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  Dave Courtney's Latest Film Exploits

In addition to "Hell 2 Pay", Dave Courtney has had another film released and he's going to the Oscars early January 2003 on the strength of it. Not a lot of people know that!

The film isn't going to be found showing at the flea-pit on your local high street and probably not on the shelves of the local video-hire emporium. Nor will you find it on sale at Woolies, as wonderful as they might be.

"Why fuckin' not?" I hear you cry.

Well, it's not that sort of a film.

The title is "Lock, Cock & 2 Smoking Bimbos" (can't imagine where they got the idea for that, can you?) and it's a little bit naughty! In fact, it's a little bit more than a little bit naughty!

Dave stars as a gangster in it (well, there's a surprise!) and it was shot on location in London and Ibiza (that's in Spain) by Sin City Ultra under the directorship of Bud Lee.

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I asked Dave whether he got the inspiration for his part from Vinnie Jones, but, somewhere in among a very long stream of expletives, I believe I heard the word "No!".  

Dave said "I had a lot of fuckin' fun making this film, as you might well imagine."

I asked whether the "fuckin" was in the right place in that sentence and Dave's reply was "Where ever you put the fuckin' fuckin' it'll be bang on!"

He went on to say: "Whether they be the right kind of films or not, I'm now hanging around in Hollywood with Film Makers. The porn industry out there is bigger than the ordinary film industry. It's accepted out there, and certainly not frowned upon as much as over here. And me and Jen are enjoying the perks of the job ... and you better fuckin' believe it!"

Oh, and the Oscars? Well, they're the Porn Oscars, for which the film's been nominated.

Sin City Ultra thought the film was so good that they gave it it's own website. So, if you want to see a lot more about it and buy the film (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't) just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Dave says it's a cert that he'll be making more films in the same vein, and added with a grin  "any ladies out there who'd like a crack at being in a film with me, send me their photos, -la Readers Wives."

Hmmmm .... Dave's not on e-mail .... better send them via the webmaster, ladies.

Lavish Orgys. Infamous Mobsters. Forbidden Sex Acts. Diamond Thieves. Every family has its ups and downs

Once upon a crime there were two naughty little sisters who stole diamonds, hung with major league hoodlums and swallowed boys like caviar. From London to Ibiza these notorious sin twins layed waste to morality and cut a swath of depravity that made them the darlings of the sex soaked underworld. Sin city Ultra presents our world famous contract honeys "Sasha & Misha the sin twins" in a wild and crazy international sex romp filled with sizzling babes, stunning locations and blistering, heart pounding sex... sex... sex. 

Visit the OFFICIAL website of Lock, Cock and 2 Smoking Bimbos at

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This page last updated 22nd December 2002