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29th JANUARY 2003

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Dave goes a-hunting

Q: What do you get if you cross Dave with a pair of plus fours, a Barbour wax jacket, hunter wellingtons, and a Beretta over-and-under shotgun?

A: Plenty of very nervous pheasants!

Indeed, every pheasant, partridge and woodcock in Kent asked the local poultry council if they could relocate to Sussex when they heard on the cropvine that Dave had been invited down for a days shooting!

Dave is a very good clay pigeon shot, but he’d never shot live game before. However, anyone that plays pool one handed (Dave does so better than most play with two) is bound to be a quick learner.

Sure enough, on the second drive of the day, Dave got his first bird - a beautiful high and right cock pheasant. True to form, the bird plummeted from the sky, landing just inches from Dave’s feet. Coolly, he reloaded his Beretta, looked up and said "I know the birds like me, but that’s just ridiculous!"

There was no holding Dave back now, he went on to get another two pheasant and, on the last drive of the day, shot a very high and fast partridge, prompting even the most seasoned shots to nod their heads in approval. One of them shouted " We thought you’d not shot before, Mr. Courtney?" Quick as a flash Dave replied " Peckam’s a dangerous place you know!"

The day ended with a glorious meal and plenty of beer in the local pub. Predictably, Dave soon had everyone in stitches, like only he can. Then it was back to Camelot Castle where Jen, thinking we were coming back via Tescos, got a real shock when we turned up with a pheasant under each arm for supper!

A big thank you goes to all the staff at the Deering Arms in Pluckley, where we had a gorgeous meal on the Wednesday night before the shoot. Also, a big thanks to all the beaters and staff on the shoot itself who laid on a great day with a final bag of well over 100 birds.

And last but by no means least, a HUGE thanks to Neil and Sally Chalmers for making the day possible.

Dave and Hamish prepare to take out of some unsuspecting birds.

This article is by Hamish, who has written Dave’s latest film script – " Get Courtney". Keep your eyes peeled on the site for its progress.


*******Apologies for no photos of the day – flashes scare the birds you know!!*******



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