Once upon a time the Jack Straw Disclosure Bundle used to be on this website. At some time last year it seems to have been removed. Dave wrote this to the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw in December 2000, just after his "Not Guilty" verdict in the Warnes case (DC Austin Warnes got 4 years for fitting up an innocent mother after going Guilty at the last minute). Dave copied it to the Prime Minister, CIB3, every fuckin one but no one ever replied or did anything about it. It's a very important document as you will see. Some people will find it an education, some will see it as a vindication of their own thoughts on how certain sections of the police force operate. Whatever direction you approach it from, it's a real eye opener and its well worth the time to read the whole thing. You may never look at the police force in the same way again!

I've now turned the scans of the 22 pages into text so, for the first time ever, you can read the whole thing without waiting hours for the individual pages to download.

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Now I know this is going to be a long one, but before I start this letter I have to let you know in detail. What came out. What was learnt, and what strokes were pulled, in the court case I've just been put through. First of all I would like to explain the informant bit. As you know certain people have help from certain corrupt policemen, this is all made possible by the "Fake Informant Relationship". The police computer is an Aladdin's cave of priceless information and knowledge. But the problem is how does your bent copper justify using his personal number to enter the computer and retrieve all the required information without alerting suspicion? Easy! If you are down as an informant he can help with "My informant Mr. ? thinks he can help with" - Whatever case you need to know about, and you give me all the information you have on it," and bingo, out it comes. The beauty of this is that you dont actually grass anyone up at all, because you are flagged to that certain policeman, if you are being investigated by any other officer, they would actually contact that officer for help with their enquires, he would then give you advance warning of who was looking at you, where from and why, he can actually specify what premises the surveillance equipment are in, what department the officers were from and the registration of any cars that would be following you, absolutely invaluable information, such as the few times 1 have actually been grassed up myself by very close people, and have been able to completely turn that one around. Now what I am saying is that CIB3 knew exactly what my relationship was with Austin and that he knew he had never given me anything to do for him at all. All of these illegal activities still went on regularly even though I was trying very hard to keep away from him myself, he constantly pestered me to register with him, but I thought I'd found a better one but he reported me to CIB3 for trying to bribe him. If you were ever spotted with your bent copper he can easily justify it by using the informer thing. Now the cloak of secrecy surrounding the informant for his or her protection is the same cloak of

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secrecy that they use to avoid getting captured for all their illegal activities. It works as a perfect cover for everything, if they slip off for a crafty shag, for a few hours, they just put it down on the sheet as went to see an informant, expenses sheets and every fucking thing they can get. If they want to have a night out and still get paid for it, as well as providing an excuse for her in doors, they need to just put down they went to see thcir informant, even if they just want a bit of poxy overtime, they just put it on a poxy docket. They dont have to explain who because it is a big secret. The big earner for them is because they can just go in to the bottomless pit of money and take case lump sums to pay their informer, who then signs for it in a moody name in front of the coppers and tucks off with the cash, half an hour later they meet to split the cash 50/50. This is done by all the anonymous calls that came in. There is no informant at all. If the information leads to arrests and convictions the copper just writes out some fake informant sheets saying the information was obtained by him, exactly the same as Wames did in my case, getting it out of the informant. He then just puts it down to a couple of fake informants he is already using or just gets a new one to turn up and sign on the dotted line, Mickey Mouse and off walks Mickey with a bag ofuntaxed, unreported cash. If someone was awaiting trial and a had few months left before court, he could be registered and attributed success cases so that if and when a prison sentence was imposed on him, the fact that he had helped in the other cases will always secure a smaller sentence or a walk out. Another perk for the policeman using the informant system is the ability to rehouse acquaintances, mistresses and anyone else that wants to pay. They also get the information obtained by the bent officer in the car after the arrest on the way to the station, before it is all taped, you know, is there anything you want to tell me about anyone, I might be able to help you out a bit if you do, that old chestnut- They also have a network of other bent coppers up and down the country that help each other in many different ways. Such as if they are in the position to know of a pending arrest on someone and have the information on the person and his crime. They just ring it through to another bent one in the station miles away and they get another one of the fake informants to come in with the info.

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Another good earner using the fake informant system is the massive amounts the press pay out for information given to them for advanced warnings of things about to happen and for information on very sensitive cases that they dont want getting out, all of these the bent policeman can do, but he needs a middle man to talk to the reporter and collect the money, even if it is Mickey mouse, so do the press, so they use the fake informant. Now I have been very aware and instrumental in providing a large number of bent old bill that directly and indirectly came from Austin Warrens and his immediate circle of close friends, with people to use in these ways. Obviously they cant be seen running round looking for them can they? So because I'm constantly surrounded by millions of people that are always looking for a way to earn a quick buck, with no risk. Its easier for me and my pals to get the people they need for their scams. I know this isn't attractive to listen to but you have got to hear the lot, and then you may begin to understand my actions and growing concern on my welfare.
You may consider that what I'm doing now is informing on someone but I feel that having been in the position to have leamt all their dirty tricks it is my duty to let everyone out there know of them, and I now make my money touring the country doing 'Audience withs' where I spend all evening telling everyone exactly what happens, I also know that the authorities are well aware of this.

