To Police


As you would have noticed by the now, a writ was endorsed with my plan of action, i.e. knowingly concerned in the attempted murder of myself. By knowingly instituting legal proceedings against me, when there was no possibility what so fucking ever of those proceedings succeeding. The whole purpose for which these proceedings were brought was an attempt to use the criminal justice system by indicating me, so that you could call me an informer in court, knowing it to be untrue but with the hope that someone will put a bullet in me as a result of your false allegations. It is my contention that the purpose of the proceedings was not in good faith whatsoever, nor with real objective of getting justice, but was only done to manipulate my death and that's fucking why I bring these proceedings against you.

In a letter from the CPS they were very helpful indeed pointed out to me the two stages in which a decision to prosecute is made. The first is the evidential test, where the CPS must be satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction. The CPS must consider objectively whether the evidence is reliable and can be used. It is considered that (Realistic prospect of conviction) means that a jury, properly directed according to law, is more likely than not to convict the defendant of the alleged charges. Although it took longer for the rest of the people on trial to get verdicts. I have on numerous video tapes and radio interviews, the complete jury explaining that it took just six minutes to find me not guilty - and that including taking their coats off and pulling their chairs out! So after considering the evidence against me, which was presented over a period of six weeks, it took just one minute per week to come to their decision.

This suggest to me that the jury felt there was nothing to consider and if the prosecutor had thought about the case with the interests of justice in mind and the code for prosecuting offences, the CPS would not have brought these spurious and unfounded allegations against me. However, if the intention of the CPS was to set the stage for my assassination, then I can see the logic behind their actions. I now truly worry about how long it's going to be before some one decides to give the order-knowing that The Underworld would get the blame. I would like to reiterate all that I mentioned in my document entitled "Mr Jack Straw, Disclosure Bundle", to be accurate and represents the truth as I tender my particulars of claim.

I know I've got you bang to rights on this one AND I WILL NOT GO AWAY.

Dave Courtney OBE. 


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