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3rd March 2011

As a result of commercial pressure from the main DVD outlets Six Bend Trap has been rebranded as "Thugs, Mugs & Dogs"


A dark, yet humorous gangster film full of northern grit, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS centres on ruthless businessman, Gordy Metcalf who owns the best greyhound in the country and is married to the lustiest and bustiest on either side of the Watford Gap!

Council estate lad Danny and his pals, find their lives endangered by the decade-long feud between Gordy and an ex-greyhound trainer. The hapless trio find themselves trapped between both sides, with all thoughts of escape futile. They can die tomorrow or stay alive for few more months, the latter being the lesser of two evils.

This is an intricate tale of collaboration between loyal friends and the dire consequences of planning their revenge against the Mr Big of dog racing. Like a game of high-stakes poker, the man with the most money should win but in this tale, the winner gets to keep his life! Set against the industrial back-drop of the North-East, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS is the most talked about northern crime film since the original GET CARTER.

With a heart-stopping culmination filmed at Europe's richest greyhound race at Peterborough's Fengate Stadium, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS features an all-star cast led by Dave Courtney (The Krays, Triads, Yardies & Onion Bhajees), Paul Usher (Brookside, The Bill), Cathy Barry (Diary of a Milf), Thomas Craig (Coronation Street) and Lisa Riley ( Emmerdale).

27th February 2011

High Rankin & Evolve Or Die VS Wizard Sleeve - Lockdown

23rd January 2011

4Digital Media will be releasing the British gangster film SIX BEND TRAP starring DAVE COURTNEY!

A dark, yet humorous gangster film full of northern grit, SIX BEND TRAP centres on ruthless businessman, Gordy Metcalf (ex-Underworld enforcer, Dave Courtney) who owns the best greyhound in the country and is married to the lustiest and bustiest wife (Cathy Barry) on either side of the Watford Gap!

Council estate lad Danny (Martin Owen) and his pals, find their lives endangered by the decade-long feud between Gordy and an ex-greyhound trainer. The hapless trio find themselves trapped between both sides, with all thoughts of escape futile. They can die tomorrow or stay alive for few more months, the latter being the lesser of two evils.

SIX BEND TRAP is an intricate tale of collaboration between loyal friends and the dire consequences of planning their revenge against the Mr Big of dog racing. Like a game of high-stakes poker, the man with the most money should win but in this tale the winner gets to keep his life! Set against the industrial back-drop of the North-East, SIX BEND TRAP is the most talked about northern crime film since the original GET CARTER.

With a heart-stopping culmination filmed at Europe's richest greyhound race at Peterborough's Fengate Stadium, SIX BEND TRAP features an all-star cast led by Dave Courtney (Hell To Pay, The Krays, Triads, Yardies & Onion Bhajees), Paul Usher (Brookside, The Bill), Cathy Barry (Diary of a Milf), Thomas Craig (Coronation Street) and Lisa Riley ( Emmerdale).

It’s the MUTT’S NUTS!

Directed by: Mike McCarthy
Written by: Mike McCarthy
Screenplay by: Mike McCarthy
Produced by: Geoff Stalker, David Kann

23rd December 2010

You'll find an interview with Dave in the January 2011 edition of Martial Arts Unlimited.



29th October 2010


by Tel Currie


Hi Folks,

It is with the deepest regret and extreme personal sadness, that I announce that Unlicensed Legend Cliff Field passed away today of heart failure.

Cliff (who Roy Shaw always refers to as ' The REAL GUV'NOR') knocked out Lenny Mclean twice and everyone one else put in front of him. He was the man nobody wanted to fight!

Cliff was originally a pro Heavyweight and fought for the British title. But it was the unlicensed ring, in the golden era, that Cliff really made his name as the greatest and most exciting unlicensed fighter we have seen so far!

Lenny Mclean was completely destroyed in two extremely one sided fights by Cliff (I don't think there's any shame in that!), but Cliff was a gentleman and Lenny, Roy, Johnny Waldron and all unlicensed fighters became firm friends and had total respect for the man and the fighter.

Cliff, unlike Roy, was not a villain. When he retired from the ring Cliff worked the doors (when Bouncers had to be something special and not just take an exam get a badge and rely on the police - like now.)

Cliff worked all the toughest doors. Then one night, a mob of cowards attacked Cliff with weapons and he lost an eye!

The saddest part is, while other unlicensed fighter were basking in the limelight of their fight day's and writing books (Most of them, are great works of fiction and gave credit to people who really were NOT anyone in reality, but the public who knew no better lapped it all up.)

The REAL "GUV'NOR" (The Guv'nor, was a title Cliff never had time for, he thought it a bit of a joke!) was forgotten, not mentioned by men like Mclean (For obvious reason's!) and was never guest of honour at unlicensed evenings, and even not believed by the public, when people wrote what he did to the man who called himself and his book ' The GUV'NOR' .... Nobody would have it!!

(This is how legends are born, by completely re-writing history! From Dick Turpin to the Kray's, Lenny, Gorman... And a couple I won't even credit by naming ... This is how the palatable to the public myth is born, because the public WANT it to be true.)

At last, a book about Cliff will be out very soon, with nothing but facts!

That's how the man was, he didn't need or want to re-write anything!

I'm extremely proud, that I can say that Cliff was a friend and Roy Shaw and I would see him often, a big thank you for this must go to 'Red' Menzies and Cliff's trainer Bill Cooper, also great men and great pals.

I know that I can speak for ALL OF US, when I tell you how sad this time is, and what a huge hole it has left in unlicensed history.

I remember when Roy Shaw was taken aback when Cliff asked Roy for a signed photo. It was the only photo in his room, right above his bed. Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw, signed the photo ' TO THE REAL GUV'NOR!' And that say's it all....


Special thanks and sympathy's to 'Red' Menzies and Bill Cooper! And if you want to know the TRUTH about the golden age of unlicensed for once, you MUST buy Cliff's book when it's released soon... Too late for the great man to FINALLY enjoy the credit, that was falsely given to others!


27th August 2010



Dave has just taken a call from Michael Biggs, Ronnie's son. The Home Office have told Ronnie Biggs that if he dares to make an appearance at the show in his honour in TWO days time they will revoke his licence and put him straight back inside HMP!


As you might imagine, everyone is fuming. The show has been in the planning for three months and was known about by all and sundry.


So why, you might ask, did the Home Office wait until the last minute to issue their ultimatum?


Well, it's obvious that it has maximum destructive impact on the show and reflects badly on the organisers. By waiting until all the tickets have sold they clearly want to cause a bit of bother in the minds of all those who have paid because they believed they would be able to pay their respects to Ronnie in person.


If ever you wanted proof of how manipulative and Machiavellian the Authorities are this is it!


I haven't heard from Ronnie yet, but he clearly cannot attend and risk his liberty. Roy Shaw, however, will be attending along with a whole host of "Faces."





Saturday 30th October 2010


The Harlequin Club, Blackwood


This is a ticket only event in aid of Help The Heroes


Doors open 7.00 pm and tickets are £10 each from 01443 830435






For ticket enquiries please either email Rachelle Stevenson or phone her on 07584 193126




Venue: The Studio Nightclub. 9 Orchard Street, Newport Bus Station, Isle of Wight.
To book/reserve tickets phone Daz on 07766 521110.
Accommodation details are also on this number.

2nd April 2010

An Audience With Dave Courtney OBE, will be held by Jonnie Legend at The Talk in Norwich on the 30th of May 2010. 8pm start but doors open at 7pm. Tickets prices are an amazing £10. Charity raffle for local children's charity and photo signing also available on the night.


Contact Jonnie for Tickets on 07766 688545

1st April 2010

Big shouts out from Dave to JD for literally saving his life, Alex Read (who we met at Cage Rage), Roze Thorn (the model we worked with and will be working with in the future), Buzz and Liz, Daz and missus from the Isle of Wight (who's gonna go far), Jerome, Michael Brown, Kelly, Adrian (Happy Birthday mate), Mark "The Beast" Epstein (who we also met up with at Cage Rage) and the biggest shout to Roger the Meat (he knows what for).

30th March 2010

I've just returned from a five day stay with Dave and Jen, so I'm obviously cream crackered, but you'll be able to read all about it here in the next couple of days ... well, as soon as I've caught up on my sleep!

20th March 2010


I get a lot of emails regarding films that Dave has starred in. None more than the 2003 Sarjit Bains film "Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees". I first watched this film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003 with Dave. Well, that's not quite true, as Dave was being held in a French jail after our car was ambushed in the town by a couple of dozen gendarmes, all pointing their guns at us! But that is another story entirely.


The BBC World Service reckoned that it was "the best British gangster film since Lock Stock" and I agreed at the time.


Well, it has taken seven years, but at last the film is being released on DVD. Dave plays "Mad Dave" head of the East London "Firm"


You can pre-order the film at Amazon by CLICKING HERE. I would love to know what you think of it and I'll put the best reviews on the TYaOB page.


17th March 2010

Some interesting letters from Dave and Jenny, requesting the return of goods taken by the police during the last raid on their house. Read more ...

16th March 2010

8th March 2010

This is an incredible hot-metal-cast collector's piece, based on Charlie Bronson's famous "Door" that has featured so much in his art and has been authorised in writing by Charlie himself. Charlie is 100% behind the project and a great admirer of the artist who created it. He has seen the piece and says he thinks it's "... absolutely amazing. Mark has captured my art like no one else and I'm very excited about it."

This is the first of a three piece set and is an absolute must for any serious Bronson supporter. Almost a whole kilogram of fine English Pewter goes into every one of the six inch high, numbered Limited Edition pieces which were designed, molded, cast and finished by the extraordinarily talented artist and master-caster Mark Williams.

Charlie has thousands of supporters up and down the United Kingdom and around the world, but only 131 pieces will be cast, with piece number 131 being reserved for Charlie himself. Quite a few have already gone!


Get yours now at www.freebronson.co.uk

6th March 2010

Dave is now half way through the next volume in his "Ride" autobiographical series. This will be the fourth in the series and will bring things right up to date with stories about the two recent gun court cases and his stint at HMP Belmarsh, courtesy of the Met. I'm afraid I'm sworn to secrecy on the title, but from what I've read so far the book promises to be a belter in true DC tradition. Watch this space.

Now, there appear to be rumours circulating that Dave has been taken into hospital because of the ongoing problem with his ankle - a problem that started in Belmarsh. I just want to make it perfectly clear that Dave visited the hospital for a routine check-up on said ankle and it's improving nicely. These rumours always start from the truth, but the truth seems to get warped through the old Chinese Whispers lark. Just be reassured that Dave if fine and if some know-it-all tells you different then please put them right.

5th March 2010

Tickets on sale from 8th March

Phone 0208 289 0493 or 0208 289 0493 (open 12 pm - 8 pm)

3rd March 2010

Latest News from Dave Himself

21st February 2010

20th February 2010

8th February 2010

Whatever you do in life NEVER call Dave names:

6th February 2010

New from Dave's son DJ Beau Courtney, Dave's latest single "Sex In Your Eyes" is available to download at iTunes for a mere 79p

It's also available as an MP3 from Amazon.

Click here to listen to a small sample of the track.

TIP: If you're using Firefox then you may need to keep your mouse over the player to here the entire clip!

Links to buy:

iTunes Download

Amazon MP3 Download


I've got it, why haven't you?


28th January 2010

27th January 2010

Here is a very telling and obviously distressing poem written by Dave and Jen's 12 year old daughter, Courtney D Courtney. It tells the story of her mum and dad's arrest from the point of view of an innocent child, but it also shows the strength and courage that this little girl has:

I know a man who was very, very naughty,
but you all know him as dodgy Dave Courtney,
They call him a killer and a robber and he’s mad!
But in my house we know him as dad.
Let me tell you what happened in the night,
me and my mate Charlee woke up with a fright,
We fell asleep in the chairs just sitting on our bums,
then the next thing you know we we’re awoken by guns.
They were shouting and screaming everybody on the floor
And the next thing I know we were dragged out the door

From the corner of my eye I see a man with a gun,
screaming and shouting and pointing at my mum.

Now we were frightened and things looked bad
But just at that moment in come my dad
With a brandy in one hand and a smile on his face,
In no time at all he had control of the place.
It was getting real scary and all going crazy,
And my dad looked at me and said

As quick as a flash all my fears were gone,
But I knew in my heart what they done was so wrong.
He went away smiling just holding his beer,
Then they kept him away for nearly a year

My dad had a court case.
It’s finished. He’s won.
They tried to do him for owning a gun

What happened that night would leave most in a trauma
But that don’t affect me ‘cos I’m dodgy Dave’s daughter
At the end of the day it was all about guns
But my dad was saved by the love of my mum.

written by Courtney D Courtney 12yrs

26th January 2010


AS you know, there's an Audience with Dave in Christchurch on Sunday 31st January. Well, I have a competition to win two tickets to the show. It's very simple, just email me with the subject heading "COMPETITION" and answer the following three questions:

  1. What was the third book in Dave's biographical Ride trilogy called?

  2. At what prison was Dave held recently?

  3. What does Dave's OBE stand for?

Simples! So get emailing your answers. First correct answer pulled out of the hat on Saturday morning wins the tickets. Don't worry about receiving them, you'll be sent a certificate authorising you and one other to enter the Audience on Saturday.

25th January2010

Don't forget people, there's a Welcome Home Audience with Dave Courtney OBE on Sunday 31st January 2010 at the Best Western Waterford Lodge Hotel, 87 Bure Lane, Friars Cliff, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 4DN [MAP]. Tickets £15 pp (limited number) .Book Now: 01425 282100

Hotel Rooms £80 B&B Twin/Double £60 Room Only Twin/Double (Very limited number so book now!!) Please note that this is a paying event, no free tickets issued! This money is for Dave, so get ya hands in your pockets and pay people.

13th January 2010


Someone has set up a Facebook page pretending to be Dave. The person does not appear to be a fan, but is actually passing themselves off as him and having conversations with people who believe that they are really talking to Dave.

I spoke with Dave this evening and he stated quite categorically that this is NOT a page sanctioned by him!

If you click on the picture to the right you will see an image the imposter's page in a new window. Most of my own posts on the page accusing the person of being an imposter have been removed by them in an attempt to keep their subterfuge going.

My advice to every one is do not be taken in by this person.

The imposter's link is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=sgm&id=100000288494835 .

Actually, what would be a great idea is if everyone with a Facebook account went and registered as his/her "friend" and then had some fun with them. Go and confront them.

Meanwhile I will be talking with Facebook to have their profile permanently removed.


7th January 2010

A Welcome Home Audience with Dave Courtney OBE

Sunday 31st Jan 2010

Only at

The Best Western Waterford Lodge Hotel



Tickets £15 per person. Limited number

Book Now: 01425 282100

25th December 2009

From Dave, Jen and Mal


20th December 2009

Dave has been catching up for lost time, but I finally caught up with him. He's still suffering with foot/ankle problems (the doctors say that it's inflamed cellulitis) but quietly (ha ha ha) satisfied with his result in court, although the Not Guilties really don't make up for OB nicking six months of his life in Belmarsh for which, apparently, he is not entitled to compo.

Dave says that the result of the trial hinged on one fact that was argued by the Prosecution. Because Jen had openly claimed that the guns were hers (see below), as part of her props company "Proper Job" and NOT Dave's the prosecution argued that because they were his wife's and in THEIR home he must jointly own them and therefore was guilty of possessing illegal firearms as charged. Dave turned it round. With the court lights bouncing off his bald head he asked: "There's a hair dryer in my house. Do you think that it's mine?" And that was enough to get three results!

One question remains. If you remember Dave was on a charge of possessing guns and bullets in Bristol not so long ago. In that case the guns were returned to him as legit but they had him on the bullet, saying it was a real one. That resulted in an eighteen month suspended sentence. The guns and bullets in this latest case were the same ones, but the police ballistics experts in London said that the bullets were OK but the guns were illegal! So, two sets of coppers and two totally opposing technical and legal views!

Go figure.

10th December 2009


Day One of a slightly delayed trial and Dave received THREE NOT GUILTIES to the firearms charges. Let you know more as soon as I have the details.

21st November 2009

News from Jen is not good. Dave is still suffering from the bite he received a couple of weeks back and has taken a turn for the worse. Jen and his solicitor are doing all they can to get him treated at an outside hospital. Meanwhile, here's a letter from Jen to Louise Britain, who is involved in Dave's bankruptcy case:

Jenny Courtney
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

18th November 2009

Hello Louise, it’s Jenny Courtney again!! I apologise for being so persistent.

I’m not sure that you understand how imperative it is that you send a copy of the taped interview you conducted with Dave Courtney on the 29th June 2009. We received the typed copy you sent but I am concerned that it had no mention of Prop-a-Job. I do recall speaking to you about Prop-a-Job so I was surprised this wasn’t mentioned in the typed version we received.

As you know, Dave is incarcerated at the moment, currently residing at HMP Belmarsh, as a result of you forwarding the pictures you took, on the said day, to the Met. He is awaiting trial and we need to show that Prop-a-job is actually real and not something we have made up because of the situation he is in.

His preliminary hearing is on the 27.11.09 and his trial starts on 07.12.09, so I’m trusting that you can appreciate a speedy response as time is of essence.

If you could send a copy to either Dave at Belmarsh, XR5323 Courtney, HMP Belmarsh, Western way, Thamesmead, SE28 0EB or to his solicitor Stuart Page at :

Ralli Solicitors
Ralli Courts
West Riverside
M3 5FT.

I will send this letter via registered mail, to ensure that you got it. If for any reason you are not permitted to forward the taped interview could you please let either of us know by way of a letter.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Jenny Courtney

10th November 2009

Anyone reading this who isn't affiliated with Dave's pages on Facebook should know that there is a petition for his support, Free Dave Courtney (NO, it isn't a special offer from Tesco!) at www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-dave-courtney-from-bellmarsh.

8th November 2009

More news from Dave, who says he's using his time in Belmarsh to work on his next book (title to be announced) which will be about the present case and the previous one (charged with possession of guns and bullets in Bristol). It promises to be a hoot and blow the lid off a few things. I'll keep you informed of Dave's progress. I'm just waiting for another letter from him.


1st November 2009

A piece of news for you: last Monday Dave was taken to hospital after he was bitten by something in his bed and suffered a serious allergic reaction. While in hospital he was visited by a journalist. Apparently there is gonna be a story coming out about him that ain't very nice. So he's just pre-warning us all.

Other than that Dave is in excellent spirits. But, he says, he has unusual neighbours. On one side are the Turkish (Kurdish) monsters that killed one of their daughters in a so called "honour killing" after raping and torturing her and then buried her body in a suitcase. On the other he has the guy who did the £40 million Graff Diamonds blag in Bond Street (Dave quipped that "he ain't even got a f*cking watch!".

Apologies for the delay in this news, but the postal strike meant that it took a considerable time for Dave's letter to reach me.

22nd October 2009

Well, as predicted by Dave, the judge today could see no reason to grant him bail and sent him back down for remand until his next court appearance, which is scheduled for 7th December 2009. I should receive more news tomorrow so come back soon for further updates.

18th October 2009

Dave will be in court on Thursday 22 October. He predicts that the judge, with all the evidence to prove him innocent before him, will refuse bail but that a jury will find him NOT GUILTY. This, Dave maintains, will blatantly show that the Judge has been "spoken to." Only time will tell, but I've rarely known Dave to be wrong on this type of prediction. Watch this space ...

... and a new letter just received from Jen:

Jenny Courtney
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

5th October 2009

To whom this may concern,

I write in reference to my letter dated 18.10.2009, informing you that all the weapons seized from Chestnut rise on the 29th August 2009, belong to me, as I run a props company called Prop-a-Job. I'm concerned that I have had no responses. I sent a copy to the CPS and DC Dell (the arresting officer). Absolutely no attempt was made to contact me. This I find strange, as I've stated that they belong to me. Why does my husband, Dave Courtney remain in custody?

I thought that at the very least someone would have attempted to contact me before Dave was last in court on the 24th Sept 2009. This did not happen!

What I'm asking is for someone to at least acknowledge that I have tried to assist you in finding some resolve to this situation. Your failure in doing this has led me to believe that you are all in cahoots with each other?

I will send this letter as I did the 1st letter, via recorded mail, in the hope that you might explain to me why nothing has been done.

I also requested that you send someone round to check the weapons that were left, just to ensure that none of them are prohibited items. To date, this also has not been addressed.

Can you please explain why after receiving my 1st letter, you have allowed the charge to continue against my husband? I have explained that I run a company called Prop-a-Job, and I have a number of deactivated guns and rifles along with some ornamental ones I've been given over the years by anyone who knows that I run Prop-a-Job.

My husband is due to re-appear at Belmarsh Crown Court on the 22nd Oct 2009. I'm sure that you can appreciate that I am anxious for this matter to be dealt with as soon as possible.

As I previously stated, all the items seized from my property belong to me. They have been on the walls ever since I started accumulating them. They were on the walls when we were raided by Plumstead police on 2 separate occasions in the last 3yrs. If they were prohibited items, the officers that attended the property made no acknowledgement of this fact, and left the items there. I would never do anything to jeopardise Prop-a-Job, as I hope to make this a successful and fruitful business.

Please give me my husband back. His children and I (his wife) need him.

I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future, hopefully before 22.10.09.

You may contact me on my mobile on 07931800546.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Jenny Courtney.

17th September 2009

I have received a copy the following letter from Jen Courtney to the ballistics expert in Dave's case:

18th August 2009

To Ms. Fiona Ritchie,

My name is Jenny Courtney; I live at Camelot Castle, Chestnut Rise, Plumstead, London, SE18 1RL.

On the 29.07.09 SO19 stormed my home and arrested my husband and myself on firearm charges.

I run '˜Prop-a-Job', which is a company that supplies props for films, photo-shoots and public appearances up and down the country and sometimes abroad.

I run this company along with a man called Brendan McGir.

Mr. McGir was also arrested as he was at the time, living in the Wendy house at the bottom of the garden.

Camelot was raided as a result of my husband Mr. Dave Courtney O.b.e, going into bankruptcy. The receivers had attended our address on the 29th June 2009 and listed items as well as taking photographic evidence for whatever purpose. However, approximately 5 maybe 6 weeks had passed when we subsequently had our home stormed by SO19 and as mentioned earlier, taken into custody.

After doing a prepared statement I was interviewed and on the advice of my solicitor I gave a no comment interview.

Being as we were frogmarched out of the property, and our past experience with, dare I say, '˜non-law abiding policemen', I had no idea why they had come how they did, sporting balaclavas and guns with lights on top of them, or for that matter, what they were going to imply they had found in our house.

I have since learned that it was the guns and paraphernalia that I have displayed all over the house. I own all of these things. None of them belong to my husband.

I understand that he is in custody until they have been tested. They do not belong to him. If anyone should be locked up then it should be me. I don't understand why my husband is being held on remand. Please bear in mind that Mr. McGir, the co-owner of Prop-a-Job was also arrested and we were both subsequently released.

There are some bullets that may appear to be real but on closer inspection you will see that it contains bits of sand and the wick has been soaked in oil. To the best of my knowledge none of them are real. As a matter of fact, when my husband was arrested last year on his way home from doing a PA in Bristol, the guns were returned and the bullet they were trying to charge him for was one of the same bullets you have now.

Mr. McGir was with Mr. Courtney at the time, as we are aware of the declaration he signed in 1981 on the firearms act, we always ensure that either myself or Mr. McGir act as a chaperone, taking the guns or whatever props were required, to and from the venue. Mr. McGir was also arrested. At that time Mr. McGir was living in Bexleyheath. His house was searched. In his house were 2 of the rifles that were removed from chestnut rise.

When Mr. McGir went bankrupt and lost his home, he moved into the wendy house at the bottom of the garden, and he brought bits of hid furniture and special effects from the property. The 2 rifles were amongst these items and as they were not removed when the police searched his property I believed they were ok to have with the rest of my collection. I am not a gun expert and I'm not sure of law changes surrounding these items, but to the best of my knowledge I believed it was ok for me to have them.

I will however familiarise myself to these laws now as this seems to be a common occurrence.

I have had all the items in my home for the past 3 years in which time the police have raided my house twice in the last 2 years, and they have never removed a gun or bullet or any of my collection for that matter on either of these occasions.

Whilst that case was on going, at Bristol crown court, I wrote to DC. Goode and explained that I have a box of those bullets at home, if they are illegal I'd like to know so that I can not have them in my home. However, no attempt was ever made to come and recover the bullets to conclude whether they were legal or not.

None of the items removed from the property belong to my husband.

As far as any of the guns being real, for most of them I have de-activation certificates.

I have been running Prop-a-Job for 10 years and over the years, as people are aware that I run a props company they have given me bullet proof vests, handcuffs, army helmets, replica hand grenades, policemen's helmets, truncheons, rifles, bullets, a suit of armour, gas masks, the list is endless.

Prop-a-Job is a business I take seriously and I hope one day that it will be a business that me and my family may make a living from, and I would never do anything illegal to jeapordise that. If you have any information regarding the issues on gun laws and changes, could you please forward these to me so that I may educate myself thus avoiding another situation like this.

Thanking you in anticipation of a speedy resolve to this mess.

Jenny Courtney.

Cc Rali & Co. solicitor
Cc Crown prosecution service

24th August 2009

To all of you who have been emailing me about writing to Dave, his address is:

XR5323 Dave Courtney
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way

In my experience it is best to send letters by Recorded Delivery, otherwise they don't always arrive.

12th August 2009

Ronnie Biggs and son Mike Biggs on receiving the news

Mal Says: I just thought you might like to see the absolute delight on Ronnie Biggs' face after hearing that he had been granted parole at last. Such pictures warm the cockles of me heart. I'd like to give a special mention to the principal campaigners for his release: son Michael Biggs, Mike Grey, Tel Currie and lawyer Giovanni de Stephano. Mike Grey very kindly sent me the following message:

Mal & Jason [Marriner],

I visited Ronnie yesterday,

First of all, He said to say to you "Thank you",

Hes been reading mine & Tels book as we discussed you fellas and the support you have given us, and Ronnie pointed to his A-Z laminated Sheet and spelt "Tell Mal and Jason Thank you"

Now ask me: are Jason and I chuffed?

11th August 2009

After a wave of emails regarding Dave's forthcoming "Audiences With" I want to make it clear to people that I do not arrange Dave's shows. They have nothing to do with this website, which only advertises them after I have been informed that they are going ahead. So, if you have bought tickets to a future event please contact the person/people who you paid for your tickets.

9th August 2009

Just to bring you up to speed, it appears that Dave has been charged with possession of  a prohibited weapon. The weapon in question appears to be a Brocock Air Cartridge pistol which, after some research, I have discovered was banned in 2004 because of police concerns that it could be converted to fire live ammunition. The ban does not appear to have been widely publicised ... in fact, I'd never heard of it. Dave has now been remanded at HMP Belmarsh until December.

8th August 2009

Following the tremendous (if belated) news yesterday that Jack Straw at last granted Ronnie Biggs parole, I should like to wish Ronnie a happy 80th Birthday today. Ronnie is still very ill and in a hospital bed, but at least his three prison guards won't be sitting around him today!

31st July 2009

I am advised that Dave has been arrested and is currently being remanded in HMP Belmarsh. This, of course, means that tomorrow's charity event at Camelot Castle is unfortunately cancelled. However, I am told by the organisers that it will go ahead at some time in the future (to be announced). Anyone who has already bought tickets is assured that they will be valid for the event when it does take place. More news on this as and when I get it.

26th July 2009

Leyton and Wanstead MP Harry Cohen has been supporting the righteous campaign to get Ronnie Biggs released. The following is his speech in Parliament on 21 July 2009:

I wish to raise the case of the prisoner, Ronnie Biggs. A fortnight ago the Secretary of State for Justice made a decision on his case. His son, Michael Biggs, invited me to visit him in prison, HMP Norwich. I applied to the governor to visit. I wanted to see if this 80-year-old was a threat to society. His son said that his health was frail, so I wanted to see what sort of condition he was in, and how that related to the Secretary of State’s decision. My application to visit was turned down by the governor, which I think is quite exceptional.

I wrote to Ministers and I received a reply from the Justice Secretary, who wrote that the governor, Mr. Paul Baker, thought that

“such a visit would cause significant disruption to the hospital on top of the disruption which the hospital has already experienced.”

I was surprised at that. I still think it was the wrong decision, but the Secretary of State went on to say:

“That said, I also think it is reasonable to ask him to facilitate such a visit in the future”.

I hope that that will take place, but it was wrong, in my opinion, to deny me a visit in such circumstances.

The real issue is the Secretary of State’s decision to overturn the Parole Board’s recommendation that Mr. Biggs be released. That was an unreasonable and cruel decision, and there is some evidence that has been put forward by some lawyers that it was a misuse of power and, indeed, ultra vires. Clearly, Mr. Biggs had to spend his time in prison, but his 30-year sentence was excessive. I looked up the Dome diamond robbers, who I think are pretty comparable to those who took part in the great train robbery. Two of them got 18 years, two got 15 years and one got five years. Mr. Biggs would have been released if he had received such a sentence. His sentence was excessive in the first place. It is more comparable to the sentences passed on serious sex offenders and mass murderers, and was inappropriate.

Mr. Biggs has now served 10 years after surrendering in 2001. He was eligible for parole and was recommended for parole. The reason given for not granting him that was that he was not repentant. I have a letter from Mr. Chris Pickard, who was the ghost writer behind Ron’s autobiography, “Odd Man Out”. He states:

“I do, therefore, have to question who is advising and briefing Mr. Straw as most of what he has said about Ron in his ruling is simply factually wrong.”

“To say Ron is unrepentant goes against all the interviews Ron has given on the subject over the years and what he wrote in his autobiography in 1994. Ron has always abhorred violence and has not committed a crime since escaping from HMP Wandsworth back in 1965, other than entering a number of countries on a false passport. Why after over 44 years would Ron, who may never now walk again, return to a life of crime and how would he pull it off in his current state of health?”

To say that Mr. Biggs is unrepentant is plain wrong, and to say that he could benefit from crime is ludicrous. This is an ill man, who can hardly walk; I shall say a little about his ill health. He is not going on a speaking tour. He cannot earn from his crime—that would be against the law. It is the media who are imposing themselves on him, not Ron imposing himself on them, and that will happen anyway when he is released, unless he dies in prison, as some officials in the Home Office seem to want. That is unreasonable.

There is some dubiety—I think some craziness—about the legal powers being exercised by the Justice Secretary, using a law that has been repealed and another that was overruled by the Law Lords in 2002. There is massive inconsistency. The Secretary of State will not intervene in cases of murderers who have received life sentences, but he says that he can in cases involving lower offences, such as that of Mr. Biggs. He says that he cannot intervene on future cases, because the law has been changed, but he can on past cases. That is wholly inconsistent.

A case is being made by Mr. Biggs’s son, Michael, that there was some political element to the decision. The day before, the Secretary of State made a decision in relation to Michael Shields, the Liverpool man who is in prison in Bulgaria. He decided not to let him go, which I think was the wrong decision, but once he had made that decision, he had to make a similar decision in respect of Ronnie Biggs. Both were unreasonable decisions, and the motivation in the Ronnie Biggs case was unreasonable.

In reply to a point made by my hon. Friend the Member for Vauxhall (Kate Hoey) on the matter, the Leader of the House said that the Justice Secretary had made his decision to keep Ronnie Biggs in prison in the public interest. What public interest is there in keeping a frail 80-year-old man, who has served 10 years, in prison? It is a cruel penal policy, which many organisations for the elderly and the Prison Reform Trust say it is wrong to inflict on the increasing number of people in their 70s and 80s in prison, despite the fact that the severity of the crimes involved has not increased. Why do we have such elderly people in prison, when they should be outside?

My last point concerns Mr. Biggs’ ill health. He has suffered three strokes, cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot go to the toilet without a bag, has a nasal gastric feed, has broken his hip and his pelvis, has injured his spine, has acute pneumonia and is currently in Norwich general hospital. This is a man who is a threat to society, according to the Secretary of State for Justice. That is ridiculous. The decision should be reconsidered. It is not in the public interest to have an inhumane penal policy. We should have a humane policy, so I ask that it be reconsidered.

Good for you Harry!

23rd July 2009

6th July 2009

Two photos taken very recently of Ronnie Biggs in his hospital bed.

Now, does this look like a man who is a danger to the British public? Ronnie is dying, but Jack Straw still wants him to remain in prison to protect us all.

This is a Government that approved the release of James Bulger''s foul and evil murderers earlier than their tariff allowed, to let them loose on the streets and then compounded it by giving them false identities, so they could walk among us. They may well live in your street and you wouldn't know it. Does that feel like a safe thing to do to you?

If you think Jack-off Straw is wrong then please help us to help Ronnie live out his last days with dignity and in freedom by signing Giovanni di Stefano's petition at http://www.studiolegaleinternazionale.com/petition.php4. More than 21,000 people already have, but he needs all the support he can get right now. So PLEASE give him more than just lip service. Add your name to the growing number of right-minded and just people who want to see him out now, while he still has a little time left.


2nd July 2009

Mal has nothing but blind outrage at that wanker Jack Straw's decision to go against the parole board's recommendation to release old and frail Ronnie Biggs. How many MPs are being arrested for stealing public money? What absolute hypocrisy!!!!!!

Baby Peter's murderers: Peter's mother was ordered to be held indefinitely, until "deemed no longer to be a risk to the public and in particular to small children", with a MINIMUM TERM OF FIVE YEARS. Her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape, with a MINIMUM SENTENCE OF TEN YEARS, and a 12-YEAR SENTENCE for his role in the death of Peter, to run CONCURRENTLY. Jason "Owen" was also jailed indefinitely and will serve AT LEAST THREE YEARS. The sentences were criticised as too lenient by the NSPCC's chief executive, and the Attorney General considered referring them to the Court of Appeal for review, but concluded there was "no realistic prospect" of the Court of Appeal increasing the sentences. Where was fecking Jack Straw THEN???? It seems that stealing money (unless you're an MP) is a far more heinous crime than cruelly murdering a child!

Jack Straw should be thoroughly ASHAMED of himself for not giving due regard to the nature of crime rather than making random decisions about how truly serious a crime is and intervening when it is appropriate! Countless MPs should be indicted for FRAUD. "Oh, but I gave the money back when I was discovered." If that philosophy was applied to the general public then the prisons would be virtually empty.

Ronnie Biggs is far from innocent, but he played a very minor part in a crime where EVERYONE received a 30 year sentence. He was a carpenter NOT a criminal mastermind. Those 30 year sentences were responsible for criminals throughout the UK saying "Well, if I'm going to get 30 years for robbery I might as well go tooled up." What Jack Straw (SPIT) forgets/ignores is that, by his decision, he is perpetuating that idea. Straw's only concern seems to be that Ronnie got publicity during his years of freedom and made the government seem stupid. Well people, do you believe we have an intelligent or stupid government?

So, come on down Jack Straw and explain to us plebs how a frail old man who is wheel chair bound, cannot talk or feed himself and will probably spend his remaining days in a hospital is a menace to society. Is there a fear that he will transmit his evil plans to the criminal fraternity via the cards he uses to spell out words? I can easily see how you can equate Ronnie with Lex Luther when you live in fantasy world!

1st July 2009

At first I hoped that this was some sort of April 1st Joke ... but it's July 1st and it's no joke:

Train robber Ronnie Biggs refused parole: minister

LONDON (AFP) — One of Britain's most notorious criminals, Ronnie Biggs, was refused parole Wednesday by Justice Secretary Jack Straw who said the 79-year-old train robber was "wholly unrepentant".

Straw said Biggs had "outrageously courted the media" during more than three decades on the run after escaping from prison in 1965, where he was serving a 30-year sentence for his role in the 1963 Great Train Robbery.

In a statement, Straw said: "Mr Biggs chose to serve only one year of a 30-year sentence before he took the personal decision to commit another offence and escape from prison, avoiding capture by travelling abroad for 35 years whilst outrageously courting the media.

"Had he complied with his sentence, he would have been a free man many years ago."

Biggs' lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano told the BBC the decision was "perverse" and "obscene", and said his client was in an extremely frail state.

He said: "He is in hospital, he has a nasal gastric feed, he has had three strokes, he can't walk, he can't talk... all the other (Great Train Robbers) served a third of their sentences. Why should Mr Biggs be different?"

The Great Train Robbery saw a 15-strong gang hold up a London to Glasgow mail train, making off with 2.6 million pounds in the money of the day.

The gang attacked the train driver with an iron bar. The driver never returned to work and died seven years later without making a full recovery.
[Mal says: "This shit about the driver has been regurgitated time and time again. It has been proved beyond doubt that the driver died of natural causes that were completely unrelated to the injuries he suffered during the raid, but the press love to bring it up in some vain attempt to justify the ridiculous sentences handed out. I was bashed on the head a number of years ago. When I eventually die will it be linked to that event?"]

Biggs played a minor role
[NOTE: "minor role"] in the hold-up but was jailed for 30 years in 1964, but escaped by scaling the wall of the prison and jumping onto the roof of a furniture van.

He eventually fled to Brazil, where he was often pictured in British newspapers enjoying a party, but handed himself over to the British authorities in 2001 and was sent back to jail.

This is a vindictive and spiteful decision by a minister who is obviously completely devoid of the human emotion of compassion. Ronnie "fell out of bed" a few days ago and broke his hip while being guarded by three prison officers. How much more suffering do the government and "Justice" ministers want him to endure before they let him out to die in freedom and peace?

24th June 2009

Congratulations to the following for winning a DVD copy of the new film "STOIC" :

Emma N.
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You have all been emailed and I await your addresses so that I can send you your copies of this amazing film.

23rd June 2009


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17th JULY 2009
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16th June 2009


Inspired by a real life account of the violence and brutality behind the bars of one of the world’s most notorious prisons, STOIC tells the story of the bloody aftermath of a shockingly violent death at the hands of three infamous hooligans.

Shifting between the police interrogation and flashbacks leading up to the event itself, the shocking truth behind what three brutal criminals are capable of is eventually revealed.

Starring Edward Furlong (AMERICAN HISTORY X, TERMINATOR 2), STOIC is a gripping, visceral and distressing tale of hard men trapped in an even harder place that will stay with you long after the doors slam shut …

I'm lucky enough to have seen a pre-release copy of STOIC and I can tell you it's a film well worth watching.

STOIC is Certificate 18, RRP £15.99 and released on 22nd June and to celebrate the release I have secured 5 copies of the DVD to GIVE AWAY.

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Please note that the competition is restricted to people with addresses in the UK. GOOD LUCK.

7th June 2009

Tel Currie’s new book Left Hooks And Dangerous Crooks is causing a storm everywhere. The ‘Chaps’ love it and Tel is snowed under. He's in demand for interviews in Ireland, Scotland and even Europe!

My mate Tel let me into a secret today about what’s being planned for this amazing read ... and it’s BIG! But I can’t share the secret with you just yet. I will keep you informed.

Lastly, Tel would like to thank everyone who has bought the book. I must admit (and I’m not just saying this) I have never never read a book like it!. If you don’t have this you REALLY ARE MISSING OUT!

28th May 2009

From Giovani de Stephano:


27 May 2009: Mike Gray the author of the book has an Interview with RTN (Round Town News Newspaper) the largest Ex-Pat newspaper on the Costa Calida (& Costa Blanca) on Monday, June 8th in AMIGOS BAR, San Pedro Del Pinitar, Costa Calida at 2pm and will be having a Book Signing in the Bar as well, following the Interview.

BUY THE BOOK its really good and if you are in Spain at that time listen and go to the bar for a drink and buy the book.

19th May 2009

Dave Courtney & Friends 2009 Tour

With guests FREDDIE FOREMAN, CARLTON LEACH, JASON MARRINER. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to take part in a Question and Answer session.

Friday 29 May at 7.30pm at St David's Hall, The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1AH [MAP].

Tickets are £25 Tier 1 & Centre Stalls, £20 All other areas (Plus a £1.50 per ticket booking fee for all credit and debit card transactions.) To book either call the Box Office on 029 2087 8444 or BOOK ONLINE

18th May 2009

Left Hooks and Dangerous CrooksOn May 22nd, Tel Currie’s long awaited book Left Hooks And Dangerous Crooks is released. It's the story of the fight game - from the start to today. If you read the comments of those who got a pre-read you will see it’s a book not to miss (link)! The truths, the lies, the myths they are all in here.

Tel says: "I'd like to thank Charlie and Veronica Richardson, Roy Shaw, Mike Gray and especially Mal Vango. Here’s what Mal thinks of the book:"

"I have known Tel for years and years .. and then some. He is genuinely respected by ALL the Chaps and has been a trusted confidante to all. Tel was responsible - in the early days - for introducing me to people like Freddie Foreman, Charlie Richardson, Roy Shaw and many other names that you would be very familiar with. Let me tell you that an introduction from Tel to people like that is like getting a personal written introduction from Ronnie and Reggie.

One thing I have learned about Tel over time: he doesn't bullshit. If Tel says something is so ... then something is exactly so! Tel allowed me the privilege of reading this book long ahead of it's release date and I can tell you that it is packed with myth-busting truths, many of which I was completely unaware of. It's a compulsive read. I know 'cos I couldn't put it down.

I don't bullshit either when I recommend this book to you and say that if you buy only ONE book this year then buy THIS ONE!"


8th May 2009


BRONSON is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 6th June 2009 and the Original Soundtrack is available now. It received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival and will be shown in the International Showcase at The 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. To either pre-order the film or buy the soundtrack follow the following links:



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1st May 2009

Charles Bronson has at last been let out of solitary confinement. The parole board met on March 11 and are considering whether to release him on licence. Charlie says he was promised a move to Woodhill (Category A), Buckinghamshire, while the board made up its mind, but he has been moved from his cage at HMP Wakefield to the secure wing of Long Lartin jail in Worcestershire.

Our good friend Mark Fish says: "They've stuck him in Long Lartin and refused to tell anyone he's there. They are trying to put him back in his place after the film and teach him a lesson. They are trying to crack him and make him kick off again. They want to be able to say 'See, we told you what he's like'."

Bronson's latest book, Diaries from Hell: My Prison Diaries, is released today.


14th April 2009

I know that a lot of people swear by their knuckleduster in a fight, but get caught with one in your possession in a public place (even if it's in your car) and it'll cost you 6 months of liberty. I've had a metal kubotan on my keyring for years and it's a great instrument for self defence against most attacks, believe me. The problem is that I always have to leave it in the car when I go clubbing because it always sets the club's metal detectors off. Recently I came across Elite Kubotans, who sell a very hard polymer version that's just as good as my metal one. They even have one made of para-cord that is just as effective but far less likely to be taken away by over-zealous guards. Learn to use one and you'll persuade most hard-nuts to leave you alone. If you're not convinced about kubotans then just watch the following two videos:

and just to prove that the last guy, Master Angelo, is no pratt, watch these:

I wouldn't want to be his sparring mate!

22nd April 2009


"The Home Office have today served upon me the final disclosures for Mr. Biggs in compliance with the current legislation and for the Parole Board hearing tomorrow. I am pleased to confirm that the recomendation from the Probabtion and Assessment Groups are to RELEASE Mr. Biggs on parole on the due date of July 3rd, 2009. The Parole Board will meet tomorrow morning and decide instantly after consultations. The decision will be communicated to Mr. Biggs by fax and to me by email. The release of Mr. Biggs will be to a nursing home as he requires 24 hour medical care following his several strokes. I am deeply obliged to the Justice Minister for not contesting my submission that Mr. Biggs should be treated in accordance with the 'old law' of 1968 (one third parole) as opposed to the current legislation of serving half the sentence prior to parole. That has invariable saved Mr. Biggs a further five years in custody and allows him to spend his days with his family as a free man after having paid his debt to justice. I also have to thank the Parole Board and the Administration at the Justice Department that have co-operated with me ensuring that each and every document was disclosed on a timely basis and answering my myriads of questions. I also have to thank 39,776 ordinary citizens of the nited Kingdom who wrote, faxed, emailed, signed the petition on our website in support of Ronnie Biggs. They were the true victims of the so called 'Great Train Robbery' and it is they that have spoken by supporting his release."

12th April 2009


The following is an announcement by Giovanni di Stephano:

" I am pleased to confirm that the Parole Board will meet on the 23rd April 2009 at their London HQ to decide on the above matter. Mr Biggs will be notified the same day and a decision made that very day regarding the date of release. The earliest date of release is July 3rd 2009. I have attached below a copy of my submissions to the Board."


11th April 2009

A little bird tells me that there is a rather rare autograph of Lenny "The Guv'nor" McLean up for grabs over on Ebay. I can't remember the last time I saw one of those for sale, so, if you're interested take a look by clicking HERE. There's only a day left to bid, so don't waste time.


8th April 2009

The Author Mike Gray of the new Ronnie Biggs book "The Inside Story" was placed under "House Arrest" on Saturday, as he signed copies of his book in Dorest.

Mike (Also the Organiser of The Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign and close family friend of Ronnie & Michael Biggs) was suprised to find a retired Ex- CID Detective gate crash his book signing, Charlie "Chas" Chase, who arrested the first two Great Train Robbers (Roger Corderey & William Boal in Dorset) in August 1963, arrived to give Mike his full story of events and stayed for almost the full 2-Hour Book signing ?

Mike Gray, who had travelled down to Poole (Dorset) from Epsom (Surrey) was totally surprised, at the Ex-Great Train Robbery DI, taking over his book signing, Mike said "What could I do, I was in a situation where I had to honour my publishers 2-hour signing slot, when in walked "Chas" with his local newspapers reporter & photographer in tow ?

After the 90 minute "Chat" Chas left and also left Mike totally confused, as to why he had shown interest anyway, as the only two points he raised, were that the Train driver was coshed, and that Ronnie Biggs was a "Winner" due to his parole this July.

Mike informed the Waterstones shop Manager, and was told that Chas was a local hero, due to his Great Train Robbery knowledge and exploits, but Detective Chase's knowledge of Mr Biggs, was nowhere near that of author Mike, who mentioned many facts that Chas found amazing, and repeated on more than one occasion "I didn't know that....."

The Bournemouth Echo reported the Story as follows.........

Great Train Robber author signs book in Poole THE author who has tirelessly campaigned for Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs’ release had a surprise visit at his Poole book signing.

Former Bournemouth detective Charlie ‘Chas’ Case, who made the first arrests of the audacious heist that stunned a nation in the summer of 1963, decided to pop along after reading of the event in The Daily Echo.

The meeting was all the more poignant as wheelchair bound Biggs, 79, who has suffered a string of serious health problems since returning from life on the run in Brazil, is set to be released from prison in three months.

Mr Case, whose attitude to renegade Biggs has not softened over the years, said: “I thought it may be interesting to meet this author, but I still believe Biggs should have been returned to face justice decades ago.

“Even though a lot of the other robbers had their sentences reduced to 14 years, Biggs is still a winner.

“Understand, it was us and them, and he was one of them, a crook.”

Mike Gray, co-author of ‘Ronnie Biggs – The Inside Story’ and founder of the Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign, was all too happy to make Charlie’s acquaintance, even exchanging notes on the infamous crime.

He said: “Bournemouth has this important link to the Great Train Robbers.

“Two of them were caught and arrested here, by Mr Case, after trying to rent a garage for cash from a police officer’s widow.

“But I have always said that Ronnie Biggs was being slowly crucified on the Home Office cross, and now we have been officially informed that he’ll be paroled.”

The two men Charlie arrested, Roger Cordrey and William Boal, were later sentenced to a total of 44 years.

Meanwhile, Ronnie used a rope ladder to escape from Wandsworth Prison and eventually fled to Brazil where he spent decades as a fugitive from British justice.
After suffering three strokes, he returned, voluntarily, to Britain in 2001, where he was immediately arrested and imprisoned.

Biggs was originally sentenced to 30 years for his part in the robbery of a Glasgow to London mail train – when he is paroled he will have spent just 10 years behind bars.
The 15-strong gang escaped with a record haul of £2.6 million in used bank notes.

Mr Case said: “If it wasn’t for the fact they used violence I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while the robbery happened. It must have taken military precision.”
Underworld rumours persisted for years that £50,000 of the stolen money was stashed somewhere in Bournemouth – a house in Westbourne was partly demolished following a tip-off in 1974, but no cash was found.



25th March 2009

EXCLUSIVE NEWS JUST IN: After a lot of persuading, our close pal Tel Currie will be signing copies of his and Mike Gray’s book ‘Ronnie Biggs -The Inside Story’ at Waterstone's in Cheltenham Gloucs this Saturday 28th March from 11am-1pm. This is the one single signing Tel is doing, he will be doing no more after Saturday so get down there!!!!

20th March 2009

Dave Courtney OBE to host charity event 5th April Aquarium Nightclub London

Friends and fans will be interested to hear that they will soon have the opportunity to join Dave Courtney OBE, who will be hosting a family, charitable event on Sun, April 5th 2009, 2pm-8pm at The Aquarium Nightclub, Old Street, London, EC1 in association with Free Spirit/Hidden Talent to promote the awareness of the Women’s Aid Organisation, supporting women and children suffering domestic abuse and violence.

Suzy Quatro and live bands will also be performing at this event. Tickets only £5!!! Buy them on the door of the Aquarium. Hope to see you there!