It was beneficial for me and mine to being around this fake informant scam in many ways, and because I knew everything that went on, just like the police pretend to be somebody else to get into a group of people just to obtain information for their own gains, I did the same, and they didn't like it and don't want to reveal how easy it is to get into them or how widespread it is. Personally, nor would I.

And because of my complete contempt for these individuals and my new celebrity status, and the contents of my shows, they began to realise I knew far far far too much and was now a very serious threat. They had to pretend to like me and vice versa. It was then I became aware of them trying to set me up, and knowing how good at it they were, I tried

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to scare them off by revealing little things in the paper, letting them know that I could if wanted to, do a lot of damage to them as well. I put in many complaints to the police and Sir Paul Condon, about the harassment I was getting, such as things constantly being confiscated from me and friends constantly being quizzed leaving my home. I was now aware that the help 1 was receiving from Austin Wames was definitely gone, and had been replaced with what seemed like a new zest to catch Dave Courtney at anything. But it had become very awkward because he is now an asset to allot of my friends, this being the main reason that I decided to renew the association with Wames as I did when he came to me in a panic and explained why he needed to show his superiors what the relationship was between me and him. He said they suspected him of being on the take and that he was bang in trouble and could I help him out of'a spot of bother, he was obviously in blind panic and took advantage of the situation he was apparently in and got him to agree tu do something, which would guarantee he would no longer be a threat to me and cover myself in case the whole thing was a trap, by him and the other lot to entrap me into something that they intended to use against me. I was wrong, but was only the fact that I was aware of their tactics that I thought that I actually done it for my own reasons. I did not accept any reward or accept any favours, I did not want to be part of their scam, whatever it was. I felt I was keeping open a door that everyone [ know can benefit from when in trouble, and if the shit ever hit the fan it was purely on my head alone. Because I've been involved for some time, thetas how I got to know the unsavoury uses they have for some of the people they use. I am pleased to say that I have not, to my knowledge, ever supplied anyone for these dirty deeds, but it has helped explain to me how they actually avoid being caught fitting people up, and how they foot judges, juries, colleagues and worst of all the general public. They use informants as fake witnesses, and pay them out of the informants funds, by just attributing a conviction down to them, and with the help of a couple of fake informant sheets, it's not even so much as queried.

Now personally the use 1 found most disturbing they have for informants is when in a jury, if their policeman knows any of the officers involved in the

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case, he will inform them he has someone on the jury if they need him, just to guarantee another guilty vote, once again they would pay him from the informants fund. They would also be used as a pick-up man in the drugs bust where they leave behind 5kilos of the I Okilos of cocaine, and by the time they get to the station and charge the man with 5kilos, no-one in the world would jump up and say, "No, there was 10", do they? Austin would always make sure that the fake informants were registered to other bent officers, but would continue to help them by feeding them information that was already known by the police, but would make your reliability look good. Like the way he put my friends kidnapping and robbery charge down to me giving him the information, which was in court, proved to be another fake informant sheet. They also use them when they want to catch someone out on the phone they are bugging in an investigation, and at a designated time they ring the number and leave a very damaging message on the answer phone, cos they had prior knowledge that no-one would be in at the time, and 2 or 3 done over the next week or two, when played to the jury in court, would have the desired effect, and no matter how loud he shouts, "I don't know who that is, or what the fuck they're talking about", it all adds weight to the prosecutions case of finding 5kilos of cocaine in the shed, which he also said he knew nothing about, and is even more shocked to find out that a registered informant will be paid if he gets convicted. (Are you getting the picture yet Jack?), or are you already fully aware of this activity going on? Because someone like myself has got a soap box to shout from, the CIB must be aware that I might spill the beans at any time, which is why they knowingly lured me into a crime that they knew they could make dangerously embarrassing for me, by pretending to believe Austin's explanation, but knowing the exact opposite to be true. They could produce evidence I was an informant with the knowledge it was all fake. With Austin going guilty I was unable to question him or prove him a liar. So not only was it a very good damage limitation exercise, in the fact that it stopped me exposing and embarrassing the police force with another major police corruption case, it also ensured my death. They know I aint gonna run away and it would be such sweet revenge for them to actually

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get me shot for being a 'grass'. Now I know thetas a big accusation, but seeing as I know they knew the whole truth, not only did they fail to enlighten the jury of that fact, but they also seriously embellished on the truth, with claims that I was actually tasked with things to do as an informant.

