To CIB before arrest

Dave Courtney 
My house
Tuesday 6th October 1998

Dear Sir,

I would like very much to talk to someone appropriate to help me with a very large problem I have with the police at the moment time. I did not think it would be necessary to put pen to paper and actually explain to you what I'm doing now, because with the amount of surveillance I'm under I'm sure you must know what I am up to.

The reason I can go on TV and write articles about crime is because I don't do any crimes anymore. I'm not a fool and would not want you to look at me if I was up to anything, would I? I know you all think that I am rubbing your face in it and tempting fate, but I'm just using this bit of information to earn a few quid and keep out of prison. When I had a pub the police came to my house, threatened me and shut the pub. When I hire clubs for a rave they tell the owner to get me out or they will lose their licence. They have told the club owners to get rid of every doorman that worked for me or they will get aggravated. They contacted a record company and told them not to help me or the label will be tarred with the same brush. I made a record and Scotland Yard felt it necessary to go on the news and say, "Don't buy it because it's promoting crime". It was for charity anyway. I've had the armed response unit hold me and my kids at gunpoint twice in two weeks, my wife tried to make a complaint to the Police at plumstead but they weren't interested. I have lots of people that leave my house being stopped and searched and questioned about me. Even M15 have talked to people about me and Kenny Noye and I don't even know him.

It's getting worse than ever now because I'm trying to do a bit of writing for a magazine called front and It's just been put in Tuesday 6th October's issue of the independent that I'm a wanted criminal. For what reason I have no idea. The gangster thing is just an image. The guns and dusters are just part of it. Please don't you fall for it all as well? It seems to me that the police are trying very hard to not let me get on and earn a living doing anything at all, by whatever methods you think fit. I might have kept the colourful friends but I'm doing nothing at all. Things happen, like when I got six month driving ban for speeding when I wasn't even driving and I produced the real driver and eight witnesses. I feel a real victim so I really need to talk to someone in charge and to explain what I'm doing and stop you thinking the worst, before someone get's the right hump with me. I'm going to ask my solicitor to start proceedings to prosecute the Independent for libel as well.

Could you please forward this letter to the necessary parties? Your answer would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Courtney. 



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