11th March 2009

The following message comes from Michael Grey:

I have spoken to Giovanni Di Stefano, who tells me that Ronnie's parole hearing is set for July 3rd. So we are all hoping and praying that the Parole Board will decide to release him at last on that day, as he will of completed 10 of his Original 30 Year sentence. It would be a superb 80th birthday present for him on August 8th.

Tel and I hope that our new book
The Inside Story has helped raise awareness in the UK/world to Ronnie's current situation, and since starting these book signings five weeks ago, its amazing how many people ask me if Ronnie is still alive ?

JULY 3rd - Let's see the gates of HMP Norwich open, with Ronnie in his wheelchair, as he was pictured eight years ago in Rio De Janeiro airport returning home. But this time as a Free Man (apart from his electronic Tag).

Mal, once again I would like to thank you for your superb web skills and journalistic skills in promoting Ronnie's plight. Even back in 2001 you were a strong supporter and have been loyal to us at the Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign and continue to be loyal and honest.

Tel Currie and Michael Grey will be at Waterstone's, 76 High Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1EJ [MAP] between 12 and 2 pm on Saturday, March 21st for a book signing of their new book The Inside Story, so please go along and support them and show your support for Ronnie. You know it makes sense!

5th March 2009

I get a lot of emails from you asking about viruses, trojans, scams, malware, spyware, etc. etc. Most of them ask about the best programme around to beat them. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to reply to all these queries individually, so to save me disappointing you all I decided to put this on Dave's site and try to give you the benefit of my experience.

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Panda gets the official "Thumbs Up" Award from me and all my pals in the web designing world. Of course, I still look at all the other anti-virus software that's on offer, but nothing so far can touch my Panda Internet Security 2009.


4th March 2009

The following just in from our great friend Tel Currie:

Hi All,

You may have seen there has been a lot of news about Ronnie Biggs in the media lately ... most of it completely inaccurate!

As you may or may not know, my friend Mike Gray and I have written a book (published by Apex) called 'Ronnie Biggs - The Inside Story'. Using his word board, Ronnie has given us (myself, Mike and often Roy Shaw) THE TRUTH!

1) Ronnie NEVER even set foot upon the train. He was on the grass verge with a spare train driver who turned out to be useless!

2) People constantly say that the train driver Jack Mills was killed by injuries sustained by the train. Mills actually died SEVEN YEARS LATER of LEUKAEMIA. No disrespect, but where is the link to the robbery and Mills tragic death? If he was that hurt, how did he get back behind the train controls and drive it to where Reynolds wanted it when the alternate driver turned out to be useless??? Like it or not ... it was all propaganda!!

3) It is a fact that three of the robbers got away and have not been caught to this day. One of those three was the one who actually coshed Jack Mills ... FACT!! Every the train robber held their silence. Imagine that today: they would be climbing over each over to make statements!!! So, the unlucky ones got THIRTY YEARS for a man who was not even on trial!!

4) In the words of the leader, Bruce Reynolds: "Ronnie was the tea boy" meaning he was at the bottom of the chain! Some reports have Ron as the 'robbery mastermind'. Even Ron laughed at that!

5) The robbery was NOT an armed robbery. Reynolds insisted on NO guns or knives!

6) If Ronnie was a hardened villain, why did he not make money from crime in Brazil, as Charlie Wilson did in Spain (and a lot of others have done all over the world) or ended up in the drug world like Wilson, Tommy Wisbey and Eddie Richardson? He chose instead to make self-deprecating T-shirts and other dignity stripping souvenirs. Unfortunately, that is what made it look like he was taking the piss out of the system. But he was trying to promote T-shirts with things like 'I met Ronnie Biggs in Brazil.' He would rather be self-deprecating than go back into crime!! Ronnie wasn't a villain, he was actually a carpenter.

7) The idea that prison is rehabilitation/change for the better! Ronnie is remembered as a young man climbing over the wall forty-something years ago. Today he is a man who can't talk (he uses a letter board!), can't eat (he is fed through tube in the stomach), can't drink (accept through an intravenous drip!), can barely walk (uses a wheelchair), caught MRSA). How can he be seen as a threat to society today? Even if released, he would be in his own prison but tax payers won't have to pay for it. Can you change more than that?

8) I have talked to many of these idiots that say he should stay in prison. They do NOT know their facts and have done NO research; they are stumped after two minutes of serious debate! You know: EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE LOUDEST NOISE!!!! Opinions are a reward for knowing your facts: everyone is entitled to them but I believe they should be earned by research! There are so many things I don't know about. So, if it comes to something I don't know, I listen and research. But most people just seem to shout crap out! The facts on here, by the way, come from myself, Mike Gray, Mike Biggs and Roy Shaw who are Ron's most regular visitors. Also, Freddie Foreman (who hid all the train Robbers and got them out of the country). Fred knows and knew EVERYONE ... but he had never heard of Ronnie. Just proves how big a villain Ron was!

Bruce Reynolds, ALL the 'Chaps' and even screws on visits don't think he should be in there! We ALWAYS question the screws and they always say that they never believe he should be in there!!

9) The system will wait until IT know Ron has got about three weeks left ... and then release him on "compassionate grounds". That way they look humane and Ron's out of their hair! The same thing happened with Reg Kray (strangely, also in Norwich!) and NOT ALL the train robbers served 30 years: 'Buster' Edwards got 15 years but never served it all.

10) Just to let you know, there is a lot of talk about Ron's so called 'friends' taking bribe money to make sure Ron didn't change his mind and got on the plane, while knowing that he was going straight to prison! A LOT of 'Heavy Duty Chaps' have the hump and say Ronnie was handed over like a cow for cash!!

Thank you to Mike Gray, Mike Biggs, Ronnie Biggs, Roy Shaw, 'All the decent chaps' and a man I really admire - Mal Vango! Without him our messages - whether you like them or not - would not so easily be published. Mal is as important as anyone I have already mentioned. He is a gem NOT to be taken for granted. If you want to meet a man who knows and is trusted by everyone with every secret ... Mal is the man!

'RONNIE BIGGS - THE INSIDE STORY' by Tel Currie and Mike Gray - foreword by Michael Biggs, published by Apex is out now. Check these two links:




3rd March 2009


Tyrone Briscoe is aged 13 & already become the current world, European & British karate champion. During the past two years Tyrone has fought nationally & Internationally, he is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and being talked about all over the world from Japan to Australia. Being invited by some of the top exponents of karate in the world to train with them. Local press have also begun to do regular articles on him & the rest of the Kaizen ryu squad. Many of the squad have also won titles. Tyrone needs a sponsor, with your support he can achieve even more success & whilst doing so advertise your company, the whole squad can wear your logo on hats, uniform or on the photo advertising and as this goes world wide you will be sure to benefit from this! If you think you can help, please send me a message. Be Lucky, Dave Courtney OBE

2nd February 2009

1st February 2009



Our congratulations to the very lucky winner

28th January 2009


... a sudden burst of interest :

Bidding stands at £1,550

Just to let you all know that Tel Currie will be interviewed about his book 'Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks' on Kerrang! Radio 105.2 FM at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 4th February 2009. Tel will be interviewed on 'The Nick Margerrison Show'. To listen to the show please visit: http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk/

27th January 2009


At an auction held by Chiswick Auctions last night Kray memorabilia fetched £100,000. The most expensive item was a pair of Ron's cufflinks which went for £10,000!

The owner of the "Legend" bracelet has contacted Chiswick who reckon that they would fetch a minimum of £3,500 if they were to auction it.

Also, the owner tells me that he lent the bracelet to actor Tom Hardy, who wore it during the shooting of the new film "Bronson".

Highest bid is still £1,200.

You only have until Sunday night to bid on the bracelet.

To bid: email mal@davecourtney.com with your bid and mobile phone number.

26th January 2009


Bidding stands at £1,200

25th January 2009


Bidding stands at £1,100

24th January 2009






Bradley Allardyce attended Reg Kray's prison wedding to Roberta and gave him this solid gold bracelet as a wedding present. It weighs over an ounce and has two large sapphires set into it. On the reverse is inscribed: "GOOMBAH - FROM YOUR SON GOOMBAH". (Goombah was understood by the two to be a New York slang word for a boss in organised crime - specifically a Mafia boss.)

The owner of this unique piece of Kray memorabilia now wishes to sell the item, so we are inviting anyone interested to bid on the item. It is 100% genuine and has been a treasured possession of the seller, who bought it after Bradley pawned it (Allerdyce got it back from Reg just before Reg died in 2000).

We already have interest from collectors who have heard that it is for sale. An offer of £1,000 has been made, so bidding starts at £1,050. If you wish to make a bid then email mal@davecourtney.com now with your mobile number and bid so that we can contact you. All genuine bidders will receive updates on how bidding is going on a daily basis. Bidding will stop at MIDNIGHT on Sunday 1st February 2009. The winning bidder will pay the courier charge and insurance and will be informed of the current owner's identity.

It is doubtful whether this piece (or anything of similar personal nature to Reg Kray) will find its way into public auction again for as very long time, so don't miss out.

22nd January 2009

West Ham take on Millwall. Take a look at THIS from Joe Pyle.

20th January 2009


Well, the case opened in Bristol Crown Court today and closed. The first four and a half hours were taken up with legal arguments. "How do you plead?" asked Judge Ticehurst.

"Not Guilty" replied Dave.

"Errrr ... you can't plead Not Guilty Mr. Courtney!" said the judge.

"Why not?" asked Dave. "Surely it's every man's right to plead Not Guilty in this country?"

It hinged around technicalities. The Judge said that because Dave had signed a piece of paper umpteen years ago to say that he would not carry guns or ammunition he could not plead Not Guilty, as he had been found with said objects on his person and this fact was not in dispute. So, there was then a huge legal rangle about the Justice System and a man's right to plead not guilty.

This case goes back to October 29, 2007, in Lewins Mead, Bristol, when Dave was stopped by Old Bill because the red BMW he was in had the licence plate: BADBOY1. OB searched Dave and his Beamer and found live ammo in his pocket and a number of prop weapons in the boot.

Dave's counsel, Donal McGuire, told the judge that Dave was heavily investing his time in community projects, charities and had a message for the youth of today that "crime doesn't pay" and presented him with several charity and MP's references.

The Judge agreed to drop all charges except one: possession of a single bullet in his pocket. Dave said "Guilty" and Judge Ticehurst said: “I accept the item was intended for your stage performance. I accept you were genuinely amazed to discover the ammo was live" and gave him an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £750 costs within 21 days.

All Dave has to do now is stay out of trouble for eighteen months! That said, it's a great result because it means that Dave won't have trouble visiting America in the future. RESULT!

I would just like to thank all of you who emailed myself and Dave with wishes of good luck. It means a lot to know that so many of you are behind him.

19th January 2009

Hello everyone,

After spending the last few hours chatting with Dave about the developments in his Court case he asked me to write this note to you all.

In the months leading up to the case Dave has spoken about what might happen and I found it hard to believe, I didn't doubt Dave, but I was brought up to believe that the British Justice System is something to be proud because it gives everyone a fair and thorough chance of Justice being done, and to realise it isn't gives me a lot of cause for concern, how many innocent people are in prison and how many of the powerful go free? What is happening right now to Dave proves beyond all reasonable doubt that our Justice system CAN be manipulated very easily by those who have the power to do so. Here is what has happened and Dave's thoughts:

  1. Daves Crown Court case has been adjourned five times keeping Dave on bail for over a year which has denied him being able to go to America.

  2. The Case was supposed to start today (Monday 19th) but was adjourned until further notice last week.

  3. The notice came today, Monday 19th, that the trial will begin tomorrow. How is all involved supposed to re-arrange their diaries to fit in with ONE days notice?

  4. It is starting at 11.30am, on all 3 days it has been allocated, instead of the usual 10.00am, which is 4.5 hours lost over what is already a short amount of time for this case. The first day (today) will start with signing in the Jury which we easily take up until dinner, probably more. The afternoon will be formalities and opening statements and arresting officer and other officers statements including the officer that has emigrated to Australia. All of Day two will no doubt be for the prosecutions case. Day three will have to fit in Dave's case, summing up and The Jury working out their verdict which probably means Dave will only get a couple of hours at most to state his case but he would like a whole day.

  5. Dave's main witnesses, the major part of Dave's defence, are Garry Bushell and Bill Murray. They had both originally booked the start of the week off to be able to attend and testify, they both have appeared in films with Dave and have their own bullets to use as props in the films, the same as the one Dave is being charged with possessing. They cannot appear on the new date, Thursday, because of commitments. They have telephoned and emailed the Court to say they will appear via Video Link or write their testimony so it can be read out in Court but they have been told THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Dave cannot mention this in court because, for instance, he could say Prince Phillip was due to be his witness but could not make it, or anyone, doesn't hold water. Is it a coincidence that on Garry Bushell's website for the last couple of weeks he has written what he will be doing on Thursday 22nd and that is the day the new court date falls on so he cannot appear and has been refused written or video testimony? Dave cannot state this in Court because it is hearsay. When Dave asked why they cannot send written testimony the answer was 'because they are not allowed'.

If anyone has knowledge of law and any previous cases that have been given ONE days notice and not allowed written testimony from witnesses that unable to attend in person? Please could you email Dave because he, and I, would love to know whether this is a regular feature of Crown Court cases, or is it a rarity, or totally unheard of?

Dave also said "I have complete faith in the British Justice System", with a wry smile.
Fair trial?

All the best,
'The Scarecrow'.
P.S. Shall we adjourn the revolution?

16th January 2009


MIKE GREY will be signing copies of his new hard-back book "Ronnie Biggs - The Inside Story", which is published on 6th February 2009.

  • Saturday 7th February
    Waterstones, Epsom
    11am - 2pm.
  • Saturday 14th February
    Waterstones, Haywards Heath
    3pm - 4pm.
  • Saturday 7th March
    Borders, Southampton
    12 - 2pm.

Further book signings to be confirmed by Apex Publishing.

24th December 2008

to ALL of YOU


Dave, Jen and Mal

20th December 2008

Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks         Letter from Ronnie Biggs to Tel Currie

Finally, we see the cover to Tel Currie's new book, Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks. I've had the chance to read it cover to cover and believe me, you need to read this book! You can read about it and the letter that Tel received from Ronnie Biggs by CLICKING HERE.

28th October 2008


First-time filmmaker Nicola Collins turned the camera on her father and his Cockney gangster friends to produce The End, a series of interviews with underworld criminals from London’s East End who describe their crimes as well as the poor, violent upbringing that shaped them and their world.

22nd October 2008

REMIX, 20-21 Hermitage Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1BT [MAP]


20th October 2008

I have always considered Tel Currie as a man in the know and a good friend. Tel has held the trust (and the ears) of ALL the Chaps for years, he doesn't mince his words and he always tells the truth.

Wilf Pine says of Tel: "Tel Currie is the new generation. Tel is 33 years old with the mind of a 55 year old. Unlike many of the new generation, Tel has respect and we all love him. I loved the book 'Heroes and Villains" because it was the absolute truth. Tel Currie is a close personal friend of myself, Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Knight, Vic Dark, Ronnie Biggs, Bruce Reynolds, Charlie Bronson, Joey Pyle, Howard Marks, all the gypsy boy's etc, etc... Need I say more? Love ya' Telboy"

Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw: "Telboy is one of my very closest friends and I'm not a man to keep a huge entourage around me ... I trust him 100%."

Johnny Frankham 'King of the Gypsies': "Tel is not fake or plastic ... any trouble he's there!

Jimmy Stockin: "We are always here for him and he is always there for us ... RESPECT"

John Knight: "Tel is a great bloke who will do anything for you, as long as you don’t take liberties. My brother Ronnie and I both have maximum respect for him and his old school rules and values."

So, when I was fortunate enough to read early manuscripts of both his new books ('Ronnie Biggs - The inside Story' by Tel and Mike Gray and 'Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks' by Tel) I realised that a lot of what I thought I knew was wrong and found loads of stuff I didn't know at all! Pretty amazing stuff, considering the size of my own collection of books on the subjects he covers.

I hear from Apex Publishing that the pre-orders flooding into Apex are overwhelming! Now, this is NOT a sales pitch ... but I strongly advise anyone with an interest in the British gangland scene to pre-order NOW by clicking on the links above!

Now I've finished blowing Telboy's trumpet, here's what he has to say about me:

"Mal has been more than a web master for most of us; he has been a solid, staunch, reliable and loyal friend to most of us, the rock we can lean on. The work he does is brilliant!

"He is an all round underrated man, but most of us know how strong he is. You will always get the big gob, threatening, bullying 'I will come and cut you up' brigade because they actually think it scares people and people will think they are hard! This just bores Mal, he is solid. It's pretty impossible to dislike Mal and I admire that quality. His web sites are the best and always updated, he is a true professional..... and a true friend!"

What a nice man :-)

17th October 2008


Mal has a little slack in his workload at the moment (always happens in the lead-up to Christmas). Take a look at his webpage on this site and follow the links to the selection of websites he's designed. Dave Courtney says of Mal "Whenever I ask Mal for the impossible he says NO PROBLEM and it's done." Cass Pennant reckons that his website for the film Cass beat the official website handled by the promoters hands down. Jason Marriner says "I couldn't do it without Mal. He's the best." Dave Lea says "Mal is the best. I couldn't find better over here in the USA so I went to Mal. His attention to detail is second to none. He's done me proud."

So, if you would like to talk to a professional about your website needs and be amazed that he quotes around half the price of most web design companies then start the ball rolling by emailing Mal.

6th October 2008

Our old friend Mark Fish was out on the town in Rotheram with Dave and Jen on Friday and enjoying himself as usual when he felt a little off-colour. Off he went to the bog and threw up ... two pints of blood. "That can't be right" said Mr. Fish and took himself off to the local hospital for a service, where they told him he had a burst stomach ulcer. Well, that pissed Mark right off for a start. It was Friday night and he had a weekend of unadulterated adult fun planned!

"Plug up the ulcer, I've got better things to do than spend Friday night in a sick bed" Mark told them. "I've got other beds waiting for me and this one's needed by proper sick people." But the medical staff insisted on taking blood samples and keeping him prisoner until the results came through.

Then came the body blow: "Mr. Fish" they said "You've had a heart attack at some time in the last week or so!"

"F*ck off" replied Mark. "I think I'd have remembered something like that!" But the enzyme levels in his blood don't lie. Mark had had a full blown heart attack and not noticed. Knowing Mark and his lifestyle as I do, I can well believe that.

He was in typically high spirits and making jokes about everything that had happened when he phoned me from hospital today, but that's Mark. I have threatened to take six burly geezers up there to hold him down while I give him a good kicking unless he mends his ways (any volunteers?). The world needs people like Mark to keep it turning. I'm sure that all of you reading this will wish Mr. F a speedy recovery.

If you want to get a message of support to him (or a threat if you're brave enough) then feel free to email me at mal@davecourtney.com and I'll be happy to pass all of them on to the man.

2nd October 2008

Interested in booking An Audience with Freddie Forman, Carlton Leach, Jason Marriner, Big Joe Egan? It just got easier! Clear Perceptions are now the people to talk to for getting all of the hardest of the hard to your venue. Just go to the Clear Perceptions website to enquire.

Clear Perceptions Ltd is a Promotions, Event Management and Security company based in Essex. Clear Perceptions was founded in January 2008 by Carlton Leach and Bill Hickey (who are both Partners of the company). After the success of their first show "Rise of the Footsoldier Official UK Tour-An Audience with Carlton Leach" Carlton and Bill decided to take this show on the road and so Clear Perceptions was born. Since January the business has gone from strength to strength and along with project managing events has also expanded into the security industry with many new ventures on the horizon.......

2nd September 2008

Dave Courtney will be at The Queens Hotel, 274 Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5BY on the 6th September for "An Audience with Dave Courtney". There will also be a memorabilia charity auction, photos and signings, etc. promoting 'Care for your Schools'. Dave is leading the campaign to raise £10m for all UK schools, the campaign is to assist individual schools to raise an additional £30k per year to help with funding to provide better facilities, which also supports 'Lets Knock Out Bullying'.

Tickets are £10 in advance £15 on the door (availability not guaranteed) Doors open at 8, show starts at 9 (no entry during show) Ticket Hotline: 07944453560

1st September 2008

Tel Currie, Eddie Richardson and Roy Shaw

Our great friend Tel Currie has been busy again. He's written a truly classic book called ‘LEFT HOOKS and DANGEROUS CROOKS’. It’s the one of the best and most thrilling book I have read in years and, being a close friend of Tel’s, I know that it’s ALL TRUE! Read on ...

This book charts for the very first time, the complete TRUE story of unlicensed and bare knuckle boxing. From the great Gypsy showdowns and fighters like ‘King of the Gypsy’s’ Johnny Frankham and Jimmy Stockin through Roy Shaw, Joey Pyle Snr, Alex Steen and the conception of unlicensed fighting and the very first unlicensed fight through Donny ‘The Bull’ Adams, Lenny McLean, Columbo, Harry Starbuck and Cliff Field. The REAL truth about Lenny McLean and Bartley Gorman and what REALLY happened in the epic 3 fight Shaw v Mclean saga. The book takes you through all of Lenny Mclean’s defeats and studies the men who beat him. The book also takes you through the underworld and introduces the reader to Tel’s close friends, some of who he worked for including Charlie Richardson, Freddie Foreman, Ronnie Knight, Howard Marks, Johnny Nash, Carlton Leach, Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw, Wilf Pine, Chris Lambrianou, ‘Big’ Albert Chapman, Jason Mariner all contribute! The foreword is by Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw. Follow this link.

Also, Tel and Mike Grey have teamed up to write the official story of Ronnie Bigg’s years back in England after his return from Brazil in 2001. Tel, Mike and Roy Shaw are Ronnie’s most loyal and regular visitors and Ronnie has fully backed the book with a foreword by Ronnie’s son, Mike Biggs.This is a powerful document... And it’s ALL THE TRUTH!! Follow this link.




21st August 2008

26th AUGUST:

To celebrate the DVD launch of 'Hell to Pay' in the US, Canada, Russia, Germany & Japan, a special screening of the film has been arranged for next Tuesday, the 26th August at the Ritz Cinema by Skeleton Cru Promotions and the Worthing Film Club.

Between 5pm-7pm Dave will be signing copies of his books at Methven's Bookstore, South Street, Worthing. Then at 8pm the film will be screened at the Ritz in Union Place. A ticket-only aftershow party - where you can meet and have a beer with Dave and his special guests - will be held at The Rest Bar, Bath Place, Worthing (R.O.A.R.)

Tickets available on the night at the Ritz Cinema entrance (£7 screening only, £10 screening and aftershow), or to reserve tickets ring 07913 475697.

19th August 2008

29th July 2008


Cass Pennant's film "CASS" was premiered last night in Leicester Square London to great critical acclaim. It's released on Friday 1st August across the country and I would genuinely advise EVERYONE to go and see it, 'cos it's gonna be a box office smash, as it is somewhat different to your average football hooligan flick!

If you want to know where it's showing simply CLICK HERE.

18th July 2008

WE are anxious to locate the whereabouts of this man. Anyone with any information on his identity or whereabouts please email us.

15th July 2008


Our old friend Cass Pennant's film "CASS" is released on the 1st August. Good enough to rate a THREE page spread in the Arts Section of The Times, this is one film not to miss this year. After enjoying the trailer you can find out more about the film: CLICK HERE.

1st July 2008

Dave was invited up to Doncaster a month ago by Mark Fish for a little party he was throwing for his pals to meet Mike Tyson. Dave says he had a fantastic night and wants to thank Mr. Fish. Mark has sent me loadsa photos of the day, so there will be a gallery of them coming very soon.

30th June 2008


Ronnie Biggs: My Story

by Ronnie Biggs, Mike Gray and Tel Currie

Ronnie Biggs (with Mike Gray and Tel Currie, who are two of Biggs' closest friends and regular visitors) have signed contracts with Apex Publishing Ltd to publish his life story 'Ronnie Biggs: My Life' which will be released in November 2008.

Ronnie Biggs (born August 8, 1929) is an English prisoner who is known for escaping from prison after his minor role in the Great Train Robbery of 1963 and for being on the run for many years. He eventually settled in Brazil but voluntarily returned to England in 2001.

Biggs announced to The Sun that he would be willing to return to the UK. Biggs was fully aware that he would be detained upon arrival in England. Even so, he returned voluntarily on May 7, 2001, and was immediately arrested and re-imprisoned. Ronald Biggs had 28 years of his sentence left to serve. Since his return he has undergone a number of health scares, including two heart attacks, and has failed to get his sentence overturned or reduced.

His son said in a press release that contrary to some press reports, Biggs has not returned to the UK simply to receive health care. Health care was available in Brazil and he had many friends and supporters who would certainly have contributed to any such expenses. Biggs' stated desire was to "walk into a Margate pub as an Englishman and buy a pint of bitter".

On November 14, 2001, Biggs petitioned Governor Hynd of HMP Belmarsh for early release on compassionate grounds based on his poor health. He had been treated four times at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich in less than six months. His health was deteriorating rapidly and he asked to be released into the care of his son for his remaining days. The application was denied.

On August 10, 2005, it was reported that Biggs had contracted MRSA. His lawyers, seeking for his release on grounds of compassion, said that their client's death was likely to be imminent.

On October 26, 2005, the Home Secretary Charles Clarke declined his appeal stating that his illness is not deemed terminal. Home Office compassion policy is to release prisoners with three months left to live. Biggs continues to need a tube for feeding and has difficulty speaking.

On July 4, 2007, Biggs was moved from Belmarsh prison to Norwich prison on "compassionate grounds".

In December 2007, Biggs issued a further appeal, from Norwich prison, asking to be released from jail to die with his family: "I am an old man and often wonder if I truly deserve the extent of my punishment. I have accepted it and only want freedom to die with my family and not in jail. I hope Mr Straw decides to allow me to do that. I have been in jail for a long time and I want to die a free man. I am sorry for what happened. It has not been an easy ride over the years. Even in Brazil I was a prisoner of my own making".

26th June 2008


The Sun - 26 June 2008 - Front Page

The following just in from Michael Gray:

After Ronnie's lawyer Giovanni di Stefano announced yesterday (June 25) on his Official web site, that Ronnies case had been sent to the Parole Board by the Home Office, the "UK media Circus" began, (see today's Daily Mirror Front Page above).

The Home Office have not allowed Ronnie to claim the Custody when he was in Brazil & Barbados, therefore his 10 Year stretch is ending in JULY 2009, which is a Third of his Original 30 Years (How many people did Ronnie Kill ?????)

If Giovanni can get the Home Office to include Ronnies custody outside the UK, then he will be paroled on CHRISTMAS DAY This Year.

Either way Chaps, This is THE FIRST TIME in all our Campaigning since his 2001 UK return, that Ronnie's parole appeal has been sanctioned by the Home Office and been sent straight to the parole board, NOT the usual route of the Appeal Courts, etc.

I visited Ronnie last Thursday, and he looks very well considering. Still cannot speak (he uses an A-Z laminated sheet to communicate) in his Wheelchair 24/7, but his eyes, ears and mind are as sharp as ever. He still has that inner fight and he will not give up and absoluetly dreads the thought of dying in Her Majesty's Prison,

Anyone and everyone who wants to write to The Legend (although he cannot right back for obvious reasons) please do so, as he really enjoys reading his mail/letters/cards of support and stories from the outside world ....


Ronnie is 79 on August 8th, So lets All hope and pray, Its his last Birthday in Captivity.

25th June 2008

The 'Hell to Pay' Region 1 DVD has just gone on sale in the USA & Canada. The Head of Acquisitions at York Entertainment in LA, Marty Poole, has said that he thinks it is a "kick-ass movie" and expects it to do "stellar business" throughout the States and beyond.

To get your hands on a US copy of the film CLICK HERE.

21st June 2008

Dave's house was raided at 6 a.m. on Friday morning by TWENTY old bill from Scotland Yard's Serious Crime Squad. Dave had been out all night as he had been with Joe Pyle Jnr. and Alan (who had just received a not guilty himself) on a prison visit on Thursday and went back to Alan's house in Cobham. He was only going to stay there a little while but stayed until 5 a.m. When he got back home he went and sat in the garden and that's when they arrived.

They bought a warrant and FOUR big silver suitcases and when Dave asked what they were for he was told to mind his own business. They said they were looking for drugs and had police dogs with them. The dogs found lots of bits of puff.

Dave said that he'd like to have one of those police dogs to find small bits of puff here, there and everywhere, as what they found could have been rolled up to make a big ball!!!

OB also questioned him again about the guns and bullets etc. of which Dave told them that that particular matter was already being dealt with by the Bristol Bobbies. They found a box with some in but Dave had already put a note in there saying "HELLO I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU ."

Dave said he thinks that they were there to renew the bugs in his house again, as he wasn't charged with anything, but he added "10 out of 10 for manners as they were very clean and tidy and didn't damage anything or knock any doors down."

In the house at the time was Dave, Ray, Jen, Courtney, Beau and Sheila.

13th June 2008

OK everyone , this is a brief statement to those of you that knew that Lesley Batin was my agent. She did attend various functions with me as my sole promoter and agent and many of you did say that she was no good for me. She also had upset a lot of people along the way and yet being the bloke I am I still defended her and carried on giving her second chances. Well now I'm afraid the final chances have gone and I'm holding up my hands and saying: Dave Courtney was wrong in defending her for so long and you all were so very right. So Lesley is no longer my agent or anything to do with myself Dave. and I apolgise to those of you that she has rubbed up wrong way, but she no longer works for me. Thanking you.

4th June 2008

"REFORMED gangster and inspiration for British film 'Rise of the Footsoldier' Carlton Leach is set to back a Leukaemia campaign and tell tales of the underworld at a Thurrock venue.

Dad of three Jamie, 24, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukaemia last month and is now fighting for his life at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.

"Jamie, who is originally from Roach, East Tilbury but now lives in Pitsea, has always been a fan of the likes of Carlton Leach and celebrity gangster Dave Courtney and plans are being made for them to visit his bedside."

Read more ...

2nd June 2008

1st June 2008

29th May 2008

Dave appears to have a new website at Freewebs. Check it out and let me know what you think.

22nd May 2008

10th May 2008

If you were unlucky enough to miss the Audience with Dave Courtney at Chicago Rock in Luton then you have another chance at Chicago Rock Tamworth [MAP]. Dave will be doing his stand up show including question and answer time. He will also be doing a book signing and a Charity Auction for ECHO CHILDRENS' TRUST and auctioning off all sorts of memorabilia.

Tickets are a mere tenner each and you can buy them on-line by clicking HERE.

Also available: Booth area with two course meal table seating for 4,5,6 people available upon request. 10 VIP tickets available seated with Dave (meal included) at £75.00 per person.

4th May 2008

Dave will be attending a book signing at Waterstones Booksellers, George Street, Luton, (01582 486 999) on thew 7th May from 11am - 2pm.

30th April 2008

Dave is on BBC1 tomorrow (Thursday 1st May) at 7 pm on The ONE Show being interviewed by Dominic Littlewood about the Krays. Miss it at your peril ... well, unless you have a date with a Supermodel. If you DO have a date with a Supermodel but would prefer to watch Dave on TV then please feel free to give me her phone number and I'll take her out for you, leaving you free to watch the prog. Just one of my many services to DC fans. Can't say fairer than that, can I?

28th April 2008

Don't forget that Dave is at the Luton Chicago Rock Cafe on the 7th May. Your chance to meet London's most infamous celebrity gangster Dave Courtney! Get your VIP Tickets now for just £50 and you could be enjoying a delicious dinner with Dave before the event.

Call 01582 405144 for your VIP tickets or click here to get your normal event ticket for just £5. For more information on this event please click here.

Click HERE to see the Flyer.

16th April 2008

Dave has sent Mark Fish a "Guardian Angel" to watch over him. Mark took one look and said "I think I'll take my chances!"

Wanna see the angel DC sent him (and the reason for his response)? CLICK HERE

15th April 2008

Well, it seems that Dave and I aren't the only people to view his "bail" in the Bristol case with some suspicion. I have just received the following from another old pal, Tel Currie:


So, Dave Courtney has been bailed. With the sheer weight of evidence in his favour, there is no way Dave Courtney could go down for what he’s being accused of. The case is cut and dried and should of been thrown out of court last Friday, so why wasn’t it?

Moreover, why was nobody the least bit surprised upon hearing DC will now appear at a later date?

This of course buys time... But for WHO?

Being on bail is an extremely fragile place to be, it’s a tightrope with no safety harness. If Dave Courtney makes the most minor of mistakes while on bail, he will be straight in jail on remand.It has been known on many occasions for those in a similar situation to be ‘helped along’ when on bail and find themselves in prison after something had been ‘found’ that was not there before or other unsavory works of the supernatural!

Of course, nobody is saying this is what will happen but it’s not unheard of. Why is more time needed? That’s the interesting question. Could it be the starter was far from filling and the main course will take longer to cook up than usual?

If that is the plan, it’s extremely transparent because everyone has said exactly the same thing.

I would suggest that if DC is arrested again before his next appearance in Bristol it would be worth looking at the reason why extremely closely.

Can I also take this opportunity to announce with great regret and sympathy that Chris Lambrianou phoned me on Sunday to inform me of the death of his brother Leon. Rest in peace my friend and please spare a thought and sympathy for the Lambrianou family. Leon is the third of the brothers to pass away in four years, only Chris & Jimmy remain.


14th April 2008

Mark FishOur old friend Mark Fish has had a spot of bother. Mark has been dashing up and down the motorways for the past seven weeks overseeing the filming of the movie of Charlie Bronson's life. A couple of days ago he was at a set of traffic lights with his young daughter in the passenger seat. He pulled away, heard a loud twang and hit a lamp-post. Neither he nor his daughter were hurt, but the front of the car was rather bent.

An auto-technician who surveyed the car said that someone had loosened the nuts and locking nuts on his track rod ends. "They couldn't have come undone themselves" said the technician, "Someone must have done it deliberately."

From minor corrosion evidence on the threads, the technician said he reckoned that they had been loosened to within two turns of coming off about two weeks earlier. Mark is extremely lucky that they didn't come undone while he was belting down the motorway ... DISASTER ... or maybe that was the intension!

Mark's attitude? "I don't give a f**k if someone wants to kill me. It wouldn't be the first time. I don't know if I've pissed somebody off with what I'm doing for Charlie, but endangering my innocent daughter is another matter!"

11th April 2008

Dave phoned this afternoon after leaving court in Bristol to tell me that had been bailed to appear at another date. Very strange considering the weight of evidence he has to beat the charges. Strange? Perhaps not.

Dave says it seems pretty obvious why:

"Everyone knows what happens if you're arrested again when you're on bail. You are straight in on remand, no question. So, they've put me on bail 'cos they're cooking something up. I expect that, before my next appearance in Bristol, they will arrest me for something else and I get a 'Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect £200' card!"

Personally, I've never known Dave to be wrong in these matters, so keep watching this space.

If you're in the Swansea area this evening you might like to consider going to the Audience With Carlton Leach at the 4 Seasons Club,  Trallwn Rd, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9UQ [MAP], as Dave will be in attendance with his good friend Carlton.

5th April 2008

4th April 2008

As reported a couple of days ago, Dave is all set to launch Hell To Pay in America. Roberto Gomez, the film's Director, has been kind enough to release the cover of the US DVD to me, so here it is:

3rd April 2008

Dave will be appearing at An Audience With ... at the Omega Sector, 90-98 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6SX [MAP] on Sunday 13th April. Tickets are £15 each available from 0121 200 8383 or email chris.gould@omegasektor.com. Omega Sektor is known as "The Play Place" so get down there for the fun 'n' games with Dave Courtney.

31st March 2008

Dave is set to hit the USA yet again. This time with the much-awaited American DVD release of "Hell To Pay" starring Dave, Billy Murray (McVicar, Essex Boys), Dave Legeno (Snatch, The Cottage, Harry Potter) and Terry Stone (Rise of the Footsoldier, Rollin' With the Nines). It's set for a 24th of June release date priced $19.99, (that's roughly a tenner in English!). To pre-order your copy CLICK HERE.

Also packed with out-takes and extras, this disc is a must-have for all of Dave's fans and for those who couldn't get their hands on a UK-version copy back in 2005. Just make sure your DVD player is multi-region as the US version of the film is Region 1!

27th March 2008


The event at Chicago Rock Cafe in Tamworth has changed dates. It will now take place on 13th May 2008.

The Luton event will be held on 7th May 2008. Address is: Chicago Rock Cafe, 20-44 Gordon Street, Luton, Beds, LU1 2QP [MAP]

25th March 2008

An Audience With Dave Courtney in Tamworth on 3rd June 2008 at Chicago Rock Cafe, 59-60 Church Street, Tamworth, B79 7DF [MAP]. Tickets £10.00 (excluding meal).

Also available: Booth area with two course meal table seating for 4,5,6 people available upon request. 10 VIP tickets available seated with Dave (meal included) at £75.00 per person.

Dave will be there to meet and greet everybody upon entry, along with a photograph being taken that Dave will dedicate to the guests prior to being shown to their seats. During the evening there will be an auction, raffle and book signing, the event Dave will also be raising money for Chicago Rock Cafe's sponsored Childrens Charity ECHO. The entire event will be filmed and you can book your DVD in advance, the proceeds raised from the DVD will be donated to Charity. This is one event you won't want to miss!

For further details and advance bookings please contact davesherosandvillains@hotmail.co.uk or Text or Telephone the events team on 0788 615 6543.

Dave will also be appearing at the Chicago Rock Cafe, 20-44 Gordon Street, Luton Beds LU1 2QP. For further details on all the events being held at a Chicago Rock Cafe's near you please contact the above.

23rd March 2008

Another Audience With Dave Courtney in South Wales ... this one is on Friday 28th March at the 4 Seasons Club,  Trallwn Rd, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9UQ [MAP]. Tickets are £20 on 01792 781500 or on the night. Be there!

And if you're up for that then maybe you'll be up for Carlton Leech at the same club on 11th April. See their website for details.

18th March 2008

Fully-Loaded Promotions are proud to announce that Dave will be appearing at "An Audience with Dave Courtney" at Dempseys, 15 Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BS [MAP] on Sunday 30 March 2008. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. and events starts at 7 p.m.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Pre-order - £17.50
On the door - £20.00
If buying more than 10 - £15

Ticketline: 07855 687111

8th March 2008

Dave will be appearing at the following event. Click on the pic to see the full picture in a new closable window.

6th March 2008

Dave will be appearing at the following event. Click on the pic to see the full picture in a new closable window.

4th March 2008


28th February 2008

24th February 2008

The following is just in from Tel Currie:

I fear for the morality of this great nation of ours. A nation that has been through so much in the last century and has been forced to take up arms to avoid oppression on more than one occasion. Now, it would appear governments are admiring and even copying the oppressor rather than the lessons that can be learned from the oppressed. Must justice now revolve around the idea of crushing a man's spirit and then waiting hauntingly & ghoulishly whilst looking at their watches for the body literally to be crushed as well. Will they not clock off until a man is buried deep in the earth, a technique rejected by even the most barbaric of country's?

What more can a slow grinding system do to Ronnie Biggs? Even the dimmest of us know this system has ground itself so hard it has dug, stumbled and fallen into a hole it can not climb out of! We all know the only idea they actually have is to wait for Ronnie Biggs to die. This is not just deserts, it's a complete lack of imagination and ideas.

This inspiring system was used on Reggie Kray. The system killed Reg Kray. The correct check ups and treatment would have diagnosed cancer in time to save him. I for one, refuse to believe they wanted to save him. His death solved too many problems for them to resist, it was a glorious open goal that even the worst striker in the world would have made sure he did not miss even with his weak foot!

So they told him it was nothing to worry about and for crippling stomach pain gave him two paracetamol at a time, an amount I wouldn't bother with even for the mildest of headaches!

Then, when it was too late, up jumped a cancer diagnosis!

Oh dear, where could that of come from ... whoops-a-daisy.

The system has Reg Kray's blood on it's hands and the people responsible are probably rather proud of it.

Now we have the same ingenious method being used on Ronnie Biggs. The difference between Reg and Ronnie Biggs is huge. Biggsy was no real villain, he was a desperate man who was skint. He was not feared like Reg because A) that's not in him and B) he was a carpenter NOT a gangster. He was not a threat to society then, so what does that make him now?

Like Bronson, Kevin Lane & Razor Smith, Biggs is a non-killer unlike, the government who keep them in jail for being naughty! How many young men & women have politicians killed over the years? Ha! Ha! ... It's almost funny... almost. It's like Peter Sutcliffe putting you in prison for G.B.H.!!!

Think of those who unleash hell on Iraq & Afghanistan, then think of a near 80 year old man who can't talk and has had numerous strokes who sat in a lorry watching an unarmed robbery over 40 years ago and has never hurt a sausage. Who's the evil party here? Well the old bloke obviously! He obviously has no morals. "Ooops... sorry that was a civilian shelter we blew up but isn't that Ronnie Biggs a nasty man, isn't Charlie Bronson violent?" Violent????? Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one!

The War mongers obviously don't think we are intelligent enough to work out what they are doing. The fact that a brain dead lemming with amnesia could work it out is more a reflection on them than us. It would surely be a vote winner if, whilst invading the world, the system also showed a small capability for compassion by letting an old man out of prison over forty years after his extremely minor part in a crime.

MR politician, we are not that stupid. Show some imagination, show some compassion, show some justice and you might ... just might ... regain some of the respect you lost years ago.


17th February 2008

Just in case any of you have forgotten, our old friend Ronnie Biggs is still in prison! Mike Gray, who staunchly runs the Free Biggs Campaign has put together a compilation of photos and a track of music ... his own version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" (recorded under the name The Train Robberz) ... which is now featured on YouTube. But why go traipsing over there to watch it when you can watch it in comfort here:

5th February 2008

Here's an offer you just can't refuse: I still have a small number of the very exclusive limited edition montage posters of Dave left. There were only 200 numbered autographed copies of this poster produced and I have less than 25 left now at the bargain price of £15.00 each (including p&p). The poster is black and white on best quality glossy poster paper, measuring 420mm x 297mm.

If you wish to be one of the 200 in the country to own this collectors item then click on the Paypal button to the left. But you'd better be quick: the button will be removed once all the posters have gone.

2nd February 2008

Just got off the phone to Dave, who was at the airport catching a plane to Spain. He's off to the mountains of Spain for a few days with international showjumper Oliver Skeet to fish for catfish, which to grow to eight feet and more than 200 lbs (over 90 kgs)!

Just an example of what Dave might find on the end
of his line. This one was caught in the same area and
weighed in at 226 lbs!

A couple of weeks ago Dave phoned the Wandsworth police to go in for his interview and was told that they weren't ready for him, but that they hoped they weren't causing him any inconvenience or worry. Dave was supposed to have an interview with them today, but left a message at the police station saying much the same thing!

He'll be back in time for his Leeds show towards the end of next week.

30th January 2008


Dave Courtney is famous for his ability to play pool using ONLY ONE HAND ... a skill he learned in prison. In fact, Dave NEVER plays two handed and it's a sight worth seeing. Even better, it's worth experiencing for yourself. If you'd like to spend a night in Dave's company at his home, the awesome Camelot Castle, playing him on his own table then be our guest. Win or lose, an evening of pool and unusual one-to-one banter with Dave is available to you for only £100. Yup, you heard me right. Just £100! And ... if you'd like to take us up on this offer ... we'll feature a photo of you with Dave (providing you remember to take one) on this Home Page.

HEY ... impress the hell out of your mates with who YOUR Pal is and tell them the incredible stories about YOUR great night ... and if they doubt your stories then just tell them to take a look at YOUR photo on DC's website.

He might even ask you to make an appearance in his next FILM or PHOTOSHOOT! Who knows what will happen on YOUR night with Dave?

Interested? Can't wait? Just email mal@davecourtney.com for details and then book your night. Dave would love to give you an evening to remember for the rest of your life!

28th January 2008


The management and girls at WILDCATS are delighted to invite you to a VIP evening with special guest Dave Courtney. Dave is joining the club on 7th February 2008 for a Q & A, photo and autograph session in addition to entertainment from their gorgeous Wildcats!!

This is a VIP event only at their venue at 153-155 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 5RB [ MAP ]. Doors will open at 8pm with free admission with a VIP pass.

To pre-book your FREE VIP tickets to this one-off event, text “Courtney” to 07797803008 or email info@wildcatsworld.com.

25th January 2008

In memory of Tel Currie Snr. A real man, gentleman and legend never to be forgotten! He will be missed.

22nd January 2008

Well, we finally found out what the Wandsworth police want to talk to Dave about. He says it's regarding a "road rage" incident back in the Summer of 2005! We'll bring you more just as soon as we know anything.

14th January 2008

Our old mate Charlie Bronson has a new book out on 6th June (published by Apex Publishing Ltd.) with a forword by Charlie Richardson and Tel Currie. Called LOONYOLOGY, it has contributions from many people including Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Knight, Howard Marks, Albert Chapman, Tel Currie Snr, Jason Marriner and Bernie Davies.

Once again, it's available now to pre-book at Amazon. So, just click on the book cover above to go to the Amazon page.

Incidentally, if anyone is trying to get through to our great pal Tel Currie on his mobile with no luck, don’t worry. Tel is NOT ignoring you! His current mobile phone is knackered but he will have a new one in a day or so and will be texting all his pals his new number.

9th January 2008

The story carried on the 5th January regarding Wandsworth police has taken a slight twist. When they contacted Dave at the weekend it was an "urgent matter". However, when Dave's solicitor phoned them on Monday they told him not to bother phoning until next Wednesday, as they weren't ready! And we're still none the wiser as to what they want to interview him about.

8th January 2008

Another great new book by Dave Courtney and Jim Dawkins to be released later this year: THE BRITISH CRIME AND PRISON QUIZ BOOK with a foreword by our old mate Charlie Bronson. Available now to pre-book at Amazon. Just click on the book cover above to go to the Amazon page. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE ...

Dave received an honourable mention on the front page of INSIDE TIME (the national newspaper for prisoners) this month for the wonderful thing he did for Lorna (pictured above) and all the hard-working ladies of PRISON CHAT UK. Read all about it HERE.

5th January 2008

Two rather interesting pieces of news from Dave:

The police have told Dave that his car, which he was driving when arrested by Bristol cops a few weeks ago, was retrieved from them by the She-Devil girls who formerly managed this website for a short period (and claimed to have designed it!). Dave says that he had purchased the car from them and paid to have it repaired, but didn't receive any documentation. The police say that the girls had all the correct paperwork when they came to collect it. Dave is somewhat angry, as he says that they had previously texted him on several occasions to say that they did not collect his car. The plot thickens.

More seriously, Dave has been contacted by Wandsworth police who have told him to get his solicitor to phone them on Monday and arrange an appointment for an interview with them next week. They said that Dave was likely to be arrested at the interview for something that happened a couple of years ago ... but they haven't said what! This is a slightly worrying development, as Dave is still on bail from Bristol nick, so a subsequent arrest could mean a spell on remand. Watch this space.

24th December 2007

... to all our visitors

Dave, Mal, Lesley and the team.

20th December 2007

Well, they're coming thick and fast now. Here's another letter from DAVE to BRISTOL POLICE.

19th December 2007

Another word from Dave about what's been happening in his life recently just came in, which you can read HERE.

On a personal note, I'd just like to thank all the people who have sent such kind emails welcoming me back to the site. It's stuff like that which makes my job so worthwhile. The job goes on and for any of you who want to ask any questions regarding the website (or website design/maintenance) the email address is mal@davecourtney.com.

18th December 2007

Dave's asked me to put up a letter for you which he wrote to the Bristol Police regarding the "live bullets" he is supposed to have had on him when stopped back in October, SO HERE IT IS.

14th December 2007

Another great Cage Rage event coming up:

Click on the pic to go to the Cage Rage website and buy tickets.

12th December 2007

Dave will be appearing at the "GLAMOUR" Launch Party at LEVEL Nightclub in Kettering on Saturday 22nd December. [ MAP ] So, if you live in the Northamptonshire area get yer arses down there. More information soooooon (well, as soon as I get it).

10th December 2007


It's been more than a year since I last sat in the driving seat here, but Dave has asked me to take the helm on his website again, so you might see a few changes over the coming months as I progressively re-tidy and re-organise the site.

First things first: Dave has made a statement about his recent brush with the law, which you can read HERE.

Now, if you've put Dave's show in Ongar on the 14th in your diary please run a line through it, as it is being rescheduled for next year. Apologies to all those who will be disappointed, but 2008 promises to be a record year for shows, so do not despair: Dave will be appearing at a venue near you in the not-too-distant future.

17th November 2007

Dave will be appearing on the Victoria Derbyshire phone in programme on BBC Radio Five on Tuesday 20th November between 10am - 11am. Along with author Terry Smith (Apex Publishing).

Dave will be interviewed at the studio at Television Centre in White City, Terry in Chelmsford.

They plan to talk about ex-criminals who have written biographies. As you may have heard, Gordon Brown mentioned in a speech on Liberty last month that he does not like seeing ex criminals making money from publishing their stories.

In reaction to this the BBC Radio Five wish to invite a few (in-)famous ex-criminals onto their show to talk about why they decided to write their books, how they went about it and also their experiences in crime.

They wished Dave to be on their show because he has published six books and stated they consider him to be an authority on this issue.

Monday 15th October 2007

Dave will be appearing at the

The Free Spirit Showcase for Arts and Music 
 3.30pm 17th October 2007 at the
Gillingham Library-High Street-Gillingham-Kent

Dave will be book signing and will be available for  
      photographs, the proceeds to be donated to charity.

