Dave Courtney's first film project is a gangster blast and has now premiered at Paul Stone's Casino Rooms, Rochester, to great acclaim. In fact, it was so successful that Dave has decided to take the film out on tour to clubs around the country before going out on general release.

Several hundred people had queued right around the block for the chance of seeing Dave's first film. They sat, eyes riveted to the screen throughout the premiere, not even daring to make a quick trip to the empty bar, lest they miss a minute of the film. They laughed, gasped and applauded throughout and it received a standing ovation when the final credits rolled. I reckon they liked it!

I spoke with many of the people in the audience afterwards and absolutely everyone was impressed with the film. Comments included:

"I never realised Dave was such a good actor. When they see this in America they'll all want him."

"That was the dog's bollocks, mate. Can't wait to see it again. When can I buy it on DVD?"

"If you see that Shane Ritchie tell him he's definitely got a rival. Dave's a real star."

"Touch of genius to use real people instead of actors. It made the whole thing a lot more believable than Lock Stock or Snatch."

Dave was beaming with pride afterwards. He has never had any doubt in his own mind that the film would be a success, but he was obviously well pleased with just how well it was received as people queued to congratulate him after the lights came up.

It will eventually be available on DVD and VHS.

The film stars Dave Courtney, Billy Murray (The Bill), Sall Farmiloe, Jo Guest, Nick Bateman, Martin Handcock (Coronation Street), Michael Biggs, Gary Bushell, Nigel Benn and Goldie. But professional actors are in the minority in this film. As Dave says, well, listen to him yourself by clicking on the following link:

Dave Speaks 

Besides a cast of literally hundreds (and I do mean hundreds!), you'll see a whole host of faces playing themselves: Nigel Benn, Charlie Breaker, Ian Freeman, Tony Lambrianou, Marcus Redwood, Johnny McGee, Mark Morrison, Joey Pyle, Joey Pyle Snr., Roy Shaw, Lou Szule and Steve Whale.

Hell To Pay is set to be the cult film of the decade.

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