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7th FEBRUARY 2003

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"Allo you"

Well, here's an up-to-date report on my accident, as promised.

To put it bluntly, I won't be running any more marathons. My left ankle is severely damaged; my left knee is very weak, but might heal; my pelvis is fixing - but slowly. I broke my coccyx and two vertebrae and my spine has been put out of alignment and permanently damaged and has contributed to a limp when I walk that is very painful and I'm still using a walking stick.

My ribs ain't too bad and will mend but I'm back under the hospital for my lungs that haven't returned to normal use.

The operations I had on my stomach (in which they take your complete fucking stomach out so they can go in from the opposite side and mend your spine and coccyx, which I lost a bit off) has left me feeling very fucking odd and restricted in movement.

 It's proper fucked me up to be honest.

But I'll live - much to the disgust of a few people.


PS Please don't think  think I'm looking for sympathy. I AM gonna be alright!



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