Free Spirit will be launched by Harrison Ward-Mullis
The remarkable boy with half a brain- highlighted by the
BBC Documentary and shows his appreciation for the Arts and Music.
         Free refreshment, buffet and entertainment
Prizes for the winners of the colouring competition will be   
             awarded by Paul Clarke MP at 4.30pm
The Free Spirit showcase for the arts and music is organised by
Pepe Kau in association with Richie Benze.Co
 Sponsers Include:
Dave Courtney OBE, Playball, Abbey, Moonsnappers, Photomemories and Heroes & Villains Collectables.
Presentation Association - Medway Libraries, Sunlight Centre, Party Place and the band Paradise in Purple
Event organisers www.freespirit.wed-area.co.uk
The Band               www.paradiseonpurple.com
Dave Courtney    www.davecourtney.com

Saturday 13th October 2007

Hi All, Sorry I haven't been updating the site much but due to ill health on my part I have been confined to my bed for the past 4 weeks or so (thank you for all the cards and flowers I didn't receive) but don't worry Dave has been keeping me in good spirits offering to give me a bed bath and rub Vicks on my chest (I wonder why?)

Anyway,  I am now going through the daunting task of ploughing through the 200+ e-mails I have received during my absence (hence why it is 1.35am on a Friday night and I'm writing to you lovely lot and not out and about this evening).

I do have some great news for you all, you now have a choice of 2 new amazing shops to choose from as well as our brilliant current one.

The Welsh Firm, Duster Promotions, are back by popular demand with their original and unique range of Knuckle Duster pendants and key-rings, as well as some Dave Courtney OBE plaques and glassware.

Wednesday 26th September 2007

We had a great letter from John,Mel,Steve and Lisa to thank Dave for a great night they had playing pool with him.

To read it click HERE.

If you want to have a great night playing pool with Dave and his famous 1 handed game for just £100.00 click HERE.

20th September 2007

The tranquillity of the lovely City of Winchester will be shattered when Dave and his friends invade the old capital of England.  Never mind King Arthur, Dave will hold court at the First In, Last Out Public House and cordially invites you all for an evening of reminiscences and tales of close calls, derring do and bent coppers.  Not a night to be missed

Apologies from Dave to all his fans and friends for this website not getting the news it deserves just lately due to his busy schedule of filming, meetings and general skull-duggery.  However he will be giving some really exciting news in the near future.

Watch this space

Monday 3rd September 2007

Yesterday Dave took almost 100 of his most loyal and trustworthy men to Brentwood, Essex to be the security at the wedding of his good friend model Jodie Marsh and Matthew Peacock.

The men who travelled from as far away as Wales to be there guarded the gates and premises whilst approx 10 trained security dogs patrolled the surrounding perimeter all with the aim of preventing the press from having access to the very sort after pictures of the wedding which was the highly anticipated climax to Jodie's hit TV show "Jodie Marsh-Who's Gonna Take Her Up The Isle" for MTV.

The Wedding was situated at Jodie's parents home in there beautifully landscaped garden under an amazing marquee decorated with flowers, chandeliers and hanging mirrored mobiles and Jodie wore an amazing red dress. The reception afterwards was held at the pool side.

Unfortunately due to the high security status of the day we are unable to bring you any photographs of the event however, you can find info and even watch it by clicking  www.mtv.co.uk/jodie/thewedding

Tuesday 14th August 2007

Dave has some new and exciting dates lined up to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Care Centre in Cliff Woods, Kent.

The above event will be held to raise money and will be on the 19th August at the CPC Centre. The event will feature a bar, stalls, a Mustang drove by Patrick from The Drifters and competitions to win a Ferrari and a ride on a Harley Davidson. The event is free to enter and is open to the whole family!

This over 18's only event will be held on the 29th August to raise money for the CPC. It will be held at the Centre itself from 8pm til late.

To book now for just £15.00 per ticket to avoid disappointment click the PayPal Logo Below!

And Dave hasn't forgotten our friends in the North. He will be hosting an evening at the Doncaster Warehouse on the 12th October to raise money for Alan Rayment a bilateral amputee who is planning to cycle from Lands End To John O Groats for the When You Wish Upon A Star Charity.

Also featured at the event will be Comedian, singer, songwriter and musician Steve Womack who is local to the area and DJ Mark O.

Tickets cost just £15.00 each so book now by clicking the PayPal Logo below so you don't miss out!

Sunday 5th August 2007

Dave on


Dave will be the special guest on my favourite radio station Rockfm tonight on the Roy Basnett Phone Show talking about crime and life in general. This extremely popular radio show will be on from 10pm until 2am tonight and will be welcoming questions from anyone about anything which you can ring in and ask Dave who will answer them on air!

You can call in your questions after 10pm on 01772900974 or text "ROCK" followed by your question to 84131.

Listen to the show LIVE by clicking below

Thursday 19th July 2007

Don't forget the last few tickets are available for the Audience with Dave Courtney AT Dulwich Hamlet F.C on 20th July 2007!

Its a must see event for all true Dave fans so click below to get your ticket today!

Sunday 15th July 2007

One of Dave's most prideful moments in his life was to have his portrait painted by the legend that is Pierre Anstis.

The portrait usually takes pride of place in Camelot Castles main reception room but now it is hanging in the Second Space Gallery 117 Redchurch Street E2 from the 12th July 2007 for one week.

The piece is being displayed as part of a new exhibition to unveil Pierre's new piece, the beautiful Diana Icon.

Pierre has painted the beautiful Diana as a religious figure in a simple robe and carrying a rose in her hands as a symbol of love and life.

He has used jessow which has then been gilded in 24 karat gold leaf for her halo and ground down semi-precious stone Lapiz Lazuli and real diamonds to make her piercing, haunting eyes.

The portrait and the exhibition is aimed at raising money and awareness for the Terrence Higgins Trust who's aim is to personalise and humanise AIDS, HIV and sexual health and will be celebrating  its 25th anniversary this year.

The Trust was set up in memory of Terrence Higgins by his friends after he was one of the first people in the UK to die of AIDS on 4th July 1982.

Thursday 12th July 2007


Go clubbing and be in a film!!!


We will be filming at Tease nightclub, 28-40 Pier rd, Erith DA8 1TA
 on Friday the 27th of July from 10pm until late. The club will be open as usual, & it will be free admission but everyone will be asked to sign a release form on entry.
Some of the cast will be in attendance, so why not have your usual night out but be in a film at the same time? If you have been in any scenes before you would need to dress in the SAME OUTFIT.! But if you haven't just wear what you would on a night out. Everyone over 18 is welcome.


Friday 6th July 2007


At long last Dave will be doing another one of his Audience With Shows In Scunthorpe!

He will be appearing on Sunday 12th August for 8pm til late alongside his pal Howard "Mr Nice" Marks who will also be doing an Audience With Show at the magnificent Time Nightclub which has just undergone a massive 1 million pound refurbishment to turn it into an amazing multi scene entertainment venue with state of the art light and sound.

This massive event which has been dubbed the biggest party ever in Lincolnshire history is being headlined by the recently awarded Best DJ of 2007 DJ Sam Young who has one of the most enviable client list in the business.

Also performing will be none other than 70's sensation Dr And The Medics who are most famous for there hit "Spirit In The Sky". And the whole event with be compared by star of TV, film and stage Adrian Doughty who is best know for being one of the Comedy trio The Oddballs.

And we must not forget the very beautiful and talented Stacy the fire eater who will be there to light up the event.

Advanced tickets are available at The Priory Hotel, Smiths Male, Smiths Female, Stephen Smith's Garden Centre, Time Nightclub and The Mallard at a price of £10.00 but fear not they are also available on the door on the night for £15.00 for those of you who cant get to the area beforehand.

Tuesday 19th June 2007

Dave has got some extremely exciting events coming up that are a must see for all true fans.

The First is brought to you by Lost The Plot Promotions and is on the 28th June 2007 at the SE1 Club on Weston Street (off Tooley Steet) London Bridge.

On the night there will be white collar boxing, live entertainment form the George Michael Experience, Tonic and the Realta Jazz Band. As well as DJ sets from DJ Dave playing 70's and 80's music, Funky House with Johnny Morris and a set from Chriss Kerrang.

Tickets are selling out fast and so to make it fair they are only available on the door on a first come first serve  basis there is only standing room available but it is a must see event!

It starts at 6pm so don't be late!


  Dave will also soon be doing a once in a life time Audience With Show Tour In Spain. The 3 day event that is brought to you by Costa Breaker Events will take place at Asturias, Punta Prima on the 6th, 7th and 8th July.

For information on the event including how to book click on the flyer below

The event  has been heavily promoted and sponsored by

To check out there site click the banner above.

Friday 15th June 2007

Dave has organised an evening for the ladies of the Prisoners Wives Association to go out for the day to the theatre followed by a night club in central London tomorrow and did have a mini bus and driver donated for the day to take them and bring them home but unfortunately he has been let down at the last minute.

Rather than let down all these lovely ladies who have been really looking forward to the day he has asked us to make a very urgent appeal to all you mini bus drivers out there to see if any of you can lend a helping hand.

He is looking for a driver who is prepared to donate there services and pick the ladies up at 2pm tomorrow, take them to the theatre then on to a bar and club bringing them home at approx 2am.

He understands this is a tall order and very short notice but you would really be making these ladies day!

If you can help please call 07847102548.


Once again Dave wishes to apologise for the cancellation of his Birmingham visit which was beyond his control.

He would like to assure you that he will do all in his power to arrange new dates in the area.

Thursday 14th  June 2007

I have just been informed that due to police interference with the hotel licensee the Audience With Show at Walsall tomorrow has had to be cancelled.

The police issue is due to the request of a late licence for the event which has been declined. This is the first time that the venue has been refused.

This does not come as any surprise to Dave as it is common occurrence and he has said "All I can do is say sorry and make it public".

Due to this Dave has also had to also cancel the book signing at Waterstones, Walsall for Saturday 16th June.

Monday 11th June 2007

We wish to apologise for our previous technical difficulties.

We have now rectified the problem and we are working normally as usual.

Tuesday 5th June 2007

We have today just received news of a brilliant Audience With Show in Birmingham on the 15th June which starts 7pm until 12pm and as well as Dave there will also be live sets from Drum N Bass DJ's Funk Da Bass ( from Decades in Northampton ), DJ Taktix, Unison & Horney. 
Check out the flyers below for more info.

To check out how to find the venue and how to book

Monday 4th June 2007

We have just had some brilliant news for all Dave fans.

Dave will be appearing at a pool competition that will be held at a household location in Newbury Berkshire on the 22nd July, starting at 16.00.

The entry is £50.00 and the winner will win this brand new American pool table worth £600. Dave Courtney will be playing.

There are 64 places. For further details and to book, please call 07795 383501 or to email click here HERE

Friday 1st June 2007

A Tale Of 3 Men And A Wheelchair?!

A while ago one of Daves biggest fans Ben Davis wanted to spend the day with his hero and so with the help of Brothers-in-Arms Jon and Paul and a wheelchair they set out to give Ben the day of his life! But the question is was it Ben or Dave who got more than he bargained for?!?

For the full story from Bens local, The Contented Pig's website.

Thursday 31st May 2007

Dave appeared at a knockout night last night at Vinny's Nightclub in Cheshunt that was arranged by the clubs events manager Marky J.

The evening also featured rare guest appearances from Jason Mariner and Roy Shaw, not to mention the gorgeous girls from the BabeStation and its owner Dave Philby as well as music from Da Playboyz.

To see pictures of the event

Saturday 26th May 2007


We still have some tickets available for an Audience with Dave Courtney and Special Guest Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw appearing at Vinny's Night Club Cheshunt 30th May. Ticket price single £20.00 also free entry to club after show party. 

To Get Your Tickets Click Here!

Friday 25th May 2007

As you may know Dave went down to Preston's favourite radio station Rockfm to appear on the Roy Basnett Phone Show talking about crime and life in general.

Thanks to our friends at www.youtube.com we now have a clip of his appearance on the show.


Tuesday 22nd May 2007

As some of you may have noticed we have been working on the completion of Dave's all new on line photo album over the last few weeks. We have tried our hardest to ensure that there are no faults in this new service with its easy to select and search categories but if you find any please let us know.

We would like to thank all Dave's  friends and his fans for sending us thousands of pics since February when we started the process. We hope we haven't missed any out and if we have then please resend them to us now.

We are also working on additions to Dave's media section with loads of new newscuttings and articles. We will be adding new ones every day this week so keep checking everyday!!

Friday 18th May 2007

Dave has got a busy time of it at the moment. Last night he was in Birmingham with good friends Nigel Benn, Mark, Sandra, Eamon and John at a boxing event followed by a Lionel Richie Concert where he was invited backstage afterwards.

On Saturday (19th) he will be Devon opening a shop called ICETec in Holsworthy, Devon, for a nice guy called Mark who is the official distributor for Charlie Bronson Artwork and also the mastermind behind www.myspace.com/charliebronsonart.

Dave will not only be opening the store but he will also be doing a book signing from 12pm at the venue followed by an evening of Charity Pool at Holsworthy social club from 8pm.

For more details on the event along with a map for directions visit out Dates page

Also on Sunday (20th) Dave will be at London's ExCel from 10am til 5pm at the Seni 07 Mixed Martial Arts Exhibition where he will be signing books, posters and DVD's that will be for sale at the event.

For more details on the event along with a map for directions visit out Dates page

Sunday 13th May 2007

Dave on


Dave will be the special guest on my favourite radio station Rockfm tonight on the Roy Basnett Phone Show talking about crime and life in general. This extremely popular radio show will be on from 10pm until 2am tonight and will be welcoming questions from anyone about anything which you can ring in and ask Dave who will answer them on air!

You can call in your questions after 10pm on 01772900974 or text "ROCK" followed by your question to 84131.

Listen to the show LIVE by clicking below

Thursday 10th May 2007

Dave has been very busy recently finishing his latest book which was completed this week (we will keep you posted on its release).

Dave had just enough time to visit Bernice at Andrews Home Entertainment, 101 the Pentagon, Chatham, Kent ME4 4HW to collect several items she has donated to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Centre.

This weekend he went down to the Sweeps Festival, Rochester, Kent with his friend Roy Shaw to do book signings and photographs. He would like to thank everyone who came down to see him especially Donna Cook who travelled all the way there with her husband who has a broken leg just to bring there son to meet Dave.

Dave receives thousands of e-mails every week from people all over the world, all of which are passed onto him. He would like to say a special thank you to Nathan Hill, Heidi Wardman, Louise from The Aquarium and Clare for there recent e-mails and pics. 

Wednesday 2nd May 2007

Thanks to our good friends at the Heroes And Villains Store and Apex Publishing we have now been able to open our Official Dave Courtney OBE For Charity Shop on this site. The shop features items for sale and auction which has been donated buy businesses to raise money for the Charities Dave supports.

If you have a product or service you wish to donate then please

e-mail Dave

You can find the Charity Shop buy clicking the Heroes and Villains Store banner at the top of the page then clicking on the link to it in the shops menu or buy clicking clicking on Shops on the menu to your left followed by The Charity Shop.

Monday 1st May 2007

The Dave Courtney OBE Official On-Line Store Is Now Open With Loads Of New Items Up For Grabs And There Is Hundreds Of New Items Still To Add That Will Only Be Available Here.

You Can Find The Site By Clicking On The Heroes And Villains Banner At The Top Or On The Left Hand Menu Under Shops!

Monday 22nd April 2007


Saturday 21st April 2007

Just to let you know that due to reasons beyond our control "An Audence With Dave Courtney OBE" for tonight in Gillingham has been cancelled. Dave is very sorry to his fans who have been let down by this. But Never fear . . . .

Also as you may remember from the 20th March 07, Dave plans to hold a charity Audience soon to raise money for the Cerebral Palsey Centre in Rochester, Kent. He would like to thank

Carpet Remnant Centre, Gillingham, KENT


Hunji Mobile, Gillingham, KENT

For donating items which will be used at the event which we do not have a date for at the moment.


4Ground Media are shooting club scenes for low budget British Gangster/horror film "Clubbing to Death", on Monday the 23th from 12pm until 8pm at Tease nightclub, 28-40 Pier rd, Erith DA8 1TA, & are in need of extras (18+). Unfortunately we are unable to pay a fee as we are working on virtually no budget, however every one who helps us will receive a copy of the film, an invite to the wrap party & will be credited as a clubber. If you would like to attend please dress how you would to go clubbing, & take in to consideration that we will be filming more days in the future & you would need to wear the same outfit if you would like to attend them too. We will be using fake blood on future days, so if you would like to be in them please bare in mind that you could (& probably will) get it on your clothes. There isn't a specific dress code, so wear whatever you do when you go clubbing. There will be a PAYING bar on set, & a car park right next to the club.


As some of you may have noticed the sites been quite for a while but this doesn't mean that there hasn't been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

We have been given uncensored access the Dave's personal photo album (3ft by 2 ft suitcase) and we have been working all the hours under the sun to go through thousands of images to select, scan, edit and organise on the site almost 1000 NEW, never before seen pictures for your viewing delight which will be on line on Saturday 28th April 2007. Along with a Re-launch of Dave's On-Line Shop!!!! As well as the Return of the Articles section on the site which has now been updated so that all of the links work and are in the same format!!!!

We have also pulled all nighters 3 nights a week preparing since late March going through hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles which will be on line for you all on Sunday 6th May and will include so extremely rare ones from "The Scene" magazine. SO WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!

Monday 2nd April 2007

The Hero's and Villains store's action of 2 extremely rare and sort after posters entitled "The Complaints Department" is almost up! The current highest bid is £150 but we want to raise loads of money for the late Joey Pyle Snr's wife Julie and family and The Connah Broom Childhood Cancer Appeal which is why we are reminding you now.

This picture truly doesn't do justice to this magnificent item which has been signed by The Late Joey Pyle, Freddie Foreman, Dave Courtney OBE and Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw.

The print measures 16.5" x 23.5" and has been mounted in Antique white acid free mount board approximately 2" all round, ready for framing. 

If you are the winner of one of these amazing posters then you will also receive a set of four 6 x 4 photographs of each signing the poster to act as certificates of authenticity.
This is a must have item for any true fan!

Bid Now Via E-mail


Wednesday 28th March 2007

We have just heard that Dave will soon be doing a show at Downtown in Scotland. We will keep you posted on the date of his appearance.

To see the venue

Monday 26th March 2007

Yesterday I decided to go to Tease in Erith to check out the filming of the latest scenes of Dave's new film "Clubbing To Death" and whilst on the set I decided to take some pictures and chat to some of the cast to find out all about them.

To check out our "Clubbing To Death" page complete with links, pics and my back stage chat info

Sunday 25th March 2007

Whilst doing a book signing yesterday at The Pentagon Centre in Chatham he was approached by Martin Harris, the founder of registered charity Follow Your Dreams and he asked Dave if he would like to go on tour with them to raise money for the charity which raises money for children with Downs Syndrome and other learning disabilities to follow there dreams and reach there full potential through drama, sports and music.

Dave as said yes and he will be going on tour with the Charity soon. We will keep you posted with dates as soon as we have them.



Saturday 24th March 2007

We have good news! For all of you who missed Dave on "The Real Extra's" on the set of his latest film "Clubbing To Death" this week you have not just one but two chances to see the show again.

It will be repeated on Living TV at 7pm tomorrow and then again at 8pm on Living TV + 1.

Thursday 22nd March 2007

We finally have some exclusive pics of Dave presenting the charity show
at the Hackney Empire on 28th January courtesy of John Fleming.

Wednesday 21st March 2007

Dave has been out and about in London today with the crew from AtIt Productions shooting a new documentary for Channel 4 called "4music:Transmittion with T-Mobile" which will be on Channel 4 at 11.40pm on 23rd March 2007.

The filming took place at the Blind Beggar Pub, The Old Bailey and Tattershall Castle Bar and Club before having lunch at a top Soho restaurant then they finished off filming at Camelot.

To check out the pics from the day

Tuesday 20th March 2007

Dave was reading the Kent Messenger recently and he saw an article about a senseless break in at the Cerebral Palsy Centre in Cliff Woods Rochester. When Dave saw the article he called them to see if there was anything he could do and they invited him for a visit.

On his visit he discovered that the CPC is the only place in Kent which offers free education for those with Cerebral Palsy and it receives no government funding relying solely on donations from generous people and from its fund raising event. The centre needs £250,000 annually to keep its vital service going.

They have a large hall which hold approximately 150 people the centre hires their hall for approx £200 including bar staff and all the proceeds go to the running costs of the centre.

Dave has decided to hold his Audience with show there with the proceeds going to the CPC and he will be holding 2 book signings to raise money for the centre.

If you want to make a donation to this worthwhile cause then click below and follow instructions.

To see the pics of Daves visits click HERE


Monday 19th March 2007

Don't forget to tune into TV tomorrow at 8pm to check out Dave's latest film "Clubbing To Death" on the channels hit show "The Real Extra's".

The film already has a brilliant cast list which is growing in numbers on daily basis. Adult film star Taylor Morgan & her husband Pete Le Meat are the latest celebs to join the line up.




Taylor will be playing a clubber & Pete will be playing a doorman.

To visit her official my space page click the animated Taylor below.

Or click below to visit Taylor's official Website

Sunday 18th March 2007

We have just heard from Liam Galvin of Gangster Video's  that "Dave Courtney's Dodgy Dvd' is to be released in USA on April 10th.

 The Americans have retitled it 'Dodgy Dave' - and it's part of a 4 part dvd release called 'British Gangsters' which also features Roy Shaw & the Krays ! Dave's USA invasion continues...

Friday 16th March 2007

Dave went to the preview of Six Bend Trap featuring Dave at Middlesbrough Ciniworld tonight.

Dave would like me to pass on the following message:

"A big thank you to Danny's brother Jeff for his hospitality in accommodating us all last night at his house after the premiere of my film Six Bend Trap.... thank you thank you!  :-) DC"

To Check out our page dedicated to Six Bend Trap featuring photos of Dave at the event

Wednesday 14th March 2007

Dave & some of the other cast members of Clubbing to Death will feature in the video for Venus Casino's forthcoming single "Can't get over you" which has been tipped to be this years summer dance floor anthem. There's a news article about the film on their website


Tuesday 13th March 2007

The Hero's And Villains store now has some great new items featured on this site.

They are holding an on-line charity auction of 2 extremely rare and sort after posters entitles "The Complaints Department" up for for auction to raise money for the late Joey Pyle Snr's wife Julie and family and The Connah Broom Childhood Cancer Appeal and a copy of the incredibly rare book called "Looking At Life By Joey Pyle" which is one of the very few that are in existents world wide. The proceeds of this book will go to Zoe's Place which is a charity that was avidly supported by Joey Pyle Snr right up to the end.

Also up for sale are some of Joey's poems have been reproduced in the form of beautifully, limited edition, collectors item  commemorative plaques. This absolutely handsome pieces would be the crowning glory to anyone's collection.

Click below to visit The Shop

Monday 12th March 2007




As you know Dave will do all he can for charity and a good cause which is why he is making an appeal to you now.

A few days ago he received an e-mail from club DJ Andy Baker who is trying to organise a charity club weekend in Wales to raise money for the "Connah's Childhood Cancer Appeal", which is a registered charity set up by the family of 5 year old Connah Broom who suffers from a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma which affects almost all of his body.

Unfortunately there is no treatment for this horrible disease in this country, the only life line Connah has is to travel to Texas, USA where life saving therapy can be provided at the cost of over £600'000. To raise this money Connah's family set up the "Connah's Childhood Cancer Appeal" and fund raising events have been held throughout Wales but there is still a lot of money to be found which is why Connah's loving and dedicated Grandparents have vowed to sell their nest egg and only asset which is there family home to raise the rest of the money that is needed to save this lovable 5 year olds life.

This story touched Dave so much so that he has not only decided to help out DJ Andy Baker with his club nights in Wales but he is also going to organise an event down here with the help of his manager and friend and this is where your help is desperately needed.

A club night will be held in Gillingham Hall on the 21st April 2007 with all the proceeds going to "Connah's Childhood Cancer Appeal" and on the night Dave wants to have lots of things to auction and raffle to make more funds for this truly desperate appeal but we need donations for prizes. Many generous and courageous individuals have already donated but we need more, more, more!

To donated a prize for the auctions and raffles, to make a donation or to find out more about this worthwhile event  please e-mail:

Connah's Childhood Cancer Appeal

Sunday 11th March 2007

Dave received a lovely letter today thanking him for being the host with the most from Sarah and Gav who spent the day playing pool with him at Camelot.

To read their letter click HERE

 Thursday 8th March 2007


Dave has just been at home tonight watching BBC 1's programme "Question Time". The show which is presented by David Dimbleby was filmed live from New Castle Upon Tyne tonight and featured a panel of guests including MP's Margaret Hodge and Alan Duncan, Green Party Co-leader Sian Berry, Lobbyist Collin Bryne and former editor of The Mirror and The News Of The World Piers Morgan.

Dave wants to send out massive respect to Mr Morgan for his views on Mohammed Al Fayad. He said that he was very impressed by the fair, just and accurate representation of Mr Al Fayad who no matter what at the end of the day is a grieving Father who just wants to know what happened to his son and he deserves to hear the truth behind his sons death.

Dave believes strongly that he deserves what he wants and that if there where more honourable people out there like Mr Morgan Mr Al Fayad would finally get his closer.

Big respect the the Man Piers Morgan! Good on you son!

All our thoughts, luck and well wishes to Mr Al Fayad during his pursuit of justice!!

To see this episode of Question Time via Windows Media Player click here

Thursday 8th March 2007

Have Vinnie and Dave buried the hatchet?

Of course not! As Vinnie couldn't make it for filming of Dave's new film "Clubbing To Death" they have hired in Vinnie Jones Official Lookalike and all round nice bloke Bill Hickey to play  security man "Vince" and he got really stuck in!

To check out the new and exclusive pictures from the set click HERE now!!

4group Media want to make you an offer you cant refuse!

Are you a Dave Courtney fan?

What are you up to on Sunday the 25th of March 2007?

Do you fancy trying a bit of acting?

4 Group Media who are producing the film will be shooting more club scenes on Sunday the 25th March 2007 in Erith, SE London and are looking for extra's.


If the anwser is yes contact the team either via the films myspace profile www.clubbingtodeath.com

or by e-mail




Thursday 1st March 2007


Dave along with 3000 others flocked to Morden in Surrey to say goodbye to the legend Joey Pyle Snr yesterday.

Braving high winds, heavy rain and hale stones over 300 walking mourners got off of 3 52 seater coaches and a fleet of minibuses to make the 1 mile journey on foot behind the procession that was made up off several members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club on pristine bikes at the head, followed by 4 beautiful black horses dressed in full regalia drawing a large and ornate glass sided Victorian carriage which contained the coffin. Next came 2 flower carrying funeral cars decorated in a large Cesar's medallion and the words "MY PAL JOEY" spelt out in flowers as well as many others. Behind those was 19 black official funeral cars, 2 privately rented limos and 157 private cars.

Friends and family sent so many floural tributes they had to be delivered to the church on a 32 foot artic trailer.

The first church was packed to over flowing, so much so that the doors couldn't be closed and hoards stood on the steps, squeezed together with there heads cocked towards the open door to listen.

By the time of the second service at the cemetry, over 3000 people filled the graveyard and 76 cars parked bumper to bumper all the way up the drive and over 100 other cars filled the surrounding streets.

After a short service all mourners braved the rain and strong winds to drudge across the wet grass to the graveside to say there final goodbyes to the legend that will always be Joey Pyle.

Dave would like to personally thank all of his boys who where our security on the day and the 300 people who came from Camelot for the sad 5 hour event.

To see our full article and over 20 pictures click HERE.

Wednesday 28th Febuary 2007

The movie trailer for Six Bend Trap which opens at Cineworld in Middlesbrough on the 16th March 2007 can now be seen on YouTube.com.

If you want to see the trailer of this wicked film brought to us by thr Ironopolis Film Academy then click HERE now.

Tuesday 27th Febuary 2007

Dave and Danny Roche's friend; Louis Fearon ("Blue") has been sentenced to 32 months at her majesty's pleasure, for overtaking an unmarked police car (without having a driving licence!! - first offence!)
(An absolute liberty has been taken in this case). Our thoughts go out to Louis and we all look forward to seeing him soon!!! Keep on Keepin'on, Lou...

Monday 26th Febuary 2007

Dave and the rest of the cast of Clubbing To Death started shooting the main club scenes at Tease in Erith, last Friday, & it went really well! As well as Dave, other cast members to attend were Daniel Hyde, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty,Piers Hernu, Mc Creed, Beau, Lea & Richard (Big Brother) Jimmy J & Marky, & The Babe Station & News Of The World Girls. Emma Cox from The Sun came down to do a two page interview & the behind the scenes stuff was filmed for a program called "The Real Extras" which will be screened on Living TV on the third week of March. Please click HERE to find some pictures that were taken on set.

Saturday 24th February 2007

Dave is to appear in the latest music video for

(To check out their Official site click the banner above)

Our hero is soon to be gracing us with his presence on our TV screens when he is showing on every Music TV channel in the land when he appears in the music video for the latest guaranteed hit by metal sensation Sacred Mother Tongue who are brought to us to tantalize our eardrums by 7 Management.

Click the single's cover below to hear "Force Fed" by Sacred Mother Tongue and more of their Devilish tracks with compliments of www.myspace.com

To check out the groups actual Myspace page click the banner below!

The group consists of 5 fiery metalists from middle England who came together in 2004 and soon gained a massive following and fan base thanks to there “explosive live performances” and “tight, aggressive, yet melodic metal sound”.

The lads (Darrin South on vocals, Craig Newell and Joe Garrett on guitars, bass player Josh Gurner and drummer Lee Newell) have asked Dave to play the 17th century blood thirsty villain “The Barber Of Fleet Street” other wise known as Sweeney Todd in their latest fast pace and hard hitting music video.

To read our full article on Dave’s appearance in Force Fed by Sacred Mother Tongue with a full and vivid description by Rob Ferguson of 7 Management as well as more info on the cut throat Sweeney Todd thanks to research I've done from my sick book collection click their logo below.

Tuesday 22nd February

The Below Has Been updated


Saturday 17th February 2007


Joey Pyle

Gone But Never Forgotten

As all true fans of our hero will know it is Dave's Birthday today but the celebrations have been put on hold as his hero, greatest allies and bestest friend, the legend Joey Pyle has passed away in the hospice at 13:35 today.

Dave's thoughts and well wishes go out to all of Joeys friends and family and all the people who where privileged enough to have known this amazing and wonderful man.

whether you don't know much about the outstanding Joey Pyle or you just want to keep this legends memory alive then please click on the book cover below to purchase his book, "Notorious:The Changing Face of Organised Crime" at Amazon.co.uk

The funeral of Joey Pyle will be held on on 28th Febuary 2007 at 1 pm at St.Theresa's Church, 250 Bishopsford Road, Morden Surrey SM4 6BZ.

Followed by a service at the Chapel within the Sutton & Merton Cemetery, Lower Morden Lane.

Anyone wishing to send flowers should contact Micheal Emmett on 0208 673 2958.

Everyone wishing to pay their respects to the late Joey Pyle are more than welcome to attend his funeral, but must bear in mind there may be very little, if any space within the Church and Chapel once family and close friends have entered.

Dave will be in attendance to pay his respects and offer his support. He will pass all of your well-wishes to Joey's family and friends. If you wish to send messages then please click contacts on the menu on the left hand side of this page and choose one of our addresses.

Since the death of the beloved Joey Pyle we have received messages of sympathy and well-wishes in floods, all of which will be passed on to his family.

The most moving was a tribute we received from Tel Currie, a long time friend of both Dave and the beloved Joey and we wish to share it with you.

Click here


This is a time of double sadness for Dave who also lost his friend of 20 years, Reg Parker who was buried yesterday. Dave sends his respects to his friends and family also.

Friday 16th February

Our Hero has had to decline a trip to see his good pal Lars Frederiksen (Lead singer of Rancid) get married in San Francisco today along with Steve Wale. Dave had to sadly turn down the offer as Noreena is due in hospital for an op on Monday and he wants to be there by her side. But he wishes Lars and his good lady wife to be the best of luck on their big day.

Instead Dave has spent the day today at the Hospice visiting the legend that it Joey Pyle. Dave said that it is a most humbling and touching experience for him to see the place filled with all those who love Joey so much.

Thursday 15th February

Dave has been in Bristol today in St George, Bristol today visiting good pals Phil and Cathy Barry. He has been recording his part in a new documentary for Channel 5 on previous Big Brother contestants who have dabbled in the world of adult entertainment.

Wednesday 14th February

Dave and Noreena had a Valentines Day to remember! They started out having dinner with J.D. followed by a visit to the Hammersmith Palais to watch the Brit Awards 2007 and they had a fantastic time. They Finished the evening off with a bang visiting The Cafe Royal, followed by Chinawhite Nightclub.

Message from Dave, Six Bend Trap is going to be screened in Middlesbrough in March

Valentine's Day


'My very good friends Jerry & Kate over at www.knuckleduster.org  are to feature on Dragons Den on Valentines Day, 8pm BBC2 don't miss it!


Thursday 8th February

Dave received a great letter today from John Fleming thanking him for taking part in the Malcolm Hardee Show at the Hackney Empire on 28th January.

Dave would like to take the opportunity to thank John for his letter and for giving him the opportunity to appear.

To see the letter in full click here

If you want to learn more about John Fleming and his work then visit his site at www.thejohnfleming.com

And to see clips of the Malcolm Hardee Show then click here now!

Thursday 8th February

The Gangs All Here To Go Clubbing To Death!

All true fans will be pleased to hear that work is well under way for our Hero's latest film which should be completed very soon in the hopes of a summer release, which will be kicked of f by a London premier in Leicester Square & Liverpool premier in Philip Olivier's (Brookside/Hollyoaks) bar ICE.

"Clubbing To Death" which is being directed and produced by Lee Phillips of 4GMEDIA is a wicked tale that i is set in the murky world of club culture, where Dench, a low life gangster runs the five biggest clubs in London, & supplies drugs to all of them. Everything seems to be going well until he gets greedy & decides to rip off his supplier by hijacking the next consignment before it reaches the UK. Trouble is the guy he's been dealing with forgot to mention that they belong to a psychotic American holed up in Morocco. Will Dench & his loyal right hand man Chris be able to stop the mad yanks plans to destroy his clubs & family before it's too late?

Clubbing To Death Features a whole host of fantastic stars such as Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin Criminals), Dave Philbey, Thekla Roth, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Gary Shail, Oliver Skeete, Krista Tabone, Daniel Hyde (Hollyoaks), Depak Verma (Eastenders), Lord Charles Brocket (Im A Celebrity), Andy Simmonds, Ian Wolley, Lea (Big Bro 7), Lauren Pope, Donatella Panayiotou,  Craig Charles, Ewen MacIntosh (Kieth from The Office) Phillips Olivier (Brookside/Hollyoaks) Mc Creed, Scott Garcia, Brandon Block & the Legend Eddie Kidd and the latest cast member is the stunning Emma Blocksage (known as Emma B, Brian Harvey's ex) who's play     Dave's wife Kelly.

The cast and crew are being followed by two film crew's at the moment, one for an 8 part Documentary for Living TV called The Real Extras, & one who are making a feature length documentary on Eddie Kidd.

Check out the sites




To see some of the latest press releases to do with this wicked tale please click the links below:

Kent Messenger - Gangsters' Scene At The Riverside

Medway Standard - Medway To Become Gangster Movie Set

The Mirror- Gangster Flick Clubbing To Death

Zoo - Lauren Pope To Star In Clubbing To Death

Wednesday 7th February

As you may have heard Dave has been at the Trade Fare at the NEC in Birmingham this week signing books on the Apex Publishing Stall with is good mate Jim Dawkins.

Apex Publishing are the ones responsible for bringing Jim Dawkins controversial yet brilliant book "The Loose Screw" to our shelves.

The book tells the shocking truth about the British prison system through the eyes of Jim when he worked as a prison officer on the A-Cat wings of Bellmarsh where he met the likes of Dave and Charles Bronson before he left when he didn't agree with the treatment of the inmates.

If you cant get to the signing and you desperately want your signed copy of "The Loose Screw" by Jim Dawkins with its brand new forewards by our hero Dave Courtney OBE and his good pal Charlie Bronson which is a must have by all true Dave fans then never fear!

Click on the cover pick below to order your copy of "The Loose Screw" signed by the author Jim Dawkins direct from Apex Publishing!

Tuesday 6th February

Dave's "Big" Mate

Dave was really pleased to announce that his old friend Lea from Big Brother 7 was to appear with him in his next film and especially pleased that it will be a widescreen production so there will be room for them both (for those that don't know what I mean see Lea here)

Sunday 4th February - Thursday 8th February

The lovely Noreena is currently away in Canada visiting relatives but due to work commitments Dave sadly cant go with her.

Dave is at the NEC trade fare in Birmingham with his pal author Jim Dawkins.

The pair are signing books on the Apex Publishing stall for the next 4 days.

- see Dates Page for details

Saturday 3rd February 2007



Finally we have finished putting together the largest collection of our hero's news paper cuttings and magz we have ever had just for you.

You can find them under Media on the Menu to the left, or just click the She Devil below and she will take you there!


Happy Birthday Noreena

Thinking of you Babe!

Blackpool Treat!

Panic Not Folks - Dave's off to Blackpool, but it's not for keeps.  Lots of mates appearing there in February and March and he's doing a couple of appearances himself.  Chris the Greek (Paradise Promotions) says Dave is doing one of his inimitable "Evening with..." nights on March 1st at the Brunswick Club, Bethesda Centre Road, Blackpool FY1 5DT and IT'S FREE.  VIP tickets can be obtained in advance (call Chris 07877 601622) and even they are free.  As if Dave wasn't value enough (even for nothing!) you also get a guest appearance from Adrian Doughty.  The following night (2nd March) Dave will be making a special guest appearance at the ABA Blackpool Big Night.  Please note Dave; they wear thick gloves, not knuckledusters!!.

Talking of Blackpool, Frank Carson (an incredible 80 years old and still headlining) appears there on 2nd February.  Frank opened for Dave in Teneriffe and he sends his best wishes.  Another local hero, and also in his eighties, is the legendary MIXIE WALSH, sadly suffering from Alzheimer's,  who headed up the Blackpool door teams for many years.  They're having a tribute night for him on 28th February at the BOARDWALK CLUB in Blackpool  and have got Joe Longthorne for a special appearance after his spectacular success at the Palladium and in the middle of his UK tour


As you may of heard Mal, the original designer and creator of this site has now moved on to pastures new and so Dave has had to get someone new in to put together all of the new stuff he has got planned for you lot on this site. 

Due to this, it is with great pleasure for us to announce that our hero has chosen us here at She Devil. After some technical difficulties and a lot of help from the ever brilliant Mike we are now up and running so watch this space for great new features and an improved service.



Our hero Dave is co-compering a big show at the Hackney Empire in a show starring, amongst others, Jo Brand, Phil Cool, Phil Kay and many others

The show is five hours of comedy, music and mayhem
in a second annual show to commemorate
"the father of British alternative comedy"
 Have a look at http://www.malcolmhardee.co.uk/show2007



Tuesday 16th January

Coming soon on your favourite villain's website

Weekly column from Lea of Big Brother fame

Watch this space!

Monday 15th January

Latest from Dave:

"Chris the Greek has made his peace with me and Noreena. So I've called off the dogs and its business as usual, nuff said"

Dave's off to Mexico on Saturday 14th February, filming The Dead Sleep Easy.  He has the joint leading role and says " I play a very nasty character indeed. The most demanding role I've ever played and the biggest budget film I've ever been in 'til now". Well done Dave!!

Saturday 13th January

Dave was flying off to Mexico for a film date when he was approached by the boys in blue and ARRESTED (wot! again, I hear you say).  Apparently he had a warrant outstanding for failing to name a driver some years back.  You know Dave, lots of people drive his car - how is he expected to remember!  Then, to make matters worse they confiscated his knuckledusters!.  When his friends at The Contented Pig heard one regular was heard to say "but they're his film props, they'll be confiscating Pamela Anderson's tits next!".  Fortunately they let him get on his flight - maybe they'll give up one day.

More news - great link to more pics of Dave at


Thursday 11th January

Dave is off this evening to meet up with DMX

They have a project going - more news later - and DMX is doing a number about Dave on his next album


Nareena sends her love to Jammel, Shabnam, Zain Jonaah and Isra.  She is missing and loving them very, very much.  Also love to Jahan in Canada

Filming Latest

Dave shot some scenes at Cage Rage in December with Craig Charles (Red Dwarf,Coronation street)Philip Olivier (Brookside,Holloaks in the city) & Daniel Hyde (Hollyoaks).  More..........

Thursday 4th & Friday 5th January

Dave Book Signing and Photo Shoots

Heros and Villains Store

Inshops, The Trafalgar Centre

270 High Street

Chatham ME4 4BP 

Centre No 01634 409 401 or Dave 0788 615 6543

Saturday 6th January

Thamesgate Shopping Centre (Anglesea Centre)

New Road


Kent DA11 OUA

Lesley 0788 615 6543

7th January 2007 2pm - 6pm

Audience with Dave and Special Guest Jim Dawkins, author of The Loose Screw (foreword by Charles Bronson) . Charity raffle, auction and photo shoot.

As this is the first venue of the New Year, Dave has arranged for an Indian buffet, the restaurant seats 100 people (check out their website at www.thecafetaj.co.uk) and we have 20 tickets still available.

The Cafe Taj Restaurant

170-172 Parrock Street



Ticket at £15 each available from The Hero's & Villains Store Lesley 07886156543

30th December 2006

Happy New Year

Hi people, 

This website is now in the process of coming under new management.  As it is a massive and well-constructed site (all credit to Mal for his time, expertise and dedication) it make take a little while until you get the service you expect and deserve.  All mails will be passed to Dave  and replies sent at the earliest opportunity.  

As usual, watch this space for latest info on our hero's hectic life!


25th December 2006

8th/9th December 2006

Dave, Norena and Brendan visit their other favourite haunts in Hampshire appearing at the Contented Pig in Portsmouth and the Crown at Bishops Waltham where they were given a warm welcome (Norena needed it - she wasn't wearing much!!)

Visit www.thecontentedpig.co.uk to see the photos

25th November 2006

Dave, Norena and Brendan will be appearing on Vanessa's Show on Monday 27th November at mid-day. Don't miss it.

23rd November 2006

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th November 1pm-4pm at the Hero's & Villains Store, Inshops, The Tragalgar Centre, 270 High Street, Chatham, Kent

Jim Dawkins, author of The Loose Screw (foreword by Charles Bronson) - Book Signing & Photo Shoot.

Jim will be Dave's latest guest to the Hero's & Villains Store on Friday and Saturday this week. Jim is also bringing along some photographs taken with Charlie in prison and one of Charlie's very first oil paintings. Jim has very kindly offered to sell Charlie's oil painting to help raise money for the Howard Table Tennis Club.

Lesley would like to apologise to everyone that has trouble contacting her, there is hardly any reception in Inshops, please text if possible.

17th November 2006

An Audience with Dave Courtney OBE, photo-shoot, book & DVD signing, auction and raffle on 28th November 2006 at The Sir Robert Peel, 31-33 Skinner Street, Chatham, Kent ME4 5RQ. Tickets are £10.00 each, available from The Hero's & Villains Collectors Store, Sir Robert Peel or phone or text 07766544458.

We will be raising money for The Howard Table Tennis Club. Hopefully enough firstly, to pay their entrance fee's for the British League.

9th November 2006

Dave has a UK Book Signing Tour with Inshops (Inshops Retail.com) together they are sponsoring the Howard Table Tennis Club based in Derwent Way Rainham Kent.

Three children (Ross, Kirsty and Emma) have been selected for the England training squad, but all the children need sponsoring for tournament fees, travelling and training for their County and National rankings.

Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Friday 17th & Saturday 18th 1pm - 5pm Book & DVD Signing. Special photo shoot. Come along and have your photo taken with Dave, he will write any message you wish and sign your photograph. James Dave new photographer is great and the photo's are printed in a matt finish 8 x 10 in size.

Hero's & Villains Collectors Store
The Trafalgar Centre
270 High Street
Chatham, Kent
01634 409401

We are opening the first Hero's and Villains Collectors Store, within Inshops being decorated at moment, the official launch will be in November, we will be raising money for Children in Need, Howard Table Tennis and Misunderstood.

Special Guest for November Mr Freddie Foreman & Mr Roy "Pretty Boy Shaw", Book & DVD signing. Tickets are availalable for Photographic shoot, have your photograph taken, personal message and signed too! Ticket only for photographs please contact 01634 409 401 or text lesley 07766544458

30th November UK Book & DVD Signing Tour along with special Photo shoot. Have your photgraph taken with Dave and he will write and message you wish and sign it too!

70-73 Statford Shopping Centre
E15 1XQ
0208 503 1531

Advance booking please contact the above number or text Lesley 07766544458

We wish to display everyones books, prints and merchandise and advertise book signings and photo shoots as special events, audience with and End of an Era Exhibition and show. The idea is to sell the entire shop package then as a franchise and take the Exhibition on tour next year.

6th November 2006

Tel Currie has just sent me a message regarding Ronnie Biggs, Charlie Bronson and Joey Pyle Snr. We would like to share it with you, but it's a bit long for this Home Page. So I've placed it in the Articles Section. You'll find it HERE ... and thanks for the words Tel mate.

And a message from Mark Fish to say that Spearmint Rhino are sending two stretched Hummers packed with 20 of their girls dressed in black cat suits to the Charlie Bronson Event on 19th November to help hand out literature. In addition, I hear that Goldie (one of the seminal figures in the drum and bass subculture) will be "shaking the room" as a DJ on the night. Remember, entrance is by ticket only, so if you haven't got yours yet then give Gary a ring on 07968 019095.

4th November 2006

There's a new forum in town. Prison Chat UK is an online community giving support to those who have a loved one inside the British prison system. Whoever is inside, be it your mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother etc, and no matter what they have done, you are welcomed there. It is Prison Chat's hope that you find the answers and support you need at a testing time. Having a loved one inside can leave you feeling lost, lonely and betrayed. They are there to help you get through it!


2nd November 2006

Happy Birthday to Joey Pyle Senior

A small error has crept into the press release issued regarding the Free Bronson event: the phone number for tickets is 07968 019095 (Gary). Thanks to OK and HELLO magazines for pointing the error out.

29th October 2006

The film "Bronson" is slated to start production on 1st February 2007 and will shoot in 15 different locations. The film's producer, Danny Hanford, will be at the Free Bronson event, along with Tom Hardy (Layer Cake, Sweeney Todd), who it is expected will play Charlie in the film. Also, the film's casting director will be at the event looking for people to be in the film. There are a few character parts left to fill, as well as plenty of extras.

27th October 2006

Dave would like to remember John Gotti's birthday today.

24th October 2006

An Audience with Dave Courtney on the 25th of February 2007 at The Polish Club, Sandy Lane, Melton Mowbray, Leics. Tickets cost £17.50 each and are available from 01664853901/07949682951. Any profits made will go to charity.

22nd October 2006

A big shout of sympathy goes out to our good friend Tel Currie, who has recently returned home from hospital after snapping his leg in half. Tel mate, your friends are thinking of you.

19th October 2006

Dave will be appearing on a live phone-in on 25th October on Vision FM (88.4) on the TNT Brothers show from 2 pm to 6 pm, so make sure you don't miss it.

A lot of people have been showing interest in the recent Cage Rage fight between our friends Ian 'The Machine' Freeman and Mark 'The Beast' Epstein at Wembley Arena. It was a blinding fight and we've snatched the footage of it from YouTube. So, if you'd like to see this superb display CLICK HERE.

The next Cage Rage event (Numero 19) will be held at Earl's Court on Saturday 9th December. For ticket information visit cagerage.tv

15th October 2006

The following just in from Mike Gray:


Last Week The Daily Mirror, ran a Story on Ronnie….. “BIGGS BRAZIL APPEAL”

Ronnie’s Lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano said Ronnie is making a last ditch bid for Brazilian Citizenship, Which if accepted by the Brazilian Government, Ronnie could be Freed straight away and deported to Brazil, where he spent over 30 Years as a law abiding Citizen.

Giovanni said “This avoids Home Secretary John Reid making a decision on a Very Sick old Man”, “It is Biggs ticket to Rio, to be with his Family rather than be in Belmarsh”

If returned Ronnie would be FREED, under Brazilian judicial law, as his Crime was over 40 Years ago.

Giovanni Di Stefano is working endlessly on Ronnie’s behalf, and We all thank him so much for his efforts,

I will update, when further Information is received,

Thank you All on behalf of Ronnie & Michael Biggs, for your Continued and loyal Support,

Ronnie is now 77 years Old, and has Served 5 Years & 4 Months, to date.

9th October 2006

PLEASE NOTE: Dave's phone has gone walkabouts again, so if you've been trying to get in touch with him please be patient. He should be up and running again in the next few days.

5th October 2006

Dave at Burnley - Friday 3rd November 2006.

Dave will appear at The Kestrel Suite, Cow Lane, Burnley, BB11 1LN. Jeff Brown (you buy one you get one free) will compare and two Blackpool girls provide the adult fun. Pie & peas on the house. For enquiries and tickets please call Kev on 07973 256039.