And references to the length of time I was associated with Austin Wames, the mis-placed letters I had sent to the CIB3 letting them know that I knew exactly what they were up to. But not imagining ail this at the time and for purely my own safety reasons, after talking it over with my lady and some friends, I decided to help Austin, and the safe-guards 1 took was that my lady takes a photo of him talking into a Dictaphone sitting beside me and saying that I am not an informant at all, and that I was just helping him out of a spot of bother with his boss as to why he associated with me and I didn't have any success rate on my informants list. No convictions were expected out of this, it was just a visual show to his boss that he was in control, and because the people were supposedly fictitious, it didn't matter that 1 had forgotten most of the facts when I saw his boss. i just made the rest up, I never knew even knew the girl ever existed. That and the fact that they are never checked up on, he could just say it came to nothing. But he could still enter the computer on the strength of your signature. But the twist in the tail in this little scenario for me was, what I didn't know was that he'd helped set someone up for drugs about a month previous, and it had all gone wrong. He had without my knowledge, put me down as the informant he had used, and was now being pressured to produce that informant- and that was the panic 1 saw when he came to me. [ was looking for something completely different. It never entered my head that the people were real, and that was the scam. I had absolutely fuck all to do with it and had never heard of James, his wife or Reece, and the crime had already happened weeks before I was manipulated into the situation. As the judges stated, "the conspiracy was already complete before I was brought into it. They changed the date of the arrest and left it open until they could get me, then started pressurizing Austin to produce his informant, knowing he didn't have one, and that it had been Reece, who on tape had given him the information. Also in the knowledge that to cover

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himself, Austin had put in fake informant sheets with my name on them, so they got Austin to deliberately bring me into the trap, that they had planned to eventually get me killed. All had gone according to plan until I produced the Dictaphone tape and photograph. With that and his statement they had no reason to continue taking me to court, and would lose an excellent opportunity to get rid of at best a 'Thorn in their side'. Also the evidence that the CIB had accumulated to convict Warnes and Reece if made public, would be very damaging indeed for the entire police force, and where the Met and CIB fail to communicate, when it was made public, it was a bit late for someone to be told it would be too much bad publicity, just to convict one corrupt policeman. Because Reese was also involved heavily in paying corrupt officers for information he could then sell on to newspapers. The CIB were fully aware of this, which is why they had been bugging his office for three years. What they had learnt on tape they definitely didn't want the public to know. Also by now, they had done all their investigating and realised that everything 1 had told them was the truth. Now this was when the normally very independent CIB3 and the Met combined forces and came up with their, 'Lets get Dave Courtney shot' plan, which I must admit, made me look at things a bit different. At first knowing I'd explained completely to the CIB3 exactly who was the handler and who was the informer in this relationship and told them that if they looked they would find all the facts they needed to catch their bent copper they were after and completely prove my innocence, I'd also in my ignorance expected them to make public what they had found out. How wrong I was. Instead, what happened was a friend of mine came and showed me some of the informant dockets concerning Kim James and lan Tucker that had apparently 'leaked out' onto the street. Now in my world if someone was to accuse anyone of being a 'grass', they would say, "show me die paperwork"' and if they did show the paperwork that would normally be a death certificate for the person involved, and he would also be the last person to know of it's existence. And unless you knew the way in which the police work, you would believe it to be true, but it is a very old, yet effective method the police use for a

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number of different reasons. It is the easiest thing in the world for them to do just fill out an informant sheet, saying anything they want, about anyone they want, in order to orchestrate death and unrest in the group of people they were concentrating on. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to have them brought to me. I met and informed C1B3 of their existence and demanded an explanation. I was offered the witness protection programme and told that they didn't know how they had got out. I should have known by then what their ultimate goal was, but I didn't as yet. Austin was still lying through his teeth trying to say this was the very first thing he had done illegal concerning me. The CIB chose to publicly believe him, but secretly they knew the truth. It's like saying, that if you stole 5 from your dads wallet every Friday night when he came home from the pub for the last 15yrs, on the night you got caught, would you say, I've been doing it every Friday night for the last 15yrs, or that it was the first and only time you'd ever done it? EXACTLY.

