Note passed to Judge at Old Bailey during trial


After Mr Ian Tucker gave evidence on my behalf yesterday and it became apparent that he would not be subsequently arrested for admitting that Mr Warnes had helped him - As I had been arrested and as other people had been threatened with arrest- I would now like to present every single person that the prosecution say I informed on, in order that they can refute these allegations. I do need to stop this accusation and producing every single one of them would prolong my life.

Dave's intention here was to clearly demonstrate to the court and to the public at large that the allegations being made by Police regarding himself being a registered informant were untrue and that it was he who had been the one milking information from the Police to the benefit of his friends for years. I believe the trial Judge's reply to this was "No", it would be quite unnecessary, meaning that the Judge believed Dave and disbelieved the Police allegation and, perhaps, believed that their testimony would damage the Police in the public eye. It is this, amongst many other things, that Dave is alluding to when he states that he got a "Not Guilty" to the "grass" allegations.


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