Please don't email me asking if Dave is anywhere near you at any time. All the events I know about appear on this page.

NOTE: Regarding the Free Bronson event below, I am told by the organisers that tickets are selling like hot-cakes. They will NOT be sold on the door and they will go on general release next week in the local press (if there are any left!), so get yours quick or you won't get into this "Event of the Year".

1st October 2006

Coinciding with the following event announcement, I am happy to report that the Free Charlie Bronson website has now been relaunched.


The Event is being held at Blue Bamboo in Derby on Sunday 19th November 2006 from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and will be attended by Mr. Joey Pyle Snr.


Dave Courtney OBE
Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw
Howard Marks
Jason Marriner
Ray Winstone
Tel Currie
Joe Longthorne
Doctor and the Medics
The Swellbellies
DJ Kate Lawler and  Fran Cosgrove
Adrian Doughty

A top Saville Row designer will be bringing a selection of top Designer Suits for auction (all proceeds go to the Free Charles Bronson Fund), so don't forget your wallets and you could be going home looking the bollocks.

Tickets are available for ONLY £20 each from Gary on 07968 019095 and admission will be by ticket only.

Please Note that tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so book right now to avoid disappointment.

30th September 2006

29th September 2006

Dave reports that he had a great time on Tuesday at the launch of Howard Marks new book, Senor Nice: Straight Life from Wales to South America. The launch took place at The Spitz, Spitalfield and Dave was there with Dirty Sanchez, Bev, Hudd, Narina, Brendan, Welsh Bernie and his wife, Miles, H and Jason Marriner.

Dave will be in Portsmouth tonight and at the Cage Rage event on Saturday after he's given his daughter Courtney a big party for her and all her friends.

25th September 2006


CLICK here to purchase EVEN DODGIER from Amazon

Dodgy Dave is back with his best live show yet! Controversial! Funny! and all mouth! It really is the dog’s boll*cks and it's released TODAY!

Gangsters! Strippers! Hooligans & Lager Louts! It’s Dave’s legendary Camelot Party! C’mon get it down yer!

Crime Legend Joe Pyle’s Tribute night organised by Dave and featuring every major UK Gangster! Show some Respect!

Entertainer! Performer! & One Hard Bastard! Get on Set with Dave as he lifts the lid on Six Bend Trap! Lights! Camera! & Lots of Action!

Born Naughty – Pole dancing with Narina
Stop the Ride
Interviews with the Chaps


16th September 2006

Burnley Paul is selling his very cherished number plate, as shown in the photo above. He's looking for offers in excess of £6,000. So, if you're seriously interested in purchasing this one off number, give him a ring on 07773 1000 13.

15th September 2006

Dave reports that he had a great time at the Ten Rooms with Gazza, Brendan (yes, he's back), Norena, Martine McCucheon and Suzie and Rich from Big Brother.

The London Palladium gig went very well. Dave says Adrian was blinding. He sat in the Royal Box with Flanagan and says he farted on the seat used by the Queen (nice!). The nightclub they went to for afters charged them £28 for 4 bottles of Becks, so they won't be going there again.

On the 18th September there will be a massive photo shoot at Camelot Castle. It's scheduled to last for 12 hours and is for a whole host of calendars, posters, playing cards, etc.

12th September 2006

Dave will be enjoying the music of Sacred Mother Tongue at Camden Underworld this Thursday (14th). Saturday night they will be at The Bitter End in Romford supporting new metal gods Johnny Truant.

10th September 2006

Forthcoming Events from The Camelot Castle Privilege Club:

Friday 22nd September 2006 at 11am - 3.30pm: Book & DVD Signing and Photoshoot at Back Room Books, 43 High Street, Rochester, Kent.

Mr. Bob Peters, is the proprietor of Backroom Books, which sell new/secondhand, unusal and rare books. Bob has been very supportive over the past year, displaying and selling Dave's signed books, DVD's, and photographs. He also sells signed Joey Pyle, Freddie Foreman and Howard Marks books and their signed photographs on behalf of the Camelot Castle Collectors Store.

Dave will be helping Bob raise money for a local childrens charity Demelza House and we have donated a Complaints department poster signed by Dave, Joey and Freddie, along with some signed books. People within the local area donate unwanted DVD's, video's, cassettes and records. The money raised is then used by Bob to organise day trips and outings, for groups of children from Demelza House. He is currently organising trips to the Steam Railway at Tenterden, Christmas panto and entertainment to visit the children within the hospice.

7th October 2006: Book & DVD signing & Photoshoot at Ottakar's/Waterspoons, 15/16 Kings Walk, Priory Meadow Centre, Hastings. Following the book signing there is an audience with at a local night club venue details to be confirmed to-day. There will be 200 tickets available. Store Telephone No 01424-722253 Camelot Castle Privilege Club 0788 615 6543

3rd September 2006

Dave has a My Space page (not designed by me). You can view it at Dave Courtney (My Space), so you can leave comments for him to read. While I'm at it, I have one too at Mal's My Space Page. Take a look at both of 'em.

Liam, of Gangster Videos, tells me that they are releasing a new DC DVD entitled "Dave Courtney, Even Dodgier" on the 25th September, which promises to be highly entertaining. We'll place the link on this page as soon as it becomes available to buy.

If you scroll down to the 15th August, you'll see I wrote about Matteo Sedazzari interviewing Dave. Well, the interview makes very interesting reading, so go take a look at it over at Peom.

30th August 2006

I have just received the following statement from Dave:

"I have just received this letter through the post. I was not sure whether to believe it or what to do about it but in the end I have decided to take it face value, taking Chris the Greek at his word, that he will not be in London again. If I see him in London, specifically anywhere near the London Palladium, there will be HELL TO PAY! Meanwhile, I would therefore like to ask anyone who has any thoughts on the matter of Chris the Greek to drop them now and to join me in helping all of Joe Longthorne's team to make this a night to remember. It goes without saying that we wish Joe all the best and hope he continues in good health. We will all be turning up at the concert on Sunday 10th September and look forward to watching Joe's fantastic singing performance as well as supporting our red-hot comedy star Adrian who will be performing alongside the great Johnnie Casson. Tickets are available on 0870 890 1108 or online at www.seetickets.com"

You can read the letter HERE.

29th August 2006

The following message just received:

Hi Dave,

I would just like to thank you for attending the christening of Cartiea Angel Whomes on Sunday 27th August. Also to say thank you for being her Godfather. She will grow up knowing that you are a very special person and a close friend of mine. I would also like to thank Narina, Bev and Gerry for attending and being Godmothers. You all made the day very special for myself, my daughter Yulanda and son-in-law Ashley. With Godparents like you I know she will be well looked after. Thank you all and hope to see you all soon.

Love, Bev.

28th August 2006

I am indebted to both Lee Phillips and Mike McCarthy, who both alerted me to the fact that the first scene of Mike's film "Six Bend Trap" is now on You Tube, so here it is:

24th August 2006

31st August 2006 Book, DVD Signing & Photo-shoot with Dave & Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw along with Print & Pictures on sale & raffle etc. The Marquis De Lorne Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent. Phone Ashley (01634) 580117 Or CCPC on 0788 615 6543. Advance tickets are available @£10.00 which will allow entry (no need to queue) advance ticket holders will also receive one free drink upon entry. Tickets available on the door @ £10.00. (queue as normal & excluding free drink).

31st August 2006 - An Audience with Dave Courtney and Special Guest Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw plus Book / DVD Signing, Auction, Raffle, Prints & Pictures, photographer at The Hollywood Bowl Restaurant, 4 The High Street, Gillingham, Kent. Tel: (01634) 574772 Fax: (01634) 851055 or CCPC Mobile 0788 615 6543. The restaurant seats 70 people only, there is no standing room, therefore strictly ticket holders only will gain entry. We have 10-15 still available unless we receive any cancellations. Ticket are £40.00 per person; this is fully inclusive of a 4 course meal, with a choice of starter, main, and dessert, which needs to be confirmed in advance. Along with the entertainment Dave & Roy. Everyone must be seated by 7.30pm.

21st August 2006

Dave said he had an excellent weekend and on Sunday he went to the first of the Godbelt Promotions Boxing Evenings in Woolwich, which went very well, and then on to Big Marcus' benefit do in Margate.

Big kisses go out to Levi, Dave's daughter, who has just moved into a new place in Winchester with her boyfriend Gary. Dave said also to give kisses to Chelsea just for being a princess and his son Beau.

15th August 2006

Matteo with Dave and Seymore

If it’s going to go wrong, it will. I am standing outside a Southeast London tube station on a beautiful summer’s day. I am feeling nervous and excited, because in less then half an hour I will be interviewing Dave Courtney for the online magazine PEOM, www.peom.co.uk.

After conducting many hours of research, I was prepared to do an enjoyable and interesting interview with Dave Courtney. As I only knew Courtney from his reputation and hearsay, I was entering the lion’s den. However, before today, I had spoken to the man several times on the telephone. In doing so, we had built a good rapport. Dave Courtney kindly invited a few friends and me for an audience at his house in Southeast London, ‘Camelot’.

Thus begins Matteo Sedazzari's article about his interview with Dave. You can enjoy the full article HERE and we'll announce when the actual interview is published.

10th August 2006

Dave went to Kenny's funeral with cage fighter Mark Epstein. He tells me that the next event at Cage Rage should be a cracker, as Mark will be fighting Ian "The Machine" Freeman!

7th August 2006

Dave says that he's had a terrific weekend. On Saturday he went to a BBQ with his mum, brother and sister and then went on to another one in Kent given by Andy from CageRage, which didn't finish until Sunday morning. The on Sunday he he went to the Mela in Grays, Essex, which was a big success.

A few more bits of news:

  • On Wednesday Dave will be attending Big Kenny's funeral. Kenny was found hanged with his knuckleduster still in his hand.

  • Brendan appears to have gone missing! No one has seen or heard from him in three months.

  • Undercover Old Bill appear to be having a bit of a go at the moment, following Dave, his family and close friends. They've been spotted (not difficult) sitting outside Camelot for days on end.

4th August 2006

Shouts out from Dave:

"Sympathy and condolences to all the Outlaws in Florida after hearing that Jerry Temple was shot and killed in a car park at the Ocean Club, Jacksonville Beach; thanks to Stomin' Norman for your help in Aylesbury; hello to Jaqui, who is in hospital again; thanks go to Ted, Carl, Nick and Danny for being my wheels and Sheffield Daz and partner for supplying the motors - I love you lots; a big hello to Welsh Helen, Pritthi, Welsh Paula and Bernie; 'The Game', who is in prison after being nicked with a bag full of knuckledusters on him; thanks to Adrian Doughtie for for the fantastic warm up you did for me."

Oh, and if Phil Mordue is reading this in Thailand, please get in touch with Dave mate.

3rd August 2006

Dave has just picked up "Mad" Pete from Bullingdon, who is more than happy to be out after his barrister found that he was eligible for a tag. He's even happier after hearing from one of the jurors that the jury were apparently told certain things by Old Bill during the trial, aimed at securing a conviction. Watch this space.

Dave collected Pete in one of Cream's luxury limo's, so a big thank you to Cream for that.

2nd August 2006

Another nice letter from someone who spent an evening playing Pool with Dave. Oxford Dave and Rob went to Camelot Castle to play pool for an evening and ended up staying there for the whole weekend!

hi Mal!

thought I would send you a few of the pictures we took during our weekend at Dave's place. Dave was a total gent and after spending a weekend in his company we can only reccomend others take up the playing pool challenge!. We met various friends of Dave and even one from our past! (hi Gordon!) absolute brilliant time and cant wait to do it all again! keep up the good work Mal and hope to hear from you soon..

Kind regards
Oxford Dave & Rob
P.S. know what you mean now by an all nighter!!

Oxford Dave and Rob with DC at Camelot Castle

1st August 2006

Ronnie Biggs celebrates his 77th birthday next Tuesday (August 8th) which is also the 43rd Anniversary of The Great Train Robbery. Should anyone wish to send him a Birthday Card, his address is:


Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued loyal support of Ronnie, who has now served 5 Years & 3 Months in HMP Belmarsh, since his UK return.

31st July 2006

Guernsey Audience With ...

23rd July 2006

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ... well not quite!

Dave will be in Medway on Tuesday, meeting up with the local press and going off into the woods to meet a man called Phil. Phil is at present involved in a "sponsored camp", camping out with just bare essentials to raise money for Misunderstood and The Poppy Appeal.

Phil has currently been there now for five weeks on his own, but this is about to change as Dave and Mark Fish will be joining him for a weekend very soon. The camp site will get its very own Fish Injection and this promises to be a fascinating weekend. If anyone would like to take part in this weekend, then let us know.

The tent that is being used will be signed by various celebrities and auctioned off at a later date, so if there are any celebs out there that would like to help in raising money for these charities, let DC know.

The Clink show is now sold out! There will be many celebrities there, from the film world, entertainment world, glamour world and most of all the underworld, with over 200 VIP tickets sold. If you want to come along and stand outside to meet Dave you are more than welcome, but Paradise Promotions say they are really sorry but will be unable to let you in; not because they don't want you in there, as they love you all and thank you for your support, but the fire officer says you cant come in. The after party is being held at the Aquarium nightclub, owned by our good friend Lou, who is giving us the whole club for the night. Dave says: "Thank you Lou, you're an absolute diamond. I love you lots and thank you for your continued friendship. PS Where's my percentage of the bar money ha ha ha."

The Prince Albert was in full swing last night, with over 250 Outlaws turning up a week early for their yearly party, The Rocking Blues, which is held in Derby ever year.

Chris the Greek survived yet another heart attack (and mother and baby are doing well). Chris will be over in Vegas in August, where he will finalising the details of Dave's audience with in Vegas and Adrian Doughty will be filling a life long dream when he appears at the London Palladium with Joe Longthorn. Also a big thank you to Leon in Twickenham for a fantastic night at his wine bar, Dave doesn't remember getting home.

20th July 2006

More news from Lee Philips. There's a short documentary featuring Sam Heuston and the Cage Rage people on the making of "Clubbing to Death" over at the Cage Rage website. CLICK HERE to take a look ... it's well worth it!

And speaking of fighting, Dave's planning on attending the "Fight Night" at Woolwich on Sunday 20th August. If you're interested in obtaining tickets then ring 07707 171708 or 07990 603181.

18th July 2006

News from Liam over at Gangster Videos:

Sam Heuston Laid Bare

Dave features in Gangster Videos new release 'Sam Heuston Laid Bare'. Sam is the blonde babe from last year's Big Brother - she attended the Cafe De Paris opening of 'The Dealer', Lee Phillips new movie featuring Dave. She was filmed with all the chaps - Dave, Seymour, Jason Marriner, Cass Pennant & many others who attended the Premiere that night - and it is featured in an item on the DVD. Buy it from Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Speaking of Lee Philips, Lee tells me that they have just had to change the name of the latest film again to "Clubbing to Death" as there is already another film called "Clubbed to Death". The Internet Movie Database have made a page for it at Clubbing to Death, although there are more cast and crew to be added. Filming is going well and the release date is set for January when they will be having a premiere in Leicester square.

12th July 2006

The Da Courtney Code

Dave has just started writing his next book, "The Da Courtney Code". I'm sworn to secrecy, so I can't tell you much about it at the moment; but I will say that it'll help you get out of all sorts of trouble!

Dave will be attending a book signing on Friday 14th July at Waterstones book shop in Newbury [MAP] between 4 pm and 7 pm.

29th June 2006


for one week only



Dozens upon dozens of fans have already downloaded Dave's  new CD entitled "In His Own Words" and the feedback has been fantastic. The CD consists of 14 tracks (over 52 minutes long) of Dave talking about his life with backing music by his son Beau. You can hear Dave telling you in his own words about his "accident" and many of the funny (and not so funny) events in his life. DC describes it as "my first venture into talking books."

Professionally recorded and produced, the album is available as an exclusive high quality 48 Mb download from this site only. Yes, you could soon be the proud owner of Dave's unique story "In His Own Words" ... and you will not be disappointed.

Simply click on the PayPal button below. The price is just £5.00 (for the next 7 days only) with, of course, NO postage and packing. Once we have received confirmation of payment (usually 24 to 48 hours) we will email you with full instructions and pass codes to download the entire album in zipped MP3 format.

REMEMBER ... at the end of a week the price goes back to £6.99, so buy it at £5.00 while you have the chance!

27th June 2006

Dave would like a word: 

Vinnie Jones"I watched Vinnie Jones on TV last night on that You Can't Fire Me I'm Famous, being interviewed by Piers Morgan, who sacked him from The News of the World. I wanna say that if Vinnie was telling the truth (which I think he was) then I take my hat off to him and hold out an olive branch if he'd like to get in touch with me.

"A big shout goes out to Mad Pete Watson, now residing at HMP Bullingdon after he got a Guilty.

"Apologies to all those who have been trying to get hold of me. It's taken two weeks to get my number back after my phone got dropped in a bath (don't ask!). And to all of you who received a strange text message from Mark Fish last week, Mark was being well-meaning but the message was incorrect.

"And lastly, big condolences to Jeremy Bailey, who just got nicked with a million pounds in his car, and Lee Murray, who got nicked in Morocco two days ago."

Note from Mal: Jeremy and Lee' arrests (in connection with the £53m Securitas robbery) were featured in today's Sun, so I'll get the article on the site within the next day or so.

25th June 2006

Short notice, I know, but I've just been told about an Audience With Dave Courtney on 27th June at Beacon Court Tavern, Canterbury Street, Gillingham, ME7 5TP [MAP]. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are £10 on the door.

20th June 2006

Our old friend Tel Currie is at it again, penning a new underworld book. It has contributions from his pals Roy Shaw, Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Biggs, Charlie Bronson,Ronnie Knight, Wilf Pine, DC, Paul Massey, Carlton Leach, 'Big' Albert Chapman, the top gypsy boys, Max Beesley, Kenny Noye, Paul Ferris ... and tons more! I've been privileged to read a draft of the book and I can tell you now that it promises to be a humdinger. Tel is right when he says: "A large section is taken up with injustices so a lot of people in high places will find it an uncomfortable read."

I'll let you know the title and release date just as soon as I have them.

19th June 2006

Another Paradise Promotion: "Courtney In Clink". A special Audience With Dave Courtney OBE is to be held at The Clink Prison, 3 Clink Street, London SE1 [MAP] on Wednesday 26th July 2006 at 8pm. Tickets are £10 each, £15 for stage-side VIP seats. Call Chris the Greek for advanced bookings on 07861 897291 or 0208 640 3260.

For a more up-close-and-personal experience for £5 extra you can meet Dave at the Zakudia Bar, Riverside Walk, Southwark Park Road (150 yards from The Clink Prison) [MAP] at 6.30 pm for a drink, photo and/or book signing.

"I always had faith in the Great British Justice System!"

15th June 2006

Dave will be doing an Audience With on Wednesday 19 July at the Kandi Klub 77-79 The Parade, Watford, WD17 1LN. More details to follow shortly.

Another date for your diaries: Friday November 3 2006. Dave will appear at The Kestrel Suite, Cow Lane, Burnley, BB11 1LN. Liz and the girls will provide the adult fun with an all-comers mud wrestling competition refereed by Dave. For enquiries and tickets please call Kev on 07973 256039. More details to follow shortly.

12th June 2006

Well, it seems that a lot of you out there are more than happy with the download of "In His Own Words" (see 1st June below). Here's excerpts from just a handful of the emails we've received from fans:

Brililant is all I can say. Ken

Mal.Thanks for putting the CD on the site.My entire family is enjoyed lisening to Dave,s voice telling the storys of his liofe. Daz

loved it,  just like having an audience with dave courtney in my own house. Respect Joe

I was trully amazed by Dave's story of his accident and police naughtiness. Mindblowing stuff. Welsh Kev

Our good friend and unlicenced boxing promoter Tel Currie has just returned home after spending ten days in hospital. I'm sure you will all join with myself, Dave and all Tel's many friends in wishing him a very speedy recovery.

9th June 2006

DON'T PANIC! If you've been trying to get DC without success ... Dave's phone has gone walkabouts. I'll let you all know when he's up and running again people.

8th June 2006

Dave tells me that he's just received the third revision of the script for his next film project "Stop The Ride!" and he sounded quite excited about it. I'm afraid I can't reveal any of the details yet; suffice to say it's based on the first volume of his best selling autobiography series.

5th June 2006

Don't forget, you can see Dave interviewed on Sky One's Vroom Vroom which is currently showing.

4th June 2006

I had a very interesting conversation with Dave this evening. It appears that television news coverage of the much publicised knife amnesty is also showing pictures of a silver coloured knuckleduster with Dave's signature etched across it. Dave said: "I have no idea what knuckledusters have to do with a knife amnesty, but I can guess why they've featured my name in the middle of it all. I don't sell knuckledusters and I'd have to be a right idiot to sell 'em with my own name on them!"

1st June 2006



Dave has issued a new CD entitled "In His Own Words". The CD consists of 14 tracks (over 52 minutes long) of Dave talking about his life with backing music by his son Beau. Dave describes it as "my first venture into talking books."

Professionally recorded and produced, the album is available as an exclusive high quality 48 Mb download from this site only. Yes, you could soon be one of the first to own and listen to Dave's unique story "In His Own Words" ... and you will not be disappointed.

Simply click on the PayPal button below. The price is just £6.99 with, of course, NO postage and packing. Once we have received confirmation of payment (usually 24 to 48 hours) we will email you with full instructions and pass codes to download the entire album in zipped MP3 format.

31st May 2006

An Audience with Dave Courtney: in Gosport on the 7th June at the North Star (on the A32 as you go in to Gosport). Ticket price is £10 each available from Scouse Col on 07979 553173. There will be a band on and buffet available.

30th May 2006

CageRage 17 is on! A lot of Dave's friends will be fighting in the event at the Wembly Arena on 1st July, including the top billed Ian "The Machine" Freeman.

For ticket information go to CageRage Tickets. Get there early to see the stars of Cage Rage out front to meet their fans.


17th May 2006

You can hear Dave on the Mike Mendoza show on Talk Sport this evening (well, I believe it's actually on between 12 and 1 in the morning. You'll find Talk Sport at 1089/1053 on AM (Medium Wave).

16th May 2006

We have a very limited number of flyers, signed by Dave, for sale. The coloured one on the left is the flyer from Dave's Big Launch Party and the other is from this year's Joey Pyle Snr. Testimonial event (signed by Dave either on the front or the back). Both are destined to become collectors' items. The cost is just £5 each (+ £1 p&p).

REMEMBER: Once they've gone ... THEY'VE GONE! 

Coloured Party Flyer

B+W Joey Pyle Flyer

Or you could save £1 on postage by buying both at the same time!


NOTE: The Paypal buttons will be removed as stocks become exhausted.

15th May 2006

Bev M's pub The Prince Albert now has it's own website to let you know what's happening and when. Make sure you visit the growing Gallery Page.




MISUNDERSTOOD, the children's ADHD charity for which Dave acts as patron, had a very successful official launch on 14th March at the Royal Function Rooms, Rochester.

Dave is now involved with another children's charity. This is a hospice in Essex for children and their families affected by life-threatening illnesses. They are dedicated to providing love, care and support for the whole family. No charge is made to any families for the services of the Hospice and they are run entirely on charitable donations and gifts. Little Haven is the children's hospice service of the South East Essex Christian Hospice (Registered Charity Number 1022119).

Dave with the Charity's fund-raising manager,
Louise Gloyne and friend, Mark Peters.

We will be putting a page up soon all about the work of this very worthwhile cause.


9th May 2006

Audience With Dave Courtney in Yeovil, Somerset on Sunday 28th May: the venue is Duke's Night Club in Tabernacle Street [MAP] and doors open at 9 pm. Tickets are available from Dukes, Ottakars Bookshop, Acorn Records (all in Yeovil) or from Leon on 07999 385 529 (tickets £7 each). Dave will also be doing a book signing at Ottakars in Yeovil the same afternoon. I'll let you know the times when I have them.

4th May 2006

Another nice letter from someone who spent an evening playing Pool with Dave:

Hi dave
Thank you for a good nite saturday nite of pool & laughter. stevie,joe,karen & myself enjoyed it. joe & stevie has not stoped talking about you. cant wait to do it again.
Many thanks best of luck with your new film as we enjoyed seeing you in Hell To Pay & cant wait to see your new one.
Once again thank you for me & family. stevie,joe,karen.
thank you steve.

Dave and Steve

2nd May 2006

After a long period of filming, Dave finally got some time off and has just returned from sunny Alicante, so there will be a lot more updating of the site soon.

Thanks to all of you who sent in your messages for Ronnie Biggs. I've forwarded them all to Tel Currie, who will be taking them in to Ronnie in Belmarsh Prison on Thursday.

Finally, have you been receiving viruses which appear to come from me? Several people have reported emails which come from my address containing viruses. It's been a couple of years since the last spate of these. Once again, I've checked my machine and they are not coming from me, so apologies if you've been getting them, but it ain't me! If  you find out who's doing it then please feel free to pay them a visit!

28th April 2006


Thanks to all those good people who have sent messages for Biggsy. Roy, Mike and I will be visiting Ronnie again on May 4th and will pass the messages on. I know for a fact that Ronnie really appreciates the support of good people and he gets emotional when he knows people out there recognize that the slow death sentence he has been handed is barbaric and cowardly. It's frightening to think that scum who rape and kill our children are treated far less harshly than Ronnie (unfortunately, that's true.)

Thanks also to Mal who has always had the bottle to put things on the web site that the authorities don't like.

As you all know, Ronnie is a very sick man but his spirits are always lifted by those who don't swallow the propaganda and have the courage to stand up and say what's right and wrong... and anyone who knows their facts will tell you... the treatment of Ronnie is WRONG!

REGARDS and RESPECTS to you all,

Tel Currie

26th April 2006

News of an impending Audience With Dave Courtney in Yeovil, Somerset on Sunday 28th May: the venue is Duke's Night Club in Tabernacle Street [MAP] and doors open at 9 pm. Tickets are available from Dukes, Ottakars Bookshop, Acorn Records (all in Yeovil) or from Leon on 07999 385 529 (not sure of the price yet). Dave will also be doing a book signing at Ottakars in Yeovil the same afternoon. I'll let you know the times when I have them.

18th April 2006

I am indebted to Roy E. for bringing the following to my attention. There is an online petition to get Ronnie Biggs released, so please go visit and sign.

15th April 2006

This just in from Lee Phillips, who is shooting "Clubbed to Death":

"Dave's first day of filming for 'Clubbed to Death' went really well yesterday. He had to shoot Deepak Verma (Sanjay from Eastenders) in the head, who in turn had to fall in to a freezing cold lake. Dan Hyde(Scott Anderson from Hollyoaks) & Donatella Panayiotou (from Young, Posh and Loaded) were also in the scenes. We're also filming at next Saturdays Cage Rage"

14th April 2006

Well they've certainly marked Mark Fish's card. This just in:

"Our good friend Mr. Fish was cornered by the constabulary ‘yet again’ yesterday. He was surrounded by two Subaru’s and a Dog van. The PATHETIC pricks that stopped him said they had been instructed to 'stop and search'. When they found the only ‘lifeless bodies’ in his car was his daughter Jasmine’s Barbie & Ken they proceeded to nick him for his Tinted Windows with a £60 fine AND 3 points."

Mark's comment? "Cheers Sarge, now f*ck off – Keep Marching Chaps – Ha Ha!"


Well Mark, at least it wasn't the massive overkill of 14 vehicles this time mate!

13th April 2006

Saint George's Day Special

I've already mentioned Bammo's Bash 'Em Up and subsequent celebrations at The Prince Albert on the 23rd April. Now Bev and young Joe Pyle are organising a coach from the Albert to take people to the boxing match and return them afterwards for the party, so you won't have to worry about drinking or finding the venue. If you're interested in taking advantage of this deal then phone either Bev (07713 628631) or Joe (07886 272635) for details.

12th April 2006

Our good friend Mr. Fish has just been released from the clutches of Her Majesty’s Police Force after having two days B&B for alleged Kidnap & Torture.

Mark didn't have a camera with him to capture the car being taken away, so here's one I prepared earlier.

Sunday lunchtime Marks car was surrounded by no less than 14 police vehicles, including 4 vans, 6 panda cars, 2 Subaru Imprezas and 2 highway high speed Volvo cars. They stopped him after getting a tip off that a man had been kidnapped and thrown into his car in Scunthorpe town centre. They found a man with substantial injuries in Mark's car and proceeded to caution Mark and his two pals, even though the injured man explained to the police that he had received his injuries the night before and was in the car of his own free will. The Inspector had turned up but was told by the cuntstables that they would have to let them go, as no complaint was being made by the man. He took one look at who was involved in car and said “nick them anyway”. (Does that sound familiar?). As they were putting Mark's car on a low loader truck, covering it with a tarpaulin, the Inspector ordered that Mark and his pals go to three separate nicks in different towns and their clothes be taken away. After two days rest and the best sleep Mr. Fish has had for ages, Mark's cell door was opened and the copper said, “get up, you’re leaving with no charge to answer”. Mark said he is very pleased that justice has prevailed again! He hopes to see all the chaps again soon.

Meanwhile, back at Camelot, another happy couple report a great evening playing pool with Dave:

Hi Mal
i would just like to say Dave Courtney 'TOP MAN'

I arranged a meet with dave for my Husbands 50th Birthday Surprise, Dave did us proud.

We traveled from spain and were not disappointed, Dave made us feel at home in his house, he showed us around, talked about his books and films, he made us a cuppa, then came the crunch, he beat my old man 10-1 at pool, and Dave played one handed, we even went to his local for a beer, i would just like to say thank you so much, you don't know how much this ment to Glyn..Nothing was to much trouble for Dave. We are currently arranging a grudge match here in spain for Dave along with 'An Audience With.' WATCH THIS SPACE
Karen And Crazy 'G'

Crazy G and Dave

Crazy G and his wife came all the way from Spain to spend an evening with Dave.

11th April 2006


An Evening of Championship boxing

VENUE - Caesars Nightclub, Streatham.

DATE - Sunday 23rd April 2006 (St. Georges Day).

FEATURING - Hughie 'the Banger' Robertson, Welsh Phil Davies, Sven Hamer, Joey Pyle Jnr, Jason Reynolds... plus 'Talk the Talk's' very own Zifad 'Paddy' Pajic. 

Don't miss this great event. All the chaps will be there on the night: Dave Courtney, Joey Pyle Snr., Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Wilf Pine, etc.

TICKETS - £30 and £50 (ringside) 

EMAIL: uyc200@hotmail.com or phone the box office on 0208 296 0080.

Then it's all back to Bev's pub, The Prince Albert in Mill Road, Plumstead (MAP) for the post-event St. George's Day celebrations.

10th April 2006

Roy Shaw, Tel Currie and Mike Gray are visiting Ronnie Biggs in Belmarsh in the next three weeks. Ronnie has been in prison for over five years since he returned to this country (thanks to The Sun). He has suffered several strokes and is no longer able to speak, but uses an alphabet board to spell out words to visitors. However, Mike tells me that he is in good spirits considering his plight. If you'd like to send a personal message of support or good wishes to Ronnie then please CLICK HERE and they will be happy to take them with them.

9th April 2006

Another happy group of people who enjoyed an evening of pool with Dave at Camelot Castle:

went over dave's last night with my dad and brother. had a wicked time, he's a right down to earth man. we played pool (how does he do it with one hand?) and looked around his house. he made us feel so welcome. me and my brother had so much fun (until dave got the guns out). 
my brother wanted to see dave's guns and dave showed them to us. we were all laughing and joking. i even got a picture of me holding a gun to dave's head (highlight of the night lol). we all took loads of photo's with us all mucking about and playing with the guns. he even let us wear his kuckle duster (bet that cost alot). i could have stayed there all night. me and my brother felt like we'd known him ages. we had a real great time. cheer's dave
lots of love

7th April 2006

Just a quick note to let all you Roy Shaw fans out there know that Tel Currie is temporarily out of touch with his computer and that Roy's official website will not be updated for a short while.

29th March 2006

Our good friend, Jason Marriner, publishes his first book today ... and what a book it is. You may remember Jason as the Chelsea Headhunter banged up for six years in 1999 as a result of the unscrupulous TV journo Donal MacIntyre's "Undercover" series. Here's what I have written about the book on Jason's website:

Jason admits to having been "a bit of a nuisance" in the past. In this, his first book, he tells his story in a frank and honest way ... and what a story it is. This is no run-of-the-mill series of "we done them" and "we run them" tales, but a proper account which blows the lid off the deceitful shenanigans that Donal MacIntyre got up to in the name of "investigative reporting". How 344 hours of  covertly shot BBC video was cunningly edited down to an hour to paint an unjust and prejudiced picture of him. He tells the story of the disgraceful court case (trial by TV) and his time "away" at Her Majesty's pleasure. And you'll absolutely love reading the actual court transcripts of how Jason's legal team put the screws on the self-important MacIntyre in court, tied him up in knots and made him sound like a dishonest egotistical pillock who seemed to believe that he was above the law.

This is a book that you simply MUST read mate, 'cos this could so easily be YOU!

Don't let the fact that you think it's about football hooliganism fool you. MacIntyre sticks his snotty nose into all kinds of pies ... and yours could be next. So be forewarned by buying and reading Jason's book at JasonMarriner.Com

27th March 2006

Forgot to say that a film that Lee Phillips is shooting and will satr Dave, "Clubbed To Death" (formerly known as "Don of the Dead") had a mention in the papers last week:

Daily Mirror 23 March 2006

FUN Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan will star in forthcoming Brit flick Clubbed To Death.

The bizarre cast also includes Lord Brocket, reformed villain Dave Courtney and girls about town Lauren Pope and Donatella Panayiotou.

23rd March 2006

Three things should ye know:

First, don't forget the Grand Opening of Bev's pub The Prince Albert in  Mill Road, Plumstead (MAP). Dave and all our friends will be there, so it WILL be a very exciting and entertaining night and an opportunity to mingle and meet some very interesting people. Who know where or when the night will end up?

The official website for Six Bend Trap, the latest film starring Dave, is now live and the premiere is set for the 16th April 2006 at the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough. Go take a look at the website right now!

Finally, regarding Audiences With. All shows that I know about are featured on this page as soon as I find out about them. I've made this point before, but I still receive daily emails from fans asking whether there are shows coming up in their area. The simple answer is: if it ain't on this page then I don't know about it and you aren't likely to get a reply. Please don't be offended, it's not because I'm being rude but I simply don't have the time and I  don't get paid for the time I spend doing this website or reading/answering the dozens of emails that arrive every day.

17th March 2006

I have a number of the very exclusive limited edition montage posters of Dave left. There were only 200 numbered autographed copies of this poster and I only have a few left now at the bargain price of £12.50 each (including p&p). The poster is black and white on best quality glossy poster paper, measuring 420mm x 297mm.

If you wish to be one of the few in the country to own this collectors item then click on the Paypal button to the left. But you'd better be quick: the button will be removed once all the posters have gone.



NONE left

In addition, five people who ordered our limited SIGNED copies of the "Hell to Pay" DVD did not send money, so I still have five copies for sale. Each one is signed by Dave on both the cover and the disc, making this a "must" for any serious DC fan at only £16.99 each (including p&p). Only the first five to click on the Paypal button above will receive this collectors item; once again, after that the button will be removed.

14th March 2006

I couldn't go another day without mentioning the terrific hospitality I received from Bev (Dave's bodyguard) and her staff at "The Prince Albert" at Plumstead Common when I went up to London a couple of weeks back. I'd just like to thank Bev, Jerry (Dave's god-daughter), Sally, Vicky, Mandy and John. Here's a shot of Jerry, Bev and Sally:

... looking tough, but they're all very friendly behind the bar - unless you're out of order, that is!

Bev took over the Prince Albert a month or so ago and tells me that they are having a Grand Opening Night on April 1st. There will be a chinese buffet laid on and all are welcome on the night (MAP). Dave and all our friends will be there, so it should be a very interesting and entertaining night.

News of another Audience With Dave Courtney taking place at Helen's pub, The Half Moon Inn in Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, Dulwich (MAP) on Friday 31st March. Doors open at 7.30 pm and tickets are £7.50 in advance (phone 07768 018814) or £10 on the door.

I've had another email from a couple who thoroughly enjoyed their evening playing pool with Dave:

Chris and DaveHi Mal, Just emailing to say a massive thanks to Dave for being a top host on my birthday. We had a brilliant evening , meeting a few of Dave's friends who popped in and chatting about the gumball rally amongst other things. Dave made us feel totally at home and could not have been more friendly, i would not hesitate in recomending an evening playing pool at camelot castle to anyone thinking about it. I wont mention the pool score as Dave managed to thash me 1 handed, which was funny after a few beers. Once again many thanks for making my birthday a top night to remember.
Chris and Deana

If you'd like to meet Dave at Camelot Castle for a few games of pool and a bit of a chin-wag then take a look at the MeBay Page right now.

13th March 2006


Dave and Mark Fish, who just spent the whole weekend celebrating Mark's birthday in Leeds, have a new registration number, so they have decided to sell their old one.

Mark says the number was previously owned by one of the Kray clan and has asked me if we can auction it on the site. Now, I'm sure that some people out there would love to be able to display it on their pride and joy, so here goes. We are starting the bidding at £1,000. If you wish to bid on this object of desire then please email me with your bid. To be eligible to bid you must include your name, address (including postcode) and telephone number in your email to screen out any time wasters. Latest high bid will be displayed at the top of this page and all bidders will be informed by email whenever the situation changes.

Mark and the number plate

So come on ladies and gentlemen. Who will start me off at a grand?

12th March 2006

Apologies for not presenting the report on Joey Pyle's Benefit evening yet people. I was promised by several people that they would send me their own views on the night, but so far I have received only one. Soooo I'm gonna give it another few days and then write it up.

There will be an Audience With Dave Courtney on Monday 27th March at The Green Lion, Rainham, Kent [MAP]. Doors open at 7.30 and tickets are an amazing £5 on the door. But make sure you arrive early, as it's a venue with limited capacity.

10th March 2006

Dave and Storm at Kerang! last night:

Thanks to Danny Boy in Leeds for the pic.

9th March 2006

Dave's being interviewed tonight at 11pm on Kerang! Radio, so don't miss it.

2nd March 2006

I thought it was probably about time I introduced you all to Dave's personal fitness trainer, Jason “Pitbull” Pasquale. Jason is one of the world's leading fitness and nutrition experts and is adviser to many of the strongest men and women in the world today, as well as to stars, celebrities and models. Jarek Dymek, World Top 10 strongman, says "Jason is the best trainer in the business." Can't say fairer than that, can you?

I'll be telling you a lot more about Jason in the coming weeks, but for now I've added an article about him.

1st March 2006

"So, what happened to Dave yesterday?" I hear you ask. Dave ended up with a 16 month ban and a £570 fine. Now, I'm sure that once upon a time he would have got a 12 month ban, so why the extra 4 months? This is the crafty bit: during sentencing Dave was told that if he went on a drink driving awareness course then 4 months would be knocked off the ban. Great, except that it costs £130 to attend the course, so the authorities seem to have come up with another way of making more money out of the motorist! Clever, eh?

Oh, by the way, I have been literally swamped with emails from people who want to chauffeur Dave around, so that is now closed.

27th February 2006

Well, the authorities have got the 'ump with Dave talking about them and thought they'd try to upset his applecart. On Christmas Eve Dave was driving from Joey Pyle's when he was stopped by the Police. Dave says that the copper who pulled him said "Someone upstairs doesn't like you. We were told to get you." Dave was breathalysed, etc. and charged with driving under the influence and, as reported in the News of the World yesterday (see below) appears in court tomorrow.

News of the World - 26th February 2006

Now, there are a couple of things about this that stink: Firstly, Dave says that the only person that he told where he had been was the arresting officer. "So how did the News of the World get hold of that little bit of information?" asked Dave. Secondly is the fact that it got in the papers at all. If you remember, when he was faced with the big ABH case and doing some time if found Guilty, not one single paper reported anything, despite the case allegedly involving someone very close to an Eastenders star!

On top of all this, Dave has now received phone bills to the tune of £12,000. Those of you who have heard Dave's "Audience Withs" will know that part of the show is about the fact that he never payed phone bills because cutting him off would have been counter productive to the Police who, he maintains, were bugging his calls. He also recounts the stories of the many many times he has been pulled by OB for traffic infringements and let off.

We're expecting a driving ban to be imposed on Dave tomorrow, followed by close observation of his movements by Old Bill so they can nab him the first time he jumps into the diving seat of his car, so here's an advert:

Dave needs a full time chauffeur for the duration of the ban. This promises to be a most interesting job, so anyone interested please email me and I'll pass all details on to Dave.

The other piece of news is that It's Chico Time! Yup, our good friend Chico releases his single today. It's on Sony BMG, catalogue number 82876812132. You can buy it at the shops or order it from Amazon by clicking on the cover below.

Chico will be at the Vigin Megastore in Oxford Street, London today from 4.30 to 6.00 pm signing copies of his single (MAP).

23rd February 2006

Just back from the Joey Pyle Benefit Evening. Yeah, yeah, I know: the event was Sunday and today is Thursday! I was enjoying myself, OK?

Julie Pyle, Joey Pyle and Roy Shaw as Joe gives his audience a few wise words and thanks all of his friends for coming.

The evening was an enormous success, with over 1,200 people turning up to Caesar's Palace in Streatham to pay their respects to Joe. I can honestly say that I haven't seen so many "faces" and naughty men in one place at the same time since Ronnie and Reggie's funerals.

Joey Pyle and Dave Courtney

The entertainment was brilliant, fronted by Adrian Doughty and Wayne Adams (thanks guys) with such wonderful voices as Jocelyn Brown, Oliver Cheatham and Storm. There were several appearances by Chris the Greek, who did a sterling job. Dave ran the auctions with Britain's best-known auctioneer, Nick Bonham.

Nick Bonham, Dave and Chris the Greek auction items donated by a host of celebs.

I'm told that Joe goes into hospital today for the first of his operations, so good luck from all of us Joey.

The gorgeous Helen from LeedsI'll be writing an article about the evening over the next couple of days as well as putting up an entire new gallery of photos from the event, so keep dropping by. In the meantime, take a look at the lovely Helen from Leeds. Helen was part of a party of forty friends brought down by Mark Fish.

One question before I go: Has anyone seen anything about this huge event in any newspaper? I don't think so! Word is that the papers were told not to touch it!

17th February 2006




... from Mal, Donna, Mark Fish, Wolves Paul and Jase, Jason Marriner, Bev M, Southampton Colin, Bruno, Clive, Dockgate and the crew at Legends.

And Happy Birthday Donna ... 21 again, eh?

16th February 2006

I received a very nice phone call this afternoon from the rather delicious Bev M to say that she has hung up her dusters (metaphorically speaking of course) and bought a pub. She is now the landlady of "The Prince Albert" in Old Mill Road, Plumstead (MAP), just 200 yards from Dave's Camelot Castle. Very handy! Bev says that all DC fans are welcome and I shall most certainly be having a beer or three in there this weekend and - if I can keep the lens from steaming up - I may well take some more photos of Bev's amazing tattoos.

14th February 2006

Our old friend Mark Fish is running into fresh problems with the authorities. Read all about it at Posh Wosh.

12th February 2006

The following are just a handful of the emails I receive:

Mal, I watched this last night, and can honestly say I should have got it sooner. It seriously makes Snatch, and Lock stock, and any of the other ‘gangster’ flicks appear almost unwatchable.
Well done to Dave, and all involved.

Just bought hell to pay yesterday and watched it six times over. what a fucking scream. whens the next film out

Alright!.........just watched the film Hell to pay and thought it was brilliant, further more I really liked the music through out the film, is there or going to be a soundtrack cd released?

John & Stephanie:
hiya , just a few words to say what a great book "stop the ride" is , i found it and the second one "the rides back on" in my dads bookcase after his death. On the day when myself and my brother and sisters had to sort out my dads possessions i looked through his bookcase and thought , these books are coming home with me . Well since starting to read "stop the ride" i can hardly put it down. What a life dave has led, and what a cool attitude, hats off to him. Now having found this site i will be looking out for more about dave in the future. Also Mal , what a fantastic website this is , tears for little Courtney Guy , great wallpapers , and now knowing that dave does "an audience with" i will be looking out for one near me.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to say how touched I was by your write up and coverage of the passing of that poor little girl. It was extremely well written and such a wonderful tribute to the little girl. Personally Im not an avid reader of the site but drop in from time to time, and was genuinely choked at what I read. I didnt know the little girl, or her family but it made heart wrenching reading. 
I'd just like to commend both yourself and Dave for covering such a tragic and sad loss with an immense amount of decorum.

Hi Mal how are you just recently found your webpage on mr.Courtney and i can say its brilliant reading.

Just found the website and spent most of Sunday going through it, WEY TOP STUFF !!!! I feel very disappointed at the fact I’ve missed so many things and venues where dave was at. Can you let me know if there are any new ones like, “and audience with...” etc. Keep up the good web work and love to dave and the crew.

Just dropped a line to say what a fantastic web-site you've put together !! Very professional job !!

11th February 2006

Well Done Everyone

Well done to everyone that has supported Joe Pyle. Can we please ask anyone collecting money for their table to send it as soon as possible, as Joe's first lot of treatment has been booked for 24th February at a cost of £14,000. The ticket money for the lifetime achievement evening, therefore, needs to be accounted for to pay for the first lot of treatment.

Many thanks,
The Organisation Team

10th February 2006

On 11th February Dave will be attending his good friends Gaz and Mims wedding reception at the Sitwell Tavern in Derby. They have just come back from abroad, where they got married. Good luck to both of them and to our friend Cynthia, who will also be attending.

9th February 2006

Dave's good friend and genuine genius rapper Osiris has a great new website on which to display his talents. Just click on the link and take a look at www.osirisuk.com now and listen to a little of his thing.


5th February 2006

Another happy lot who came to play pool with Dave. Janine bought the deal for hubby Andy's 40th birthday present and has just emailed the following:

Just a note to thank you for helping organise Andy's 40th Birthday pressie. Please pass on a BIG thanks to Dave (& Brendon) for an evening that won't be forgotten. Also, Dave said that you wouldn't dare print the fact that he got beat on BOTH games with Andy & Moon!!!! :-)  Thanks again - some pics attached for the gallery .....and for anyone thinking of doing the same - go for it - Dave is a top host!

And for all those fans in Northern Ireland who have been asking when Dave is coming to see them ... well read this:




TICKETS £10.00

CONTACT : GRANT ON 0774 555 2642 OR

30th January 2006

I'm pleased to announce that during the month of January the site has been averaging over 1,700 visitors per day.

Lee Phillips tells me that his film "The Dealer", which starred Dave, is the Chatshow Network's "Event of the Week". You can view it HERE, including interviews with Dave at the premiere.

Now, if you live in the Burnley area we have a treat for you. Dave will be putting on An Audience With on 9th February at 7 pm at the Sanctuary Rock Bar, Cow Lane, Burnley. SRB is a Rock and Goth club and all three floors have been reserved for Dave and his audience. The crypt bar is furnished with pews and coffins so let’s have a ceremony to commemorate his night. Tickets are on sale at £10 and as an interlude there will be an exotic dancer.

Anyone wanting to buy a ticket should call Kev on 07973 256039. Full details of the club are at www.sanctuaryrocks.co.uk.

24th January 2006

First of all, thank you to all those kind people who emailed their sympathies for Courtney Guy, whose story we told on the 14th January. Your messages mean a lot to her family. Her step-father, Dave Williams, phoned me this evening to say thank you for the coverage and to tell me that her death was being featured on BBC local news this evening and had made several national newspapers. Courtney's family are not happy with the apparent lack of care the young girl received at the hands of her local NHS Trust.  You can read about it HERE and we'll be carrying the press coverage as soon as we receive it.

Now, I have ten signed copies of the "Hell To Pay" DVD to sell. Each one is signed on the cover and on the disc by Dave. The copies are going for £15 each (including p+p) and the first ten fans to email me with their details will be the lucky ones.

I have received the following email from Gary, who was at Dave's Audience With in Exeter:

Hey Mal

Just a small note of thanks to Dave a recommendation to anybody who hasn’t seen him live.

I took my eldest daughter Nikki to see Dave at Exeter, she read my copy of Stop the Ride and has been a massive fan since. – 120 mile drive each way but well worth it. I still keep thinking of some of Dave’s one liners and cracking up in totally unsuitable places. He signed a couple of books for my daughter and made her feel 10 feet tall. A great evening and a top bloke. Wish him all the best from us.

Best Regards

22nd January 2006

This just in from Ria:

Mal. Thought I would share this with you, it made me crack up:

A friend of mine lives in Sittingbourne. He wanted a copy of "F**k the Ride", so jokingly I said "ask the library". After ringing them, he came back and said "the woman said there is now only one copy left in Sittingbourne Library and there is a very long waiting list for that. All the other copies are in the libraries on the island in the prisons!"

And this from Mark, who organised the Audience With Dave Courtney on Thursday in Exeter:

Hi Mal. 
Just a quick thank you to Dave for an excellent night last Thursday. Dave was the most helpful, funniest and genuine guest I’ve ever had he pleasure of meeting. To any one out there thinking about putting on “an audience with Dave” don’t delay you are in for one hell of a treat.
Thanks again Mark.