My solicitor questioned why they were still intending to put me through a very high profile trial that they I would be found not guilty in. The explanation was that in case Austin was going to try to say not guilty like his CO-defendants, they needed my tape I had of him confessing all, as a part of their evidence. And as it was my evidence against him. So they kept me charged just to make sure the tape was played in court, and as soon as the judge heard the tape, I'd be found not guilty and they could then use the tape to crucify him, and they expected me to be happy about this. To put it mildly, I wasn't, and tried to make what they were doing to me very public, which is what made them try to stop me getting bail. I had learnt from an experience a few years ago whilst on remand at Belmarsh, of another little ploy they use. They dont mind nicking you for things that they know you're going to get not guilty for, if they can nick a year off you being on remand. This was actually said to me personally by my arresting officer, that, seeing with you've got away with in the past Courtney, you cant moan at us nicking a year off you! In my case they received one of those anonymous phonecalls saying that I was going to make an attempt to escape, just like Kenny Noyse anonymus one, (more shit), and i was promptly whisked off to the maximum security unit at

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Belmarsh, and nobody gets bail from there, reason being, you and the judge are surrounded by machine gun toting policemen while you are pleading your innocence. And once you had been in the unit, you would do your remand, if ever arrested again, at the unit. And knowing that little trick I was ready when they tried it again. The press had printed that I was an informant and the fake dockets were out on the street, and if they could lock me up for a year or put me on a witness protection programme, it would be very hard for me to protest my innocence, as it is for Mr. Noye. They put me on fifty grand bail, but I had to leave it (in cash), in their hands the whole time, and they definitely didn't expect me to produce this. I said in a letter to the chief of police and my MP, that 1 didn't agree with what they were doing to me but I understood why they were doing it, as a ploy to ensure the tape be played in court. What I couldn't understand was that if I didn't produce fifty grand, they were going to lock me up for a year knowing I had fuck all to do with it, if you could please would you explain it to me? I also feel that I am singled out and persecuted for things that anyone else in the court room can say in their evidence to provide the truth. To be perfectly honest, I am fully expecting a very serious reprisal for exposing their cover for all of their dishonest behaviour, the same as what happened to the so called informant in the Noye case, when he was suspiciously murdered before he could tell anyone about the fake informant scam. I know the CIB must be seen to hunt down corrupt policemen, and there must be some to warrant the 2 thousand odd staff they have, but it is unrealistic to believe that the police can police the police, because what people fail to realise is that when the CIB officer is interviewing a policeman , is that they are both masters in the art of giving and taking statements and interviews, and would very professionally do a damage limitation statement or know exactly what to say to render it useless as evidence in court and exactly what to say to make it the most damning bit of evidence that anyone had ever seen. It's very easy, it's their job. Although the CIB and the Met are not exactly bosom buddies, but as law enforcers they will always stick together if a civilian is involved, and as the civilian in this case, I can verify that to be true. Because it seems to

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be an unwritten rule to not interfere too much with the fake informant scam, as it plays a considerably easier to justify certain evidence in court. Every single person in the world learns how to cut corners and make their job easier in their chosen profession and if they can make an extra few quid as well, all the better. And I'm afraid, policemen are no better, and just on vehicle checks alone they cam a fortune. If you had a knock in your car and for insurance purposes you could say to anyone of your friends, sign mat and say you witnessed it, you wont have to go to court, 80% of them would, and the police do the same. I have not changed one word of my original explanation of the whole matter from the very first day, and after thoroughly investigating it all and knowing it all to be true, when I gave them some names of friends of mine that had also received benefits from being able to enter the police computer and didn't mind coming to court to admit this and explain exactly what and when they received help, while being interviewed they were cautioned that if they did admit receiving help gained from the police computer, they would be re-charged for the original crime. They even got into the maximum security unit in Belmarsh to interview a man who could verify using Austin's help, by gaining entry into the police computer for information on a number of occasions, using my name, but was also given the same caution that he would be re-arrested and charged, so at first it was difficult for me to convince these people to come forward. But after lan Tucker in the witness box, asked the judge if he'd be arrested if he told the truth on how many times he had used Austin's help, and it was just Austin's cover to get into the computer, (exactly what I had said in the first place), everybody on the list of people that was read to me in court, agreed to come in and give evidence, now knowing that no charges would be brought for doing so. My QC under my instruction then asked if I may bring to court as a witness for me the list of people that they had said I'd actually informed on, but was refused because it had no bearing on the case and it was not a real informant at all, as printed in the press. After Tucker and my lady Jennifer had been in the box and severely damaged their claims that I was actually a real informant, my witnesses were then cut from 18 to 7, because their plan was starting to back fire. They

