To CID before arrest

Mr Petrowski
Plumstead Police Station
The High Street

My girlfriend came and spoke to you about the problem we're having at the moment with the police, and you advised us to keep telling you when it happens. The latest incident involves the licensing officer that spoke to the manager of Dexters nightclub on Thamesmead. I would appreciate a reply to this and the name of the officer involved so I can continue with this further. He said to the club manager that if Dave Courtney has anything to do with the club at all, they wouldn't get the licence. That is what is happening to me everywhere, and I'm sure these tactics aren't really supposed to be going on. I also have a taxi driver who is willing to be interviewed, and he will tell you how he dropped me off and was immediately approached by two plain cloths police and asked what I was talking about and where he picked me up from, and who I dropped off first. Sort it out for me please.

Dave Courtney 


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