21st January 2006

A lot of people are emailing and calling to say they've heard about a pop-up that accompanies this page all about the Joey Pile Tribute evening but that they can't see it on their PCs. This is usually because your anti-virus or firewall programme is set to block pop-ups. Soooo, if you don't see a pop-up when you open this page then CLICK HERE to read about what you're missing.

17th January 2006

Don't forget, Dave will be in EXETER on Thursday night, performing An Audience With at Exeter University. Go to davecourtneyinexeter for full details and if you live anywhere in the Southwest don't miss it, cos this is the man's first exploration into our territory. See yah there!

Now, I get quite a few emails asking me why "Hell To Pay" isn't being offered for sale on Dave's Official website, as promised a couple of months ago. Well, despite several requests, I still haven't received any copies. If they ever arrive then you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, you can usually buy signed copies from Dave himself at one of his Audiences With.

15th January 2006

Just had an email from James Macleod, who answered our advert for fans who wanted to visit Dave to play pool:

hi Mal,
Just letting u know how i got on playin pool with Dave. Went up to Camelot on Friday night played a few games with Dave met Brendon and another chap watched a few DVDs and spent the night on Daves sofa. It was a truley fantastic time and well recomend it to anyone thinking about going, dont think about it - do it!!!!!!!! Dave is a truly nice bloke i will definatly be goin again.Keep up the good work.
All the best James Macleod

James and Dave

14th January 2006

On Thursday Dave attended a funeral. Funerals are nearly always sad affairs, but this was particularly sad, as it was of a little girl of only eight years old. The young girl's name was Courtney Abigail Marissa Guy, named after Dave and she sadly succumbed to Meningitis. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with her mother, Lisa, stepfather, Dave, and the rest of the family. Her Uncle Lee wrote the following:

On 18th July 1997, God gave us the gift of beautiful little angel who we named Courtney Abigail Marissa Guy. Even though Courtney was only with us for what seems like such a few short years, she filled and warmed our hearts with a lifetime of love.

She was an inquisitive little girl, always full of questions. She always had a hug for you and she always had a smile on her face. Courtney was a little girl who loved life. She leaves behind Lisa, a mother who worshipped and adored her, a brother Kristian , a dad and step dad, Grandparents, uncles and aunts as well as countless other friends and relatives, too many to mention but who all loved and adored this beautiful little girl.

I’m sure Courtney is looking down on us all and smiling her big beautiful smile, because so many are here today wearing pink her favourite colour, which everything had to be.

You know some people dream of seeing an angel, well we all got to touch and hold one. I know we will never understand why God took her from us, but im sure he is holding her in his arms right now and keeping her safe from harm.

We lost our little angel, but gained a guardian angel to watch over us all.
And as long as we all remember her in our hearts and minds, and if we can all look back with a smile when we think of her instead of a tear, then maybe in time, we will all be alright.

Courtney will always be a part of our lives and she will be in our hearts and minds, through us she will live on.
She will watch over us, a bright star shining in the moonlit sky. She is the blossom on the trees. We will always love you our little girl, you filled us with your love.

12th January 2006

The world premiere of Lee Phillips' film "The Dealer" went off in style in Leicester Square on Tuesday night. Dave, as leading man in the film was there with Storm. Among the capacity audience, who gave it a five minute standing ovation, was well respected actor Leslie Phillips who commented that he thought Dave, as the leading man, was "brilliant". Other faces there included John Altman, Cass Pennant, Jason Marriner, Nick Moran, Charles Brocket (and wife to be Harriett), Caprice, Patrick Murray (Mickey Pierce from "Only Fools and Horses"), Jack Marsden, Donatella, Big Brother stars Sam and Vanessa, Colin Salmon, Chaz & Dave, Deepack Verma, Rhino, Dave Legeno, agent Jonathan Lipman, Dave's son Beau and wife Kerry, Seymore, Dave Thurston, etc. etc. etc.

Lee Phillips with Leslie Phillips and Tony Royden, writer & producer
Lee Phillips with Leslie Phillips and writer/producer Tony Royden

8th January 2006

Sam "The Ashby Assasin"We hear that Sam "The Ashby Assasin" received some considerable injuries a couple of days ago. Sam is a very good friend of Dave and of Mark Fish and I'd just like to tell him that all the boys in London and up and down the country are wishing you a speedy recovery mate.

Don't worry about a thing Sam, I'm sure that everything will sort itself out in the end. Just get yourself fighting fit again.


6th January 2006

Dave and Storm had a great time on New Year's Eve, starting out at The Mill with Andy, Beau and Kerry, Mad Pete and wife, Chris the Greek, Lou Schutz and Gemma, Nick "Shoulders" and Georgina. Then they went off to meet up with Joey Pyle (Senior and Junior) and Julie at The Beverley, then on to The Blind Beggar (met up with Dave and AJ) and then to The Aquarium Club, hooking up with Mick Colby, Paddy, Seymore and Jackie, Tottenham Trevor (congrats with the new book mate), finally ending up with the crowd at Camelot Castle to party through what was left of the night and the next day!

Dave and Jodi MarshDuring the week Dave and Storm were invited to Jodi Marsh's fancy dress birthday party at The Sugar Hut in Brentwood.

Dave says he went as Zorro but when he arrived there was already a Zorro there, so he quickly changed into Borrow!

Oh, and don't forget to vote for Jodi on Celebrity Big Brother.

Dave's series "As Xtreme as it Gets" is currently screening every night on Sky One (1.45 a.m.).

Now for a little more info on The Joe Pyle Lifetime Achievement Evening: It's at Caesar's and tickets are £50 each. There will be tables of ten, so they'd obviously prefer to sell tickets to parties of ten ... but that doesn't stop smaller groups buying and sharing tables. Dave and Howard Marks will be running a fundraising auction during the course of the evening and other entertainment will come from singer Kaya, Ray Winstone, Jocelyn Brown, The Oddballs, Storm and possibly Alexander O'Neil. The whole event will be recorded for TV.

Joey Pyle Snr. and Dave     Joey Pyle Snr. and Howard Marks

If you'd like to advertise in the Official Programme then please email me.

Dave would like to thank Tel Currie, Joey Pyle Junior, Rachelle, Chris the Greek, Adrian Doughty, Storm, Fred Batt of Caesar's and Richard of A1 Printers for all their hard work in helping to make the event possible.

5th January 2006

Dave's out and about at some Audiences soon. Here's the gen:

Exeter - Now, here's a date to put in your diaries, especially if you live in the Westcountry. Dave will be doing An Audience With in Exeter on January 19th 2006. He'll be appearing at The Lemon Grove, Exeter University (my old alma Mata) and tickets are £15. For more details and ticket sales see davecourtneyinexeter or phone Mark on 07980 804695. See you there.

Burnley on February 9th 2006 - The venue is The Kestrel Suite, Burnley. More info to come.

The Joe Pyle Lifetime Achievement Evening is now on 19th February 2006.

31st December 2005

Both Dave Courtney and Mark Fish would like to pay their respects to the family of their good friend St John Ellis, who died today of a heart attack aged 41 died following a training session. St John was the longest-serving coach in rugby league; the former Castleford and Great Britain winger won three Great Britain caps from 1991-94.

25th December 2005



Sorry there's been no news for a few days people. On Tuesday my PC crashed and died along with the hard disc, so I lost everything. Most of all I lost all my emails; so, if you've emailed me in the past month or so with anything important please email me again. In the meantime I hope your all having a great time this Christmas. Mal.

19th December 2005

There's a new website on the Net. A few weeks ago Dave's good friend Jason Marriner (of Chelsea Headhunters fame) asked me to put a site together for him. Well, now it's up and running and you'll find it at www.jasonmarriner.com. Early days, but the site will develop into something very interesting, especially when we start to put the material up about how undercover "reporter" Donal MacIntyre contrived to get Jason put away for a six stretch.

17th December 2005

Dave will be presenting a special show along with Howard Marks and Roy Shaw on Sunday February 5th 2006 at Caesar's Palace, London. The occasion is a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Mister Joey Pyle Senior. I'll place more information about the details on this page as I get it.

15th December 2005

Hello people, this is just a little note to explain about emails you may send me (Mal):

I receive dozens of emails a day concerning Dave. Many of them ask me to relay personal messages to Dave and many of them are directed at Dave asking for him to write back. Well, firstly, Dave isn't on email, so please don't expect a personal reply back from him. Secondly, there is no massive team here ... it's just me running the whole site and handling correspondence. So I'm afraid, with my current workload, I don't have time to relay personal messages. I do manage to reply to a fair proportion of the emails, but I don't have the time to reply to all the fantastic people who email to say what a great bloke Dave is or how much you like the site, so please don't be offended or take it personally if you don't get a reply back.

If you have a personal message for Dave or if you want a signed photo then please post to:

Dave Courtney OBE
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
Plumstead Common
SE18 1RL

and if you want a reply then please enclose a stamped addressed envelope of appropriate size.

12th December 2005

This is Herb Thomsett who is 86 today. Do you know of an older Dave Courtney fan?

9th December 2005

Dave will be conducting An Audience With on Wednesday 14th December at The Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham, Kent. Tickets are available for £10 each by calling 01634 853186.

“Cage Rage 14 – Punishment” will be shown on Sky Sports 3 on Thursday 15th December at 22.00hrs with new Cage Rage TV presenter IAN 'The Machine' FREEMAN (Professional Ultimate Fighter / TV Presenter / Actor / Promoter).

7th December 2005

Congratulations go to Gemma Taylor, who broke the log lifting World Record on national TV yesterday. The log lifted by Aneta Florcyzk at this year's World's Strongest Woman competition was 105kg. Yesterday Gemma lifted a 107.5kg log live on ITV's This Morning!

Our good mate Chico has been banned from releasing "It’s Chico Time" until after Christmas. The winner of the show will be releasing their single on December 21 and TV bosses felt the competition might hurt their sales. In response, Chico is quoted as saying: "It would be nice to strike while the iron's hot, but it doesn't matter if it's January. Everyone knows its Chico time."

4th December 2005

The amazing Chico has been voted off X-Factor, but said he was thrilled to get as far as he did. Chico has proved himself to be a very popular and versatile entertainer and I would expect that he is going to be showered with offers. It would not surprise me to see a new TV show in the not-too-distant future ... what do you think of "Chico Time" as a title? Haven't seen you for a little while Chico, but I'm sure we'll catch up with one another soon mate. Until then: Well done and good luck with the career in the future.

1st December 2005

Bammo's Bash 'Em Up Bonanza 3

30th November 2005

A new boxed set of DVDs has just been released by ILC called Dave Courtney's Gangland. It contains 5 DVDs (Joe Pyle: Crime Doesn't Pay...But The Hours Are Good, Freddie Foreman: A Life Of Crime, Tony Lambrianou: Suited And Booted, Dave Courtney's Gangland UK and Dave Courtney Tells It Like It Is) and is being sold on Amazon for only £14.99. Bargain ... so click on the box to buy it now!

You may remember that I reported that Gordon, the man living at Dave's with a Tag, had a motorcycle accident and broke his leg. Well, poor Gordon went into hospital and picked up MRSA before they operated on his leg. Apparently he was given massive doses of antibiotics which affected his liver and his breathing and he eventually developed pneumonia. Well, the pneumonia has abated, but because of the delay in operating on his leg that all this has caused, his consultant says that it has become seriously infected and there is now a risk that he may loose the leg. I have been told that the hospital is now trying to say that Gordon was brought in with MRSA! Good luck Gordon. Everyone is rooting for you mate.

Dave has employed a new PA. Her name is Rachel and I understand that she and Dave share a particular mutual "friend" that should make for very interesting reading here in the not too distant future.

Finally, Dave and I would like to wish all the best to Steve McFadden in court on Friday fighting Angela Bostock for custody of their children. According to the Daily Mirror yesterday "Steve McFadden's ex-lover branded him a monster last night as he fought for custody of their two young girls. Devastated Angela Bostock claimed the EastEnders star was trying to portray her as an unfit mother." Hmmm ... well, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Angela who sold their salacious stories to the papers? Wasn't it Angela who punched Steve in the face in front of policemen three weeks ago? Wasn't it Angela who was arrested in August for allegedly breaking into his home, when it was claimed she and a friend took a video cassette and other property from the house? Pot, kettle, black! Good luck Steve mate.

29th November 2005

Dave will be holding court on Saturday 10th December at The Morgan, Worcester Road, Malvern (MAP). It starts at 7.30pm, tickets cost £5 or £6 on the night and you can purchase the tickets from The Morgan pub or phone Jo on 07792 092497.

27th November 2005

Between 1,000 and 2,000 different people per day visit this site to view davecourtney.com, including you. That's a lot of people every day and the numbers are steadily growing.

I get email enquiries on a daily basis ranging from "where can I hire a doorman?" to "do you know anyone who can teach me how to box/fight?" and even "who sells reliable surveillance equipment?", "do you know an escort agency in my area?". CLICK HERE to see a list of the most frequently asked for products and services.

How would you like your business to reach all of those people every day? Within the next month we are going to launch a new business section where you could advertise your company, services or products to all of those people. You can have a whole webpage or a banner ad or a simple small ad. You may already have a website of your own, but davecourtney.com is so popular that a link to your site on here could enhance it's rating with Google by thousands of positions and drive traffic through the roof. That's the way Google works!

If you're interested then email me at mal@davecourtney.com to find out how you and your business could benefit from this opportunity.

26th November 2005

Dave would like to send a warm Get Well message to Joey Pyle Snr.

Now, here's a date to put in your diaries, especially if you live in the Westcountry. Dave will be doing An Audience With in Exeter on January 19th 2006. He'll be appearing at The Lemon Grove, Exeter University (my old alma Mata) and tickets are £15. For more details and ticket sales see davecourtneyinexeter.co.uk or phone Mark on 07980 804695. See you there.

25th November 2005

HELL TO PAY in The Sun:

I was contacted by The Sun two days ago. They asked if they could view a copy of Dave's film Hell To Pay, as they were "interested" in it. Well, they watched it and the above article appeared in today's edition of the newspaper. At least they have described it as a "violent gangster flick" instead of a "porn movie" this time. Great news for Dave and the film, as I can foresee a lot more people going out to purchase a copy now! Thousands of copies have already sold in the first three weeks. You can buy it from HMV stores or by clicking on the Amazon link below.

If you click on the clipping you can see a much larger version.


Chico was in Cannes with Dave and the rest of the cast for the premiere of the film. Below is a photo of Chico with Donna just before the premiere.

Chico and Donna

Photo copyright © Mal and Donna!

23rd November 2005

Dave and Mark Fish were invited to dinner by Mike Tyson the other night. This just in from Mark:

Hi Mal. Photos as discussed taken at the Mike Tyson dinner in Doncaster, which Dave and I were personally invited to by Mike for sorting out a "problem" for him last week. It was a fantastic evening and we all had a wicked night. We also met up and had a good yarn with Joe Egan, who has been promoting his new book “Big Joe Egan” during Mike Tyson’s tour, along with Frank Bruno and many other stars of the fight world. As usual there was a bigger queue for autographs, photo’s and posters at Dave’s table than there was at the top table (what’s new?).Yet another 10 am night cap but well f**king worth it. Cheers chap, Mark.

Mike Tyson and Mark Fish

18th November 2005

News came in late last night from Liam, of Gangster Videos:

"Dave's DVD signing at Asda tomorrow (Friday 18th) to promote The Ultimate Gangster Collection and raise money for Children in Need has been cancelled by Asda. No reason has been given as yet. Apologies to anyone due to attend."

Well, that sounds familiar!!!!

But don't forget: The show at The Blag Club is still ON this evening.

17th November 2005

The following news article is appearing this week in Hampstead & Highgate Express, Wembley & Kingsbury Times, Sudbury Times, Kilburn Times, Willesden & Brent Times, Islington Gazette, Islington Gazette EC1. I'm told by Manish that over 300,000 people will get the papers through their door staring yesterday!!

Click on the cutting to see it in a much larger form.

14th November 2005

During the filming of Six Bend Trap a couple of months ago, Dave met one of his co-stars, Britain's Strongest Woman, Gemma Taylor. The meeting sparked off an idea that Dave should host the Strongest Man and Strongest Woman contests at Camelot Castle. No dates are set at the moment, but I am going to be featuring a new section on the website soon.

Gemma has just got back from Poland, where she won The European Strong Woman Cup in Gdansk, winning 4 events out of 6. You can read her full report on the competition HERE.


Here's what Sussex Film Review has to say about "Hell To Pay":

Shot on D.V. with a from-the-hip guerrilla sensibility, "Hell To Pay" is a gritty foray into the heart of urban darkness; the sort of bare knuckled trip that can only be achieved with a well-managed shoestring. What Gomez has achieved is a cheap and nasty two-fingers up to the bigger budgeted genre contenders that have flooded the market over the past decade; a deluge of mostly sub standard "mockney" pantomime that threatened to drive the British Gangster flick into extinction. 

With a few exceptions, like the excellent "Gangster No. 1" and "Sexy Beast", the genre was bloated and subsequently deflated by those film makers ready to jump on the Guy Ritchie crime wave, clumsily treading down a cliché riddled path that reflected more a Tarantino than a Hodges sensibility, and for a while there, it seemed that there was no distinction between the mean streets of New York and London.

Gomez steals back the ground lost to the likes of Ritchie and his clones by managing to create that rare gem of a thing … An honest-to-God-balls-and-all British gangster film…

13th November 2005

Another busy weekend for Dave coming up. As stated below, on Friday 18th November Dave will be supporting BBC's Children In Need Appeal at 1.00 pm at Asda in Chatham, then doing An Audience With at The Blag Club, Notting Hill Gate in the evening, also in aid of the Appeal. On Saturday he's off to a Rave (details coming) and on Sunday he'll be at the Chuff Chuff Party. Now, I happen to know where this will be, but it seems to be a bit of a secret so all I'll say right now is that perhaps it's on the South Coast. If you wanna know more then visit Miss Moneypenny's website. Don't know what a Chuff Chuff Party is??? Take a look at THIS.

Lucinda Rhodes-FlahertyDo you remember me telling you about Dave's next film project, "Don of The Dead"? Oh, come on, keep up! It's further down the page (31st October). Well, Lee tells me that the stunning and talented Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty will be starring alongside Dave in the zombie/gangster comedy film. Lucinda shot to fame in such programmes as Sky One's "Dream Team" (as super-bitch Jodie Stone), "Harry and Cosh" and "Cave Girl". There's an interview with Lucinda over on Chatshow.

CageRage 14 is on the 3rd December. Click on the poster to see a much larger version in a new window.

11th November 2005

After the fantastic success of Dave's DVD signing at Air Entertainment in Chatham on Wednesday, the distributors, BLACKHORSE ENTERTAINMENT who co organised the event, have arranged another DVD signing of THE ULTIMATE GANGSTER COLLECTION on Friday 18th November, also in Chatham at the massive ASDA store at 1.00 pm. This signing is to promote THE ULTIMATE GANGSTER COLLECTION, but part proceeds will be going to CHILDREN IN NEED.

The event will be covered by local press and radio and it is hoped to be as big a success! Dave did a fantastic job at Air, where he signed copies of all his DVDs including HELL TO PAY, to big crowds. It is hoped further signings can be arranged. Blackhorse Entertainment also agreed to the release of DAVE COURTNEY'S DODGY DVD2, which will go out next year and will feature many of the events GANGSTER VIDEOS have covered recently.

10th November 2005

Dave would like to say a big thank you to Kevin and his staff at Air Entertainment in Chatham for organising a great signing yesterday. The queue started at 12 pm and, by the time Dave arrived at 1 pm, it was out the shop and down the road. He was still posing for pictures at 5 pm! There will be another Audience With at The Beacon Court Tavern in Gillingham, Kent on Wednesday the 14th of December. Tickets are £10 and are available by calling 01634 853186.

8th November 2005

Just to remind you all that Dave will be doing a signing at Air Entertainment, 255 High Street, Chatham, Kent at 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday 9th November). Kevin, the manager, says that Hell to Pay is out-selling Star Wars!

Speaking of Hell to Pay, I am starting to receive emails about the film. The following is typical:

just got the dvd hell to pay today and ive got to say its an absolute f**kin masterpiece,to film all that on a shoestring bugdet deserves a medal.ive been waiting years to see this and its been well worth the wait.proof,if proof were needed,dave is and always will be a legend.and ask him please could he come back to liverpool so i can shake the mans hand. cheers,rob.

Have you seen it yet? Email me at mal@davecourtney.com and let me know what you thought.


7th November 2005

BBC Children in Need

Yes, Dave's doing An Audience With in aid of the BBC's Children in Need Appeal on Friday 18th November ... and it's FREE! Well, you will be asked for a donation for the Charity so please take a wedge with you to help. The venue is THE BLAG CLUB in Notting Hill, next to Notting Hill Tube Station (MAP). To avoid disappointment it would be best to get there by at least 7.45 pm ... the place is going to packed out. Thanks to Manish Patel (of Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees fame) for that news.

4th November 2005

Well, well! According to The Sun today:

A CLOSE pal of fiery Angela Bostock told last night how she clobbered ex-lover Steve McFadden — as stunned cops watched.

EastEnders tough-nut Steve, 46, turned up at Angela’s house yesterday to clear personal belongings out of her garage. Officers had gone with him to keep the peace because the pair had almost come to blows the last time they saw each other. But the cops could only stand and stare as Angela, 29, came steaming out of the house and laid into Steve, who plays Phil Mitchell.

The friend said: “Angela was in a complete state. She came tearing out of the house and thrust their baby daughter Mollie into Steve’s arms. She then whacked him across the face, as he was holding the baby. He staggered a bit but managed not to drop the child.

"It all happened in front of the police so Angela was promptly arrested and taken to the police station. Steve was in a complete state of shock.”

Ain't she a sweetie? You can read all about it over at The Sun. The story is also reported in other papers, although most of them are concentrating on the other story that Ross Kemp (Steve's Eastenders bruv) was attacked by his wife Rebekah Wade, Editor of The Sun!!

The Daily Mail: Smack Up My Mitch!
The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Mirror: BISH! BASH! BOSH!
The Independent
The Times: Hard man of EastEnders is decked by the Ginger Ninja (Errr ... not exactly a typical Times Headline, eh?)
The Daily Star

3rd November 2005

Dave was interviewed on Kerrang! on Wednesday. You can listen to the show and interview by going to Kerrang! and clicking on "Tim Shaw's Asylum - Wednesday".

Thanks to eagle-eyed Chris Mathias for the following. According to Sky News: "The ex-girlfriend of EastEnders actor Steve McFadden has been arrested and cautioned for assaulting the star. The woman involved is thought to have been McFadden's ex-girlfriend Angela Bostock." You can read all about it by clicking HERE.

1st November 2005

For the next seven days the Camelot Castle Webcams are absolutely FREEEEE!!!!!

To see what's going on in Dave's place simply CLICK HERE. Woohhhh! Hang on a sec. When you get there click on the "Buy 24 hours" link and complete the form. You won't be asked for credit card details. Bob's your uncle, you can now watch the webcams for FREE for the next week. If, for any reason, the cams are off then documentaries concerning Dave will be screened.

I've added a new section: Me-Bay. You'll find all of our most important and exclusive offers there. Take a look now.

31st October 2005




This just in from Lee Phillips:

Legendary ex-gangster turned actor Dave Courtney is to star in 4ground Media’s latest feature film "DON OF THE DEAD". This will be the second time Dave has worked with producers Lee Phillips and Matt Ware, who also cast him along side Craig Charles (Coronation street, Red Dwarf etc) and John Thomson (Cold feet, Fast show etc) as the lead role in The Dealer. "DON OF THE DEAD" is a comedy zombie film with a gangster theme and has been likened to a cross between cult classics Shaun of the Dead and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Shooting will commence next month and will take place throughout London and Kent. The film has an all-star cast and has already been offered UK distribution and a future television broadcast.

28th October 2005

Dave can be seen on TV twice on the 31st October: first on "Most Haunted" on Living TV at 9 pm then again at 11pm on "Britain Behaving Badly" on Men and Motors.

Whoops! I promised I'd wish Gemma Jones a Happy 17th Birthday on the 26th. Gemma's a big DC fan, so Happy Birthday for two days ago babe from Dave and I. Hope you had a blast.

25th October 2005

I have just received this email from Martin Nesbitt:

Hi Mal,

I have just read about Mark Cotsell on Dave's home page, having problems finding a venue to put on a Audience with Dave Courtney down in Exeter.

I took the opportunity to promote an Audience with Dave, at the Spa Hotel, Saltburn by the Sea, here in Cleveland while he was up here filming his role as Gordy Metcalfe in the Ironopolis Film Company's blockbuster release, "SIX BEND TRAP" and I would like to point out to anyone thinking of having Dave at their venue, is that I found Dave to be an excellent crowd puller, the show was a sell out and people had to be turned away at the door, Dave was very professional on and off stage and the packed room loved his show.

To finish off the night he had a stream of people queuing to meet the man himself and purchase a book or get his autograph, Dave treated everyone as a personal friend as he answered questions from the audience with a great deal of humour and warmth.

I too had the, what if ? worries, but I would like to put it straight, there was not the slightest hint of trouble all night and Dave was excellent, the audience was excellent, it was a pleasure.

Martin Nesbitt

24th October 2005

Congratulations again to our good friend Chico for surviving another public vote on The X Factor at the weekend. And a big thanks to Ria for the link to Chico's music site.

Now, I've told stories on here before about "interference" in Dave's life by the authorities. Well, here's another one. Mark Cotsell is sorting out "An Audience With Dave Courtney" down in Exeter. The show was due for the end of this month. But ... Mark has been trying to book a venue. So far he's booked THREE in a row, but each one accepted the booking and then cancelled it after a period of weeks! Bit of a coincidence? It can't be because of a fear of trouble, as I have never witnessed any trouble at any of Dave's shows. So it can only be someone "having a word". Best of luck Mark in your search for a venue with some bottle mate.

davecourtney.com is continuing to keep the new viewers and throughout October has averaged an amazing 1,300 unique viewers per day. That's over 6,000 hits per day.

23rd October 2005

Dave has agreed to do a DVD signing of 'The Ultimate Gangster Collection' at Air Entertainment, 255 High St, Chatham at 1.00 on 9th November. This is a five disc DVD collection which is due for release end of November containing 'Dave Courtney's Dodgy DVD' - 'Roy Shaw - Brute Force' - 'The Ultimate Gangster DVD 1 & 2’ & ‘The Krays Geordie Connection'. It is released by Blackhorse Entertainment who are organising the signing. Dave will also sign copies of 'Hell To Pay'. Thanks to Liam at Gangster Videos for that news.

"It was a few days before our wedding and we were making the final arrangements at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn for our civil wedding, when Rich noticed a guy who he thought he knew making a few enquiries. His suspicions were right: it was the legendary 'Dave Courtney'. Rich was amazed. He had read his books, watched films, one of his idols was at the Spa Hotel. How was I going to get him to speak to him?" Read more ...

... and don't forget there's an Audience With Dave Courtney on 25th October 2005 at The Surrey Hills Hotel, Horsham Road, Capel, Dorking, Surrey RH5 4PG (MAP). This is being organised by Matt Clear and you can get full details from his website (CLICK HERE). Tickets are £20 each and available either from Matt's website of by phoning 01306 712832 or 07921 359772.

21st October 2005

Mark Fish (left) relaxing at the hotel  after a day's filming on Six Bend Trap as Dave's minder and (above) on location in Turkey (Dave was entertaining the crowd on the beach at the time).

19th October 2005

This just in:

18th October 2005

Congratulations to our good friend Chico for surviving the public vote on The X Factor at the weekend. A little bird tells me that there was an article in the Sun about Chico yesterday in which they described Hell To Pay as a "porno film"!!!! Porno it definitely ain't!

On Thursday Dave will be attending The Criminal Clothing party in Covent Garden. Criminal Clothing are a Bournmouth based business who are now opening up new premises in London's prestige Covent Garden. Go visit their website and see the wicked Flash intro.

Now, Dave is opening up Camelot Castle as a modelling agency for men, women and children. Auditions will be held on the live webcams (we'll be announcing when soon) and there's a twenty five pound entrance fee. As if that weren't enough, Dave also wishes to audition girls for a select Gentleman's Evening agency (and NO!, that doesn't mean what you think it might!). If you think you have what it takes then email me at mal@davecourtney.com with your details, a phone number where we can contact you and (if possible) a photo.

Lastly (but by no means leastly): Do you wanna be in Dave's next film? Well, you can be if you have what it takes. What does it take? Well, a grand. Yup, for £1,000 you can have a speaking part in his next movie. The entrance money will be one route to financing the project. Watch this space and remember: Dave prefers to use ordinary people to give his films an authentic quality lacking in most of the genre. Once again, email me at mal@davecourtney.com with your details to get the ball rolling.

16th October 2005

Dave's good friend Dave Legeno is fighting Alan Murdoch at the next Cage Rage event on the 3rd of December at Wembley Conference Centre. Tickets can be bought from www.cagerage.tv

Here's a couple of the many emails I've received praising Dave and his show at Saltburn the other week:

hi mal,
just a quick word to say the stand up with dave at the spa in saltburn was tops. dave has an aura about him,where you could just listen all night. it was a pleasure to see him in action(on stage)a true bloke. and just a quick word to say it was also a pleasure to have him chill at mine while he was in, saltburn. me and tracey would have him back anytime,cheers dave,

Hi just thought I'd send some pics for the gallery. They were took at the Spa hotel in Saltburn before and after the show. I know you must get loads of e-mails about his show, but I'd just like to say what a great night me and my girlfriend had and what a laugh! Please pass on our thanks.
Chris & Caroline

14th October 2005

Dave's back from filming Six Bend Trap at last with some interesting plans for the webcams in Camelot Castle. He's sponsoring strong woman Gemma Taylor (who was also filming Six Bend Trap) and is planning to have the World's Strongest Woman competition at Camelot for all to see. As well as that, he'll be having a showcase in the not too distant future with Coree from Damage and the gorgeous Kaya, who will be the backing singer on his next album.

Speaking of albums, Dave says that the CD of Heroes and Villains is due for release in about three weeks.

Now, would you like to be on the webcams for all to see? Well, the Camelot Castle Dungeon is now for hire for fun and games ... or perhaps you and your mates would just like to spend an evening with Dave, watched by thousands. All things are possible. Email me at mal@davecourtney.com to find out how ... and how much.

12th October 2005

You can read a review of Dave's latest "Audience With" in Saltburn by Danny Boy HERE.

As mentioned yesterday, Hell To Pay is available from HMV for preordering. Tel Currie has brought to my attention that it's also being sold on Ebay. However, the ones at HMV are considerably better value for money and you can preorder them at the HMV site .... or you might want to wait to buy a signed copy from this site.


11th October 2005

Slight error yesterday: Hell to Pay is to be released on 21 October 2005. Our good friend Mark Fish tells me that HMV are taking advance orders, as are Blockbusters, and we should be selling some special signed copies in a day or two.

Just thought I'd share an email with you all. This is typical of the dozens that I receive each day:

I was at an audience with on saturday night in Saltburn,its the first time Ive ever been to see anyone who is in the public eye and I have to say that Dave is an absolute star, But more importantly than that he is a bloody nice man. I never thought he would have come to the bar after, I just expected him to go back to his room or go out on the piss with his friends. If I had known he was going to be even 15 feet away from me I honestly would not have gone. I never went with any intentions of meeting Dave, I never thought I would be that lucky. I never even took my books, although I have always wanted them signing, I was too scared to ask him in case he thought I was cheeky. I have now got something even better, not 1 but 2 SIGNED photos I am so proud and honoured to have been to see him. All the very best to everyone on the genuine Dave Courtney team.

9th October 2005


Gary Bushell has a piece in his column in The People today about Dave and his film "Hell to Pay", which is finally released tomorrow. You can read the article by Clicking Here. Gary also has a DVD coming out, "The Best of Bushell on the Box". The DVD is comedy and opinion, with stuff you’d expect like Bushside the spoof soap, My Alien Barmaid with Jo Guest, Garry’s Goofs and the Gonads playing live. Dave is in a couple of sketches. It will be released on 7th November.

7th October 2005

Dave is on SKY ONE on Sunday night at 10.30 in a documentary about Viagra (you may remember me mentioning this some time ago on this page). The programme, "Viaggro", is a one hour documentary about the widespread use of Viagra in Britain. No longer limited to the elderly, the drug is mixed with cocaine and ecstasy by clubbers, and middle-aged swingers serve it in canapés. For these people Viagra is not a sexual remedy but a way of life. Sky says it's "a look at the trend for using the impotence-curing drug Viagra as a recreational product, following reports of clubbers mixing it with cocaine and Ecstasy."

4th October 2005

Don't forget, if you tune into the webcams at 8 tonight you'll have the unusual pleasure of experiencing a sexy chat from the outrageously funny (and filthy) Diva Dolly and guest.

Les Hill, Dave's friend who you may remember, is still getting it stuck to him by the authorities. You can read all about his saga over at http://www.lesliehill.co.uk/

3rd October 2005

Dave's Gumball Truck For Sale

Ford F150 Svt Lightning Truck 2000 in black with the Gumball 3000 stickers as seen on TV (these can be easily removed if you choose to). This is the actual truck used by Dave in the 2005 Gumball as seen on Sky Extreme Sports.

This truck is awesome! 5.4L V8 Auto Supercharged and chipped and is capable of 0 - 60 in just over 5 seconds and will top over 150 mph. It's just been serviced, new discs and pads all round and new tyres.

£15,950 ovno. Serious enquiries only please call 07921 857992 and ask for Andy.

There is also a brand new imported one for sale with delivery mileage only. This is going for £25,000. All the import duties and VAT have been paid, so it just needs registering.

Attention to all with tickets to BAMMO'S BASH 'EM UP BONANZA 2:

The date has changed from the 2nd to the 23rd October ... but don't worry, as I assured that your tickets are still valid for the 23rd!

... and there's some excellent Championship Boxing at the Hammersmith Palais on the 9th October. CLICK HERE to see the poster giving details.

2nd October 2005

Dave's still filming "Six Bend Trap" and sends his apologies to anyone tuning in to the webcams, but it'll be another week or so before he's back at Camelot Castle. Storm has been there for the past week, so they've been having a great time. Tomorrow Jodi Marsh will be arriving to do her shooting with Dave.

Dave says he's been having a great time and a big shout goes out to the lads at Angels in Redcar and Luke's Place in Saltburn.

Oh, and our mate Chico is through to the final round of X Factor, as are Dave's mates in the band Fifth Base.

1st October 2005

Tuesday 4th October: Diva Dolly will be doing a slot on the webcams at 8 pm for a couple of hours. 

27th September 2005

Just thought you all might like to know that the site has been receiving an average of 1,400 unique visitors per day for the past month. That's somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 pages (not counting Gallery views) hit per day and it's still rising!

Now, an apology to all those who have emailed me and not had a reply. Since the beginning of this month I have been receiving a four or five fold increase in emails, so it's tough keeping up. On top of that I'm away for a couple of days visiting Charlie Bronson in HMP Wakefield, so please don't get upset if you don't get an immediate response over the next week.

Dave says the filming of "Six Bend Trap" is going very well and I believe they have visited a number of dog tracks in the Midlands and the North of the country.

26th September 2005

Hands up all those of you who have had a peek at Dave's webcams. Hmmmm ... I thought so. Seems we have a slight discrepancy between how many people have paid to go on and how many the stats are saying.

Lee tells me that Hugo Rifkind will be interviewed on London Tonight (ITV1) between 6pm-6.30pm this evening about the movie mentioned below and that there will be clips shown which include Dave.

25th September 2005

Thanks go again to Lee Phillips for the following: "I thought you might like to see this link to an article that was in The Times this week as it mentions Hell to Pay. The article is written by renowned journalist Hugo Rifkind and is about his attempt to make a Guy Ritchie style movie (called "My Daily Monkey") for £50. The short film features Dave's long term friend Dave Legeno, who is also in Hell to Pay."

Read the article or
Watch "My Daily Monkey": on BROADBAND or 56k MODEM

21st September 2005

I'm indebted to Lee Phillips for letting me know that Chatshow has an eleven minute "Event of the Week" video report on Dave's Launch Party over at Chatshow.net. It's a very interesting little interview report featuring some well known faces. And if that whets your appetite then you can always log on to the webcams and see a lot more about Dave for only £4.99 per 24 hour period (that's about 20p per hour!).

Now, another Audience With: 25th October 2005 at The Surrey Hills Hotel, Horsham Road, Capel, Dorking, Surrey RH5 4PG (MAP). This is being organised by Matt Clear and you can get full details from his website (CLICK HERE). Tickets are £20 each and available either from Matt's website of by phoning 01306 712832 or 07921 359772.

For those of you who don't know, I've had some problems getting Charlie Bronson's official website, FreeBronson.com, transferred, which means that it can't be updated at the moment. Never mind, the latest incarnation of the site is currently housed at FreeBronson.co.uk until the matter is resolved.

Speaking of Charlie Bronson, his and Tel Currie's book "Heroes and Villains" (no relation to Dave's latest book) is selling well, and here's what the Chaps are saying about it:

"This book is fantastic. My close friends Tel Currie & Charlie Bronson finally tell the truth and venture into controversial territory that is usually shied away from. A must read for anyone remotely interested in the history of Britain's underworld"
Charlie Richardson

"Tel & Charlie have written a cracker! I don't usually have the attention span for books but this one I read cover to cover. I recommend 'Heroes and Villains' to everybody."
Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw

"A great book packed with the truth. Well done Tel and Charlie on a fantastic book."
Freddie Foreman

"Tel and Charlie have written a blinder! I'm not just saying that because they are both close friends but because this book is a real winner... I loved it"
Ronnie Knight

"Well done Tel and Chaz on an absolutely blinding book"
Carlton Leach

Go buy your copy from Amazon and find out what they're all talking about!

20th September 2005

While Dave's away filming "Six Bend Trap" people may be thinking that there's nothing worth watching on the Camelot Castle Webcams. But ...... the team running the cams and streaming video flow tell me that they are going to have a full programme of stuff, including showing "Dave's Dodgy DVD", highlights from the party, interviews and all sorts of selected naughtiness that's happened since. Soooooo .... why not try it out? Simply click on the banner above or HERE.

Ever thought of being a fighter?

Have you got what it takes to fight in the unlicensed ring? Think you can be the new Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw? If you think you can and you reckon you will have no problem selling at least 50 tickets to people to come and watch you, then Email Tel Currie now at currie@btclick.com

19th September 2005

Mark FishMark Fish tells me that he is off up to a greyhound race track in Darlington on Wednesday to do some filming with Dave for "Six Bend Trap". Mark says he's looking forward to playing Dave's minder and is taking several of his "lads" with him to act as heavies in the film.


16th September 2005

Dave's up in Middlesborough for the next three weeks, filming "Six Bend Trap" with Mike McCarthy. More news on that when I get it.

"An Audience With Dave Courtney" is being planned for 8th October 2005 at The Spa Hotel, Saltburn Bank, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, TS12 1HH (MAP). Ticke are £10.00 in advan or £12.00 on the door. No concessions. To purchase the limited tickets, Phone 07914000922. Doors open at 7.00pm - Show starts at 8.00pm. Support act … THE JOHN WRIGHTSON BAND. First come first served! Don’t miss this show!

Now, it is with the deepest regret that I have to report the death of Dave's good friend Adam Betts. Adam, brother of Steve Betts, died suddenly at the age of 31. Dave, Donna and myself all wish to send our deepest heartfelt sympathies to all of Adam's family and friends at this difficult time.

15th September 2005

WOW!!!! What a party that was!!!!

Sorry for the delay in reporting back chaps and chapesses, but it's taken me this long to recover and catch up with all my work.

Over a thousand people turned up and enjoyed the night at Camelot Castle. Guests included Joey Pyle (Snr. and Jr.), Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw, Joe Egan, Harry Marsden, Max Beesley, the legendary Howard Marks, Nick Moran, John Altman, Tel Currie, too many rappers to wave a stick at, East Enders, Corrie stars, John Conteh, the very funny Micky Pierce (Only Fools and Horses), Jason Marriner, Carlton Leach, Jess Conrad, Cass Pennant, Gary Bushell ... blimee, I'd better stop to take a breath!

Every one was smiling and having a ball. There was more free booze than I've ever seen and more beautiful women than is fair to put in front of me. Dave's new Dungeon was put to good "use" by some of the guests and over 15,000 people watched the event live on the webcams.

I arrived Wednesday lunchtime, given a paintbrush and asked to paint the new gates with the lovely Welsh Paula, while an army of workers got on with the preparations. We worked through the night to get things ready and by the morning the whole thing resembled the final five minutes of "Groundforce" (you know the part where they look as though they're never gonna get it finished in time). But by two in the afternoon it was ready. The marquis had been erected and we'd all changed into out suits. Many of us partied through the night and helped clear up in the morning, while Micky Pierce kept us laughing. I finally got home at ten in the evening and sank into my bed after 66 hours of continuous, sleepless fun!

You can see a selection of photos which I took at the party at The Party Gallery 1.

The webcams are still rolling and I've witnessed some very naughty goings on in the bedrooms, spa and dungeon, so go take a look.

6th September 2005

Dave's sending a big "Thank You" out to all those who have helped him over the past few weeks get Camelot Castle ready for the big day, especially Helen (the super hero) and Kevin. The new gates have been mounted today (Dave will try anything once!!!!!) with a huge brass knuckleduster on each one and the place is practically ready.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. The webcams are now LIVE, so take a peak at Camelot Castle for yourselves RIGHT NOW! Just click on the banner at the top of the News column to be transported to Dave's delightful drum.

The cameras are positioned in all rooms of the Castle, so you should be able to see exactly what's going on at all times. Go on! Go on! Go inside and see Dave's home as you've never seen it before. And on Thursday you can join rock stars, movie icons and glamour girls in this adults-only live media event, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be naughty, be nice, but always be watching.

Just heard that the company handling the webcam end of things opened a Swiss bank account a few days ago. Strangely though, as soon as the Swiss found out that Dave was involved they closed it down on them. Funny that!

Oh, and lastly, Dave would like to send his condolences to Bernard O'Mahoney, who was stabbed last Saturday.

Ooops, that wasn't the last thing: I also heard that Creed and Dave's son Beau have finished the new album "Heroes and Villains".

4th September 2005

Only TWO of those launch tickets left now. Better hurry!

News just in from Lee of  4Ground Media: "Dave's interview with Ian Camfield [XFM] went really well last [Friday] night, & we will let you know the name of the lucky competition winner soon. Ian will be attending the launch with ex Iron Maiden front man Paul Di'anno & ex Fastway front man Lea Hart. By the way, when we attended Nick Moran's charity gala for his play Telstar, Dave auctioned his duster & two tickets for the launch. The winning bidder was none other than the phenomenal actor John Savident (Fred Elliott in Coronation Street)."

3rd September 2005

The auction closed with a bid of £800! Congratulations to the winning bidder. I heard today that Dave is expecting more than a thousand people to attend the Launch Party, including celebrities, faces and more celebs.

The Launch Party is being sponsored by Pinnacle, Virgin, Harley Davidson and Spearmint Rhino, so there should be a few of their girls attending too.

Dave is so pleased with the way the auction went that he's sending another SIX invitations for release on the website. There isn't time for another auction, so we're going to sell them. Each ticket is £200. So, if you want to be one of the lucky people to attend the Party of the Decade, then email me at mal@davecourtney.com. Once again, please use your ISP email account rather than a Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc. address and include your full name and telephone number. This will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED affair and when they're gone ... they're GONE, so get your skates on!

2nd September 2005

Thanks to Lee from 4Ground Media for letting me know the following: Dave is doing an interview about the Launch Party on Ian Camfield's rock show on XFM tonight which starts at 10pm. It can be heard on satellite number 864.

Dave has sent me a letter regarding the article below about Angela Bostock. You can read it HERE.

Several people have emailed me to say that they won't be able to bid today because they won't have internet access until this evening. I am therefore extending the closing time for bids to eleven o'clock this evening. 

28th August 2005

Today's People has a very interesting article concerning Steve McFadden (recently the focus of Angela Bostock's vicious News of the World attacks), Angela and Jen. Read it by clicking on the cutting below.

Dave says that Steve is temporarily staying with Barbara Windsor and that he couldn't have a stronger or more positive influence right now. Dave said: "Barbara is a rock."

Another interesting little morsel from Dave: "A reporter friend of mine phoned me to tell me that, at one of the interview sessions with Angela, Jen asked the journalist whether there was anything she could say about ME that would earn her that much money!"

27th August 2005

OK, we're ready to start the bidding on those four tickets to Dave's Launch Party on the 8th September (See News Item below).

You can take part simply by emailing me at mal@davecourtney.com with your bid. Please use your ISP email account rather than a Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc. address and include your full name and telephone number with your bid.

Bidding will cease at mid-day on Friday 2nd September.

The very latest bid will appear at the top of this column and all participants will be kept informed by email.

Now, back to news. Dave was at the Kerrang! Awards on the 25th at The Old Brewery, Clerkenwell, with Storm, Feeder, The Stereophonics, The Foo Fighters, Chemical Romance, Slip Knot, Juliette Lewis and Roger Taylor from Queen.

Big thanks to all the builders, plumbers and electricians that have been working their rocks off to get Camelot Castle ready for the big day, especially Roy, Lofty, Michael, Bob the Builder and his crew and Blind Beggar Dave.

Massive Shout going out to Creed, who is doing the vocals (along with Storm) on Dave's new CD "Heroes and Villains" and shouts out to Gordy, Gary Moore, Jaqui and Mel (just because she's lovely).

And don't forget that Dave is at Hayling Island tomorrow at the Emma Carter appeal before he takes time out in the evening to attend Jim and Di's birthday bash.

25th August 2005

News just in from Billie Clark, film producer in Las Vegas:

Dave's personal make-up artist in America, the beautiful GIOVANNA, recently worked with famed photographer Eric Logan on a shoot with VINCE NEIL, lead singer of MOTLEY CREW. Vince has his own Napa Valley premium wine label, and looks to soon have it carried by some of London's cooler spots. Vince, Tommy Lee and the rest of Motley Crew were invited to Dave's launch party on the 8th and, depending on their tour schedule, look forward to being there.

Giovanna and Vince Niel

I've also had confirmation from Hywel Williams (Diesel Productions) that our old friend HOWARD MARKS will be attending the Party. Howard recently celebrated his 60th birthday and I'll be putting a couple of photos on the Gallery from his party very soon.

18th August 2005


OK people, I need to get something straight. I'm getting a lot of emails from people asking how they can get to Dave's launch party on 8th September at Camelot Castle. I have to tell you that it's strictly by invitation only, as Camelot is only so big. So, if you haven't got an invitation the only way of enjoying the party of the year will be via the webcams on this site.

However, after discussing it with Dave, we have decided to make FOUR VIP TICKETS available to some very lucky fans. Yes, you could be there on the night!

How? Well, we are going to auction the tickets off as a block of four and the lucky winner will get to take three of their friends to the event of the year as Dave's personal guests and have the chance to meet all the celebs who have been invited. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

Ten percent of the money made will be going to charity; five percent to the very worthy charity Zöe's Place Baby Hospice and five percent to Dave's ADHD charity Misunderstood.

Now, I have seen people pay up to one thousand pounds for a single night out with Dave, so bidding will start on Saturday at £500, although you could get an early bid in by emailing me at mal@davecourtney.com.

Dave wishes Good Luck to all of you.

Yesterday evening Dave was the guest of Nick Moran at Nick's new play "Telstar" at the New Ambassador's Theatre in London's West End. The play is a poignant black comedy tracing the rise and tragic fall of Joe Meek (an iconic figure of the British pop scene) played by Olivier Award winner Con O'Neill. Dave says he had a great night and the play was the bollocks ... so much so that he wants to go back and see it again.

The Press showing of Hell To Pay was a success on Tuesday ... if you count bums on seats. There were a lot of newspaper people there to watch the film and it was received enthusiastically, but I doubt if you'll read a line about it in your paper. Several of the reviewers said they were there to see the film but didn't believe that anything they wrote about it would be published!

17th August 2005

CLICK HERE to get your copy of F**k the Ride from Amazon.For those of you who don't yet know or haven't got your own copy yet, Dave's latest book in The Ride series is now out. F**k the Ride brings you right up to date with Dave's life over the past four years. I've managed to read it twice now and, although Dave was disappointed that Virgin took out all references to davecourtney.com (and hence most of the references to me) because of the threat of legal action by Angela Bostock, I can promise you that it's well worth reading. Every bit as funny as his previous books and packed with his latest adventures from the truth about that "accident" to divorce, Cost del Dosh and the Hell To Pay saga. If you ain't got it yet then buy it RIGHT NOW from Amazon at an AMAZING 30% OFF!!!

And while we're on the subject of books, my good friends Charlie Bronson (currently serving Life at HMP Wakefield) and Tel Currie (promoter of The Warriors unlicensed boxing events) have an excellent new book just out called Heroes and Villains: The Good, the Mad, the Bad and the Ugly. I've had a chance to read it and it's the bollocks mate, so grab your copy today at Amazon at 20% off.


15th August 2005

Joey Pyle Snr & Warren Bamford Present...

Bammo's Bash 'Em Up Bonanza 2

Proudly Sponsored By Platinum Limousines On Sunday October 2nd at Ceasar's Night Club, 156 - 160 Streatham Hill, Streatham, London SW2 4RU.