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continued to press on to hopelessly try to justify my actually being in the Old Bailey at all. It was plainly obvious to see that if I honestly thought that I was going to be a part of the plot to put 2 innocent women in prison by planting drugs on them so that the estranged husband could win a custody battle over the child, which all sounds too unbelievable to actually be true, but it was, I would have gone further than the end of my road to meet him and 1 doubt very much if I would have brought my wife along to witness this proud event and photograph it while I was tapeing it, would I? But that is exactly what I did, and the rest of the case is common knowledge, as reported in the papers. But for some reason no reports were printed on the fact that I had in fact taped him saying that I was not an informant or that I had asked to bring to court as my witnesses everyone they said I'd informed on, or the fact that they had actually tried to take my bail away 4 times during the case, or the fact that seeing as they had had every word spoken in my home for the last 4yrs, they knew that I had left that life behind, and deliberately dragged me back into it any way they could. It was obviously more beneficial for them to allow it to be said that I was an informant. Everything I am explaining to you is all on record and will be easily accessible to you. I am aware that by sending you all this information on the court case and their tactics, the CIB3 will be busily cleaning up their act and so will the Met, hopefully well before the investigation gets underway, but I dont mind because I'm not using any other documents than the ones used in the original trials findings and as this case proves the fact that it appears to be an official police document does not necessarily mean that that it's contents are genuine. I also know that it is only human that when you are admitting something that you are obviously in the wrong for and will be punished in some way, you don't needlessly admit to things that would cause more problems if you don't feel they have to come out. Austin applied this tactic in his statement, the CIB used this tactic when giving their evidence and I used this tactic when explaining to the CIB about the uses of Austin, because it would have meant me giving my friends names as part of my events without asking them, which is in fact exactly what I had said to them on tape. "If getting

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myself out of trouble here means putting someone else in it without his knowledge, then I am afraid I am not prepared to do that". This was also said in open court, but for some strange reason never made the papers either. Far from being embarrassed of my original police interview, I actually had copies run off and delivered to the people I considered, had the right to be shown the proof immediately and not have to wait to read it in the press a year later. And thank god I did, considering what had been printed. It is far from uncommon for a man in my position at the time to have inside help from corrupt policemen, and over the years, what has turned out to be the biggest bonus to all my friends, is to actually know what dirty tricks they can play in securing fake evidence in a case. What has got to be the easiest and most common is the simple anonymous phonecall, one of these can and does cause immense changes in events in whatever case it is used, such as the one to the prison saying you are going attempt to escape whilst on remand, ensures that when you are actually at trial, both you and the judge will be surrounded by armed officers, and all the jury members will have armed guards sleeping in their homes, how are they honestly expected to maintain an unbiased opinion of the man in the dock? The anonymous phonecall to a juror while the trial is in progress is always a good one. The anonymous phone call to the police station saying they have seen drugs entering the premises, the warrant is served on the premises before the caller even gets into the station, and in the following raid finds 5kilos of cocaine. As one of the polices' educational tips are Divide & Conquer, which I must say is so true, they use it all the time, with gangs of men as well as husbands and wives and we all know how important it is to be solid with your allies and more so your wife, so while on bail the odd phone call now and then from a woman to the mans home deliberately causing suspicion and purposely destroying the relationship for their own gain, only to then approach the wife to become an informant. Also, if anyone is under surveillance they know all the secrets that are kept away from the wife and before the eventual arrest, the anonymous phone call has enlightened her on his other woman, ensuring a break down in the relationship before they eventually arrest him at the spot of their own

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choice, normally being at the other womans or mans home as the case may be. Or the anonymous call to a wife whose husband has been served an injunction and on a taped conversation a strange man threatens her life again, it's, "Go to jail and forget the 200. Or the anonymous phone call to a gang member informing him of the fact that one of his colleagues is an informant letting him know a fact that only he (and an investigating police officer) would know, if you can catch my drift! And I know of many many more, but wont bore you with them.

When I first informed C1B that there were fake dockets on the street, which I thought were coming from Austin, who to my complete and utter amassment had been granted bail, They assured me that his home was bugged and that it most certainly wasn't him, and when I asked if my home too was bugged, they took the fifth and couldn't say one way or the other, which didn't suprise me, as i already knew that i was under heavy surveillence and had been for some time now, which was claryfied in court, i had been under surveillence for many years. I suppose I'll have to live with that, but i always thought it was illegal to listen to a man preparing his case, which is why you have legal visits in prison and was exactly what i was doing in my own home. And after showing me a video in court of my house on the morning i met Austin, they would find it very difficult to deny they were doing it. i then leamt weeks after down to someones big mouth, while out drinking on a boat, that he had a tape of me explaining to my wife exactly what i was going to say in my defence and after learning it off by heart, was completely distraught when he heard that i was not getting in the dock, but he consoled himself in the knowledge that i would soon be shut up for good. i had decided to let everyone else explain their own facts, this accusation i cannot prove (yet) because legal men stick together the same as naughty men do, but i need to let him know that i knew, and that little plan didn't work and nor will this one. i actually do believe that in trying to do what they done to me, that they have shot themselves in the foot because if i was now a real informant out there, looking at this case, i would not feel too safe with my handlers assurance that my identity and information i had

