Good morning,

As you must know I've finished a trial at the old bailey, and was found not guilty. I'm still left believing that I have been a victim, in what I would say, was a combined effort between the CIB and the CPS to have me killed. Why am I telling you about it is because if you can't give me a fucking good excuse as to why I was put in the firing line for something which I know you have more than enough evidence to prove I had absolutely fuck all to do with.
What I am saying is that you had to be in on the whole thing, at least from the time you had the papers, tapes, videos and statements as well as all the evidence that the prosecution chose not to use. I also know why they didn't want Mr Sumer, to give evidence on my behalf, concerning Austin Warnes corrupt behaviour.
It was purely to stop any embarrassment for the CPS, because of what he intended to drag up.
Please give me some kind of explanation, as the pure blatancy of all that has been allowed to be done to me, as this is what's making me very impatient for some answers.
They have chosen to take the word of a man, which no parties involved in the courtroom was in any dispute, is a compulsive liar, that I am an informant, because it suits them to, and the appalling way in which my witnesses were bullied into not giving evidence, with the threat of arrest if they chose to do so. How is it that 12 independent members of the jury were not allowed to see, for some reason, had it all year and couldn't see this. I truly believe that you have stepped well over the mark in trying to help the boys in CIB with their little plan. This I can and will prove, unless of course, you give me a decent explanation as to how you can justify your decisions in my case.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Have a nice day.

Dave Courtney O.B.E. 



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