Special Guests - Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw, Joey Pyle Snr, Alan Minter, Dave Courtney OBE, Jimmy 'On The Cobbles' Stockin And All The Chaps.

Ticket Hotlines 0208 296 0080 or 07967 286887
Doors open 6.30pm
Boxing commences 8pm

"The last show was the best unlicensed show I have seen in a good while. See you at the next one." Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw.

"The first show was a blinder!" Dave Courtney OBE.

"Joey Pyle Snr And Warren Bamford ... What a partnership! The atmosphere was electric!" Tel Currie.

14th August 2005

Dave spent an evening during the week at Joey Pyle Senior's house celebrating Joey's birthday with Charlie Richardson, Freddie Foreman, Johnny Nash, Big H, Ronnie Field, Dave Thurston, Pablo and Wayne (the rappers on The Commandments).

Hell To Pay is being shown to the Press in Soho on Tuesday. They've all been invited, but already three reporters have phoned to say that their papers won't allow them to attend. It seems that the Dailies still won't publish anything that reflects Dave in a good light!

Speaking of which, judging by the amount of email I'm getting on the subject, many of you are aware of the articles about Angela Bostock telling "tales" on Steve McPhadden over the past two weeks in the News of the World. Well, I can tell you that dozens and dozens of people have phoned Dave and the papers giving the other side of the story. But you know what? They don't seem to want to print a word against Angela. Last week a reporter from The Sun took down copious notes from Dave on the subject of Angela and Steve. I spoke to the reporter while he was with Dave and later sent him quite a bit of material. But the story never appeared. Now, was that because of Dave's involvement or because the papers don't want to give Steve a fair chance of reply? I suspect both!

11th August 2005

Dave says he picked up his mate Gordon from prison this morning. Gordon is out on a tag and registered at Dave's address until December ... that means the police will be able to check he's there if they stump up the money to watch Dave's webcams!

This afternoon Dave will be at Beau's studio in Colchester helping to lay down the tracks for a new CD "Heroes and Villains". Meanwhile, I'm just waiting to receive a copy of the new cover for The Commandments CD cover and you'll be the first to see it.

5th August 2005

It appears that Genson left Dave's house three weeks ago and hasn't been in contact since. The reason is that a lot of items were robbed from Dave's at the same time that Genson left. Dave has heard that G has asked his friends not to tell Dave where he is ... which is perhaps understandable ... but very hurtful. Dave, in the meantime, has changed all the house locks to prevent more items going walkies.

Guests who will be going to the party on the 8th September include Steve McFadden, many of the cast of Eastenders, Tommy Lee, Motley Crew, Rancid and half the Arsenal football team! 

2nd August 2005

Stop whatever it is you're doing and read this!

I have just received an email from our very good friend, fight promoter Tel Currie. If anyone else had written this to me I might have thought it was a wind up or a figment of a very deluded imagination. But Tel is a straight talking honest bloke. Read it.

Hello Mal, here's an interesting development. I rang Dave straight away and he told me to mail you to get it on the site straight away. Here goes...

This afternoon I received a phone call from a gentleman claiming to be from a publishers. When I asked which publisher exactly he said "I will tell you everything you need and more if and when you agree to participate in our next project. I am offering you £10k now and more in royalties at a later date to put your name to our book. We are working closely with two people who were once very close to Dave Courtney and one other who has crossed swords with him. All you need to do is say in print that you know that Mr. Courtney was in fact working for the authorities to gather information."

To which I replied "You mean you want me to say Dave Courtney is a grass?" He replied "Well, not as direct as that but we would like you to say for us that you witnessed him giving information to the police about well known underworld names, that you witnessed him assault his ex wife and that he's not a nice man at all. Of course, the more well known the names are we say he was passing the better the book will sell and the more people we can get who know Dave to say these things in print the more credibility the book will gain. Do you think any of the big names in the underworld will be interested?" (At which point he reels off a few names I wont mention.) "At the moment, the people we have could be said to have self serving motives so we need a few people to say they are doing it solely because they are disgusted with Mr. Courtney's antics."

I thought it time to play the diplomat, stay calm and assess the situation. As a result I screamed "One problem you c**t, he's not any of those things, we all know what this is about. Keep your money and go f**k yourself!"

Of course, I don't know who else this guy will phone but anyone who takes that money and co-operates in this bullshit is a scum bag bottom feeder! Unfortunately, there seems too many of them about. It's obvious it's old stuff recycled and they have to come out with something to counter Dave's new book. Whoever takes up this offer (because you know some slag will.) will be an idiot because they will have to put their name to anything these 'people' want to write and live with it. It doesn't matter if you love someone or loath them, hiding behind a book and lying for cash is wrong. If you have a problem with someone sort it out with them, don't crawl under a rock counting your cash. They say the pen is mightier than the sword (although I would rather fight someone with a bic rather than a bayonet) but how can it be when all some maggots are doing is saying what 'people' want them to for cash? I have a feeling who those writing this tired drivel are and it doesn't surprise me either.

There's bound to be those of you who don't think this sort of thing is important but it is, it's a filthy insight into how things work.

With all that's happened in the news lately you would think there were more important things to cover than making evil monsters of the Dave Courtneys, Charlie Bronsons and Ronnie Biggs of the world wouldn't you?

Lastly, anyone, friend or foe who co-operates with deals like this really are the lowest of the low. Please don't phone me again.

Tel Currie

Well, I wonder who the three people are. There are three names that spring instantly to mind who have been associated in the past on this website who I am sure would love to drag Dave's name through the mud ... however contrived the mud might be. One of them has already been implicated in a plan to get Dave shot and another has tried to get him put in prison recently. But, apparently, the only way they can get people to lend credence to their lies is to bribe people to lie through their teeth. Now, who would be stupid enough to sell their integrity for a few pieces of silver? Well, I can think of at least three other morons who might have "self-serving motives".

Apparently, these "publishers" believe that someone will lie for them. I personally witnessed several rows between Dave and Jen. Every single one was initiated by Jen, who screamed abuse at Dave and used every name under the sun. Dave's response was always the same ... quiet, unassuming and conciliatory ... when he could get a word in edgeways against the verbal tirade. I saw the lacerations to his forearms and shins after the supposed assault. I have personal experience of such attacks and had similar injuries when I refused to strike the woman attacking me (I don't hit women). Dave loved his wife and no lying scumbag will ever convince me that he deliberately hurt her. "NOT GUILTY, YOUR HONOUR" said Dave. "NOT GUILTY" said the twelve members of the jury.

Obviously these "publishers" have no integrity and profit is their god. 'Scuse me while I pop out and vomit! - Mal.

29th July 2005

A big thank you to Nicky, who runs the oneflashgit website, for sending me the following scans of Dave's latest flyer, advertising the Launch Party:

Click here to see a much larger pic in a new window.   Click here to see a much larger pic in a new window.

Click on the thumbnails above to see much larger pics in a new window.

I've just received an email from Ironopolis Films. They are the company that are about to start shooting "Six Bend Trap" starring Dave. You can hear and see Dave talking about the coming film at http://www.ironopolisfilms.com/six_bend_trap/.

Cast signed up for the film so far includes: Dave Courtney, Cathy Barry, Gemma Taylor, Jodie Marsh, Jo Guest, Laura Michaels, Ella Brooke, Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Lesley Sanderson, Thomas Craig, Lisa Riley, Paul Usher, Cannon & Ball.

28th July 2005

You may remember me mentioning South London punk band The Sceptics in a previous news piece on this page. There's even a photo of two of them on Gallery 9. Well, the lads have just emailed me a link to a chunk of their music featuring our man, Dave. It's not the finest CD sound quality recording, but you can listen to it at www.purevolume.com/thesceptics.

26th July 2005

After trawling the net for you I've just come across a gem. An interview with Dave that you can watch at Chatshow.net. There's another one at the same site containing an interview with Dave by Big Brother's Emma Greenwood at Jodie Marsh's book launch party at Event of the Week (Dave's is the last of three interviews).

25th July 2005


CLICK HERE to get your copy of F**k the Ride from Amazon.

Yes, Dave's long awaited third book in his "Ride" autobiographical series is now available in the shops or to order from Amazon (click on the book cover above). It takes up where "The Ride's Back On" left off and brings you right up to date with Dave's extraordinary life. I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you it's a fascinating read covering the last four years. Go ... buy it and push Dave back to the Number One Book slot ... again!

24th July 2005

Dave's in Malvern this morning becoming Godfather to his friend Martin's new son Owen, then he's whizzing off to appear at the Talk The Talk show in Maidstone (see below). Yesterday he attended an anti-racist event in Plumstead. Oh, and he also took delivery of his new Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

21st July 2005

A very big THANK YOU to all those people who replied with legal information about Dave and Jen's marriage. Everyone of you confirmed my own thoughts that they are, indeed, legally married. Special thanks to Marie, Wayne, Lee and Danny for their in-depth legal information, it is very much appreciated.

20th July 2005

On August 7th Dave is at Jackson's Park in Rochester, Kent. It is a fun charity day in aid of the ADHD charity, Misunderstood. It starts at 11 o'clock in the morning.

In the evening of 7th August he is doing an Audience With at the Beacon Court, Copenhagen Road, Gillingham, Kent. Doors open 7.30pm. Tickets are £7.50 in advance or £10 on the door. The Beacon's telephone number is 01634 853186.

And don't forget that Dave is appearing at a Talk the Talk event in aid of his Misunderstood charity (for kids with ADHD) on 24th July in Maidstone. He will be alongside top band "The Shmir" and Osiris at The Soul Cafe, Week Street. Tickets are £15 and the show starts at 8. Phone 01622 751415, 07798 620173 or email uyc200@hotmail.com.

19th July 2005

Message for anyone trying to contact Dave by phone ... it has gone walkabout. He should have a new phone with his old number within the next few days.

Now, here's a question for you:

Dave has just heard from Jenny, who says that she is stopping the divorce proceedings, as they are not officially married. Here's the facts: They were married in Nevada on 17th March 2002 by a Dr. Louise M. Lederman (DD) and there is a marriage certificate with the Seal of the County of Clark on it. Dave says that neither of them thought to inform any authorities in this country of this marriage on their return. So, in the eyes of British law, can anyone out there tell me whether or not they are officially married?

9th July 2005


Bammo's Bash 'Em Up Bonanza 1

An evening of unlicensed championship boxing proudly sponsored by Platinum Limousines on Sunday July 31st at Caesar's Nightclub (156 - 160 Streatham Hill, Streatham, London SW2 4RU)

Guest Of Honour: Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw; MC on the night: Dave Courtney OBE.

Special guests - Roy Shaw, Joey Pyle Snr, Freddie Foreman, Dave Courtney, Alan Minter And The Amazing Jocelyn Brown.

Ticket prices - Vip Ringside £55 Ringside £45 Standing Balcony £25

Ticket Hotline 0208 2960080 or 07967 286887

Welcome to the very best of Unlicensed Boxing!!!!

8th July 2005

Well, what's been happening over the past few days? Dave reports that his Audience With in Stoke last week went down a storm to a packed audience. On Saturday morning he met up with Ian "The Machine" Freeman, who's starring in a film being made by Malcolm Martin and Robert Gomez. Then it was on to Live Aid.

Then, during the week, he had a drink with the band The Sceptics in The Blind Beggar. The Sceptics are a punk band who have written a number dedicated to Lars and Tim of Rancid. I have a photo of them with Dave to put up on the Gallery this weekend. Finally, he was in a comedy sketch that was being filmed by Gary Bushell with Jo Guest and Micky Pew which Dave's son Beau and friend Gary attended.

Meanwhile, I took time out to visit friends Leighton and Lindsay Frayne in South Wales. Many of you will have heard of the Frayne Brothers; some may not. Lovely fellers of the Old School and highly respected. A good time was had over quite a few pints and I'm proud to call the brothers Friends. If you'd like to know more about "The Welsh Krays", as they have been called, then read their book:

CLICK HERE to buy The Frayne Brothers from Amazon.co.uk

30th June 2005

First of all, a warm thank you to Nicky for his personal words over at http://www.oneflashgit.com/. Nicky is a smashing chap who lives close to Dave and is very proud to run Dave's Third Website. I have been happy to help Nicky out on a few occasions and give him a few pointers, which he has kindly acknowledged on his Updates Page.

Now, let's clear this web stats issue up once and for all and move on. There is, indeed, a third party hit counter on the Gateway (Index) Page. This is a hangover from long before I took over davecourtney.com and I saw no reason to remove it; I have never used it for serious figures, instead I use my server's Raw Log Files, which are very accurate. Most people who come to this site on a regular basis bookmark this page, so leapfrog the Index Page and aren't included in the figures gathered there by the counter. Many (if not most) of the people hitting the Gateway Page are new to the site, arriving from search engines, links on other sites or have typed in www.davecourtney.com from literature they have read, etc. So a large proportion of the figures recorded there are of brand new visitors.

My Raw Logs record "unique visitors", amongst other things. If it says that I had 100 unique visitors in a day that means that 100 different people visited the site, no matter which page they originally landed on. With me so far?

Yesterday we had 1,080 unique visitors to this site. The lowest number was on 5th June when we had 673 visitors. The actual daily average for June up until yesterday was 910 and rising. If you want to go on "hits" then yesterday we had 4,879 hits; that is unique visitors times the pages they view. It averages out at around 4,500 per day.

Many people ask me to get rid of the gateway page as an irrelevance and I've only kept it on for old times sake. Maybe now is the time to make it vanish and replace it with this page.

Now, can we forget the issue and get on with concentrating on Dave, cos this must be boring the pants off people?

29th June 2005

Dave was at the christening of Jason Marriner's son, Billy, at the weekend. "It was the biggest f**king christening I've ever seen," said Dave. "There must have been 600 to 800 people there." Unfortunately Taz got a call that one of her children was quite ill during the event, so Dave had to whiz her back home instead of enjoying the wetting of the baby's head afterwards.

Our man was out and about filming today with his good friend Adrian Doughty for a Sky TV programme all about .... Viagra. What a pair to pick: Dave the "hard man" and Adrian the "stand-up" comedian!

28th June 2005

You may have noticed that I have removed the piece about knuckleduster.org from this page. The reason is simple: they removed the offending line about being the biggest DC site on the internet from their news page. Good sense has prevailed. Thanks to those of you who emailed me with your support. As always it is much appreciated and thanks to the many many people who email me daily to offer their praise for davecourtney.com. It makes the job so much more worthwhile.

Now, back to more important things: Dave is appearing at a Talk the Talk event in aid of his Misunderstood charity (for kids with ADHD) on 24th July in Maidstone. He will be alongside top band "The Shmir" and Osiris at The Soul Cafe, Week Street. Tickets are £15 and the show starts at 8. Phone 01622 751415, 07798 620173 or email uyc200@hotmail.com.

Dave is playing the main character in a forthcoming short film by UYC Productions, written and directed by Marc Carey. It is episode five in the 'Walkman' series. This episode is entitled 'The Insurance Man'. They hope to start filming Mid October. I'll keep you posted.

Freebronson.com will be back on the internet soon in a brand new livery, which I'm currently working on, and a statement from Charlie about the unofficial Bronson sites that have nothing to do with him. Stay tuned!

23rd June 2005

I had a phone call from Wakefield this evening. The voice on the other end said "Hello, is that Mal? This is Charlie Bronson." Well, what a nice surprise! Charlie has asked me to do his new freebronson.com website. Am I honoured or what? I thought about it for a millisecond and said "YES". Charlie has been in prison for 31 years, at least 27 of which have been in solitary. He's now looking at life. It is criminal what the authorities are doing to him. Anyway, I've agreed to meet with one of his his good friends to discuss the matter and collect all Charlie's material, so keep watching this space for details.

23rd June 2005

I was emailed by The Times a couple of days ago. They wanted some words of wisdom from Dave on the reality of crime films. It only took minutes to arrange the interview, and if you buy The Times today you'll find the article all about the crime genre (in the T2 section). Dave's interview appears along side Bruce Reynolds, Frankie Fraser and Leonard "Nipper" Read. If you're too mean or hard-up to buy the paper, no doubt it will appear here in the next few days.

20th June 2005

Wanna see and hear Dave singing? Well you can. Either CLICK HERE or go to Knuckleduster.org to witness the spectacle.

Meanwhile, back at the Dave Cave ... the mural on the side of the Castle is finished ... and here it is

18th June 2005

Another major project in progress: Dave's News Cuttings. There are literally hundreds of newscuttings obout Dave. I should know, I catalogued them about two years ago. Over the coming months we'll be adding to this section, but it's started off now with 17 clippings.

16th June 2005

Drum-Roll ... Trumpet Fanfare .... 

Put this date in your diaries: 8th September 2005 ... a day when history will be made! On that day Dave will be bringing out

  • His BOOK, Heroes and Villains

  • His FILM, Hell To Pay

  • His RECORD, The Commandments

ALL ON THE SAME DAY! Not only that, but he will be launching them simultaneously in both the UK and the USA!!!!!!!!!

"But we don't want to give you THAT !"

It gets even better, cos on that day the CAMELOT CASTLE WEBCAMS will be turned on and LIVE for the very first time and they'll be a PARTEEEY in session. You'll see all the shenanigans as they happen ... and I can promise you shenanigans like you've never seen before! So, wherever you are in the World, you'll be able to enjoy the celebrations AS THOUGH YOU ARE THERE WITH DAVE HIMSELF!

Now, far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade, but just how are they gonna keep this one out of the press? No one has EVER brought out their film, their book and their record on the same day and broadcast it on the Internet. Now that's MY definition of HISTORY boys and girls and it is NEWSWORTHY.

13th June 2005

Another weekend, another wedding. Dave was at Mad Pete's wedding on Saturday and had a "fantastic" time. So fantastic that he only got home on Sunday in time to get changed and go to Joey Pyle's boxing event at the Equinox, Leicester Square with Storm, Joey Senior, Joey Junior and Errol Christie (one of Dave's proper old favourites)! "A real blinder of a time" our man said.

Speaking of weddings, you can read all about Kate and Jerry's over at knuckleduster.org.

And here it is ... the first view of Dave's next book, "F**k The Ride", due for release in less than a month.

CLICK HERE to preorder F**k the Ride from Amazon.

The jacket says:

Now, in the thrilling third installment of his autobiography F**k the Ride, Dave shares his stories of the last few years - the trials (both in court and out!), the tribulations and the laughs. Having narrowly survived a near-fatal car crash and spent months in a coma, Dave swears someone, somewhere is out to kill him. While he speculates about possible suspects and their motives, and the effect of the crash on his marriage and family, he also travels around the world with his film Hell to Pay, meets the Mafia in Sicily, does a whistlestop tour of New York, Las Vegas, Miami and LA, while learning how to say 'Not Guilty' in eighteen different languages.

"From his shady past to the bright lights of fame, stick with Dave along the highs and lows of the rollercoaster ride that is his life ..."

The new painting on the side of Dave's Camelot Castle has now been completed by artists Steve and Kevin from Cumbria with help from Welsh Paula. It features portraits of people featured in Dave's next new book "Heroes and Villains", out later this year. They are Al Capone, Ron and Reg Kray, Roy Shaw, Freddie Forman, Joey Pyle, Ronnie Biggs, Howard Marks, Lennie McClean, Charlie Richardson, John Gotti, Al Pacino and, of course, Dave himself. You'll see the pictures as soon as I receive 'em.

Dave Courtney's Heroes and Villains

11th June 2005

Dave had some friends round for tea last Friday when Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw and Tel Currie popped into Camelot Castle before they met up with Mike Gray at Belmarsh to visit Sir Ronnie Biggs again. Hopefully the next visit will be OUTSIDE prison walls.

Roy also wanted to thank Dave personally for his contribution to the highly successful DVD "Roy Shaw. Brute Force". The DVD is available from Amazon.co.uk and is the only official Roy Shaw DVD there is. It includes never before released footage of three of Roy's fights as well as Tel Currie's 'Free Bronson' night and a tribute to and the funeral of Tony Lambrianou. Dave features regularly throughout the DVD. I can personally promise you value for money from this DVD!

9th June 2005

News just in from Billy Clark in America:

"I thought you might like to know that I have just secured a deal with Jared Grabow of Grabow & Associates of Dallas, Texas to represent Dave in the US for a series of “Evenings With…” speaking engagements. Grabow is one of the premier speaker bureaus, and they rep such talent as Bill Cosby, Al Gore, Zbigniew Brzezinski [try saying that when you've had a few - Mal], Daisy Fuentes, 50 Cent, DixieChicks, EddieMurphy & Elton John.

Dave is in great company!"

Dave has only just told me that he had Jason Marriner of the Chelsea Headhunters up on stage with him at his Leeds "Audience With ...." last month. You might remember that Jason got six years back in 2000 for conspiring to commit violent disorder after being befriended and secretly filmed by undercover BBC journalist Donal MacIntyre ("MacIntyre Investigates"). Jason's defence at the time claimed that the documentary had been edited to incriminate him. Dave says Jason is a "natural entertainer."

Dave and Jason Marriner on stage together in Leeds at The Evolution Club in Leeds last month. Thanks, as ever, to Danny Boy of Leeds for the photo.

Now, the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that some stuff has been removed from the site. This is because of the threat of legal action by Angela Bostok's solicitors against the company I use to host this site. The company's attitude was quite straight forward: either I remove the material or they remove the site. No brainer really! I took off the "Dave and Jen Split" material, but the solicitors insisted that I also take off the "F**k The Ride" section too, claiming it was defamatory to their client.

Oh, almost forgot ... Dave's giving a bit of a facelift to Camelot Castle for when the web-cams become active later this year. The whole side of the place is being repainted. Can yuh see what it is yet? 'E don't do fings by 'arves, do 'e? Massive hugs, kisses and things too naughty to put on the website to Bev M for sending me the photo.

5th June 2005

Dave says he and Storm had a wicked time at Kate & Jerry's wedding yesterday. During the service, when they got to the bit about Any man who knows of any lawful impediment .... Dave jumped up and yelled "Yup! I do!"

The congregation all turned to look at him. After a slight pause Dave simply said "Nope. I've forgotten what it was now ..." and quietly sat back down.

A couple of minutes later, after the congregation had wiped their pews dry and recomposed themselves, things were back in full swing when Dave leaped up again and hollered "I've remembered!"

Health Warning to any kids reading this: Don't try this when your Mum and Dad get married! Dave is a professional, but you could easily get seriously injured performing his stunts.

4th June 2005

Congratulations and Best Wishes
to Kate and Jerry on their wedding day


3rd June 2005

Dave Courtney hits the streets in the USA!

Famous West Coast Hip-Hop/Popper “Tron” (in blue jumpsuit) and a member of his crew, “Devee”, have taken to wearing the Dave Courtney t-shirt when they prep for their next dance “battle”… 

In these photos (now on Gallery 9) he’s getting ready for a street performance in Oakland, California.

Trend-setter “Tron” has performed with such classic groups as Public Enemy to the hot and innovative new band Amaya.

And Dave shows once again that – on either side of the ocean – he really is a man of the people.

Thanks a million to US film producer Billie Clark for this story.

Last night Dave attended the Channel X Party along with Jodi Marsh, Louise Glover, Emma and Michelle from Big Brother, Cathy and Phil Barry and Lindsey Dawn McKenzie. He had a mental time by all accounts and I'm waiting for the photos to be emailed to me.

Tonight he will be out on the razz with Lars Frederiksen and Steve Wale at The Aquarium, Spearmint Rhinos and China Whites.

2nd June 2005

Here's a pic of Mark Fish with Mark and Dave's latest "Company Car", a very tasty BMW Z3. Mark was kind enough to take me out for a spin in the motor and I can tell you mate .... it goes. Dave is intending to use the car in his next film venture. Just look at that crazy number plate : )

Mark would like to say thankyou to "Norma of NORMAX VALETING SCUNTHORPE for doing an excellent job in keeping it kleen".

31st May 2005

Loadsa news today:

Dave he's been asked to do a comedy sketch for TV with his good friends Steve McFadden and Nigel Benn. Dave says he's really looking forward to catching up with both his old mates. Watch this space for more news on that one.

Meanwhile, Dave has been in Pat Collier's recording studios (The Gravity Shack, Tooting) today with Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, Steve Wale (The Business), Robin Guy (the best drummer in the world) and guitarist and song writer Darryl Smith to lay down some tracks for their new band's new album. You might remember from this page that Lars set up a band a little while ago called The Bastards, who have released two albums so far: Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards and Viking. The new band that Dave is recording with is called The Masons and the album is to be entitled "We Rule The World" (Ha Ha!!!!!!). Now that's one CD that I can't wait to hear!

Storm's also spending time in the recording studios this week, singing some of the vocals and backing vocals for Dave's next CD. Storm is a first class singer by professional, so this is going to be gooooooooood. And speaking of Storm, she surprised Dave when he arrived back from the Gumball Rally ... she's only gone and installed a full sized pool table in the house for him. What a diamond she is! Everyone should have a Storm in their lives.

News on the book, "F**k The Ride": printing started last week and the release is still slated for 7th July. It's a blinder, even though Virgin's legal team took out all mentions of davecourtney.com (sob). According to Dave, this is down to the waves being made by Angela and Jen's legal teams over the website proving their relationship last year. Dave (and I) were obviously gutted by this turn of events, but it hasn't diminished the book and it's still funny as f**k. You can be one of the first to laugh your dusters off by pre-ordering it from Amazon.co.uk by CLICKING HERE.

While we're at it, Dave has a book coming out in time for Christmas called Dave Courtney's Heroes and Villains. Everyone who's read the draft reckons it's his best ever. If you want to give the Dave Courtney fan in your life the ultimate Chrissie Pressie then  Amazon are taking pre-orders at an amazing 30% discount. CLICK HERE to pre-order Heroes and Villains!

Dave Courtney's Heroes and Villains

And while we're on the subject of Heroes and Villains, Charlie Bronson ("the most dangerous prisoner in the country") and Tel Currie (my good friend and promoter of The Warriors unlicensed boxing events) have an excellent new book out called Heroes and Villains: The Good, the Mad, the Bad and the Ugly. I've had a chance to read it and it's the bollocks mate, so grab your copy today at Amazon at 20% off.

Oh and don't forget, Dave will be Best Man at Kate and Jerry's wedding next week. Kate and Jerry are the very nice people who do Knuckleduster.org and I'd personally like to wish them every happiness and all good fortune for their future together.

Finally, I've just finished redesigning TheKrays.co.uk. Go take a look and see what you think.

30th May 2005

Dave was best man at Kevin and Faith Courtney's wedding in Buxton Derbyshire at the weekend. The weather held out for the besotted couple to tie the knot in the bandstand of the local park accompanied by a violinist. With over 100 guests including Steve Wraith and his good lady Dawn, Kevin and Faith celebrated there love for each other in true Courtney style.

Dave, who was accompanied by the beautiful Storm, brought the house down with his best mans speech. His opening line to the bride was "If i was your dad I'd still be bathing you!" Priceless. Kevin and Faith enjoyed there day and let's all take this opportunity to wish them a long and happy marriage.

26th May 2005

I've removed the photos of the Gumball Rally from Gallery 9 .... and given them their own Gumball Gallery, along with lots more shots culled from various sites around the internet. If any of the photos are yours please email me at mal@davecourtney.com and I'll give you full credits.

Debbie F. from Birmingham is a big fan of Dave Courtney (and my official stalker) and she goes into hospital tomorrow for an operation. We all wish you the best Debbie and a swift recovery, before I have to start interviewing for a new stalker.

23rd May 2005

Announcement: Dave and Andy were officially the winners of The Tough Guys of the Gumball Award.

Andy and Dave with Award winning smiles

22nd May 2005

Don't forget, Dave is appearing at Evolution in Leeds this Wednesday (25th May) and he's certain to be recounting many of the incidents from the Rally. Be there!

21st May 2005

Well, our intrepid Gumball adventurers arrived in Monaco yesterday (Friday) evening and came a very creditable 23rd out of an original 113 starters! Not bad in a pickup truck on their first attempt. The lads were enjoying themselves on the Gumball yacht, moored in Monaco Bay, when I spoke to them. Dave says he has some very funny stories to recount when he gets back, like being surrounded by armed French police (again!!) after walking around in his much-loved and well travelled gas mask (don't ask!).

20th May 2005

GumBall 3000 RallyA brief and broken call from Dave this morning told me that they were just leaving Rome with NO BRAKES!!!! Apparently, someone sent the wrong brake pads out, so Dave and Andy currently have a friend driving in front of them so that, if they have an accident, they only hit their friend's car. So far so good! Now, don't you wish you were Dave's friend?

There's a few people out there who's eye's are bigger than their wallets. Several people have said that (all of a sudden) they can't afford to pay for the Posters or DVDs they've ordered. That means that I have a few left over. So .... here's a second chance for all of you who didn't email me the first time around. If you'd like a copy of the signed limited edition poster (£10 + £2 p&p) or the signed "Dave Courtney's Dodgy DVD" (£20 inc. p&p) then email me now at Mal@davecourtney.com. First come first served!

19th May 2005

And here it is ... the first picture of the Ford Lightning truck that Dave and Andy are driving in the Gumball Rally.

There are a few more photos before the start of the Rally on Gallery 9.

I have now found a complete list of the cars and drivers, which you'll find at Gumball3000 List. More news as soon as I get it ....

18th May 2005

On the 25th May Dave will be doing "An Audience With" at The Evolution Nightclub, Leeds largest Nightclub. You'll find full details at Club Evolution and you can phone their ticket line on 0113 263 2632. Oh, and here's a MAP so you can find it.

GumBall 3000 RallyDave rang me a short while ago. They were giving Caprice and Pepper a lift for a few miles cos Caprice's Porsche had four bald tyres and she said it was unsafe, as she won't drive it at under 140 mph! I got to have a quick word with the lovely Caprice who told me "Hi Mal. These two British Bulldogs are soooo cute." Hmmmm ... that's made my day.

They're just about to board a ferry to Italy as part of the crossing to Sicily. Last night they were at a party Maximillion had arranged on the boat, along with thirty world class professional ladies for eight hours. Dave says he was having trouble choosing one (they were all so delicious) so he asked Darryl Hannah for her opinion and she picked one for him. Ahhhhh, nice. Apparently the only place Dave hasn't stopped for a shag or two was Austria (they drove straight through). It's beginning to sound a lot like "Around the World in Eighty Brasses"!!!!

They spent some time chillin' with Bez in his Chevy Truck. It won't do more than 75 mph but it has a secret weapon. Under the back seat are speakers so massive that, whenever the music is on, they refer to it as "the cum seat" cos the vibration causes any lady sitting on it a great deal of pleasure!

Dave says: "Storm's running the ship at home superbly. Please give my most sincere apologies to The Fisher Trust who I should have been doing a charity auction for on Saturday afternoon.

"Give a great big shout out to Beau, Levi and Chelsea who I know are following this all on the website. Also can you thank all the people who are doing my Castle up in preparation for the web-cams. I can't wait 'til they're all installed so's I can write to CIB3 to let them know they'll be able to watch what's going on in my gaff 24 hours a day on the website ... but it's gonna cost them!"

17th May 2005

DubrovnikJust had a phone call from Dave as they were doing 130 mph coming into Dubrovnik. They were in 4th place this morning, but then it started to rain torrentially and the car isn't that good in the rain, so now they're down to 20th, but confident of picking up the places again tomorrow.

The Ford Lightning is doing a steady 120 to 140 mph and they've been done for speeding twice today (on-the-spot fines of around a hundred quid a time). As they entered Croatia the border guard looked at Dave's passport, looked at him and uttered the words "You are a chancer Mister Courtney. Now get on your way!" and cracked a broad smile.

Tomorrow they'll be catching a ferry to Sicily, where they'll stay for a while before travelling to Italy and onto Rome. In the meantime ... it's party time again. Dave reports that Maximillion really knows how to organise a parteeeeee. Last night's was in the oldest baths in Budapest, where a hundred ladies of the night joined the party to enhance the event and apparently Jodi Kidd isn't speaking to Dave any more after he used moody fifties on the local ladies!

More news as it comes in ....

16th May 2005

Kempinski Hotel, BudapestWell, according to the CopilotLive readout our intrepid team have reached Budapest. To be more accurate, they are enjoying the pleasures of the 5-Star Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. I'm just waiting for Dave to check in with his report and I'll bring it to you as soon as I have it.



15th May 2005

GumBall 3000 RallyDave and Andy Gardner left Trafalgar Square, London in their Ford Lightning F150 fully chipped-up 500 BHP truck yesterday evening (Dave says it'll do 8 miles to the gallon if you're very nice to it) and have reached Prague after 16 hours of non-stop driving; they're departing for Vienna at 6 in the morning.

They got a proper good send off in London and a really good start ... possibly down to Dave's outriders, Outlaw Phil and Mad Pete, who escorted them all the way to Dover and played no small part in helping the guys into the top 35.

On route they passed Caprice and her girls. Now, what do you do in a situation like that? Of course, they pulled a moonie at the ladies. They were pleasantly surprised half an hour later when the girls did the same back.

They're staying in a big swanky hotel in Prague with a huge round vibrating bed. Dave says there were crowds of people with "Welcome" banners and loads of sexy Prague girls outside the hotel waiting to greet them. Dave was only too happy to oblige one of them and banned Andy from the bathroom while he enjoyed her favours (despite the hairy armpits and bum!). Now he has lots of girls adorning the city with Hell To Pay posters.

A BIG SHOUT goes out to all the people who went to send them off in London: Storm, Joey Pyle Jnr., Brendan, Seymore, Patrick (Dave's bruv),  Mark Fish, Donna, Mal, Jacket, Eamonn, Mark Fish, Wolves Paul, Lee, Rocky, Outlaw Phil, Mad Pete, Charlie Breaker, Aquarium Lou, Bam Bam, Dane, Guy, Carl and his Missus, Cream, Caesar the Geezah, Cowboy, H, Craig, Andy, Adrian and Mel, James and Ellie, Big John and Big Mark, Micky, Bez and Bev, J, Simon and all the chaps from the White Horse, Dave from the Blind Beggar, Matt from Folkeston, Danny Boy from Leeds, Dieter from Germany, Steve Wale, Gavin Gatemaker, Ria, Market Chris and Nick No-Neck.

And from Andy G. to Aliesha, Heaven, Anne-Marie, Amy and Maria: "Love you lots and see you soon."

Now, all the cars have sat-nav by CoPilot Live and you'll be able to follow their progress from some time tomorrow morning by going to http://live.gumball3000.alk.com/. Dave and Andy are number 110.

13th May 2005

Dave is really psyched up for the Gumball Rally, which starts tomorrow. He phoned at 7 this evening to say that he'd just signed in and was getting ready for the pre-race party in London tonight. Can't think that I've heard him as excited about anything so much for some time ... he really is looking forward to the next week on the road. He's asked me to add that any of you are in the London area, you might want to turn up for the start and wave him off tomorrow evening. The rally starts at Waterloo Place in London at 6pm on Saturday 14th May, so if you're in the area go along and give a cheer! You know it makes sense!

7th May 2005

I have just added a NEW section of magazine articles concerning Dave. To start, it has ten articles (it takes an age to scan them, manipulate the images and build the pages) and there will be more coming soon. CLICK HERE to see them.

Click here to buy this DVD from AmazonI've just been hearing about Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw's latest DVD, "Brute Force", from my very good mate Tel Currie (he of "Warriors" unlicenced boxing fame). It sounds like a real stormer and I've ordered MY copy already! The new DVD includes three of Roy's fights for the very first time. The extras include the "Free Bronson" campaign launch which Tel arranged for Chaz at the Park pub last September and a feature on dear Tony Lambrianou's funeral.


6th May 2005

I received an email from American film producer Billy Clark today and I'd just like to share a little part of it with you all:

Billy Clark and Dave"On a professional basis, my impression is that Dave Courtney is one hell of an actor! “Hell to Pay”, which reminds me in many ways of Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs”, has the elements that could make it a true cult classic. Dave overpowers the screen, and I believe that with a little work we can get a release deal here in the States for the film. Similarly, because of Dave’s reputation, talent and charisma I am finding much interest in his live shows – I already am discussing dates for a few “Evenings with…” in both Vegas and here in San Francisco.

"Very few English personalities easily translate to the American market. I think Dave Courtney can be one of the exceptions, and I predict great success for him in the not-to-distant future. I only hope the UK can truly appreciate what they have…"

... and there you have it. Billy is a lovely feller. I've spoken with him at length since Dave's return from America and he comes over as a very sincere man who knows his business and knows what he's talking about.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, Dave tells me that the book he has coming out in December, "Heroes and Villains", is probably the best (and funniest) he's written so far. He's been working hard on completing that and "F..k The Ride" by their deadlines. But it seems that there is already trouble brewing for the latter (due for release on 7th July), as Virgin have been threatened with legal action by Jen's and Angela's solicitors if they are mentioned in the book. Watch this space ....

Oh, and for all you fans who have had trouble getting hold of Dave's "Little Black Book", it's being re-released by Virgin as "Dave Courtney's Little Black Book".

Dave's off to get measured for a new suit today. Ah, but this is a suit with a difference. This is his Gumball suit, 'cos Dave is taking part in this year's Gumball Rally, a 3,000 mile race across Europe starting at Waterloo Place in London at 6pm on 14th May and finishing in Monaco the evening before the F1 race! This year British F1 driver Jenson Button will wave the start flag before they're off on an amazing 3,000 mile route through Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Sicily, and Rome, crossing the finishing line on the evening of Friday 20th in Monte Carlo's Casino Square. Other stars taking part include: Jackass and Dukes of Hazard film star Johnny Knoxville, Jamiroquai's Jay Kay, Supermodels Caprice and Jodie Kidd, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill's legendary director Quentin Tarantino with film star Daryl Hannah, Bez from 'The Happy Mondays' and DC Shoes skateboard legend Rob Dyrdek all driving everything from Ferrari Enzo's, Pagani Zonda's, Lamborghini's, Porsche GT's, to old Aston Martin's, Rolls Royce's, Bio-Diesel Hybrid's and even the General Lee!

1st May 2005

There are still some of the limited edition signed posters available (see 26th April below). So if you'd like to be one of the few DC fans to  possess one then email me at Mal@davecourtney.com with the subject heading "Poster".

In addition, I have SIX AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the recently released "Dave Courtney's Dodgy DVD" for six lucky DC fans to buy. The RRP is £17.99 and I'm selling these autographed DVDs for the bargain price of £20 each (including P&P). If you'd like to own one then please email me at the usual address, Mal@davecourtney.com with the subject header "DVD". Only the FIRST SIX EMAILS received will be able to buy a copy, so beat the rush and email me today (or tomorrow if you're feeling lucky)!


29th April 2005

I'm not sure too many people have heard of the film "BabyJuice Express".

It's a Gangster Comedy starring Nick Moran (Lock Stock), the truly delicious Samantha Janus (Game On, oh how I've yearned for her over the years), Dave Courtney (the hardest man in Brighton!), Julian Clary (playing a hard gay gangster surprisingly convincingly!), Phil Davis (too many TV and films to mention, inc. Alien 3, The Firm and Quadraphenia) and Joe Bugner (as a hilarious heavy). It's one of the funniest films I've ever seen and I've been watching it regularly for a couple of years, whenever I want a laugh. Amazon are now selling the DVD for a stupid £5.97 (RRP is £12.99!). So if you're a Dave Courtney fan and you like a laugh, CLICK HERE to buy the film before Amazon twig and put the price up. I promise you, you will thank me.

28th April 2005

Reminder: Dave is performing one of his famous Audiences With at the Orange House, Wigan this evening, then he's flying out to Spain on Friday to meet an American film producer.

26th April 2005

We have a special offer  for all you Dave Courtney fans that you just can't ignore. I have a very exclusive limited edition montage poster of Dave. There are only 200 numbered autographed copies of this poster and I'm releasing just 45 of them for sale now. The poster is black and white on best quality glossy poster paper, measuring 420mm x 297mm.

There is no doubt that this will very quickly become a coveted collectors item. The 45 that are going on sale now are just £10 each plus postage and packing and will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. If you wish to be one of the few in the country to own one of these collectors posters then please email me at mal@davecourtney.com with the subject "Posters" in the title. Only the first 45 emails received will be the lucky ones!


25th April 2005

It is with deep regret and my sad duty to report the death of Dave's solicitor, Ralph Haeems, on 31st March 2005. In January this year Ralph suffered a heart attack. He underwent a triple bypass in March but complications set in during the following weeks. He is survived by his wife Angela, whom he married in 1967, a barrister son and two solicitor daughters.

Ralph has been a major criminal lawyer in this country for many years and played a major part in the preparation of the defences of Ronnie and Reggie Kray in their first big blackmail trial in 1964 (when they were acquitted). He also acted for the Krays in the George Cornell, Jack “the Hat” McVitie and Frank “the Mad Axeman” Mitchell murder trials of 1968 and 1969 and was involved in the trial of George Ince, who was acquitted of the Essex Barn murder.

Ralph will be sadly missed and we send out sincerest condolences to Angela and the family.

Obituaries and Tributes added 26.04.05

24th April 2005


Our good friend Harry Marsden has been awarded the title 'Hero of the of the North' For those who don't know, Harry is the founder and owner of the Harry Marsden A.B.A. boxing club. For the best part of twenty years, Harry has helped and saved the lives of many lads by getting them off drugs, out of street crime and into the discipline and passion of boxing. Harry also takes the youngsters to and from court and counsels them on the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse. Harry's stable is full of young boxing talent, talent that would of ended up in prison or a cemetery if it wasn't for Harry Marsden A.B.A. Hundreds of candidates from all over the U.K. were nominated in the 'Britain on the move' project.

The televised event came down to the final eight and they were all interviewed by three judges. In the end, it went to a public vote and Harry come out on top with a reward of £2k to go back into the club and get yet more youngsters off drugs and into training. This is of course a fantastic achievement but also fully justified. Harry has had the council trying to close him down for years and countless other obstacles usually set up by face less nay sayers. In the end though, Harry has proven again he is a winner. Harry was never beaten by the system, he beat cancer and has now beaten the critics and red tape. As a result, many more troubled youngsters now have a ray of hope.


23rd April 2005

Well, that'll teach me to go and spend some time with Dave, won't it? I go away for a few days and the site disappears. I think it might have been my threat of major legal action that got it back - or maybe it was the mention that our Dave wasn't very ... errr ... happy with the situation! Anyway, the site's back, I'm back and I've had a wicked time (in more ways than one).

Anyone else think it's strange that the site goes down as soon as I go to visit Dave when he comes back from America?

14th April 2005

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Maninblack have added a short piece to their News Page about Dave's visit to New York. Thanks to André Schlesinger (below) for letting me know.

I spoke with Dave earlier today and he says that the piece he's writing about his trip to the States is almost finished, so you shouldn't have to wait long now people. At the moment he has Chris Sansom, of music video fame, staying with him making a documentary about DC. Good luck Chris mate.

I get loads of emails from people around the country asking when Dave is coming to their area. Well, for the lucky people of Lancashire there's an Audience With Dave Courtney at the Orange House, Wigan on the 28th April at 7pm. Tickets are available at the amazing price of £7.50, but are limited. Phone the Orange House on 01942 824180. Dave will be happy to sign your books if you come along. So, if you live in the Wigan area ... or anywhere within cruising distance ... get on the phone and book yer tickets, as they're on limited supply. First come first served!

12th April 2005

Once again I am indebted to Danny Boy (who shall henceforth be known as "The Bloodhound") for coming up with the goods. He's supplied me with two USA news items about Dave's PR Tour of the States. You can read them in the Articles Section.

I am also grateful to André Schlesinger in New York for sending me some photos of Dave on his recent tour in New York. André is the front man for NY Oi/Punk band Maninblack. You can see a couple of the photos on Gallery 8.

Now, anyone else over there in the USA got any more photos of our Man during his tour? Send them to mal@davecourtney.com ... you could get famous!

11th April 2005

Gary Bushell, Britain's best known TV critic and columnist for The People, has been kind enough to send me an interesting piece he has written about Dave ... just for this website. Thanks a million Gary:

April 2000 and we're in Plumstead, South East London for my stag night. Fatty Lol, one of my oldest pals, is outside the pub making a call when the Bentley pulls up. A sinister bald-headed bruiser steps out. He opens the boot, takes out a shot-gun and walks purposefully towards the saloon bar. Lol recognizes him as David Courtney and thinks the worst: Courtney has been hired as a hitman to bump me off. He ends the call, grabs a tool and chases after him.

Mercifully the action inside the pub is nowhere near that dramatic. Dave is a guest, the gun is a wedding present, and the blonde WPC who turns up moments later is merely a stripper who (irritatingly) refuses to give me a personal lap-dance when she clocks the boat-race because she thinks I'll "expose" her in the tabloids. Daft cow. That wasn't the kind of exposé I had in mind, but no matter...Courtney is soon holding court, swapping gags with my comedian mates and anecdotes with the assorted punks, slippery so and sos and football herberts who make up my inner circle. We end up in a black club where the DJ indulges us with some retro ska. Nothing better than Max Romeo to put you in the honeymoon mood...

I'd first met Dave years before, in Chelsea. I was dining royally - at Burger King - and he came up and thrust his latest garage anthem into my greasy mitts. Turned out we had mates in common, not least Steve Whale, the guitarist from The Business. Steve is also a former member of my own band The Gonads, and one of the soundest people on the street punk scene.

Over the next few years I kept bumping into Dave at places he shouldn't be... showbiz bashes, rock parties, even the National TV Awards. We became mates. At one stage he played my personal minder for a bizarre BBC3 show. I tried to help him get a chat show away with LWT. They met us and treated us to lunch, but although they liked the idea you knew from the off that they would never deal with Dave. He was too much for them. They liked the cheap thrill of association but shied away from actual promotion. It was their loss. It would have been a great show. Dave would have used his connections to interview tealeaves, brasses, dippers, hustlers, unlicenced boxers, bouncers...the sort people who would only normally be exposed on TV.

The more I knew Dave the more I liked him. He's a bright guy, full of ideas, drive and ingenuity. When TV knocked him back he just set up his own production company and made his own movie. Hell To Pay uses real villains as villains, real barmaids as barmaids, and real Page 3 girls, supplied by yours truly, to provide the eye-candy ...and it's good, it's must-see cult viewing with a shit-hot soundtrack and some of the most authentic fight scenes you'll ever seen in a work of fiction. Some of it was even shot in my house. Fatty Lol, now the boss of Moonskaeurope, is putting out the sound track.

When the Sun sacked me (yawn) in 2001 in a row about my crime novel The Face, Dave reckoned my involvement with Hell To Pay was behind it. The powers that be have a real down on him. I wonder why... The main thing you need to know about Dave Courtney is that he's an eternal optimist with an eye for a pound note. I've visited in hospital after a vicious attempt on his life and DC is sitting up in bed planning the book of the hit! He's dangerous when he needs to be but also genuine, loyal and generous. As a thank you he once turned up at my house on a Harley Davidson bearing a sword as a gift. Which turned a few heads in sunny Sidcup. He looked like some modern day knight of the round table (we share a love of Arthurian legend). I in turn put him in touch with my New York associate Andre Schlesinger, private dick, musician, reverend (Church of Satan) and all-round good guy. And as Andre found out, life with DC is never ever dull.

Whether Dave will woo the Yanks is another matter, but if Hollywood ever makes a movie version of Kojak there's only one man for the job. Who loves ya, baby. 

Garry Bushell 7/4/05

Also, Dave gets a mention in The New Statesman today (and thank you again to Danny Boy for finding this):

A greyer shade of pale
John Harris
Monday 11th April 2005

Nobody would be surprised if one of the party leaders were to propose a traffic-cones hotline. In this campaign, it seems, everyone's about to become a John Majorite. By John Harris

Watching the parties' first decisive electoral moves a month or so ago, one had a distinct feeling of deja vu. Faced with the apathy and disengagement of its core voters, the government had fallen back on apocalyptic stories about what the opposition was planning. Lest anyone accuse it of lacking substance, one or two of its best-known faces were trying to start a woolly debate about "Englishness" and "Britishness". Meanwhile, on 28 February, the Conservative Party announced that it would "change the law to make it illegal for convicted criminals to profit from writing about their crimes", thus offering a future devoid of the works of "Dodgy" Dave Courtney, and at least some of the oeuvre of Lord Archer. But new Labour's triangulatory instincts had long since kicked in. According to a BBC report, "The Labour Party said it had already set up a review to consider the issue."

6th April 2005

Dave arrived back in Blighty a couple of days ago and it sounds like he had a blinding time in the USA. He's writing a piece for the website about it and I'm hoping it should be up in a couple of days. There's a lot of news, including the decision to publish all of Dave's books in America (about time too). He's back off to the States in a couple of months to do some live shows in Vegas that are being set up (I believe) by film producer Billy Clark (see 31st March and 1st April below).

No peace for the wicked though ... and Dave was off doing a live show in Ely, Cambridgeshire last night (see photo below courtesy of Paul Buchanan).

Messages from Dave to:

Welsh Helen: Sorry and I love you loads.
Welsh Paula: Can't wait to see you again.
Bev: You gave me a beautiful time, thank you.

At this moment Dave is sitting in Gatwick Airport, waiting for Storm to return after she attended the funeral of her father. Storm, we love yuh!

