program, because if shown it would endanger Austin
Warne's' life was a bit strong, seeing as that's exactly what was done to me, using the same methods,
i.e. the power of the media.

I am fully aware he has been a major player for you in gathering intelligence for you, whilst posing as
a normal prisoner, under a different name, and your promises of first time parole, in return for his
spying duties were tragically foiled when the documentary had exposed his identity. (The ugly cunt)
As you can imagine, that upset me no end, I couldn't sleep for almost 5mins. And the red herring you
threw out, saying he was going to get a larger sentence didn't fool anybody either.

I contacted the reporter and asked if he could elaborate on the story or verify it, but he refused to send
me any reply as did yourselves. Jack Straw and anybody else I wrote to regarding the very suspicious
circumstances surrounding this case.

I even went through the proper channels to contact Austin Warnes to find out if this was true, and if
so, would he consider standing as my witness. And explain to the court exactly what his part of the
deal was, which would enable him to get bail, on such a serious charge, ensuring a much lighter
sentence than was expected. With first time parole he would be back out in eighteen months to help
you launch another attack on me somehow, once again under your cloak of protection.

I had a very good idea what you intended to do on his release, but you cant wait for that now can ya. I
also know that one backlash of the last documentary is that a lot of informants are now very jumpy,
one in particular, and don't feel too good about your promise of anonymity, and who can blame 'um

I also know about your attempts to try to stop any positive publicity concerning me, and my close
friends pay dearly for being my friend, coz you orchestrate a very bumpy ride for them in everyday life.
Both Customs and the Tax people are your very good allies for you, and I have got the pleasure of both
of um having me under investigation. But I'll live with that. Just letting you know, I know!!
In future you Do not ring my fucking house

Do what you've got to do to me, but Do not come to my front door unless you intend to arrest me, cos
I'll do the same to you as I did that other little maggot Warnes. Do you hear me cunt? Good. My
solicitor will pass all messages on to me from you, as he did with your request for me not to contact
Kim James. Thank you. So you now have no right or reason for that matter to be pestering me on my
doorstep, I've told you the consequences.

Your technically on bail anyway, aint ya?

Just like when you used my solicitors as a drop off point, when you were giving my gear back, (minus a
few items), which I might add also pissed me off, as the property was taken from my home prior to the
trial, and following my acquittal, should have been speedily returned to my home. But you didn't for
some strange reason!!

You had to act quickly after that bit of TV, coz the publics opinion on you lot weren't left looking too
good, was it?

You know I fucking meant it when I said I I'm gonna fucking hurt ya. I'm also aware of the fact that
you know that I can. I've got all the ammo to give your lot a public humiliation lesson you'll never be
able to forget. In fact it's already started, what I've got planned for you, and it can only get stronger
and stronger for me, so you have no other option but to shut me up for good. And so would fucking I.
In order to justify saying to the papers the next morning after my death that it was an underworld
killing of an informant, you then had to re-start the impression that you we're trying to help me by
warning me that my life was in danger, when in fact it was the complete opposite. I know the pure
panic that was caused by the showing of the program, and just how high up it went. I am truly
honoured to be made feel so important and I thank you. But as you well know that showing the
program as honest as they did, (with-out you doctoring it), not only did it completely clear me of the
accusation, it also boosted my profile and popularity to panic stations back at the yard. Didn't it? Sorry
I cant 'elp it. 'Ever been 'ad eh?

If you remember rightly as I said to you when you first nicked me not to try and fuck with me that
way, didn't I? I also said not to bring me within punching distance of Warnes, and you wouldn't listen
would ya. Oh no! You know what ya doing. You've got all the help you need to enable you to get away
with it. As you always do. Not this fucking time. For you I'll be the one waiting round the corner that's
better than you. I promise.

I was spoken to by a man representing someone who was very similar to me in many ways and like
me, actually had a Soapbox to shout from. He made his money out of exposing the cracks in the wall of
authorities involving the law of the land. And the similarities were pointed out to me as well as the
outcome of what happened to him. I've obviously made it very clear to people what would have to be
done to me if I carried on. When, or if it happens, I can truly go laughing coz I'll be proved right in
everything I've said, I know it would be the start of a very hard time indeed for the bad guy's in the
force. Doesn't that sound so gallant?

In short, I'll 'av kept my promise to you and me, and hurt you like I said I would for trying to get me

I have been publicly predicting your every move, as well as the out-come of the trial and I've been
100% correct so far.

I'm good aint I? I've also given you some indication of my feelings on my web site lately, being as you
monitor it daily, aint that fucking good as well?

You know I'd love to be there listening to you explaining this letter to people, you on die other hand
most probably still have that privilege.

I'm pleased to know you've seen the video, now that's fucking funny aint it? Come on... Be honest. I
hope the cardboard cutout made you laugh. I've only got 357 left.

If you need a few for target practice, ask Ralph Haeemes to contact me and I'll send half a dozen down
for ya. Honestly I will don't be too shy to ask coz I really don't mind at all.

I do send ya the odd card when I'm away, I hope you aint lost them as well" They'll be worth a fortune
one day.

Something to tell ya grandchildren.

Jenny says hello and she hopes you all have a lovely Christmas. You severely scarred her a lot more
than me, long term, and I'll always, always hate you for that one you cunts. Our house tapes and fraser
are your only victory and that bridge we will cross when we come to it. And you be rest assured I've
got a pretty good answer for it all. The old roller is on it's last legs, and so am I, I reckon!! Ha! Ha! But
I don't mind too much coz I've made fucking sure they're gonna fucking remember me for a fucking lot
longer than they're gonna remember any of you. A fucking lot longer!

You'll also live long enough to see all my people around me financially benefit greatly from your
actions and I mean Greatly, so thanks very much. And I know one day you'll read all my letters again.
I'll guarantee you will and say what a clever little boy he turned out to be. Ha! Ha!

I think everyone, but my Jenny would agree with that.

So it's goodnight from him and goodnight from me.

"Stick to the rules"

Dave Courtney OBE



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