g41   Quick Thinking Dave
g42   Hello Officer
g43   Thanks Lads!
g44   Dave & Friends
g45   Dave & The Boys
g46   Dave & Nigel Benn
g47   Dave & Friends
g48   Dave & Bill Murray
g49   Dave & Friends
g50   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g51   Dave & Friends
g52   Dave & Friends
g53   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g54   Dave
g55   Dave Lecturing at Oxford
g56   Dave & Daniella Westbrook
g57   Dave & Joe Bugner
g58   Dave & Joe Bugner
g59   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g60   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g61   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g62   On Set of 'Hell To Pay'
g63   Ronnie Biggs
g64   Dave & Jen
g65   Dave
g66   Dave, Jen & Nigel Benn
g67   Dave on his Bike
g68   Dave & Jen
g69   Dave Outside his House
g70   Dave on Stage
g71   Dave & Jen
g72   Dave
g73   Dave at Book Signing
g74   Dave at Book Signing
g75   Dave & Bike
g76   Dave
g77   Dave on Stage
g78   Dave on Stage
g79   Lights, Camera, Action!
g80   Dave at Rovers Return

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