Now, I get loads of emails asking about Dave's next book. Well, it's slated to come out on July 7th. After reading the drafts I can promise you it's every bit as good as the last four. Amazon have it down as "Stop the Ride 3", although the working title is "F*ck the Ride". Wanna be one of the first to read it? CLICK HERE and preorder it from Amazon (at an amazing 30% discount right now  and come straight back!). That way you'll get it as soon as it appears!

Dave's latest DVD "Dave Courtney's Dodgy DVD" is available from Amazon too. CLICK HERE to grab a copy.

Oh, and for all you interested in Dave's CD "The Commandments", it's being remixed by Goldie, Fabio and Groove Rider!

1st April 2005

Dave and Giovanna in Las Vegas. Giovanna is a well-known celebrity Make-Up Artist in the US. You can see a larger version of this photo and two others from Vegas on Gallery 8.

Billy Clark (below) is the President/CEO of Charter International Pictures. Of the film, REACTION, their website says:

"REACTION -- a strongly music-based film with a lifestyle backdrop that takes you from hot London to cool Vegas. REACTION is a hip, "now" love story about a somewhat-innocent classical music student and her coming-of-age via a torrid romance with an internationally famous rock star. The love affair is strained however when the "bad girl" best friend also finds herself attracted to the Rocker.

REACTION stars UK leading man Luke Goss of BLADE 2, THE MAN (w/Samuel L. Jackson) and GILGAMESH ( w/Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole). The film's soundtrack includes songs (and cameos) ranging from NWA to Matt Dusk to Sting. . One of the biggest youth-market names internationally, Stacy Ferguson ("Fergie" of Black Eyed Peas), and she is interested in the lead female role of "Sasha". Supporting Fergie in the bad-girl role of "Rula" is the very sexy new British actress Kelly Brook (THREE w/Billy Zane, and the new DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO).

REACTION is written by UK writer Steve Wood and directed by hot young American Rand Alexander."

You'll find the article featured below on the Review Journal website.

31st March 2005

Photo just in of Dave with film producer Billy Clark (centre front) in Vegas. Click on the image to see a larger version. Dave was in Vegas to discuss a future film role with Billy (see article below).

29th March 2005


Dan & Cheryl Cox

Dan Cox is a very big Dave Courtney fan up in Stafford and the lucky man and happy woman have been married for two years TODAY. So everyone join Dave and me and raise a glass to Cheryl and Dan. There's a special surprise waiting for you on the temporary articles page.

26th March 2005

Cage Rage 11 is on it's way and you don't wanna miss it if you can help it 'cos Ian "The Machine" Freeman is fighting on the night. "What night?" Oh yeah, 30th April at the Wembley Conference Centre. Go to www.cagerage.tv for more details.

14th March 2005

I've just been asked by Dave to put two letters from him into the Documents section. One to Jen's solicitor and the other to Angela's solicitor.

I'm sure we're all wishing Dave a safe journey and a blindin' time is the US of A.

13th March 2005

I've just added a whole new Gallery to the site. It consists of 10 shots from a photo shoot Dave did recently at Camelot Castle with JODIE MARSH. CLICK HERE to go see them and then go for a cold shower boys.

12th March 2005

Just spoken with Dave, who confirms that his USA Promo Tour is still going ahead and he's really looking forward to meeting all of our American friends. He was still out getting things to take with him and he'll be jetting off for New York on Monday for three weeks and has promised to let me know how it's going on a regular basis, so you'll see it here.

Dave has asked me to wish Mark Fish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today. I'm not giving his age away here (although he is younger than me). A very Happy Birthday Mark, and may you have very many more.

10th March 2005

Just received this photo from Wolves Paul of Dave at the Kerang studios, where he gave a live interview a few days ago.

That's Wolves Paul and bruv Jase on Dave's left.

9th March 2005

A little missive from Mark Fish, who appears to be on the rough side of justice again:

“Would you believe this one chaps?”

Humberside Police have been on to me today YET AGAIN. This time, a Sergeant called saying a complaint had been made by someone. Apparently they claimed that 4 years ago, when I went to look around a property for sale with a view to buying, I had planted some chaps in the roof to spy on the owners through an internal loft entrance! He then asked me if it was true, claiming that "If a complaint is made we have to follow it up."

“Why not check the f*cking roof” I said and told him that they knew the person in question was totally f*cking cuckoo and suggested that it was a crazy complaint.

Sgt. Beverley of Humberside Police (the copper who contacted me) should perhaps have a care in the community order slapped on him as well, just for asking such a stupid farcical f*cking question - and possibly consider a different career that might not be so stressful and mentally challenging - Ha-Ha!!!

After a few hours of deliberating what had been said to me I decide to re-contact Sgt. Beverley to ask the names of the complainants & the gravity of the alleged offences, only to be told that the files have now all been put in the bin.

“I wonder what Penny dropped in that Coppers head”? Hahahaha!

Just makes me wonder who flew over the Cuckoo’s nest…. Was it the Sergeant?

NIL CARBORUNDUM ILLEGITIMI (or "Don't let the b*stards grind you down"). A Latin message from Mr. Fish to all of you that are experiencing the same B*ll*cks.

Hmmm ... now, wouldn't you think the first thing the police would have done was to take a gander at said loft before bothering Mark? I just wonder how they thought he was feeding the poor buggers over the four years they were alleged to have been up there! Beyond belief!

28th February 2005

Lee Phillips and Tony Royden's 24 minute film "The Dealer" starring our own Dave and Craig Charles is due to be shown in London in the next month. I don't have a date or venue yet, but you can take a look at the new page about the film HERE.

Dave says he had a great time at Cage Rage 10 on Saturday. He was there with Ludicrous, some of the Sugar Babes, Ian Tucker, Lee Murray, Mark Epstein, Jeremy Bailey, compaire Richie Blackwood and Emma from Big Brother, who's making a record written by Storm. Dave says that the men behind Cage Rage are "the best fight promoters in the country!" After that it was in to a private party at the Hippodrome with Dane, Bren and James, ending up at Kinky Gerlinki (f*** knows if that's how you spell it!) and Pasha.

Tonight Dave's on a live phone in at Kerang! radio station in Birmingham from 11 'til 1, so listen in if you can for what promises to be a very funny programme.

The Roller is back on the road again and happily guzzling 8 miles to the gallon ... or was that the other way round?

I think I may have mentioned that Dave has started divorce proceedings against Jen. It seems that the day after he started he received a phone call from his daughter, Courtney, asking to see him. Now, that's a first.

Chelsea and Levi: Dad says he loves you both very much and hopes you had a wonderful holiday and he'll see you both soon.

Our man Dave was in The News of the World at the weekend with Jodie Marsh. 'Nuff said. In the same paper, so I am told, were Steve McFadden and Angela Bostock. Dave says Angela's lawyers have apparently written to Virgin threatening them with a law suit if there is any mention of her in Dave's next autobiographical book.

Dave would like to offer his congratulations to Mark Fish on a "Right Result". Mark was temporarily out of hospital to appear in court this afternoon on a charge of driving whilst banned, but got off with an unconditional discharge. Mark says he was pulled by members of Humberside Police's Armed Response Unit last month while chugging along at 117 mph. After he left court he said "Those boys should really stick to what they're good at: children's galas and garden fêtes."

26th February 2005

I've spoken with Mark Fish today. He's being moved to another hospital to be looked after, prodded and poked a top neurologist, but he asked me to thank all of you who were kind enough to send him Get Well cards (but he was wondering where the gorgeous naked women were I promised him!). So, on behalf of Mark, thank you all very much.

Dave sends a big shout out to Mark. Also to Wolves Paul, Jaqui, Welsh Paula and Colin in Southampton.

22nd February 2005

Our old friend Mark Fish is in hospital. Mark was rushed to Scunthorpe General Hospital a couple of days ago. Both myself and Dave wish him the speediest and fullest of recoveries. If any of you lovely people out there would like to help us cheer Mark up you can send cards, flowers or just gorgeous naked women to:

Mark Fish
Ward 24
Scunthorpe General Hospital
Cliff Gardens
North Lincolnshire
DN15 7BH



17th February 2005




16th February 2005

Yesterday Dave attended the final concert of Lars Frederiksen's band "The Bastards" at The Garage, Highbury Corner. If you remember (or if you're up on your modern music) Lars is the lead singer of Rancid, the top US punk band who featured a track entitled "Dave Courtney" on their last album Indestructible (you can buy it from Amazon by clicking on the link). Lars and Dave recently became god-fathers to Mason, Steve Wale's baby (Steve is the lead guitarist with UK punk band The Business). Dave says that at the baptism the vicar actually blessed a knuckleduster that he presented to the new baby!

First the BAD NEWS: The distributors have pulled out of releasing Dave's CD "The Commandments". On top of that, yesterday Waterfall suspiciously pulled out of releasing Hell To Pay and Dave had a series of phone calls from cinemas saying that they were sorry but they were not able to screen the film! There seems to be no end to the lengths that they will go to to ensure that Dave Courtney is put down. However, Dave took a new distributor to The Bastards concert last night and is confident that the film will be released soon.

Now for the GOOD NEWS: When Dave goes out to America next month he will be accompanied by a British TV documentary crew (the people responsible for making the highly funny and successful "Car Sharks" series). As well as making the Spearmint Rhino documentary mentioned below, he'll now be making two more with the English crew: One about Harley Davidsons and Biker Gangs and the second will be "The Idiot's Guide to New York, Los Angeles and Miami" (now, what are they trying to say?).

Oh, and Dave tells me he just bought his very first TV license EVER and is framing it.

13th February 2005

Dave tells me that he had a blinding time on Wednesday at the Brits. After the presentations he dashed off to make a guest appearance on Jodie Marsh's TV:X programme, "Jodie Marsh Live and Turned On" (his second appearance by popular demand) with James Hewitt and Ben Dover. After that it was a ride back to the Brits afters party at the Penthouse Leicester Square in the Spearmint Rhino limo with with the Spearmint Rhino girls! It's almost easier to tell you who he didn't meet there, but among the people he did hook up with were Robbie Williams, Snoop, Jodi Marsh, Pherell, Javine, Goldie, the So Solid Twins and too many Big Brother people to wave a duster at.

DC and Jodie Marsh

BOOKS - Dave is currently writing his new book, "F**k the Ride". I can't say too much about it at the moment and I don't have a proper release date, but the bits I've read so far make this one of the best of the lot. There are another three books in the pipeline after this one: The novel of "Hell to Pay", the story of the making of the film, "Hell to Make" and one that he has been commissioned to write by Virgin and will be published next Christmas called " Heroes and Villains". Well, if that lot doesn't get yer mouths watering I don't know what will.

In March Dave's off to the US of A on a requested publicity tour. He'll be spending 5 days in New York, five in LA and five at the Miami Music Festival. He'll also be making a documentary while over there about the Spearmint Rhino clubs.

10th February 2005

Poker – Free roll tournament

Lastminute Poker $500 Freeroll tournament – Thursday February 24th 8:30pm GMT

Put this date in your diaries because we’re giving away $500 to the lucky winners of this tournament and entry is absolutely FREE. Register for Lastminute Poker and sign up for your chance to win now.

CAGERAGE 10 at the Wembley Conference Centre on 28th February 2005 - CLICK HERE to go to the Cagerage website.

9th February 2005

Dave will be enjoying himself at the Brit Awards this evening, then he's dashing off for a live TV broadcast with Jodie Marsh on her Television X:The Fantasy Channel programme and then back for the Brit Awards post-award party with Snoop Dog and the rest. So, if you have access to TVX give it a watch.

8th February 2005

Mr. Mark FishDave recently took a trip up to Scunthorpe to spend some time with Mr. Mark Fish (left) and his boys. You can now see some of the photos from the bash on  Gallery 8.

Below is a photo of Dave with Mark's good friend, Big John, taken shortly before John had his now famous head tattoo (sponsored by Mr. Fish). But that's another story for the not-too-distant future. Big John is aptly named. He's 6'4", weighs in at 24½ stones, has a 24" neck, takes a size 12 shoe and he's a southpaw.

Big John and DC

4th February 2005

Right people, Dave Courtney's Casino is now OPEN for your specific pleasure. It has all the games you'll ever want to play: Blackjack, Roulette, Stud Poker, Baccarat, Slots, Money Wheel, Tropical Fruits and Sic Bo. There's an incredible 20% Bonus for new players so go on, give it a try and find out just how much FUN you can have in the comfort of your own home.

3rd February 2005

Thank you a million times to all those DC fans who were kind enough to send me emails welcoming me back to Dave's site. And a big shout goes out to Paula the Mermaid, one of Dave's biggest fans up there in Littleborough, Lancashire.


29th January 2005

Mal is back! Yup, after an absence of leave of just six months I have been persuaded to rejoin the team and take over managing the website again. Major thanks to Steve and the others who have done sterling work to keep you all informed while I was away. And thanks to those of you who were nice enough to keep me entertained by sending me viruses (they don't get through!) I suppose that means my new phone number will be bugged by the Old Bill again. Enjoy officers! Email me at mal@red-hotmail.com

Now, let's see if I can remember ... what's this site about again?

OK, now down to the REAL news:

Do you like a flutter? An occasional gamble? Addicted to the odds? Then look no further. Dave Courtney has set up brand new area just for you. Dave Courtney Poker is live and ready to play a whole variety of different games. It's a very professional game and just like playing poker with Dave in the comfort of your own home. Soon to be followed by a Casino gaming area. I'll keep you informed.

Oh, and while I think about it, Dave says he's in "ZOO" magazine this week with Jodi Marsh. Un-missable! Get out there and buy it before they all go.

Message from Dave

Just had a call from Dave, he has lost his phone so if any of you are trying to contact him, he sends his apologies and says that he should have a new phone on Monday, same number of course.

This weekend Dave is doing his doorman's course, we wish him luck

Dave has some news

Dave had some good news this weekend. The courts decided Genson has served enough time locked up during his trial and he was released on Saturday 9th. Drew is also out of care and living with carer Angela.

New book on way

Dave would like to advertise a new book by Charlie Bronson and Tel Currie. Click on the book to pre-order it from Amazon



1000-2000 piece jigsaw puzzle in pipe line of Dave's portrait shown below


On Friday 3rd December 2004, Dave Courtney officially opened a shop in Chatham Kent called Pukka Gifts.

 Dave was to be in the shop from 10 am, but due to an earlier accident Dave had on his bike, he didn't make it until midday, suffering from a badly injured arm and knee. The shop was full of Dave's fans, all waiting for autographs and signed books, some just wanted their pictures taken with Dave, others just wanted the chance to meet him.

 Dave as usual shook endless hands, signed everyone's posters and books, and had so many photos taken we lost count, some photos will be on the site very soon,  It was a great day, enjoyed by all and a very busy day for both the shop and Dave,  Pukka Gifts is a newly opened shop, stocking all manner of wonderful gifts, including Samurai Swords, which of course Dave loved.

 Pukka Gifts has since donated a corner in the shop dedicated to Dave and his merchandise, it has been named Courtney's Corner, and has a stock of reasonably priced Dave Courtney fist's, books, statues, and knuckle duster clocks.

Dave would like to thank all the fans that turned out that day, and the Kent Messenger for being there and taking photos.



The single can be heard HERE slow loading due to being done in flash


We currently have auctions running on EBAY from bidding for a night with me to my SUIT worn to the old bailey &  JACKET worn to RONNIE KRAYS FUNERAL, so check them out and get :) BIDDING :)


Happy Birthday

Dave would like to wish his little girl Courtney a big happy birthday for today. He's sorry for not sending a present but the one he sent last year was taken away and Jen pretended to have never received it (even though the taxi driver who delivered it said he gave it to Jen in person)

Courtroom drama

Dave and Taz attended Court yesterday to support Jenson during his case. Jen appeared in the Court room and caused a scene, accusing Taz of bringing drugs into Court to give to Jenson and tried to have her searched. Taz was searched and nothing was found.



Dodgy Dave dishes the dirt on his biggest battle - the court case against his wife! More Explosive than a suicide bomber! It's the Trial From Hell!


Dave's mate is banged up and Brassed off! Take the ride of your life as Dave busts him loose dressed as Old Bill! it would be a crime to miss it.


Guns! Girls!- and a Gangster with a Grudge! get tooled up for the premiere of Dave's new movie! The Bloodiest film of the year HELL TO PAY

Dave opens new Chatham shop

New letter from Dave added. Check the "New Stuff" section for details

Dave opens new Chatham shop

Dave will be in The Trafalgar Centre Inshops in Chatham on Friday the 3rd December, to officially open a shop called Pukka Gifts, Dave will be there from 10 am - 2 pm, signing posters etc

18 New articles added with more to come!

Lots of new articles added with more to add. Check the "new stuff" section for constant updates

Ricky Hatton to star with Dave

Tickets are selling fast for Dave's latest show and the stars are lining up to attend the event, Ricky Hatton being the latest name to confirm that he will be at the party of the year. There are limited VIP tickets left so please call the hotline 07950180922 to avoid disappointment

Newcastle Charity Event

A charity event in Gateshead in aid of the Bubble Appeal will be taking place October 31 st 2004. Top band CARMA will open the evening at 7:00pm. At 8:00pm Dave Courtney's Film ‘Hell to Pay' will be shown, followed by a short audience with session, with Dave Courtney and Steve Wraith.

Anyone wishing to donate any rare or signed items of memorabilia for auction should contact Steve Wraith at the email address below. For those who cannot attend the event, and would like to make a donation, again please email using below address for further details.

The event will be held at 'Sutherlands the Venue' on Sunday October
31 st with doors opening at 6:00pm. Tickets are £10 and are available from thegeordieconnection@hotmail.com

20th September  2004

Big thank you to Mal for the welcome back. Much appreciated and I'm sure everyone will raise a glass to you for your hard work (It nearly killed the poor bugger!). You'll have to bare with me for a while until I get back into the swing of things. I'm in the process of adding a couple of articles on Genson to the site so keep your eyes on the "New Stuff" page.


19th September  2004

Steve Parnell will be maintaining the website from now on. Steve was the man who started the whole ball rolling several years ago, when he built the first davecourtney.com website - and I can't think of a better man to take over from me. Steve, I wish you all the luck and success in the world, mate. Now, I'm off to relax and enjoy myself.


17th September  2004

Note from Mal:

Well people, after two years of running Dave's website I've decided to call it a day. After spending another few days of last week in hospital I had some difficult decisions to make, one of them being my future with davecourtney.com. It seems like only yesterday that I redesigned the site and I'd like to thank each and every one of you who took the time and trouble to email me at mal@davecourtney.com over that time to tell me what a great site it has become. Your words have meant a great deal to me. A huge amount of time has been invested into making this site what it is today and I'd like to wish the very best to the person that takes over from me. I'd also like to thank Dave, who has become a very good friend, for all the great times and all the words of encouragement. It's been a really GREAT RIDE!

I'll still be designing websites, and for that and for anyone who wants to stay in contact with me, you can email me at mal_slc@yahoo.co.uk . Apologies to anyone who wrote to me and hasn't had a reply over the past two weeks, but I've been a little poorly.

So-long, all of you luvverly people.


16th September  2004

Note from Dave:

"I have taken off all of the information about Genson and Genson's arrest from the www.davecourtney.com site with immediate effect as apparently it is against the law to have it on the website due to Genson's age. I apologise most profusely to everybody and anybody that it offended. It was not meant to embarrass or intimidate anyone at all. I only found out today that it should not have appeared on the website and I have rectified this. Once again sincere apologies to all concerned."

1st September 2004

No, it's not a fake! I am very grateful to Kate and Jerry over at Knuckleduster.org for sharing this wonderful photo they took at the weekend up at the Lowestoft event “Britains Most Easterly Mini Adventure”, where Dave gave out the prizes and entertained the public. You can read a full report on the event by following the "News" link over at www.knuckleduster.org (and if you click on their thumbnail of the above photo, you'll be able to see a one megabyte version that proves it's NOT A FAKE!).

Dave has always been very proud of his children, so he was brimming over at the weekend, when he received his daughter, Levi's GCSE results.

Design & Technology
English literature
English language
Business studies

Congratulations Levi

27th August 2004

Just added an eight page section about Genson's recent arrest, including documentation and Dave's letter of complaint to the Chief Constable. MORE

25th August 2004

Just a note to let everyone know that Dave is in Spain, so for anyone finding difficulty contacting him by phone, he'll be back in the country until Monday.

20th August 2004

Another email to corroborate Dave's account of what happened to Jenson:

I can verify the thing about Genson and the police because i was there. WHAT dave didnt say was that 5 officers turned up. Lets just say that they were not little people. How intimidating is that for a 16 year old kid. I heard the phone call to the police and the arrangements made to bring Genson in. Within 5 minutes who should turn up but the 2 off duty cops and 3 others.MMMMMMMMM You try and tell me thats fair or right!!!!!!

Dave's number of fans continues to increase. The following is typical of the emails I receive:

Hi, I`m Ann, and my partner Percy and i are new members of the Dave Courtney clan, a month ago i hadn`t even heard of him!
my partner picked up Stop the ride` at manchester airport to take with him on holiday,two days into it I was so intrigued by his laughter and comments about the book that I picked it up myself and so did his son.
After we got home I looked on the internet to see what if anything i could find, I was surprised by how much there was. On your official site i found Daves Dates ( i`m only a computer novice) and the audience at Southport ,about 40 miles from us, so booked tickets and kept it a surprise , only letting on once we were on our way.
We had a great time,Dave is very approchable and friendly.

19th August 2004

I've added a letter received from Dan Roche. Dan was at Dave's the day that Jenson was arrested, but it recounts what happened to him on the way home. Read it at Dan Roche's Report.

11th August 2004


I received a call from Dave this evening. He says that he received a visit from two officers from Plumstead Police Robbery Squad yesterday who were looking for his son, Jenson. Dave told them that he hadn't seen Jenson for months and was told by the officers that if he spoke with Jenson to tell him that if he came in voluntarily he would get bail, but that if they caught him he would not. Keeping up so far?

Well, Jenson, who was 16 a month ago, has been living rough for the past six months and for the past three months has been living in a hostel, so that he could eventually get a council flat. Dave spoke to him on the phone and persuaded him to come to Camelot Castle to sort matters out. Jenson duly turned up at Dave's and, after a bit of a chat, Dave phoned Plumstead nick to talk to the officers concerned. He was told that they were not there and had gone off duty. When Dave told the officer on the other end of the phone about the bail agreement he was told that they knew nothing about it and it would be better if he kept Jenson at his house for the night and then brought him to the Station the next morning, when they would be back on duty. Dave agreed. This conversation took place in front of a packed house, including Dave's elderly next-door neighbours.

FIVE MINUTES LATER the police turned up at Dave's door, including the two "off duty" officers, and arrested Jenson in front of everyone and took him down to the nick. He was refused bail, even though he has no previous convictions, and languishes there still. The reason they gave for refusing bail was that Jenson had no fixed abode (he was living in a hostel). He is due to appear at Camberwell Green Court at 10 am tomorrow (Thursday) on five counts of robbery and various burglaries.

Dave spent some time at the police station, but no one there would admit to being the person that he had spoken to earlier who advised them to wait until morning and then MUST have set the ball rolling as soon as the phone was put down.

Underhand? We'll keep you informed of developments.

11th August 2004

I received two emails yesterday with unsettling news from people featured on this website. The first is from Les Hill, with a short update on the story featured below. Les says:

My wife Lisa was "interviewed over a possible overpayment" for 6 hours. She is bailed to re appear on the 4th October. My ten year old son's sim card has gone missing yet was not listed as taken. Even my childrens' library cards were taken. My wife's documents over the house have been taken even though that is illegal as all solicitors letters are "privy". All this was done in front of the children.

The second is from Tracey in Trowbridge. Tracey is the Dave Courtney fan who suffers from agoraphobia and who Dave visited last month. The story was featured in the Articles Section (Dave does his good deed at Crimestoppers). Tracey wrote to me yesterday, as follows:

Hi Mal

well I don't think that the local police were very impressed with my letter to the local rag. I was at home on 5th aug and heard that my daughter's house was being raided. I ran round there to find 7 officers turning my daughters house over and when I asked what was going on they pointed at the poster of Dave and said it was because of him, now maybe I'm being a touch paranoid but since meeting Dave the shit seems to be hitting the fan but they can do what they will as I will NEVER change my feelings for Dave. will send you the warrant and pace letter though the post

Tracey from Trowbridge

I'll keep you informed about developments in both these cases.

5th August 2004

I received a phone call from Les Hill this evening. He told me that his home was stormed by six police officers and three inland revenue men this afternoon. You might remember that we features a report about Les last month (see The Les Hill Story). Les says they took away his computer, filofax, paperwork and wife. That's right. They arrested his wife on a charge of "deception". Les says he has no idea what it's all about, except that one of the officers asked him: "How long have you known Dodgy Dave?". Les replied: "Years. Why?" and the officer just laughed at him. We'll bring you more just as soon as we hear anything.

Dave says a previously undetected leak in his roof has been feeding water into a wall of Camelot Castle and as a result two of his ceilings have suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Anyone out there fancy helping out with a bit of DIY?

3rd August 2004

As promised, I've started a new Gallery. This one is of photographs from Dave's own personal photo albums and includes older photos from Dave's past (he even has hair in some of them!), including never before seen family photos. There are 14 pics up so far, with more to come in the next few days. The page is Dave's Personal Gallery. Enjoy.

If you read the last entry about "authority interference" and if you've been keeping up with all the "coincidences" that happen in Dave's life (and those who he calls friends), it won't surprise you that there was another bit of nobbling going on last Saturday. You can read about the spoke going in for Misunderstood's "Party in the Park" in a letter just received from our old and good friend, Wolves Paul.

2nd August 2004

Siôn Jenkins, the former teacher, has been freed on bail today pending his retrial for the alleged murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo. He was ordered to live with his father, David Jenkins, who provided a £250,000 surety, in Aberystwyth, Wales, until the trial and report to police daily.

"What has that to do with Dave Courtney or this website?" I hear you ask.

Well, one of the conditions of Jenkins' bail is that he takes down his website, www.justiceforsionjenkins.org.uk/. We have it from a very reliable and knowledgeable legal source that the reason for this condition is because of the part that this website played in getting Dave's "Not Guilty" verdict in the recent ABH case. This site ensured that ALL the information concerning the case was made available to anyone interested in the case and it looks like the authorities don't like it. Our legal source added that davecourtney.com was pivotal in freeing Dave from the charge and made internet and legal history.

Meanwhile, we have more incidents of authority interference in Dave's affairs. It appears that Dave's friends in blue had a word with Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, where Dave was due to do an Audience With on Saturday night. Apparently, the centre's licence is due for renewal shortly (nudge, wink)! The venue cancelled the night, stopped taking bookings, etc. but didn't tell Dave. On the evening Dave turned up ... as did 700 fans. In the face of overwhelming odds the centre decided to allow the evening to go ahead and a great time was had by all.

Oh, and the person or persons who are responsible for sending email viruses to various people around the country using MY email address (mal@davecourtney.com), please note that I am not stupid enough to open attachments that have been sent to me from my own addy! Morons!

1st August 2004

Mark Fish was spotted getting the new Company Roller ready for Dave at the end of last week, for their attendance at the fantastic "Rocking Blues Party". We'll be featuring some stories from the event that took place this weekend soon.

There's a lot of new and interesting stuff coming to the website very soon, so make sure you keep coming back to find out what's developing. First off, look out for the new Gallery of photos from Dave's own personal photo albums in the next few days.

20th July 2004

For all you fans out there who have been emailing me to ask where you can see Dave's film "Hell To Pay", now's your chance. It's being shown on 31st July at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre. You'll find all the details on the Dates Page. Tickets are £12.50 to £25 each and the evening includes a full "Audience With Dave Courtney". Now there's value for money. Phone 0845 4562934 or 0845 4562935 for details.

Last Saturday Dave had a splendid day at the "Crimestoppers" event at Trowbridge, Wiltshire. You can read all about it on the Knuckleduster website (photos courtesy of Kate & Jerry).

19th July 2004

Dave attended Cage Rage 7 on the 15th. Read all about his great evening out on the Diary Page.

You can also read a great interview with Dave published in Invincible Mag. Dave's hoping to be a regular columnist for them soon and also get his own spot on their Radio Station.

Dave says:

"Big hello goes out to Wolves Paul, Helen, Paula, Kelly, Lynn, Storm, Donna, Ria, Jacqui, Levi, Chelsea, Little Tash, Nicky and Gemma. The police were still playing silly buggers with Nikki James who was still in Holloway and being told I haven’t put the letters in to the nick dropping all the charges, from the baby sitter, Taz and myself rang the solicitor and told him, and taped my self ringing the court, and Plumstead nick asking why they had not told Nikki or her solicitor of the charges being dropped, and that I had video of me writing my statement and taking it in to the nick, because I suspected them to try and do something like that, and fuck me they rang back the same day and asked us all to go into the police station, and sign a prepared statement from them saying the same. Which we did. And I haven’t heard from Nikki telling me she was out, but I have spoken to Gemma a couple of times, and explained it all to her, and she is cool, and already knows exactly what the police get up to with all the tricks they use with the Royal Mail, and letters, saying they have received letters when they have - a commonly used method by all departments to enforce whatever penalty they want to on you, for whatever reason they have, and they always have a hidden agenda, don’t forget, and can't ever be seen to be the ones at fault.

"I am still having aggro with them over my license and them saying they haven’t received letter, and I haven’t answered letters. Now I have told you about how often they do it and get away with it, you will notice it more and more, and more you hear it happening but you can't prove it, so they get away with it every time. They wasn’t too happy with the lyrics on my record for some reason, and stopped the company putting it out. "Anti-social" they said, so if there is a Record Company and Distributor who can help me in anyway, I could do with some right now, in that department."

10th July 2004

'Ello people, Dave Courtney OBE here. Well, we had a blinding time on Thursday night at Peterborough Football Club and I've gotta say a very big THANK YOU to all the people at the club that made it such a successful night and thank you to all the people who turned up and enjoyed themselves. There was a lot of fans getting pictures of themselves taken with me and if you'd like to send them in we'll be happy to put them on the website. I'll be coming back to Peterborough soon and I hope to see all of you there again.

I've received a lot of phone calls over the past 24 hours asking why I haven't said anything on this front page about Bernard O'Mahoney on Thursday night. The truth of the matter is that I didn't see him anywhere on the night. He wasn't waiting for me when I arrived and he wasn't there when I left. I did hear later on that he appeared at the door downstairs half way through the show and shouted 'wanker' and then left and that's as far as it goes. Anyway I've got much more important and interesting things to do with my time than get into a long and stupid web site slanging match with him. I've just finished filming "The Dealer" along side Craig Charles and I'm just about to start filming "Six Bend Trap" by Mike McCarthy and a couple of projects of my own and there's the next book to think about.

All the best,
Dave Courtney OBE

8th July 2004

Dave is in Peterborough this evening, doing an "Audience With" at Peterborough Football Club. Apparently someone walked off with all the tickets (don't ask) but that's hardly going to stop the show. I spoke with Dave earlier on. He asked me to put up the following statement:

"Jen and Austin Warnes have been leaving phone messages for me saying that they've got a piece going into a Sunday paper about me and that I'd better leave the country 'cos they're gonna get me shot. What a joke. I've no idea what they're up to, or even what paper this thing is going into. I've bent over backwards to try NOT to carry this thing on. Regarding Drew, there was another piece about her being missing in the News of the World last Sunday. I don't know what Jen's up to there either. I spoke to Drew on the phone yesterday and she said she didn't know what her Mum was up to either. She's been 'missing' since May, so why they're creating this fuss now I don't know, but they're certainly up to something. Whether she's trying to get the sympathy vote or just trying to stir the sh*t, but something's going on. I speak to Jenson on a daily basis and he tells me that Jen's brother, David, beat him up in the street."

Meanwhile, the Sun reported yesterday that Detective Inspector Karl Amos had been arrested by Kent police on an allegation that he beat his wife up. If you remember, Amos was the copper who took over the entire Dave and Jen case. You can read the article HERE.

4th July 2004

Well, well, well. If you look below you'll see that, on Thursday 1st July, Dave mentioned that Drew was living in Tulse Hill, Jen has her phone number but was putting up posters claiming to be searching for her. Well, the very next day the above article appeared on page 46 of the Daily Mirror. Fishy, or what? You can see the entire article here or HERE.

1st July 2004

Dave says he's spoken to Jen and that she strangely thinks that she's in the driving seat, despite the result of the ABH case. He said:

"Drew is living in Tulse Hill and Jen has her phone number and yet she's putting up leaflets around the area looking for her to make her look like a caring Mum. She says she's happily living back with her Mum and Dad now. I offered to try to mend things between us but she reckons that she's gonna get me killed and she's still not letting me see my daughter, Courtney, and she's still fuming about not getting the money from the police.

"She's also photocopying and handing out paperwork from Austin Warnes which she is telling people show that I was a registered informant. This is old news. These are the same bits of paper that were rolled out at the Warnes trial and which I conclusively showed to be excuses for Warnes to see me. The way it worked was that any time I needed to get information from police sources, he would fill out a form saying he was seeing 'Tommy Mac' as an excuse for talking to me. All the chaps know the truth about this scam and Jenny, in fact, knows the score and was one of the principal people at the time explaining the truth to people. I'm not gonna get involved in arguing about it with people like O'Mahoney, who have a personal grievance with me, but I'll be in Peterborough on the 8th if he wants to come and speak to me about it.

"filming of Mike McCarthy's film 'Six Bend Trap' is now underway and I've gotta say it's the funniest film I've ever been in."

28th June 2004

On Saturday 26th June Dave performed "An Audience With" at The Parkhead Pub, Thornhill up in Cumbria. The following report is just in from Steve Wood:

On Saturday the 26th June 2004 Dave & Big Steve from Birmingham swept into the Wild West - that's the wild west of Cumbria - for his his first "Audience with..." in that beautiful corner of Northern England. First port of call was at his mate, Steve Wood's place near Bridgefoot, there to be joined by another mate, the artist, Kevin Nutter, (that's right the one who did Dave's house). After a whistle stop tour of the area and a couple of games of pool at the venue it was back to Steve's to get ready. Local security boss, tasty geezer & entrepeneur Kevin 'Choco' Sanders and his lovely wife Barbara popped in to say hello. Oh, and speaking of things tasty, Merseyside's, Pete McQuhae showed up as well. Quality people make for a quality night ..... Right!

Next port of call: The Black Cock Inn, Eaglesfield where Dave thought he'd entered the Twilight Zone. Let me tell you oldy-worldy is not in it mate - the cobwebs have cobwebs (you've seen American Werewolf in London haven't you?). Big Keith Bailey and Adrian Bowe completed the team there and together they headed for the Parkhead.

The 100 or so punters (which in the Parkhead means standing room only) can thank landlords, Steve Robinson, Christine Todd & one of the regulars, John Mossop for organising what turned out to be an intimate but lively night. Dave charmed & entertained the crowd with his usual cocktail of flair, wit, one liners and a dazzling display of one-handed pool. The questions came at him like bullets from an Uzi and as usual were answered honestly, candidly and with no small measure of humility (which is one of the reasons we all love him). By the end of the night a hundred plus happy punters filed out into the night a little wiser and a whole lot better informed!

Finally, a big shout for Paul 'Lank' Lancaster and the boys who looked after the door and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to what was a proper, bang on little gig.

I've included some of the photos on Gallery 7 that Steve sent with his report. Go take a look.

24th June 2004


Well, Dave's been found Not Guilty ... AGAIN! But, after all the shenanigans directed at getting him, I doubt that it'll stop here. Jen is angry as a bulldog that swallowed a wasp and the police must be absolutely livid. They've had to watch him walk away from the ABH charge, as well as let him off the "perverting the course of justice" charge, in large part because of all the evidence placed on this website. There is no doubt in my mind that the funny handshake brigade won't allow this to lie and they're probably already plotting their next move to try to get Dave put away.

Anyway, watch this space for further developments and mark my words: they will be forthcoming. Friends of Dave: watch your backs. My life has been threatened recently, but the police were at pains to play the threats down (I wonder why?) The police have suggested to me on several occasions that I should consider not doing this website. The latest comment from an officer from the law was "If you play with fire then you can expect to get burned!" A very peculiar statement from someone who is supposed to be upholding the law, even if it is the pragmatic approach.

So, I'm predicting further legal (and non-legal) onslaughts on both Dave and the website. All of our predictions came to pass in the ABH case, so keep viewing. There's a lot of new stuff to do with the ABH case to go on the site that we couldn't publish while the trial was in progress that will now start to appear.

23rd June 2004

Dave reports that he had an excellent evening at the Undecided Bar in Ashford Kent on the 21st. Dave and Steve Wraith performed an audience with at the bar and raised £170 for the Luckhurst family who lost loved ones in a severe fire.They then cheered on Englands 4-2 victory with pub boss Andy Hollinson and celebrated into the early hours.

22nd June 2004


I've occasionally put pieces on the Home Page about emails going missing and viruses being sent to people from me (see VIRUS Article). Now, the stupidest thing I could do as the webmaster of davecourtney.com would be to send viruses out to people. What great PR that would be for Dave. But it still appears to be going on. Even Donna has received emails containing viruses from my address and other addresses that appear to be very close to other addresses I use, but don't actually exist. It isn't difficult to send an email from someone else's address if you know what you're doing, but each email contains information about the route that they were sent through and I can guarantee that those virus emails contain the information that can backtrack them. So, if you receive a virus ridden email that looks as though it comes from me, please forward it's email header to me.

But what is stranger is that emails are wiped from my email account before I get a chance to read them - usually important emails. This I know because of the numbers of people who tell me that they have emailed me but that I have never received. To do that, to get into my internet email accounts, you have to be a bit of a hacker. To get into my mal@dc.com account you have to be a very good hacker and know how my system works. So it seems that someone out there is trying very hard to earn the website a bad rep. Which, again, is not good PR for Dave.

The next discovery was that a load of important emails that I had on my PC went missing while I was away recently. They appear to have been deleted, either remotely or by someone sitting at my keyboard here. I've been aware for some time that my phone is being listened to and possibly the house is bugged too. I also know that someone entered my house last year and searched it very carefully. I know because they didn't put everything back exactly as I left it. This may sound slightly like paranoia, but believe me when I say that it isn't. Blimee, if I were the Authorities I'd want to listen in to what Dave and his webmaster talk about, wouldn't you? And the past year with all the strokes that have been pulled to try to disrupt Dave's life (and the lives of his friends) and get him convicted of something ... anything ... just proves the point.

You won't be surprised to hear now that, while most of my snail mail gets to me intact, most envelopes of stuff from or about Dave come through my letterbox with swathes of Post Office tape around them saying "Damaged in the Post!" Nothing else ... and I mean NOTHING ELSE ... ever reaches me in that state.

So, if you've received an email from me with a virus attached, sorry, but it wasn't me. If you've sent me or Dave an email and it hasn't been answered then again sorry, but I probably didn't get it. So, if you have a message to Dave DON'T send it to me, for obvious reasons. Please send all emails for Dave to ria_g_1@hotmail.com from now on.

20th June 2004

David West has written a very informative and highly entertaining account of Dave's recent court appearance. Well worth a read and you can read it here.

18th June 2004

It has just been brought to our attention that Charles Bronson has a NEW Official Website. Charlie says "My former website was a farce 10% me, 90% someone else - the fan club and merchandise had nothing to do with me." The new site is excellent, much of it written by Charlie himself and well worth a visit. You'll find it at FreeBronson.

15th June 2004


SAT JULY 10th 2004

11th June 2004


The jury took just fifteen minutes this morning to come to a unanimous decision that Dave was telling the truth and that Jen was clearly lying. It's quite clear from this that they believed that the whole thing was made up on the part of Jen and that her reasons were as Dave stated: that she left him for her lover, Angela Bostock.

Dave was in ebullient mood (that means he was pleased as Punch) when I spoke to him this lunchtime, although he did say that he had one regret: that Jen had grassed him up in court and that she would have to live with that for the rest of her life.

Well, I said yesterday that I didn't have any doubt about the final result, but it's been a big uphill struggle for Dave to get JUSTICE against all the odds that the authorities have thrown in his way.

The scandal-loving tabloids still seem to be keeping away from the story of gangsters' marital bust-ups, lies, deceit, lesbian affairs, Eastenders stars and so on, although there is a nice bit in the Scotsman again. Let's see what they print tomorrow and how they put it, hmmmm?

10th June 2004


Well, the Jury went out to deliberate on their verdict at 3 this afternoon and the result is due tomorrow morning. The jury proved very useful to Dave today, as they asked about his state of health at the time of the alleged assault. They were told about the medical letters and asked for one of them to be read out (three cheers for the twelve people, good and true!) The one from his own doctor was read out, which basically said that Dave was in such bad shape at the time that they were considering amputating his foot (not a lot of people know that). I believe it also detailed the wounds suffered by Dave when Jen attacked him.

The prosecution described Jen in his summing up as "a fishwife" and said she was foul-mouthed and violent. What? The prosecution said that? Well, they had to get it in before Dave's own brief brought it to the attention of the jury ... as if they needed to be told!

I have no doubt whatsoever about what verdict will be returned tomorrow and then it will be brandy and cokes all round chaps and chapesses.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Dave was done for contempt after he dropped his strides in court? No? Awwww, sorry, these little things are so easily overlooked.

Silly me. No sooner do I say something about the press blackout than two of the tabloids picks up the story (albeit on page 11). Still, it does fit in with what Dave said about the press embargo not being lifted until Jen had appeared as a witness.

Read Express article here
Read Scotsman article here

9th June 2004


A travesty of justice is taking place in Dave's ABH case. The following have been ruled out of being brought up in court:

  • Most of Dave's witnesses are ruled as irrelevant (except Jacket) and not allowed.

  • No mention is being allowed of the alleged harassment of Dave's witnesses by prosecution witnesses.

  • Angela Bostock is not allowed to be mentioned during the case.

  • The doctor and consultant's reports on Dave are ruled as inadmissible unless the doctors themselves come to court.

  • The fact that Jen was trying to put the children in care.

  • The fact that Jen lied to the police to get Dave, Eamonn and Brendan arrested for perverting the course of justice (I'm still wondering how she got away without some kind of police action against her on that one. Doh, silly me!).

  • None of the complaints that have been made to the police about harassment/assault/criminal damage/theft etc. are allowed to be mentioned.

  • The Nikki James (& daughter) case, even though they have been arrested and are on remand.

  • The fact that Dave challenged Jen to a lie detector test in court.

  • Jacket being beaten up by Jen's mates.

  • Austin Warnes name is not being allowed to be mentioned.

Now, to add insult to injury (no pun intended) they allowed Jen's medical details to be read in court, whilst not allowing Dave's! This was interesting, as Jen had claimed in court to have suffered a fractured or dislocated shoulder, but the medical evidence proved that this was a lie. As far as I know, no doctor was present to present this evidence, so we have to ask ourselves "What is the motive behind one law for Jen and another for Dave?"

Jen is being allowed to give her evidence on a TV link to try to persuade the jury what a frightening and wicked man Dave is. This is pure fantasy. I have witnessed the two of them arguing on many occasions and Jen is in no way frightened of or intimidated by Dave. In fact, in all the arguments I have witnessed, Jen has been the one screaming abuse at Dave, calling him every name under the sun, and he has been the quiet one attempting to diffuse the situation.

The judge has directed the jury NOT to look at this website. Apparently, the website has featured heavily in today's proceedings. Hello members of the jury :-)

Both Dave and his solicitor phoned Angela Bostock yesterday to tell her that she would be required to give evidence in court today. Dave says that she tried to tell his brief that she was abroad, but they saw through that one and told her so, but she simply responded by saying that she was not going to turn up. Apparently, despite the issuing of a subpoena, this is OK with the court, who do not appear to be prepared to take any action because her testimony is pre-judged as "irrelevant"!

It's clear from all this that everything is being done to disadvantage Dave and the deck is being decidedly stacked against him. Despite this, it appears that it is a case of her word against his and no jury in the country can possibly find Dave guilty "beyond reasonable doubt" under these circumstances. You wanna bet on that?

Dave spoke to the press men and photographers who were at the court. He said that they were all scratching their heads, wondering why none of such a high-profile case was being printed in the national newspapers. I'm sure that something will appear eventually that paints Dave as the villain in the case. It is unbelievable that a case that includes an ex-gangster and successful author, lesbian affairs, threesomes, the partner of an Eastenders star and alleged assault isn't of interest to the tabloid press at least.

The case is being continued tomorrow and this will give Dave and his brief a chance to try to persuade one of the doctors to come to court and give evidence in his favour (fat chance).

Oh, and Dave told me that the day before the case started, Jen was driving up and down Chestnut Rise giving his house the finger and screaming out of the window "You're going down!" What a warm human being.

6th June 2004

Dave's trial for ABH starts tomorrow (Monday) and we'd like to thank all the people who have written in with their best wishes and messages of support for Dave. Dave and his solicitor remain confident of a resounding "Not Guilty" and Dave is really looking forward to having his say in court.

Also, read the letter that Dave wrote to Jen's Barrister, now in the Split section.

To all those who are concerned, Dave has just one request: "Please don't turn up at the court to support me. I know that there's a lot of you out there who feel that coming in person is the best way to support me, but a courtroom full of my supporters is just what Jenny would like so she can say 'look, that's the reason that I'm in fear of my life.' So please, if you want to support me and help me then keep looking at the website for daily court updates and either email me through Mal or send letters direct to me at Camelot Castle.

4th June 2004

Bummer! Dave has two medical letters to give in evidence to the court next week. One is from a consultant saying that he was not in any fit state to attack anyone at the time of the alleged ABH on Jen because of his physical state after the accident; the other is from his doctor saying that he was covered in lacerations the day after the alleged attack. Unfortunately, the defence has asked for them to be ruled as inadmissible because the doctors in question are are far too busy and not able to give up two days of their busy medical lives to sit around in court waiting to give evidence. They have patients to see. Unbelievable! They're certainly pulling out all the stops to ensure that the trial is as unfair as possible!!!!! On the plus side, Dave says he has several new suits ... one for each day of the trial.

3rd June 2004

Taz received a phone call yesterday from the police officer who arrested Jen, asking her to come down to the station to make a statement. Taz dutifully went to Plumstead nick, but was ignored for two and a half hours and they refused to deal with her. Dave says he is going  back with her today to get it sorted out. He's also going because the police have requested that he brings the letters from Nikki James down for them to look at. That seems a little crazy, as the authorities would have read (and copied) the letters before they were sent from prison.

Dave has offered to take a lie-detector test in court next week, providing Jen does likewise. He says that it is blatantly unfair that Jen is able to testify by video link and that the lie detector will get to the truth of the matter. The video link trick is designed to make Dave look like a very evil man who's wife doesn't even dare to be in the same courtroom as him and, although juries are not meant to be swayed by things like that, we all know that they are. The link will speak volumes to anyone judging the case against Dave. We are waiting for Jen's response to the lie-detector idea.

2nd June 2004

Dave reports that the Police have had Jenny in for an interview but let her go because they had "insufficient evidence" to bring any charges against her. That really is amazing considering they have Dave in court on ABH charges on the 7th June with no witnesses apart from Jen and yet there are umpteen people prepared to stand up and testify about harassment from Jen!

One interesting thing to do is to go back through the various letters on the Split Pages and see how many things Dave was predicting months - or even a year ago - have come true.

 URGENT  Dave has had his phone and address book "disappeared" from his car while parked in the drive of Camelot Castle. Dave is appealling to all his friends to email their details (phone numbers and addresses), as all contact details went with the phone and address book - especially Matt from Folkston. Please email all details to mal@davecourtney.com and they will be passed directly to Dave and no others.

30th May 2004

Jacket was in the pub a couple of nights ago, when 7 or 8 of Jen's male friends started on him. Someone called the police, who arrived, took everyone outside, took names and sent them all back into the pub before they left. Of course, it all kicked off again and the report back says that Jacket went down swinging. The police arrived again. This time they knew just who Jacket was and arrested him. Jacket spent the night in the cells and has to return to Plumstead Police Station in a month's time to be charged with GBH. He also had to go to hospital to have stitches in his head from the beating that he took. Oh, and Jen's friends? Well, the best I can find out is that they were all let go ... of course!

Meanwhile, Dave has been told by an editor of a national tabloid that there is a "D Notice" on reporting anything to do with him and that it will be lifted the day that Jenny enters the witness box.

Brendan has been told that his case is very low priority and they'll get around to it in two or three weeks - after Dave's ABH case has been heard.

Dave says that Nikki James' daughter has now handed herself in to the Police. He also said that James had written to him again, asking him to visit her in prison. Silly woman! More news on that case soon.

 UPDATED  Dave finished filming Lee Phillips' showcase film,"The Dealer" with Craig Charles during the week. The film is something of a gangster comedy and Dave plays .... a gangster. He told me that they were filming a murder on a boat on the River Medway at Rochester. Apparently, someone thought it was a little too realistic and called the police, who duly turned up to investigate ... a 20 handed armed response team plus coastguard boat and helicopter! The police later said that it had been a "minor incident". The film also features John Thompson, Pierce Hernu, Pat Murry, Rickie Grover, Micky Goldtooth and Dave Legeno and we'll be featuring a page all about it in the near future.

21st May 2004

Just received an anonymous letter from someone who claims to be an ex officer of the Metropolitan Police. Read in HERE.