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given them, would not be made public knowledge, and must also be very worried about what has been put on their informant sheets and about who. And now that i have enlightened you on exactly how the fake informant is used to steal tax payers money amongst other things. It seems far more important for the authorities to make sure that crime is not glamorised and try to brainwash the public into thinking that because you do something naughty as a job that you must be a horrible evil human being and always will be. They will go to great lengths and much expsence to drum this fact home at every given opportunity, but I'm afraid they are very wrong. They would even refuse 1 million pound donated to Help a London child, from the sale of a record made by the icons in the crime world, rather than have everybody say that they are nice fellas and its a work of art, the way they cause unrest and ill feeling in a camp with the seed planting and useing the criminal grape vine to send out their own messages for whatever reason they want, and the grapevine is the most deadliest thing in the whole world as we all well know. Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. And they know how and when to say certain things in certain company to cause complete chaos and unrest. They will fuel that fire because it is so much harder to get into and destroy a firm of chaps, if they are all quite comfortable in the fact that they can trust each other completely, than it is if they are all running around fighting and accusing each other. And they do this with the power of the media and the press. And with that power they manipulate and orchestrate things to happen, that in normal circumstances wouldn't have happened at all. And in using this method and relying on the general publics imagination as it is, it appears they had no involvment in it at all. And also relying on the fact that the average criminal only thinks of tommorrow and the police think long term, and sometimes their goal is not to put you in prison at all, but to let you run and run because you are an endless source of information about criminal activities, by unknowingly revealing all in everyday conversation to someone that is in fact a police

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informant that has been tasked to befriend them for a period of 5yrs or more, that they all inevitably get shafted. i am also fully aware that lately what has been looked upon as clever policing, is nothing more than learning a suspects everyday movements, and purely inventing a crime, and with a little help from someone or something, just wait for the right time to arrest him in his most embarassing position and know that in investigating the crime his lifestyle will look very suspect, and inevitably secure a conviction. As simple as just putting one of his dog ends at the scene of a crime, and with DNA evidence against him, even his own solicitor would advice him to go guilty. Now i am not saying at all that every CIB and police officers use these tactics, but obviously as the police force grows in size every year, common sense will tell you that it would be impossible to keep the same standards as you can with a smaller unit. Instead of combatting this by making the examination and the physical requirements harder and bigger to get into the police force, they have in fact made changes in both these requirements, by considerably lowering the standard so now you can be arrested by a retarded midget, (what the fuck is that about?)
I'm very lucky that lots of people knew what i had done to get information, but if it hadn't been tor the fact their plan may have worked, with the amount of time and effort put into it. They did not expect, me to have a TV crew following me before the arrest, during the trial and after i got not guilty.... And me cockily predicting exactly what was going to happen, well it was easy. i was told that they were very concerned over what was happening and fully intended to stop it whatever way they could, and they did for a complete year. The week my book came out i could have no press at all because i was on bail. If only the public were allowed to see his bank statement, then i think they would know who was the informer and who was the handler. As for the CPS and the CIB trying to say they didn't know i was going to get not guilty, and the CPS also thought there was a good case against me. Why did they then, when arresting me for not being a grass, but for actually doing exactly what i

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said i did with him, did they ask me to come back and sign on in February at the nick ifi was going to go to prison in November? i am also aware that since the Russian invasion of very hi-tec surveillance gear they only need a warrant if they intend to use the surveillance tapes as evidence in court. But to just listen to whatever is being said on your phone and in your home for a year and then nick you when they hear it's the right time to hit you, and then putting it down as good police work, and an informant told them it all and he wants X amount of pounds. (Ha Ha), i could go on and on, infact i fucking have aint i? Sorry Jack. But i want you to know just what they all got up to with me and why they did it to me. And just in case i happen to be the one telling the truth, which with not a lot of effort you find out, you'll of course inderstand my feeling of urgency when i ask you to investigate what i am telling you. By publicly saying I'm a real informer, they give themselves the cover to do to me whatever they want, and it would look as if the criminal fraternity had done it. It's not the newest of tricks in the book, but as i said before, it works, and your safe in the knowledge that the public wouldn't believe a word of it, it is all far too JAMES BONDish for them to comprehend. But i know different and I'm sure you do sir, but to put me and my family in such a vulnerable position, and that is exactly what they have done, is evil in anybodys eyes. And just in case it was meant to stop me talking about it to anybody, I'll make sure i let someone know and that someone is you. Mr. Jack Straw, i have every faith that you will investigate everyone of my claims of dishonest conduct by all parties involved, who we are expected to look up to as the law enforcers in this country. Do the right thing and "Sort it out", investigate what i am saying and not brush it under the carpet, and ask these policemen to produce their informants, and be questioned on justification of their financial payouts and their regularity, and seeing as the police and handlers promise the informants a complete blanket of secrecyof their identity, it should be no problem at all to produce these people. So in light of what i have just told you, for you not to investigate it and make public the findings, only adds

