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Allo People,

Sorry I ain't had the manners to of found the time to talk to u all personally on the site for a long time, but I've been goin thru it a bit lately with me personal life and been fuck-off busy wiv work and still tryin to mend after me accident.

The reason I've felt it necessary to talk to u today is that Jenny and me are no longer together, all my own doin, I'm afraid to say.   Since my accident it's been very hard for her and our relationship suffered badly. It's no secret I'm no longer the man I was, but don't panic I'm on the mend I promise. I've been havin all sorts of tests and good injections in my foot and I'm havin another operation done when I come back from Jamaica in June.  I'm told that should do it, the rest of me is mendin ok, very slowly, but ok.

Anyway its unimportant which actual straw broke the camel's back, but I bent the straw on her back daily, and although u can see all the mistakes very clearly after u have made em, it's too fuckin late ain't it? So bein sorry don't actually mean jack shit.

Hell have no fury like a woman scorned, as my old nan used to say. How fuckin true is that one ha ha ha, and at the moment she's very scorned after our last very physical encounter (if you know what I mean).

I think you always still love your ex-partners in a strange kinda way, but once the lust has left a relationship you might as well leave with it and she has left.  I wish her nothin but good luck, and truly have no doubts at all she will be very happy and successful in whatever relationship or career she goes into next, I'm honestly saying she's one in 10 million and anyone who's lucky enough to know her will tell you that as well, and I will miss her very very deeply as the time goes on, I know I lost a good one there, gutted really but there u go.

The flip side of that is I'm now single again and u know what that means don't ya. I will be interviewin, doin the medicals and havin the trials for the next set of applicants for the position startin next week, so get some lube ...

Finishin on a serious note I really, really try to learn to be computer literate, and get into it more for ya, its a fuckin hard one too, like this letter  was, as u could imagine the hurt and embarrassment of the whole thing for both of us is not very nice and to have to let the whole world know about yer private life is not always easy, but I'm afraid I'm in that bracket of people that do have to.  What a bollock-ache that is sometimes aint it?

Be lucky

Dave Courtney OBE



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