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Hamish Chalmers has laboured for two years, writing a superb script for Dave's next film project. The film will be called "Get Courtney" and promises to be a block-buster. I've read the script, but I'm afraid that I'm sworn to secrecy about the plot. My lips are sealed for the moment, but this page will feature stories and news on the progress of the film as it happens.



"It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money...that is all. When you pay too little you may sometimes lose everything, as the thing you bought is incapable of doing the things it was bought to do." - John Ruskin c.1840

London: A group of the UK's most influential people want Dave Courtney taken out. Unable to kill him themselves, they hire the services of the Getters, the world's most expensive and lethally effective hitmen. The greatly reduced price they secure for the Getters' services makes them believe they have a bargain, a bargain that initiates a bizarre chain of events.

Los Angeles: Stan Greenburg, Hollywood's most celebrated Special Effects Director, is making a film starring Dave Courtney, Europe's most celebrated gangster. Bored with making films in the Special Effects department, Stan is determind to make a real film, with real characters - they don't come any more real than Dave Courtney.

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam: Remco Husk is going about his unsavoury existence. A loner, with an obsession for money, a psychometric test score of 666 and a penchant for drugs, prostitutes and beating up old sushi chefs. Remco is a man with some serious issues. 

"Crime only pays if you can avoid the retribution. The trouble is that the retribution has as long as it needs to think and get angry"

Hamish M.B Chalmers c.2003


Jay WheddonDave will be acting in a new $11.5m film called "Lipstick, Powder and Paint", being made by writer, director and actor Jay Wheddon.

Jay, who I met up with at the Cannes Film Festival this week, said "Filming is due to start at Pinewood and in London on 23rd August 2003 and is expected to take ten weeks."

The film will have a star studded cast and I will be putting up a full page about it's progress, just as soon as I have more information.


North East writer/Director Mike McCarthy has written a screenplay Tarantino wishes he was making. Mike`s movie is based on a little touched sport, but suprisingly is the second biggest audience participated in the UK, Greyhound racing. Mike scoured the acting fraternity to play the lead role of Gordy Metcalfe. Mike by chance saw Dave Courtney on Sky television and the decision was made. Get Courtney. It was no easy task, but arrangements where made and Mike was invited down to present and sell the part to Dave.

After a delightful stay at Camelot Castle, Mike says he was made very welcome by Dave and a firm friendship has now flourished.

Dave loves the part and was sold immediately, Dave was surprised to meet someone who was as funny as him, shares the same vision and direction on how a film should look.

The film will be made by North East productions Ltd and is slated for Spring/Summer of 2004.

There is already a buzz in the North East about the movie and some of the scenes and characters in the movie will leave people gobsmacked, definitely a cult film in the making.

Mike says he hopes Dave's part will elevate Dave to his goal of Hollywood conquest, the lucky few who have seen the script agree. The opening scenes are something to remember.

And that is just the beginning of the movie.

Dave's said he found Mike to be "a friendly and a funny man." About the script, he said: "As soon as I started reading it I knew Mike had a winner on his hands and I got a mega hard-on when Mike said that he wanted me to play the lead, Gordy Metcalf. I like to think that I'm a very funny man and the script is hilareous. Everyone who reads it just cracks up. You just know that he's got the right man for the job and I can't wait till shooting starts."

Lights, camera, action . . . Posh stars in new `Brit' flick

Published: 30/06/2004 (Greyhound News) PETER MELDRUM

EUROPE's richest greyhound race is set to take place at Peterborough's Fengate Stadium. However, trainers and owners will not find this six-bend contest listed in any NGRC Calendar as it is the dramatic final scenes of a new feature film, Six Bend Trap, already being dubbed a `cult classic', with the final scenes set to be shot at Peterborough Stadium.

Billed as a cross between The Full Monty and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, the gritty drama stars former East End gangster Dave Courtney and Neil Fitzmaurice from Channel 4 sit-com Phoenix Nights. There are also roles for former world super middleweight champion Nigel Benn and glamour models Jo Guest and Jodie Marsh.