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weight to my allegations that it is common knowledge and an accepted, although unspoken part of British policing, but from where i am standing, it is not actually asking for the help that is a crime, giving it away when you aint suppose to, might be. Surely the crime for someone like me was, if i knew a way to keep one of my friends out of prison, and i didn't use it, then that is the crime. Because it is common knowledge that i think this way, and in giving them the opportunity of using the actual people involved to stand up and give evidence for me and an awful lot of other reasons, that they all had a hand in orchestrating a situation that was meant to get me shot. Knowing that the judge had all this information in front of him for weeks, and allowed it to continue as well as helping out for future arrests with the odd hostile comment, makes me wonder. Which brings me nicely to the very big question mark that surrounds the decision the CPS made in allowing this case to go forward and including me with absolutly no evidence whatsoever, in order to validate my continuation on these charges, and leaves me no option but to believe they were all equally involved in this conspiracy. Because without the CPS' decision to give the go-ahead to continue with the charges against me and give the C1B3 their very public platform to orchestrate my assassination,, after investigating everything i had said and finding it all to be fact, this whole event could not have happened. Now please forgive me if i sometomes border on the edge of making it seem as if i am gloating, but after having the police want me for so many years and I've only ever answered their feeble attempts to rope me into things purely down to my name, with what i consider "jovial Banter". Like bringing the suviellence men beers, giving the front door key to the police station, fliers, posters and cheeky literature in the tabloids and the odd "not guilty" when i was. But now i feel that without any shadow of a doubt, they have tried to get me kilted, i have no option but to fight back and quickly make public what they are trying so hard to keep under cover, that they would completely mislead the public by using the powers of the press, which i know only too well, into believing i was a real informant. And to go to such lengths as to threaten potential witnesses including

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myself, that we would be arrested if we told the truth about Austins corrupt dealings Just to keep it under wraps, 'thank fuck Mr. Tucker called their bluff in admitting that he had received help from Austin, whilst in the dock, and on investigation, it was proved that he had- The robbery and kidnapping case that Austin had attributed that i had informed on. The authorities knew that it was always going to be hard for me to produce the witnesses to substantiate my claims, when they were under the impression that they would be arrested if they tried to help out in this case. By them proving that Tucker did actually recieve help but was not going to be charged for exposing them, it gave the green light for everyone else to come forward and tell the truth without the fear of being charged.While on the subject of witnesses, here is a list of witnesses both the judge and the prosecution ruled as being irrelevant to my case.

o The evidence from a doorman of a fetish club, tthat Austin had at one time frequented quite often, that he had boasted of a catalogue of goodies that he could obtain from the police stores, such as bullet proof vests, night sticks, pepper sprays and complete unoforms for both men and women, please tell me how that was ruled irrelevant to my case, where i was saying that he was a corrupt policeman, nearly everyone i know got their vests from Austin.

o A leading crime correspondent for a daily newspaper, who while undercover doing research for a crime book, witnessed Austin asking for more men to be informants for 2 of his friends, this was eight years ago.

o Also a journalist who had broke the Kenny Noye story and was prepared to say where he had got the information from. The newspaper man that i had appraoched and asked to help me try to expose Austin trying to sell me quantities of drugs with a colleague, and after alerting my solicitor that he'd tried to set me up, i was adviced to go to the newspapers, but was refused help. A reprasentative from Virgin publishing and from Front magazine, both whom have had phone calls from a man claiming to be a serving policeman, and was not happy with

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what was going to be done to me prior to my arrest. Also after the first week in court, i realised just how easy it is to portray a completely different outlook on something by bending the truth, and felt i had to do something drastic to prove i was not lying with my claims. So i rang and spoke to CIB3 and informed them of another corrupt officer who had come unstuck with a fit-up, and was looking for a fake informant to justify his actions, i also informed my QC, who in turn informed the prosecution and once again it was ruled irrelevant. The name and station of the officer along with the name of the defendant is attached for your perusal. Also a witness who was found to be not guilty in the trial concerning the leaked documents from the CPS containing the 20 top informants, (which i wasn't on by the way), explaining how Austin was very instrumental in this case as well. The police losing all records of my numerous complaints of harassment, the letters lost by QB and the refusal by the judge to allow the jury to see literature where i had exposed these corrupt officers before, in newspapers and magazines. But what i feel to be the biggest injustice of ail, was being refused to bring up as my witnesses, the people they said I'd informed on, which would have completly destroyed their ultimate goal. Also deemed irrelevant, was the passages from both my books, that were withdrawn by the Virgin publishing team, prior to them being published, that also exposed the corrupt ways in which the police operate. These books are on sale in any good bookshop @l6.99, Stop the ride i want to get off and Raving Lunacy (clubbed to death) Sorry, i couldn't help that little one. But i think you will be more interested in the book about the case, which will be exposing all everything I've asked you to investigate, it will be called, 'The wrong arm of the Law', how apt. When my witness Mr. Smith revealed that he had been paying Mr. Warnes 500 a week for advanced knowledge of any future raids on his unliscenced nightclub, and Austin had approached and had approached him to be a fake informant to make it easier for Austin to help him, they couldn't shut him up quick enough. Also the man they flew to New Zealand to find because of an accusation i made, that Austin had tried to

