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20th JANUARY 2003

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Hello you lot .....

What have you been up to then? Nothing too naughty, I hope.

Today, I've decided to share a couple of pages of the last Virgin Books Catalogue with you, and very proud to be with Virgin I am too. My first book, Stop The Ride, has now done well over two hundred thousand and Virgin are still reprinting it, thank fuck. Now go on the the second page of the catalogue. At the bottom, underneath the Mad Frank efforts (50,000 and 20,000???) you find the Gang Slang book by James Morton, which is a really fucking good book. I've met the Right Honourable Mr. James Morton and a very nice feller he is and all. A very clever and learned fucker about the real crime scene in the Old Days, as they say. But, being only 43, I weren't in 'em. Mr. Morton has met and got close to more Premier Division criminals from the past and present than any other author or journalist I know. Which I think gives him the right to say he is an authority in the crime scene in general. If you've bought and read all my books then I'd highly recommend James' Gang Slang - but make sure you leave yourself enough coinage to buy my next book!


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