20th May 2004

Nikki James, the woman who twice barged into Dave's home, is in court tomorrow (Friday). Dave spoke with all the national newspapers to invite them to cover the procedings, but every single one declined. He was told by journalists that they have been told they are not to write a word about anything surrounding Dave until Jen goes into the witness box in the ABH case! Now, how mad is that?

Meanwhile, the police visited Dave's home today to photograph the damage done in the two recent incidents reported extensively below. Nothing like being prompt on the scene, is there?

On another matter, police from Kent are going to be paying Dave a visit to question him about involvement in the murder reported below on 7th May. 23-year-old Mark Potts' body was dragged from the River Medway with gunshot wounds on 19 April at Thunderbolt Pier in Chatham's Historic Dockyard and Christopher Paul Walker, 23, formerly of Weatherly Close, Rochester, has subsequently been charged with murder. It seems that the police may think that a decommissioned shotgun that Dave raffled off for charity at an event last year was actually a real one and was implicated in the murder. Dave said: "If they think I'm stupid enough to raffle off real guns at a charity event, or any other event for that matter, then I want some of what they've been smoking. It's completely f***ing ridiculous."

Finally, Brendan's experiencing some of what Dave's had to put up with for some time now. A couple of days ago Brendan's home was broken into ... well, not exactly broken into because it seems that a key was used to gain access. £10,000 is said to have been stolen, along with his passport, drivers license, car and property keys, videos and important paperwork. In a chat with David, Jen's brother, Brendan had it confirmed that his ex, Sam, Jen's sister (come on, keep up) had Brendan's spare house key. So, Brendan went straight down to the police station to report the thefts. That was the day before yesterday and Bren went back to the cop shop today because, I'm told, the police still have not made a move on the case. They don't appear to have even attempted to interview Sam. I'll keep you posted.

19th May 2004

Where do I start this one? I just received a long call from Dave with all the latest revelations. He says that he has received a letter from the woman who was arrested at his house last week. Nikki James wrote to Dave from HMP Holloway, where she is currently languishing, asking him to use his influence on Taz to get the charges against her dropped. They've also had a call from the woman's daughter, who was the other woman taking part in the original  assault on Dave's house and the babysitter, saying that Taz should drop the charges "or else". Dave says that the police are still looking for her. James is due in court on Friday to be charged with the offences against Taz and the babysitter and Dave's property.

Meanwhile, if you remember from Taz's statement to the police last week, she said that she was warned by James that they would be "coming for her" at the nightclub Pasha's on Saturday. Well, on Saturday Dave and Taz were at Pasha's with Brendan. Apparently, Sam, Jen's sister, turned up with some friends and at least one other sister. Dave didn't see them. but Brendan spotted them and went to tell them to leave. One thing led to another ... drinks were thrown and a bit of a disturbance ensued and the little gang dispersed to all corners of the club as the club's doormen looked for them. It seems that James was telling the truth when she issued the threat. I'll be putting the letter up along with Dave's reply just as soon as they arrive with me.

Dave was in court yesterday, answering questions about his application for legal aid. The court decided to put the case off while further enquiries were made, but decided to take his driving license away. What? Yes ... they said that some letter or other that was claimed to have been sent to Dave hadn't been replied to. Dave has no idea what they were talking about, but they still took his license. When he left the court he jumped in his motor with Jacket in the passenger seat. 100 yards down the road they were stopped by the police and he was done for driving without a license! Coincidence???

I've also added an article about the massive party at Scunthorpe last month, thrown by Top Man Mark Fish.

16th May 2004

The woman who was arrested at Dave's house on the 13th of May has already been to court on charges of drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer and is currently on remand, having been refused bail. She is in court again tomorrow (Monday), but we are not sure right now on what additional charges, as the police have been less than forthcoming on what is happening in this case. Hopefully it is to do with the assault on Taz's babysitter last week. One thing that should be pointed out is that there is no reason for the woman to be in Dave's house or her subsequent actions other than that she was persuaded to do it by Jen. If she has any sense left at all she will admit the real reasons for her actions.

15th May 2004

Dave heard that Jay-Z was in the country, so, knowing that he was a big Dave Courtney fan, Dave gave him a ring. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing he finally got through to an American minder who told him that Jay-Z didn't want to speak with him. Dave surmises that this is probably because of a legal problem over the original album cover to Jay-Z's CD "The Blueprint", which appeared to be a homage to a photo of Dave holding court at the Oxford students debating society by Jocelyn Bain Hogg that appeared in the book The Firm. Dave says that during the legal wrangles the album had to be taken off the shelves and that the matter was eventually settled out of court by Jay-Z.


Letter from "FRONT" magazine, February 2002


14th May 2004

Dave reported the following last night:

"One of the girls who recently broke into my house and attacked Taz and the babysitter came back tonight. She forced her way in, shouting that Jen had sent her back to give Taz some more of the same but Taz phoned the Police on 999 immediately. For once they turned up and arrested the girl for ABH on the police officer (she was well pissed up and high) and, I think, ABH on the babysitter."

Watch this space for further announcements.

12th May 2004

Dave phoned a little earlier to say "All quite on the Western Front!" He hadn't heard anything from Maidstone Police and said "Look, I've bent over backwards to try to contact them about this one but they ain't bothered to get back to me. I don't need their size elevens booting down my door over this!"

He did say that he'd received a cryptic phone message from Thamesmead Police about the Taz/Babysitter/Jen's friends case which just said that they'd been "made aware of the ABH case". But, despite numerous calls back to them (all getting rerouted to Plumstead nick) he hadn't managed to get them to ring back and explain.

However, he's just phoned again to say that Taz got a phone call this afternoon from the girls who broke in and attacked her and the babysitter. The girls said they were coming back to the house to do her again and would beat her up any time they saw her on the street. Taz immediately reported it to the Police, and even gave them the phone number from which the girls phoned. The police's response to this threat? "We'll email the man dealing with the case tomorrow." Well, there's nothing like London's finest in action, is there? The internet revolution has had it's impact on the Police. They've embraced it and they'll ... errr ... "get an email off tomorrow."

If this happened on a TV sitcom you'd have no trouble laughing your socks  off at it, would you? But this, I'm sad to say, is real police-work in action.

7th May 2004

One of Ria's neighbors has just been charged with the murder of one Mark Potts. Dave saw Ria the other day and was seen pulling up outside her house with Taz. Yesterday the police went round to question Ria about one of the guns Dave raffled off at the Function Rooms last November that they believe may have been used in the murder. Dave tried to get in touch with Maidstone Police, but no one there appeared to know anything about it. The officer he spoke to couldn't find anyone to speak with him about it, but promised that someone would phone him back within five minutes. That was one and a half hours ago, but still he has heard nothing from them.

The police still haven't been in touch with Taz or Jacket or Tasha (the injured baby-sitter). The Sun yesterday appears to have carried a story about someone being charged with murder because of DNA evidence found on a drinks can and yet the Police seem to have completely ignored the coke can that Taz handed into them almost two weeks ago after she and her babysitter were attacked at Dave's home by Jen's friends. Bizarre, or what?

4th May 2004

Dave has to appear in Greenwich Magistrates Court on 18th May for not completing a form correctly. Letter from GLMCA to Dave

Also added a letter of complaint from Taz to Mr. Amos, who is now handling all of Dave's cases at Plumstead Police Station. Letter from Taz to Mr Amos

1st May 2004

Allo People. Just thought I'd let you know that the police still haven't bothered to interview Jacket, Taz or the babysitter about Jen's mates breaking into my house, beating up the babysitter and stealing my Tommy Gun. Can you believe that??? Despite all the recordings they have on the 999 calls and the hospital report on little Tasha's injuries, the fact that we were in Plumstead nick for hours waiting to give them statements but no one bothered to see us. Despite the police car that was passing by that Jacket flagged down seeing the two fleeing the scene and driving off after them. Despite my solicitor getting in touch with them asking them what they was doing about it. Despite ALL that NO ONE from the Police has even made contact with any of us. If two lunatics broke into your house, beat up a member of your family so bad that an ambulance had to take them to hospital for stitches to there head, threatened you and stole stuff off your wall and you phoned 999 while it was happening wouldn't you expect the police to be straight round your house interviewing everyone, taking evidence and trying to catch the people that done it? How would you feel if they never bothered? Could you believe that they wouldn't do nothing for over a week? This is too too blatant of the police and just adds to the proof that they are victimising me, my family and my friends.

I phoned Mal today like I do every day and he says he's feeling better but he had to go back to the doctors last Monday with more chest pains and almost got admitted to hospital again but he says he can't wait to get back on the websight but I told him to keep resting and its being taken care of while hes away. Sorry if its not up to scratch but as I said earlier 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'. He said the police spent more than two hours in his interview persuading him not to take the death threats from O'mahoney any further. Ain't that a surprise?

Dave Courtney OBE

This is the memo that the officer on the desk wrote for me
when we was in the police station after Jen's mates broke
into my house and attacked Taz and Tasha.

26th April 2004

Added statements by Taz, the babysitter and Michael Santry about what happened the night of the 23/24 April when 2 friends of Jen broke into Daves house and attacked them. The police have not taken these statements and don't seem to want to do anything about what happened. Jen and Dave Split Page

24th April 2004

Allo people. Sorry to have to tell you this but Mals old dodgy ticker problem give him some proper trouble while he was down the police station reporting another load of threats. The doctors told him he has to rest for a while so I've told him to take a month off. I've found someone else to do the websight for a while but he ain't no Mal but don't move that dial coz normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Mal had a whole shedload of letters to type up and put up on the sight so they will be put up as soon as we can get em done. I've just spoke to him and it sounds like the police said all the right things to him to make him drop the case like I told him they would. Its proper cowardly to threaten the life of a bloke whos just my button pusher. Mal I love you lots. Get better soon.

Dave Coutney OBE

23rd April 2004

00:25 - Dave has just phoned me to say that two friends of Jen went to his house tonight while he was out, broke in, terrorised Taz and beat up the babysitter, who is now in hospital having stitches in her head. 999 was dialed and the police arrived as the two were making their escape with some of Dave's guns, but the police did not give chase. He says that, since this has happened, Jen has rung both Jacket and Taz and said something like "How do you like that then." Meanwhile, Taz is at the hospital with the babysitter but they say the police still haven't attended to take a statement.

20th April 2004

Read all about Jimmy Tippett, including pics of Jimmy with Dave in this new article.


17th April 2004

For anyone who may be interested, I spoke with Brendan McGirr this evening. He met with Jen's sister Sam tonight and she turned down his proposal of marriage. She's obviously conflicted about her loyalties, but it's left Brendan feeling pretty down.

One of our favourite British porn stars, Cathy Barry, has a new DVD out called "Cathula II - Vampires of Sex". Dave is Cathy's co-star in the film and plays ... you guessed it: the Devil. He sent me an A3 size poster (left), but unfortunately neglected to enclose a copy of the film (hint!). Click on the image to see a higher resolution picture or on the following link to find out how you can buy the DVD and see how good it is for yourselves:
Cathy Barry




14th April 2004

The Police have dropped the charge of "attempting to pervert the course of justice" against Dave, Brendan and Eamonn. This is largely due to the statement that Jen's sister Sam made (see below) and Dave is over the moon with what she has done for him. First thing he said to me was "Put a huge THANK YOU up on the front page to Sam. She really clinched it for us and I love her loads for what she has done." We are already being flooded with emails from people who have heard about this through the grape-vine, all congratulating Sam for doing the right thing. Well done Sam. This, of course, shows up the fact that Jen is not only lying in order to get Dave put away, but also just how vindictive she is. What court in the land is going to believe her now when she goes in to be a witness for the prosecution in the ABH case? Good news all round. Well, good news for everyone except Jen and the Police!

You can read Sam's statement here.

The following is a letter from Brendan to Sam, which I have been asked to publish here:

Dear Sam,

I have tried to explain all this to you today, but u never give me a chance, if anything I love you more, for the trouble I know u have put yourself in, by choosing to help me, and I will stand by everything I said and promised you, and I am asking you to marry me.

Whether you like it or not, you have made yourself a hero in thousands of peoples eyes, and I love you very much for that. I am proud of you and really hope now that we can after this court case just live our lives happily from here on. Please don’t try doing anything, to please Jennifer because she is angry over you helping us, because it will get you in loads of trouble. You must not believe Jen when she tells you that really she does like me, and if you print out all my letters I have sent to the police, exposing her as being the informant all along, you will see why. I am truly sorry about all the aggro I know you are now going to get, and I promise I will more than make up for it when we are together.

I never forced your signature on anything, and didn’t do anything underhanded or tried to trick you where the police are concerned, as you said to me if we both just tell the truth that should be all right. You know why Jenny is going mad, because of what she said to you on the phone the other day has come true, when she said she did not want you to prove her a liar in the ABH case, as it would prove she would lie to the police just to get Dave in trouble. By them dropping the charges that’s exactly what it has done.

Dave only phoned you to say thank you after he had heard me and Eamon do it, he meant no malice whatsoever.

I know you only done it to help me, but everybody who likes Dave is grateful to you to. It might not be such a bad thing if this distance issue from Jenny, because how everyone is now thinking and talking about Jenny is not very nice at all. Please don’t let her get you in anymore trouble 

I love you Sam I am really sorry and I want you to marry me.


21st April 2004

Firstly, an apology. In an earlier news item it was stated that Dave visited the home of Bernard O'Mahoney accompanied by a reporter from the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. This was untrue and a product of misunderstanding. The Peterborough newspaper were not involved in the episode. Dave says that he went to Bernard's address with a reporter with a camera to capture the meeting on film, although no one was at home, but that the reporter was NOT from the Peterborough Evening Standard.

10th April 2004

Just added FOUR very important letters to the Dave & Jen Split section. You need to read these to put the picture together.

9th April 2004

Dave says that Jen's sister Sam went to the police station yesterday to make a statement to say that it was her who made contact with Brendan in the first place and initiated the whole series of events that led to Dave, Brendan and Eamonn being charged with "attempting to pervert the course or justice". The statement would have meant that there was no case to bring against them. The police did not interview her and she left.

Of course, as you can imagine, Jen is furious with her sister, as the statement would mean that Jen was lying over the matter. That has knock on implications for all the other cases including the ABH one. As things stand, the police have still not interviewed Sam, although Dave and Brendan took her statement into the police staion this evening. I'll keep you posted.

6th April 2004


We are still waiting for a reply from Chops, after Brendan phoning him and asking for his policeman brother-in-law's name and number, to subpoena him to court to allow him to show everybody the paperwork Jenny has claimed he showed her, and considering the last time I personally asked Chops for the name and number, Jenny had me Brendan and Eamonn arrested the next day.

We are expecting some kind of reprisal and knowing full well Chops will contact Jenny, the police and his brother-in-law, Brendan has already informed the police in writing, that he has requested the policeman in question's details, we have still had no reply from anyone.

We will keep you informed 

Dave Courtney OBE

5th April 2004

The People featured a story yesterday about Steve McPhadden and Angela Bostock that seems to back up what Dave was writing about in his letter to his solicitor this weekend. The People reported that "EASTENDERS star Steve McFadden dashed 100 miles to his ex-lover's hospital bedside yesterday to be with his new-born daughter." They went on to say that Angela had told a friend ""After all this time and all the problems there have been between us Steve turned up at the hospital to give comfort me" and went on to say ""It has been very reassuring that Steve has been a great dad to her [Teona, their daughter] over the last few weeks and that we are getting on." Steve apparently Steve collected Angie and their new born baby girl and drove them away in a white camper van. The People added that "Angela has been staying at her parents in Wiltshire for the last two weeks while Steve looked after Teona".

Oh, and what a coincidence. There's Jodie Marsh again.

3rd April 2004

This weeks "NOW" magazine has a shot of Dave and Jodie together at the premiere. You can see it in more detail in the Articles Section.

26th March 2004

Dave attended the premiere of "Scooby Doo 2" this evening at the Vue cinema in Islington accompanying glamour model Jodie Marsh down the red carpet. Brooklyn Beckham was there, as were Melinda Messenger, Sir Bob Geldorf and children, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Seth Green,  Blue, Liberty X and a whole load more celebrities.

You can see photos of Dave and Jodie together at Getty Images. We can't carry them here as they're strictly copyrighted. Thanks to Kieran for finding them.

Oh, and congratulations to Angela Bostock on the birth of her child. Dave says that he will prove what he has been saying about Angela and Jen long before his case gets to court. We're expecting some nice photos of Angela here soon - and news of a threesome. 

25th March 2004

Dave was due at the Police station yesterday afternoon, so in the morning he popped in with a letter for them. The letter predicted exactly what they would do, i.e. they couldn't charge him because of lack of proof, but they couldn't drop the matter and show Jen in a bad light - so they would have to adjourn the matter to a later date. When he went back in the afternoon that's exactly what happened! Dave told me that the officer dealing with the adjournment was highly amused by the letter. He now has to return to the Nick on 14th April**. The letter he handed in (and several other amusing recent letters) will appear on the Split Section just as soon as I have them in my sweaty mitt.

**NOW .... hands up all those people who have noticed that the Police chose the ONLY date that Dave has An Audience With booked up that's advertised on the Dates Page on this website? Now, that's a bit of a poor show considering that it's in aid of charity! Coincidence? NAAAAAHHH!

22nd March 2004

Added the entire letter that Dave originally wrote to Jen that she used to get him, Eamonn and Brendan arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Read it and you'll see that the whole thing is a big joke and to actually go ahead and charge them with it based on this letter as evidence would get the Police and CPS laughed out of court.

After using it to grass Dave up to the Police, Jen has been handing out copies of this letter to journalists, so we feel perfectly justified in showing it to the wider public.

18th March 2004

On the 24th Dave, Brendan and Eammon are due back at the Police station, presumably they are going to be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. I know that a lot of you who have followed this case will think that it's just so they can take Dave's bail away and keep that case hanging over him at the ABH trial and hope that they can paint him bad enough to get a jury to find him guilty. But I believe that the CPS are going to find it very difficult to justify the new charge, simply because of the weight of evidence that we've been putting onto the website. Now that's the power of the internet. In fact I've been told by more than one expert in the USA that we're making internet history here by publishing all the evidence and showing just what the authorities are getting up to in their plot to Get Courtney. Oh, and as Dave's query to the authorities about Jen handing out the letter he wrote to her to journalists has gone unanswered we are going to publish the entire LETTER here in the next day.

Dave has spoken with Wendy, Tony Lambrianou's widow, who says that she was very pleased with the way the funeral went and thanked Dave for his help. I've also received an email from Chris Lambrianou, asking me to pass on his thanks to Dave. Dave, in turn, wants to thank Steve Wraith, Jimmy Lambrianou, Christian, Rob Davis, Flanagan and the Outlaws MC for doing a fantastic job organising the day. In the meantime, I've placed the newscuttings of the funeral on the site for you to read and the photos I took on the day and I'll be adding a story over the next 24 hours.

The premiere of Max and Chico's film "Winner Takes All" featuring Dave and Taz took place at the Curzon Cinema in Shaftsbury Avenue and looks like being a major success. Best of luck boys.

Finally, a message from Dave to Dirty Adam: "I love you big time!"

17th March 2004

Today is Dave and Jen's second wedding anniversary. What a silly girl.

11th March 2004

Tony Lambrianou was laid to rest this afternoon at New Southgate Cemetery. The funeral cortege, led by Dave on his Harley with Taz, started Tony's final journey from W. English & Son's Bethnal Green Road funeral house at 11 this morning. The hearse, followed by a huge number of mourners on foot, proceeded to Saint Matthew's Church, Bethnal Green, where Tony's brother Chris delivered a heart-felt eulogy. After the service the funeral procession was escorted by the Outlaws MC to the cemetery. Tony had a large number of friends and will be greatly missed.

I will be writing a full article about the event in the next few days.

8th March 2004

Dave has at last received notification of his ABH court appearance. 7th June and he says he's really looking forward to it. "Bring it on." There's not a snowball's chance in hell that Dave will be found guilty of the charge, but it's becoming blatantly obvious that all the other cases being brought are only to try to blacken his name when this one comes to court. Jen hasn't got any witnesses to back her up in the case, although I'm sure she will say it's because her witnesses are too scared, taking the fact that she's asked for a video link because she's "in fear of her life" into account to lend credibility to that particular lie. I have seen Jen in action and there's only one person in that pair that scares me ... and it ain't Dave! There is no way that the woman is genuinely frightened of Dave. In addition they're making sure that no one will forward book him (in case he's in prison) and therefore keeping him skint.

Last night his car tyres were slashed AGAIN ... now, I wonder who might have done that. And today Taz received a flurry of abusive phone calls from Jen. She went down to Woolwich Nick to report them and spoke to the same woman clerk she met last week when she tried to find out what was going on about her complaints, and guess what? The police clerk said she couldn't find any trace of what she had recorded the week before on the police computer. Her words sum it up: "Very strange!"

Meanwhile, Dave has received notice that he's not going to get legal aid for any of his cases. To add insult to injury, it was followed by a letter from the SIU that they were going to take proceedings against him for fraudulently applying for legal aid, accompanied by a 80 page form for him to complete detailing his income and all his possessions. That's what Jen must have meant when she boasted that the police were going to get a list of everything Dave owned for her divorce case!

Jen has been digging her own personal hole a lot deeper in the last day or so. Apparently, she gave the Sunday Sport a copy of the letter that Dave wrote to her to try to prove that she's not bisexual. The Sport phoned Dave and told him it was a joke, as he had written, right at the start of it, that it was the letter she had asked him to write and that she could rewrite it if it didn't say exactly what she wanted it to. With X hundred people willing to commit their names to paper that she was definitely bisexual and sleeping with Angela, I really can't see where she's hoping to go with this one. The Police may have creamed their collective pants when they found that they had Jen in their pocket, but she must be wondering exactly how much shit she's served herself up by now.

Incidentally, an American production company have been in touch with Dave asking whether they can make this entire saga into a film.

6th March 2004

Another call from Dave to say that Jen has indeed started libel proceedings against himself and the Sunday Sport, in spite of the huge weight of evidence and testimony supporting the story. Should be very interesting.

5th March 2004

Just had a call from Dave to say that Jen's solicitor had been in touch with him and The Sunday Sport, saying that they were going to sue for libel as Jen claims she has never been bisexual and never slept with Angela! So, all those people who know them that have been writing letters in the Split Section are wrong? It's also very strange that they haven't heard from Angela's solicitor, don't you think? Dave says the Sunday Sport are right behind him, as they've talked to witnesses that back up the article and Dave is relishing the court battle that he knows he can't loose. He said that, once again, he hears that she's going to get legal aid for this case, while he's still waiting to hear whether he can get legal aid for any of the four (or is that FIVE now?) court cases she's involving him in!

He also said that she is now showing off to people that the police have promised her that are going to come into Dave's house and take a full inventory of his possessions to help her in her divorce case. Mad!

He received a couple of interesting letters this morning among the post. The first was one from the Police dated 23rd February (that's ELEVEN days ago) regarding Taz's 999 complaint. That would make it appear that the Police were dealing with the complaint BEFORE Taz started making a fuss about it. The second was from the Inland Revenue saying that, based on "information received" they were issuing him with a tax bill of twenty five grand! Now, I wonder where they received their information from?

He also says there is some CCTV tape around of Jen being refused entry to the Pasha nightclub in London. If it's available then we'll be putting it on the website.

Meanwhile, work towards starting the film "Six Bend Trap" is proceeding apace. Dave, who will be starring in the North East Productions film secured almost £2m funding for it last night. The film, written and created by our good friend Mike McCarthy, is slated to commence filming this Summer and promises to be a big hit at the box office.

Dave said he had a great night out with Taz and friends Sandy and Duncan, starting off with a meal at Number Twenty Portland Square, where he bumped into an old friend, David, who he had helped out with a huge problem some 15 years ago at the Limelight Club. By coincidence, David was also good long-time pals with Sandy and Duncan, so they shared a bottle of very expensive champagne. Dave, Taz and their two friends then went on to China Whites Club for a drink with Nabil Elouahabi, who plays Tariq on Eastenders. 

2nd March 2004

We are receiving a number of emails containing viruses. Different UK email addresses, but the same shit in each case. Carry on wasting your time, the virus checkers catch them every time.

29th February 2004

At last a newspaper has dared to print a story about Angela Bostock and Jen Courtney. It's carried in today's Sunday Sport, splashed across pages 4 and 5 (along with a story about Jordan). Dave says a big thank you to the Sport for having the courage to print the piece. If you missed it you'll find it on Split - Sunday Sport.

Jen has already telephoned Dave about it, even though she's breaking Dave's bail conditions by contacting him. She screamed abuse at him over the story and said that she would make it her life's work to destroy him. Dave's reply? "It's nice to know I'm still so important to you, babe."

Meanwhile, Taz went back to the police station on Friday, but was told to go away and not to come back. They told her that DS Underwood would phone her later, but he still hasn't bothered. Donna and Jacket also made complaints about the threats and abuse made to them by Jen and have recently followed them up with enquiries as to what's happening, but .... you guessed it: they have heard nothing so far! It seems the Police just don't want to do anything unless it concerns arresting Dave for something.

As I said lower down on this page, we are being inundated with emails and letters at the moment, so once again, apologies if I don't reply to you. We've also taken the decision to reduce the number of new letters on the Dave & Jen Split section; so, there will only be the occasional addition from now on.

27th February 2004

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Tony Lambrianou on the night of the 25th February from a heart-attack. It seems that Tony had been working in the garden and went indoors for a lie down. When his wife, Wendy, went to wake him she found him gone. I met Tony several times and had some interesting chats with him. I always found him to be a quiet, unassuming man who was always the gentleman. He will be sorely missed by all of his friends and our thoughts are with Wendy and his family. The funeral is likely to be during the week commencing 8th March. I'll bring you more as soon as I have more information.

26th February 2004

I had a very interesting conversation today with Taz. Two days ago she went to Plumstead police station to find out what was going on with regard to her complaint over the 999 calls she made when she was being threatened by Jen's on the 26th November 2003, when they turned up after five and a half hours and three Emergency Calls late. Taz says she went into the station three or four times and was told that they were too busy to deal with her query. IN the end she went in at Midnight, on the basis that they might not be so busy at that time of night. The officer she spoke to said that he could find no record of the 999 calls on the computer!!! Taz told him that she had sent a letter of complaint in, but he said that he couldn't check that, but that the officer dealing with the matter would call her the next morning (yesterday). So far Taz has heard no more from the police. Oh, and the officer dealing with her complaint? DC Underwood. That's the same DC Underwood that arrested Dave for ABH and subsequently arrested him, Brendan and Eamonn for perverting the course of justice! It seems that DC Underwood is very thorough and prompt in dealing with accusations against Dave's camp but is tardy in the extreme when it comes to complaints against Jen. How strange!

On another matter, it seems that I was informed incorrectly about the signing of "Hell To Pay". It was not signed for distribution with Universal, but with Waterfall Home Entertainment Ltd. I'll bring you more news as soon as I have it.

25th February 2004

I am getting complaints of emails being received from mal@davecourtney.com which contain the worm-type virus W32.Netsky.B@mm . PLEASE NOTE: these emails are NOT being sent by me. See the VIRUS Article for full details.

23rd February 2004

I spoke to Dave today, who had news of Jen's latest escapades. It appears that she was in RainDance on Sunday saying that Dave's subpoenaing of Steve McPhadden is about to backfire on him. The reason? Well, apparently she says that Steve is now sniffing around Angela again with a view to getting back together with her. That means, she says, that Steve will say whatever she and Angela dictate, which rather takes a little of the wind out of Dave getting at the truth of why Jen left him.

Meanwhile, we have the first sighting of Dave's name in the papers.

On page 9 of "The People" (22nd February) were two articles about Steve and Lucy. My (early edition) of the paper didn't mention Dave, but later editions carried a paragraph which gave his name. Was this an error, considering the complete Press blackout of any mention of Dave's involvement in the love pentangle of Phil, Lucy, Angela, Jen and Dave? 

21st February 2004

Sure enough, yesterday (Friday 20th)  Eamonn O'Keefe went along to Plumstead police station and was arrested for "perverting the course of justice" - just the latest of Jen's victims. Now, I know Eamonn very well and the man is as honest as the day is long. The idea of Eamonn doing anything illegal is quite ridiculous. Eamonn told me that he is completely innocent and that even the arresting officer, Mr Underwood, thought that the charge wasn't going to go anywhere. Eamonn added: "Jenny is just completely insane! I just don't understand how she thinks she's going to get away with this."

19th February 2004

Dave says he has it on very good authority ("Thank f*** for bent Old Bill") that Jen has apparently been down to the Police station and tried to get Eamonn O'Keefe arrested for ... you guessed it: "perverting the course of justice". Eamonn has heard from the Police today, but I don't know the outcome yet. I'll let you know what's happening just as soon as I've heard the latest.

Taz told Dave that she wanted to write a letter to add to the "Dave & Jen Split" section, but Dave has said "No" to that one. He doesn't want her to get any more involved than she already is. (Max Harley is down at Camelot Castle this weekend to take a series of photos of Taz).

Other News:

The Hell To Pay deal has been signed at last with Universal (YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!) and it will be released within the next three months with a BIG Leicester Square premier. Watch this space for more details.

Well, Dave attended the Brit Awards on Tuesday (as a guest of Front magazine) and says he had a fantastic time. After the awards he went on with everyone else to China White's and then to the Kensington Roof Gardens. With him was Taz and he says it awesome to be there with all those stars but to be accompanied by the horniest looking babe in the room. During the evening he spent time with So Solid Crew, black rapper 50 Pence and Justin Timberlake, to name just a few. He also spent some time with the casting producers from "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here", who said that they had begged for him to be on the show but, even though he was successfully auditioned, someone at the top of the pile vetoed his appearance! Same story from the two gay guys from "The Salon".

Dave hosted the Charles Bronson's art exhibition, "Art In The Park", in aid of the charity "Zoe's Place". The event was incredibly well organised by hard working Jim and Dianne from Hayling Island (very well done you two). He says it was a fantastic affair and he spent some time chatting with Joey Pyle, Mitch, Paul Haynes, Kevin Courtney, Stilks and wife and Bruno while he was there.

Last night Dave was at Bradley G's studio, starting work on a Talking Book version of "Stop The Ride", although he told me that he went off the track so often, adding more memories, that it'll take a lot more work to complete the project.

Manish Patel, who wrote the highly acclaimed Cannes award winning film "Triads, Yardies and Onion Bahjis", has told Dave that he wants him to star in the lead role of his next film. More news on just what that is as soon as I hear.

Now for some personal words of thanks from Dave:

A big thanks to Chris and Dianne Hacket, who donated a 12 foot fibreglass snowman, which is now taking pride of place in Dave's front garden.

Thanks also to George and Nick from The Tardis for the mounted Giraffe's head that now hangs on the hall wall. "Taz is very impressed".

A BIG KISS from Dave to his Mum who is currently bedridden and has just been told that she needs a hip replacement. (Another kiss from Mal to a great lady.)

Dave sends a big shout out to Veronica in Teneriffe!

Dave tells me he's noticed an advert on TV for Vinnie Jones playing a hardnut in children's film "The Tooth Fairy". He said "I'd imagine that Vinnie can probably play a very convincing hardman when his audience is a load of children."

Oh, and Dave's white Rolls Royce is at last back in his drive after a long holiday at the garage.


18th February 2004

Brendan has made a full statement of the facts with regard to his dealings with Jenny Courtney. It's A stunning indictment of Jenny and her relationship with the Police and you should read it right now:


By the way, apologies for not replying to all the emails we're receiving, but we're being swamped at the moment and, as you can well imagine, the website is taking priority.


17th February 2004 8:25 pm

Yup! It's that time of the year again, so a big


to Dave from Mal, Donna, Ria and all at Misunderstood. Dave has been invited to attend the BRIT AWARDS this evening. I'm sure he'll create a suitable impression and have a suitably great time.

While we're at it, Happy Birthday to Donna, who shares the same date as Dave.


 UPDATED 11th February 2004 8:25 pm

Dave is FREE again. It's true that the police did try to nick and hold him, but our man gave as good as he got. In fact, he gave better. The police argued that Jen had reported the matter of the twenty grand first, so they were arresting him for the crime. Dave told them to check their own log book a week ago. Sure enough, Brendan had gone into the cop-shop a week ago and reported the matter to them ... but no one at  the station could be arsed to follow it up at the time (I wonder why?). Dave told them that there was no way he was going to pay Jen any money to keep her away from court, as he was really looking forward to getting in there and having his say about the whole charade. There is not a shred of doubt in anyone's mind that he will get a "Not Guilty" on both counts, but he is going to do some real damage to the authorities when he gets there. Dave is simply livid that they have tried to dig up the discredited claim that he was a grass and intends to expose every underhand trick that has been used to try to smear him since the ABH charge was raised.

11th February 2004 1:25 pm

Well, just as we suspected. Dave and Brendan turned up at Plumstead Police Station at noon. Dave was interviewed and charged with (attempting to?) pervert the course of justice on the basis of Jennifer Courtney's evidence. His bail has been taken away, which means that he will be spending some little while on remand at her Majesty's pleasure until his trial. Brendan is just going in for his interview now and I expect he'll be charged also, although I wouldn't like to second-guess them on whether he'll be released on bail or not. We'll just have to wait and see.

If you haven't read the letter that Dave wrote last night yet then go and take a look at it right now:

DAVE'S LETTER 10.02.04

Oh, and isn't it about time that you journalists started getting your teeth into this one. I really find it quite, errrr, unusual that not one of you has found the time to put ink to paper on such a juicy case.


11th February 2004 5:45 am

We have just added a new Documents section to the website. There's a load of new documents to view and wonder at and a lot more to come very soon:



UPDATED 11th February 2004 1:25 am
Read Down

9th February 2004 - Jenny rang Brendan for a meet. Well, that's bang out of order for a start, as Brendan is a witness for Dave in court. When she met up with him she told him that the police had told her that they will nick her if she doesn't turn up for them in the ABH case. She then gave Bren her new phone number.

Then she tried to turn Brendan against Dave by bringing up the old "grass" thing. She claimed that a guy called Chops' girlfriend's brother (with me so far?) is a policeman in Ashford and had shown her some paperwork that was supposed to prove that Dave and Ian Tucker were grasses. The fact that the paperwork was made public and discredited on the evidence of Ian Tucker in the Austin Warnes case seems to have been ignored here. She added a most fantastic piece of fiction: that Dave had set fire to his own house to burn evidence of being an informant. So, now we have the key witness for the prosecution wildly attempting to turn a witness for the defence against the defendant. Incredible!

Dave is obviously incensed about this. So much so that he has now decided that neither Jen nor any member of her family is to get a penny from the film "Hell to Pay". As for the question of the fifty grand Jen says she's been offered by the police to go to court she said it would now cost someone more than that to keep her out of court, well, I think you can imagine Dave's reply to that. "She'll get nothing!" ... put in rather more colourful terms!

But the biggest load of hogwash is that Jenny is apparently still going around adamantly denying that she has ever been with a woman!

Jen is reported as saying that the only way her and Angela's relationship is ever going to work out for them now is for them to grab as much cash as they can and leave the country.

10th February 2004 1:45 pm - Dave has just phoned me from outside the police station. He and Brendan are going in to report Jen's meeting with Brendan and her demands.

10th February 2004 3:00 pm - Dave has just come out of the police station. He said the police were not prepared to phone Jenny (and tape the conversation), although he felt sure that she would drop drop herself right in it. The police said that Jen had taken his letter into the police and she has now, apparently, been sent to Tottenham Court Road Police Station. They have advised him to go to his solicitor and swear out an affidavit, as both he and Jen are now on "a knife edge of being charged with perverting the course of justice". Dave says he finds that idea quite ridiculous, as it was Jen who approached Brendan with the proposed bribe of £20,000 to keep her out of court and that he neither initiated it or agreed to it, as he hasn't got twenty grand to give her and wouldn't, even if he had it. Dave feels the police might now arrest Jen just to ensure that she does actually turn up as their witness against him.

Now, just who is grassing up who here? Jen started off the "grass" allegations again (as Dave knew she would) but it is she who has taken Dave's letter to the police, despite giving assurances that she wouldn't. But I think we might see this backfire on her in spectacular fashion.

11th February 2004 1:25 am - Dave has been told to report to the police station today at noon with his solicitor. We are expecting him to be arrested at that point on the basis that Jen has said that he has tried to pervert the course of justice. Problem is that Dave is currently on bail for the ABH charge made by Jenny, so this means that his bail will be rescinded and Dave will end up on remand (do I hear Belmarsh calling again?). I've got no doubt whatsoever that Dave will get "Not Guilty" on all counts, so this is just a way for the authorities to deprive him of his freedom for a while again while Jen goes around shouting "grass". And you think you've had a bad day?


8th February 2004 - Both HEAT magazine and today's News of the World are featuring heavily on the Steve MacPhaden/Angela Bostock lovechild claims.

But read this article about how they are keeping certain facts from the public gaze and why: Scandal In The Press.


28th January 2004 - I have just received a phone call from Dave asking me to quote him as saying "I can do no more now, Mal. I have done everything that has been asked of me. I don't want to hurt her in court."


6th January 2004 - Well, the solicitors and barristers all went to court on Monday morning, only to be told that the case was not going to be heard and was being put off until another date. I've no idea why they might have taken such dramatic action, except that I heard a rumour of "new evidence". I'll keep you informed.

27th January 2004 (2.35 pm) - I've just got off the phone to Dave and he had some quite incredible news. He said that they have received advanced warning that Jen's family intend to be at the court on Monday and will heckle and harrass anyone who is there to support Dave!

Also, Dave says that he's just spoken to his solicitor, Ralph Haeems, who has told him that they are still having trouble from the Court in obtaining subpoenas for Steve McPhadden and Angela Bostock. How mad is that? Apparently, the woman Jen left Dave for (and her husband) are not considered to be material to the case! Any legal experts out there who can point out the finer points of that argument to me?


25th January 2004 - Dave is due in court on 2nd February and things are really starting to seem a little too strange for coincidence to be an explanation. As you may have read, Jen has now applied to the court to give her testimony by video link. Video links are pretty damn rare and are usually only granted for children or rape victims, but it won't surprise me one little bit if the powers-that-be grant her permission, as it will considerably influence the court's perception of Dave. On top of this it appears that the subpoenas issued by Dave on Steve McPhadden and Angela Bostock have mysteriously disappeared without being served and that the judge is now asking for an affidavit from Dave before issuing the new one for Steve McFadden. On top of that, the new application for subpoenaing Angela has also disappeared in the court system. Someone somewhere must really be trying to stack things against Dave. My brain hurts!

26th January 2004 - I'm being told by a legal eagle that it might well be contrary to the law of the land to insist that the applicant for a summons to court be compelled to write an affidavit in support of the application. I'd welcome any comments from any legal experts out there.


27th January 2004 - It is with tremendous sadness that we received the news of the death of one of Dave's big fans, Gary Burroughs, today. Gary, from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, was only 19 when his life was tragically cut short in a motor cycle accident on the 16th January. Our hearts go out to Gary's father Trevor and his uncle David, their respective families and all of Gary's friends today, which is the day that young Gary will finally be laid to rest. I am sure that everyone will join with us in sending our heartfelt sympathy to Gary's family.

Dave and Mal


January 2004 - Mark Fish is in the news here again. He has now been refused permission to visit his friend Charlie Bronson in prison, apparently because of his know association with one Dave Courtney OBE. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

Dave's latest diary entry from Christmas Eve is up on the site at Diary


18th November 2003 - Some mischievous little sod appears to be sending a letter around in the post purporting to be written from Dave. The letter has had some rather unsavoury things added to it by the obviously envious poster. If you find that you are the recipient of a letter apparently written by Dave in which he admits to all kinds of things then please consign it to the toilet where it belongs. If you discover who the anally retentive poster is then please do likewise. Thank you.

2nd November 2003 - Received an anonymous phone call yesterday (Saturday 1st November) from someone who said they were employed at Woolwich Court and that they were also very friendly with someone in the CPU (?) at Woolwich Police Station.

If you don't read anything else READ THIS!

CIRCUS TAVERN 9th November 2003

Read all about Dave's WOW of a night at The Circus Tavern, Purfleet. If you're one of those people lucky enough to be there on the night, I'd love to put some of your stories and pics of the event up on the site. So please email me your stories and photos at mal@davecourtney.com

During the course of the evening Dave conducted an auction in aid of the children's charity Misunderstood. Unfortunately, it now seems that not all the money was handed in for items bought, although the items were claimed and taken away. So, if you were one of the people who bought items from Dave at the auction but didn't cough up then please email me at the address above.


January 2004 - Mark Fish is in the news here again. He has now been refused permission to visit his friend Charlie Bronson in prison, apparently because of his know association with one Dave Courtney OBE. More news as soon as I get it.

Dave's single, The Commandments was scheduled for release by Universal on 27th October. There appears to have been a slight delay in release, owing to a misunderstanding between two parties over who was going to make a minor edit on a track. I understand that the problem is now rectified.

Dave has said that he will personally sign every copy of the CD that is preordered. To preorder, all you have to do is go down to your local music emporium and order catalogue number

CVR CT 18081-2

If you keep the receipt and send it to Dave with the CD and a self-addressed stamped envelope he will sign it to YOU (make sure you include the name you want it signed to) and return it straight away.

In the words of Oscar Wilde: "The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated." Some of you already know that I suffered a heart-attack last month. After spending a week in hospital on all kinds of drugs and machines and a small operation I'm back in the driving seat, although on slightly reduced power. Thanks to all those who phoned, texted and emailed their good wishes - Mal.

Mark Fish and the ladder. Many thanks to Anne for the photo. Dave's very good friend, Mark Fish, has had a right laugh recently. If you scan down the page you'll find an item about Brendan McGirr being sentenced to six weeks in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison for allegedly spitting at a female traffic warden.

Mark, businessman, entrepreneur and joker extraordinaire, rallied to my call to send Brendan a message of support. But he went one or two steps further. He sent Brendan a four foot high ladder. He included a note, which said:

"Brendan, Please find enclosed a magic ladder. If you place it in warm water against the outer wall it will grow to the height of the wall."

The ladder was returned to Mark by the prison with three notes attached:

  • "Return to sender"

  • "Why?" written in different handwriting.

  • "For correct disposal."

It seems as though the prison officers and governor thought there might be more than a grain in truth in the "magic" properties of Mark's gift.

Nice one Mark. One very funny man!

Dave did his first ever Audience With for Kids yesterday (Wednesday 17th September) at Will Adams Centre, Gillingham, Kent. Read all about it here.

Looks like we have permission to use Rancid's track "David Courtney" in the soundtrack of Hell To Pay. See the article below for more details on Rancid's new CD.

The producer of a brand new "off the wall science show" to be shown on Sky One in November has asked Dave if he will take part. The show, called Brainiac, promises to be very interesting and Dave has agreed to appear with some of his friends.


Dave, Brendan and myself turned up at Woolwich court today for the first part of the ABH hearings. There were a lot of press and camera crews there, but you probably won't be reading or seeing any of the fruits of their labours in the papers tomorrow . As one of the journalists said to me: "I can't believe that the papers aren't printing anything about this case." He went on to tell me that he had heard that none of the papers in England were allowing anything to be printed just in case they might have to present Dave in a good light. That I can well believe, as the Dave/Jen/Angela stuff, which is well known to all the journalists I have spoken to, has been excedingly conspicuous by its absence from any of the sensationalist articles about the Steve McPhadden/Angela lovechild thing.

So, in we went, Dave carrying a suitcase of his most important stuff. Of course, he was stopped so they could search it. The case was opened and the man pulled out a vibrator .... followed by furry handcuffs, some nude photos and a tape recorder. "You can't take this tape into court" he said. Dave pulled a joke rubber ear out of the case and replied "That's alright, I've got one 'ear", which cracked up the bemused onlookers.

Brendan's eyes almost popped out of his head when we walked in. There was Judge Cooper, the same judge that recently sent him down on a first offence for six weeks to Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison for allegedly spitting at a traffic warden. You could have knocked me down with a Freemason! Was this just another in a long line of coincidences? Bendan just said to Dave "There's nothing I can do for you here, mate" and went out to wait in car.

The procedings were brief. Dave now has to appear back at Woolwich court on the 6th November for "Pleas and Directions" and will then go on a "Warning List". I believe that means that they can call him to trial at 24 hours notice. As this website is monitored daily by the authorities (who are looking for any excuse to pull the plug on it and rid the internet of their worse nightmare with themselves on trial), I have no doubt that the Dates Page will be scanned and the call will come at a time of maximum inconvenience to Dave. Watch this space ...


I can hear you now: "A new album from Rancid? What's that gotta do with Dave Courtney?"

The answer is: PLENTY!

... but first a bit of background info. RANCID have been around since the beginning of the nineties and today they are massive. In fact, they are one of the biggest Punk bands in the USA today with a huge following. Their music is featured on Dave's film "Hell To Pay" and lends itself excellently to the subject material. They're also good mates with Steve Whale, who's band The Business wrote and performed the title track to Dave's film. Dave tells me that he first met the band on-stage at the 2001 Reading Festival and they got on like a house on fire.

rancid5.jpg (37872 bytes)

Now, besides the fact that their new album "Indestrucible" is a punk masterpiece, it features a track dedicated to Dave, entitled "Dave Courtney". I've just been listening to it and it and it f***ing rocks.

Dave says he is truly honoured by the band writing a song all about him and can't wait to meet up with them again so he can thank them personally.

Dave's good friend Gary Bushell, Punk's pre-eminent pundit, emailed me today (8th September) with the following message:

The Rancid album really is terrific, it’s the first great rock n roll album of the 21st Century . I know that sounds OTT but I mean it, there are a lot of old punk bands about recycling tired old bollocks, but Rancid feel fresh and vital. They sound like the Clash reinvented; the David Courtney song is the hardest on the album – and rightly so.

If you wanna find out more about Rancid then go the the Rancid Website and if you wanna preview of the track in question, you can here it by selecting Track 4 over at the Rancid Player or simply click here to hear a short excerpt.

And you can buy the CD for the special price of £9.99 over at Amazon.co.uk by clicking on 


or for $13.49 if your in the States on



Yesterday (Saturday 12th September) Dave took a phone call from the Sunday Mirror. They asked him for his comments on their big story in today's issue (front page banner headline and the whole of page 3) that Angela Bostock was pregnant and was claiming that it was her ex-partner Steve McFadden's child. Of course, the Angela/Jen/Dave stuff was brought into the conversation, but Dave refused to comment.

Having read the article this morning (which has a very unflattering picture of the beautiful Angela), does anyone else find it curious that there was NO mention of the "Angela, Jen and Dave" thing in what was meant to be a sensationalist piece? I mean, the whole affair isn't exactly unknown to the National journalists and if they'd really wanted to spice it up a bit that would have made great copy. It just goes to prove that the Nationals will not mention Dave's name, no matter how much it would add to a story. It certainly seems to indicate that the powers-that-be have an influencing control over the papers!

The person I really feel sorry for in all this is Steve McFadden. The article says:

Four-month pregnant Angela, who lives around the corner from McFadden in Highgate, North London, had an angry showdown with him last week.

In a doorstep confrontation he said the baby was not his.

and continues:

A friend of the couple [Steve and Lucy Benjamin] said last night "Now Steve is trying to explain to Lucy - who wants kids with him - why his ex claims he is the father of her unborn child. It is a total and utter quagmire. We're talking domestic meltdown."

The Sunday Mirror finishes by saying:

Yesterday Angela confirmed she was pregnant but refused to say who the father was. "I don't want to talk about it at the moment," she said. "Have you spoken to Steve? What's Steve saying?"

I spoke to Dave this morning and he said that he was very happy for Angela if she is pregnant. He said "I doubt that it is Steve's and I find it strange that they never mentioned the Jen stuff. That's mental."


If you remember, Dave's very good friend, Brendan McGirr, was arrested and charged for an altercation with a female traffic warden. Basically, he was accused of swearing and spitting at her. He had no previous offences, but wasn't allowed to produce witnesses, so it was just his word against hers.

Brendan went to court expecting to get a "Guilty" verdict and a bit of community service for the offence. What he got was 42 DAYS in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison!!! I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. Six weeks in Belmarsh! As soon as I have details I'll put them in the Brendan Section.

You'll be happy to hear that Brendan (Prisoner HP8515) has now been released from prison.



Find the latest news at Dave & Jen Split



For those of you who haven't seen her yet, this is "Taz", the new lady in Dave's life. There's a new Gallery Page dedicated to Taz.


We're back from Cannes and the premieres of both "Hell To Pay" and "Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees". I'll be writing a full report about our adventures in the next couple of days, so watch this space!

In the mean time I can reveal that, while both films were very well received (and Triads received an award), Dave missed both of them. On his way to the premieres, the French police decided to arrest him and keep him in their cells FOR TEN HOURS until after the films were shown. Some days you just can't win!


Dave's Painting by Pierre Antis is finished.As I reported a week or two back, Pierre Antis has now completed his fabulous portrait. The painting, you will remember, was commissioned by Dave and features 24 carat gold, real diamonds and hairs shaved from Dave's forearm and implanted into the hands to DNA match it to DC.

Well, Pierre brought the painting for me to view and photograph and I've now added an article all about it with some stunning photos. You can see it at The Painting. Dave plans to show the painting at a variety of public galleries and we'll be giving you the dates and locations just as soon as we know them.



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