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bribe him into placing a package in the safe of my pub. The Albion, also turned up and said exactly that, he too had been appraoched and asked if he 'd be a fake informant, and was treated with a gift of a large wad of fake fifty pound notes. The final straw for them was when another business man also admitted to using Austins resources for any colleagues that were in need of his help.

The fact that Mr. McGirr explained in his evidence that the invaluable information he had recieved from austin had enabled him to expose another large police corruption case in Bexleyheath concerning false allegations and fraud' which is still being investigated. As a long term friend, had witnessed many of the corrupt goings on using the Take informant' system, and was in fact the witness that i spoke to on the morning that i met Austin, and to whom I'd fully explained my intentions to. He also witnessed the event from afar, due to my concerns as to what had made Austin so panic stricken. For whatever strange reason, the press failed to report any of these facts, but the jury had to sit there for almost 8wks, having the facts drummed into them, and on my aquittal, the complete jury took it upon themselves to come into the pub, opposite the Bailey, and explain to me that after the first 3 days, they knew i was nothing to do with this case whatsoever, and it wasn't until mid-way through that they had realised why they had brought me here. Not being one to miss an opportunity, i took full advantage of the fact that there was T.V cameras, photographers and journalists from all over, made sure that i got all their thoughts on the trial recorded, and a couple of photographs with the jury for good measure. You must already know the trouble I'm having, legally trying to publish these interviews and photos, 'their main question was that they had always thought that the police would rather drop all charges than produce an informant, and no-one had ever heard of a case where a man was being tried for being one. How lucky i felt to be so important. The fact that everyone had been mis lead, mis-informed and manipulated into a situation where they thought i was a real informant and not someone who had been lured into an evil

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trap, which is exactly what i truely felt had happened to me, and is the reason that i refused to get in the dock with any of the other defendants, especially Austin Warnes, who had helped in this plan, and also why i knocked him out 'on sight' in Bow St. magistrates court, and i wasn't suprised at all that he did not press any charges, because i still think he'd had a touch, considering what he was prepared to help instigate, have happen to me. Dont you? it's easy to see, if you think about it, why the embarassing factor helped to keep it such a big secret from the public. Obviously the informant can't tell everyone what he gets up to, to earn all his money, as the very word "Informant' sends shivers down peoples spines, he'd be far too embarased. The corrupt officer can't let it be known to anyone else, except another corrupt officer, because if caught, the embarasment to the police force would be immense, and when C1B investigated it and found how incredibly easy and widespread it was to gain entry to the police computer and relieve the Treasury of millions of pounds each year, they were too embarassed to reveal to the public, the full extent of this problem and decided to completely deny that any of these practices existed, and to make sure i can't broadcast these facts, they created the life threatening situation i faced after my aquittal, Maybe they thought that i would be too embarassed to admit what I'd got involved with, in order to have the edge for me and all my colleagues, but how wrong they were. This is once again, a prime example of why it is wrong for the police to investigate the police . Because an independent body would have seen straight through this from the start. What the CIB and Austin have conjured up for me in the near future i dread to think. To receive just 4yrs for his major part in this hideous crime, he must have agreed to help them an awful lot in something, perhaps he is already exposing more fake informants to ensure he gets his appeal granted speedily- For everybody that will suffer financially due to me exposing the scam, i truely believe that they will understand the situation i am in and they will either be more careful when operating a scam or find another way into it, but all good things must come to an end, and I'm completely

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confident, after speaking to my close friends who have lost this advantage they had, thet they will fmd an alternative route quite easily, because it is the actual authority that need this loophole to exist, more than we do. Now i am absolutely 100% positive, that if you investigate all these avenues of deceit within the police force and CTB, that i have enlightened you, in great detail, you will find that they are all in common use. As for the complete disregard for honesty and genuine justice that the CIB and the CPS have displayed during my court case, i have not yet made up my mind on what course of action i have open to me to take, but you can rest assured that under no circumstances will i allow this matter to be brushed under the carpet. They have forced me into a position where i have nothing to lose, after already tying to get me shot. I'm sure you will understand my need of a speedy reply to this disclosure.


Dave Courtney O.B.E


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