"Filming is scheduled at the stadium over a week in August," said the film's creator and writer Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy whose television credits include Boys From The Blackstuff and Spender added: "The film is a darkly humorous, gritty drama, but it is not a gangster film and the integrity of greyhound racing is not compromised.

"The film's plot centres on a ruthless, rich businessman, who will be played by Dave Courtney, who owns the best greyhound in the country. An ex-trainer sets a trap for three young men from a poor estate in North East England, who go on to train a dog which takes on the businessman's greyhound in a match-race at the Peterborough final. And the final is run over Fengate's six bends - hence the film's title."

Peterborough racing and general operations manager Con Baker said: "Peterborough Stadium had been approached some time ago about an involvement in the film and we were happy to proceed having been given assurances that it was the intention of the producers not to compromise the integrity of the sport.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for Peterborough - especially in the light of what has been achieved at this stadium over the last few years - to show itself off and `Six Bend Trap' might be just the vehicle to deliver it, and our sport, to a much wider audience."

Website: Six Bend Trap


“The Dealer” is a short comedy gangster film by Tony Royden. Running time of 24 minutes.

“The Dealer” tells the story of hard-core villain Danny ‘The Dealer’ Dempsey who awakes one morning, in his heavily secured home, to find a letter resting on his pillow. The Dealer is totally bewildered by how it got there, as there are no signs of an intruder or a break-in.

The mystery of who the letter is from - and what it contains - is something The Dealer will not share, even with his closest friends or his very dear sister Sally.

The Dealer, normally a clear lateral thinker, is suddenly behaving totally out of character, and so begins the strangest 24 hours anyone has ever witnessed from him. A crazy day unfolds in which he succeeds in ruining his sister’s wedding, disrespecting other gangland leaders, and turning his hand to gambling on ludicrous bets. Slowly but surely, The Dealer is dangerously offending and taunting everyone around him. 

Could The Dealer be on the brink of self-destruction, or will he somehow succeed in saving his own skin at the final hour - while revealing to all the secrets of the letter that has clearly been dictating his bizarre behaviour?

© Tony Royden 2003


Dave Courtney  -  Danny "The Dealer"Dempsey
Craig Charles  -  Scott Flowers
Dave Legeno  -  Bolt
John Thomson  -  Bat
Sonya Roseman  -  Sally Dempsey
Ricky Grover  -  Donald Kelly
Piers Hernu  -  John Stanton
Steven Drew  -  Quinton Virani
Robert Jezek  -  Minister
Pat Murray  -  Professor Pringle
Mickey Goldtooth  -  Scotts henchman
Tony Bowden  -  Scotts henchman



Dave plays head doorman Trevor in this brand new film that started shooting at the beginning of November 2003.

Rewind is the first feature film to take you inside the world of British underground urban music. Mahalia is a young DJ starting out in a small club in East London and on pirate radio. Her Mum wants her to get a proper job and disapproves of her dodgy boyfriend, Daniel. Mahalia has always written songs and is inspired by her absent jazz saxophonist Dad, who communicates with her only via music, but she hasn't got round to recording any of them, being too busy with her party lifestyle. She fell out with her best friend, Verity, when they were teenagers, and now Verity is trying to make contact. Then something awful happens that makes Mahalia question everything - who are her friends? What does she want from life? How far is she prepared to go to get it? - and on the way to finding the answers to her questions, she meets Lance, a smooth and sexy sound engineer, and her life gets even more complicated...

Rewind is not just a story about the underground scene, it comes from the scene - PSG, Kele Le Roc and Leanne Pearce (aka DJ Precious) have been involved in the project almost from the beginning, as have many others (including Dave of course), both in front of and behind the camera.

Rewind is also a fresh urban soundtrack album featuring totally new tracks by Kele Le Roc, So Solid Crew, Sweet P, PSG, Leanne Pearce (aka DJ Precious), Lonyo, Nesha and other top London acts.



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